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Now that I thrashed you on the last post, let me tell you what I believe about Americans.

We are Americans. Hold no race, color, or creed, other than trying to make our lives and our Neighbors lives better.

I am fundamentally proud of MY Countrymen as they are able to eventually make the correct decisions. Americans are faithful. They can be thorough if their lives depend on it. We are resourceful and have enough brainpower to last four more centuries. I have seen genius generosity and industriousness and hope to see more in the next few years.

Don’t let it get you down. And do not think for one second that you are alone or stupid. WE are waking up and reading. Self education is half of the war, these are only battles we fight.

This is An American. (NSFW)

The WAR may be won!

After all, I know you are not really into this.

09/05/11 – To BE an American.

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