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U.S. National Service – Please no Draft.

Less than 1000 on


If you cannot face the external threat without volunteers, you may not have a Nation worth protecting.

A draft erodes the professional Corps to a trickle of ability and gets more people killed. It chases Lifesavers away and destroys units with un-fit replacements.
It ends up treating all Men like grade-school dropouts.
It assassinates authority through lack of respect of the duty
It degrades the poor the most as they may have no voluntary way to support their Families. They also find it hard to get “Deferments”


It dissuades Congress of their oversight, and the the Executive may be inept as well with His Commander In Chief duties. All it does is buy them time throwing bodies at a problem with lack of training for Their Citizens. By abusing Duties not spent cultivating Our Armed Services

If this Constitutional boundary cannot be enforced, We may not even have reason for a Congress to “provide for Common Defense”.

May as well hand the duties back to the States because in the end, we end up fighting on our own for this.

To prepare the National Defense and Arm for the task shall it arise is one of the Primary Jobs of Congress. And CINC.

Find a way to hold them to this before your Children are drafted. If done so properly, you may never have to worry about it anyway, and it’s much less expensive.

Our Armed Forces are now closer to being compensated for their sacrifice than in most any other time.


Did the draft have to happen and did it work well in Vietnam? McNamara and Johnson get no pass. Not the way they played rotation roulette.

You will always need a standing army to survive as a Nation. There is no way around this.

Having a Standing Military of all Volunteers funded, prepared,and busy (working Humanitarian Missions for instance) keeps the training and METL relevant. There are very many places I would want Our Citizens armed in certain situations.

Finding hand-off missions for example after the need for armed envoys has passed

Find some other conscription for “National Service” as I find it difficult  for even the concept to be Constitutional. However, maybe tie it to Higher Education. EX-PATS, missionary work, Peace Corps, disaster relief all do provide on the job training.

Being that we are a Nation of Immigrants, maybe find an easier way for Our Families to go help their relatives and Loved ones in situations.

There is always a shortages somewhere that could give extra credits to in your Vocations. Many ways to serve.

Any way more Citizens serve in other ways, may grow the appreciation of the Military with the same Spirit. Yet, forcing them on the Military you refuse to fund now is just offensive.

Why not see what qualifies for National Service to start with?

They say young people these days have no respect and they should give to the state in some way. And every time they believe the draft is the answer.

Wrong answer. We have a Professional Military force with more diverse skills than at any other time in Our History. Why would you want to water down those kind of experts with baby-sitting jobs or worse?

Some draftees require more maintenance than your entire MOS.
That could play hell on you for years or worse, on deployment.


The problem is the Mis-Educational system and lack of faith in Classical Community involvement, Religious Institutions, and Individualism.

Start at the root of the issues they are trying to address.

If the time does come to pass that you must conduct a draft into Armed Services, you better be vastly out-numbered, you shall have already regretted it, repent,
and draft me first.

I do not see this having to happen.

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Lessons learned from #Harvey/ #Irma #Rescue channels on #Zello. Helping one another.

Lessons learned from Irma Rescue channels on Zello.

From monitoring many Zello emergency rescue accounts, I have learned that this could be a great tool for the future for people in disaster situation (If they have Internet capability)

I thought I would share a prep list for those Whom desire to assist their fellow man in tumultuous times.

Zello has provided a service that allows one to talk to a group or privately (Even encrypted) with Whom they like to. In Harvey, it was used for those Whom needed help or rescue when their primary Civil Support services were not available.

In disaster, you do not know what kind of communications you will have. Cell towers, main line phone lines, cable service, Internet, Satellite communications, and even 911 could fail to be available. It could leave one with only CB and HAM operators to rely upon.

During and after these storms, many were without such ability and the Interet was the only way to communicate. Hence Zello filled the void. For may, they just wanted to chat with others to not feel so alone. For some, it was the only lifesaving tool they had.

Some ISP Providers like Spectrum and Xfinity did, to the best of their ability, provide emergency free Internet service where they could. Kudos to you for that.

Having introduced the context, I wanted to present you with a Prep list that presents you with an avenue on how you may contribute, and how to keep out of trouble with the Internet of things.

1.First mission is information flow. Inform and coordinate with Local, State, and Federal Authorities prior to sending someone into any situation – if at all possible. For dispatchers, phone is the finest weapon you have.

As a Civilian, you are merely and augmentation service or force. The State and Local Officials are your primary support group. In cases they are over-loaded, they may ask one of your groups for help but that rarely, if ever, happens. It is question of Liability few Government officials will want to address in the fog of a real event.

Duplicate calls, duplicate rescues, and mass confusion can lead to life threatening situations if the channels are repetitive. I learned some of what I tell you here from the Cajun Navy as they have been at this awhile. They have tried to provide an example of Private Civil Augmentation.

You have to be “Trusted” to talk on their network channels which means, you fill out the form to volunteer. After which, you get passwords. Being a Non-Profit, they would like to maintain their 5013C status. This means accountability must be up-held. In fact, your information has to be cleared through the Department of Homeland Security.

2. Verification. I observed several possible pranks or traps coming over channel. Once you verify it is an actual person in an actual flooded area that does not intend to rob you or worse. There are always a few bad faith calls.

Which leads us to

3. Privatization of service. This is set by Infrastructure Categories.

4. Channel control. You will want separate channels for functioning separation of information. Many rescue groups have a main chat room where everything is handled. This is not Kosher. All the jackals and jokers come about in an Emergency situation not recognizing that If you do interfere with a rescue, you may be sent to Prison.

You never have enough dispatchers

Take your calls separate from the room with friend request to verify and if they are pranking, kick them out of the room

Have separate, encrypted channels for private information.

Never let people know where supplies, water, food, or gas is going over public channels. This is how you get raided. Also Coordinate with local Authority when shipping such things.

Try to moderate your volume to %80 percent. Some calls you can barely hear, some will wake everyone up in your neighborhood.

Keep weather checks and regular info on other channels than your work channels. Anything you can get from weather channel or AM radio in your car. This information may be useful on the ground for rescuers, but it is of no use for a rescue channel when people are asking for a weather check every 3 minutes.

Keep the channels clear. Block and report abuse. Separate the chatter. Gotta keep them separated.

5. For those on the ground who need verbal communication, the following resources are available Dispatchers:



Gas Buddy

Google maps

Apple maps


wink news

ventusky maps



Local power company outage maps

Animal Control

Animal rescue shelters

Shelter apps – Local shelters, Evacuation shelters that allow pets. They are Our Family too. Check shot records too.

HAM Radio

CB Radio


Mesh networks

Morse code

White flags on roof-tops of houses

Local nuclear plant data sites

Local water treatment plants

local chemical company plants

Local food market corporate sites (Distro – disribution info if they post it)

Uhaul, storage, UPS, FEDEX, Pipelines, Railroad, Greyhound, Hubs. Airports, Ports and Port Authority, CoastGuard, National Guatd, Attourney generals office, Governors Office,

6. As a moderator. seeking clarity of information is the key. You can be the straw that stirs the drink, or the one that breaks the chain. Some operators having stress have time and need to blow off steam with their fellows. So, when OPTEMPO slows down, let them know each-other and chat. But if emergency comes about it is “BREAK – Clear Channel”.

Give them ten seconds to speak and block them. Yet be cautious, few may be real, but they can go to one of the main popular rooms to ask.

7. Access: HUBS. You are looking for a way to somewhere, and always looking for a direct path at expense.

But what if you were traveling somewhere and got stuck at the airport? You ask where the nearest HUB is to get you closer to destination. Sometimes, flying (Or driving, or via Train or rickshaw or whatever) is better than waiting in airports. Buses and trains, private planes, Mariner charter, Cruise Ships! Support them too! Any logistic line is safe haven.

Buses, Trains, Uber, Lyft, Airbnb could find a place a block away. Do not discount Local Militias.

If you are Legit, someone needs to perk an ear up. But if you clog LOGISTIC Trains or get in the way of even the Local Sheriff, you are in the wrong unless you can stress test your case.

7. Record what you do. You can take screen shots and pictures. If you called 911, you are going to want to remember when. Sometimes calls go UN-answered so you will want to be able to show something.

8. Sheltering. They will not be checking immigration status at shelter but they may check for warrants, naturally. They will also want to know if your pets have been vaccinated.

9. Be creative. Does someone attached to machines need to be evacuated when the power goes out? Or could you just bring them a generator.

The Elderly could require a range of specialized equipment. Sometimes contacting the manufacturer helps to get equipment where it needs to go.

Baby formula, diapers, and dog food always run low in these events and as always – Fuel.

Also, listen to Frefal!

Would like to work for Trello someday.


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#Syria, Russian Chess, Red Lines and Red Lights.

I do not write in any official state capacity

There are few good options in regards to Syria.

The Arab Spring had a way of drawing fighters into unstable Countries. Once the US left Iraq, all the nasties started to fan back out and fight anywhere they could. Remember this is separate from the original Syrian uprising which was by Syrians for reform.

As for the CW use, you would have to have considerable equipment for the area covered plus the amount of casualties make it unlikely that rebels have the capability of such a strike. If in fact Syrian Generals went Rogue, this would still be the responsibility of Assad. His CW stock = his neck. There was an assassination attack aimed at Assad a week prior which makes this look as retribution.

It is sad to say that after Libya and Benghazi, I Am skeptical that CINC has his head in the game or that he could run a conflict. Going to War with a distracted CINC during sequestration with a Military Pay cut and low morale may not be wise. An attack by a CINC that was going to with hold Soldier pay while they were in Combat while still allowing welfare checks to go out does not inspire my confidence in his taking the Military seriously. Rot his Soul. It may slow removal of our equipment from Afghanistan and that is not even the tip of the iceberg.

If CINC wanted to send a shot over the bow, he could just send a fighter jet to buzz Damascus and blow out all their windows. That would be plenty of warning enough. However, as things currently stand, it is too late to make any action that would have considerable meaning (Such as taking out the launchers and military units involved in the CW attack). Hence, we lost our violence of action and most of that stuff has been moved by now.

CINC should have pulled a Regan on them and taken those units out right after CW was used but that is not here nor there. Russia gets awful huffy about it.

The US is not the only Country that has options here. Naturally, were action to take place, Hezbollah would strike Israel and in Lebanon (Not that they don’t plan that anyways). They would also strike at our Embassies and here at home as well. Russia could drop the hammer on Saudi Arabia. The Suez could be blocked which with Obamas Soviet Economy, could finish collapsing the US and wipe out the dollar. Note I said finish as POTUS has collapsed the economy considerably.

Jordan and Iraq stated they would refuse allowing a strike from their Countries.

China is also sending ships. No telling how that arranges events.

An out as proposed by the Russians and approved by the Syrian Regime was to place CW under International control. For now, this is the best plan and I would highly suggest that this action be taken. It would not be easy as this would require much coordination and Forcible inspection.

I would not give a green light at all for an attack on Syria at this point if the above plan truly is instituted. I probably would not give a green light anyway. All and all, in the end, it’s all about Assads lack of a chin.


Some references as I don’t have time to link up this post.

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Painted targets / missing aircraft: Way too many un-answered questions with #Benghazi.

Often, you may garner more information from the comments sections than the actual articles. Some come from those “In the know” as well.

I troll some closed boards so don’t get frustrated. I wanted to include where this information came from.

One thing certain, SEAL does not waste time painting a target unless he thinks it will be hit as it will expose his position and those batteries do not last too long.

The timelines conflict and the accounts are not working for me either. It leaves more questions than answers.

“Rather than get stuck in the traffic, the agents careen their car over the median — there is a median, a grassy median — and into the opposing traffic, and they go counter-flow until they emerge into a more lightly trafficked area and ultimately make their way to the annex.”


Obama Did Not Deny Requests For Help In Benghazi: Aide – 

Was Benghazi Attack on U.S. Consulate an Inside Job?
“Who’s in charge? No one really knows. “That’s a million-dollar question,” admits an adviser to Deputy Prime Minister Mustafa Abushugar. Accompanied by aides, he turns and asks them who’s now formally heading the probe. Debate ensues and it is hazarded that the attorney general might be in charge.”


CIA Rapid Response Team told to STAND DOWN 


“An LTD (Laser Target Designator) is somewhat similar to a non-directional ground beacon (NDB) which aviators use for guidance. The NDB transmits a radio frequency signal whether aircraft are present or not. The LTD “paints” or lases a target directionally, for weapons and targeting systems (which have on-board laser acquisition devices) to identify and vector toward. As long as your LTD batteries are up, you can’t paint all day long. I hope this is helpful.”


“Jeff is correct (about lasing without air asset) but the only reason you would do that is to determine a specific grid for indirect fire which the SEAL did not have available. You are in an active firefight against mortars and MGs; there is only one reason to cease returning fire and paint a target and it ain’t because you thought it was a good time to pull a PMCS on your f******g GLD.””

“…the QRF will go if ordered, no matter the threat. It is incumbent on the forces on the ground to realize the position they are in and understand the cost to others for their rescue and the leadership to protect those that will fly blindly into battle on honor alone. As someone who has sat in both seats, it is discussed and both sides, the commanders and those being extracted do get a vote. “


“The security officer had a laser on the target that was firing and repeatedly requested back-up support from a Specter gunship,”


“From the retired Delta operator:

Having spent a good bit of time nursing a GLD (ground Laser Designator) in several garden spots around the world, something from the report jumped out at me.

One of the former SEALs was actively painting the target. That means that Specter WAS ON STATION! Probably an AC130U. A ground laser designator is not a briefing pointer laser. You do not “paint” a target until the weapons system/designator is synched; which means that the AC130 was on station.

Only two places could have called off the attack at that point; the WH situation command (based on POTUS direction) or AFRICOM commander based on information directly from the target area.

If the AC130 never left Sigonella (as Penetta says) that means that the Predator that was filming the whole thing was armed.

If that SEAL was actively “painting” a target; something was on station to engage! And the decision to stand down goes directly to POTUS!”


“My son violated his orders in order to protect the lives of at least 30 people. He risked his life to be a hero. I wish that the leadership in the White House had the same moral courage that my son displayed with his life.”


“In the end, it’s going to take declassified traffic or satcom transcipts to end the debate. Next thing you know, someone will post, “We had a package sitting on strip alert, waiting to go. They could havè inserted, achieved fire superiority, and wasted everyone of those jihadist bastards.” It’s easy to call for folks’ heads when a military response/rescue neither failed or succeeded. The same critics would have likely turned right around to criticize a headlong rush to action if the CEF had a calamity occured on insert, or an AC-130 was shot down (has Blackfive updated its reporting of a lack of AC-130 platform in the AO?)”


a command “in paper only”…repower/print/

“A military source familiar with the eight-hour Benghazi firefight provided this timeline to The Washington Times to answer the most central question surrounding the death of Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three other Americans: Why did the U.S. military take no direct action to stop the two terrorists assaults? […] But on Sept. 11, AfriCom was still a command “in paper only,” as one former Bush administration official put it.

The military source told The Times, “AfriCom has very few assigned forces.”

Gen. Ham lacked what is called a commander in-extremis force, which other combatant forces have set up to respond to crises such as Benghazi. He also lacked the assets to assemble a generic quick-reaction force.

As a result, the four-star general turned to a national response force in the United States on call 24 hours a day. He worked through the European Command to tab its commander in-extremis force. This unit was conducting training in Central Europe. It had to be briefed on the mission and taken to an airfield, a process that took hours. The national and European strike forces finally arrived in Sigonella air base in Sicily on Sept. 12.

“They both had something in common,” the military source said. “When they both arrived on the 12th, the evacuation of the CIA base had already been completed.”

As the two units flew to Sicily, Gen. Ham, a combat veteran of the Iraq War, looked at other options and saw few. He had no AC-130 gunships, which can be effective in urban combat by isolating and firing on enemy targets. He also had no armed drones such as the missile-carrying Predator that can strike a gunman precisely.”

“If it’s true that GEN Ham had no In-Extremis Force, or any other response capability… then why was he even in the chain of command?”


“…Gen. Ham, monitoring the Sept. 11-12 attacks in Benghazi, had only one real option to intervene directly: F-16s stationed at Aviano Air Base, across the Mediterranean in Italy.”

I also failed to mention this earlier:

“Four hours later, the attack is renewed, and while the mortars aren’t “painted” with lasers, some of the attackers are — as “warnings not to fire.” Three mortar shells then hit the roof, killing Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods.”

It is still in the Discovery process.

11-09-12 – “Defense Secretary Leon Panetta is telling Congress that the military did not have armed aircraft near Libya that could have helped defend against the Sept. 11 attack on the U.S. Consulate that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans.” 

It sounds to me that ALLCON did all they had with what they had, minus an F-16.

My take, POTUS and Staff watched their friends die and there was nothing they could do about it. I remember Hillary looking devastated.

Now, more has been presented but I am under the gun with time so will post later. Still in Discovery.

04/30/13 – Special Operator who Debriefed Benghazi Responders Claims Troops Were Available

05/01/13 – Two retorts: Benghazi (II): A military analysis of the Fox mystery man’s fantasy rescue plan | The Best Defense and Opinion: Special ops bravado hurts national security –


Bottom line, they were dead before they even got there.

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#Islam, you say? Or you say I do not say? I say my peace.



Another incomplete list, but you get the picture. It’s serious and it is something to be addressed. 
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Pay THEM back for all they have done to you and more – Babylon.

Iraq, I had a truck with you. But instead of grasping message, all of the idiots took the “wronged” path. Wrong path to take.

There is an enterprise of in-equitious nature I address constantly. In so doing, it may sound as an insult. It is not meant to be, I use slang for that.

“Only about 700 A.D., when the rulers of a now-vast Arabian empire felt the need for a unifying political theology, did they cobble together the Islamic religion. The key figure in this enterprise appears to have been the brutal governor of Iraq, Hajjaj ibn Yusuf. No wonder, writes Spencer, that Islam is “such a profoundly political religion” with uniquely prominent martial and imperial qualities. No wonder it conflicts with modern mores.”

There are two different characters in the book that has been cobbled together.

Doctrine is a bitch.

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Meth as the new drug of cartel and Iran as a benifactor
Indonesia crackdown
Lebanon is getting spillover from every faction. Israel holds the line
Iran starves her people
Mexico wants to allow US to intervene more in drug interdiction – (Poor request under current DOJ but the spirit is there so may we help our next door neighbor for real, please)
Ingusheitia wants Russia to depose their new leader and
Russia fired up a rocket with people in it including a US Citizen.
The SEC does not know what to watch and JPM is there but prez has money in THAT bank.
Holder is still more of a worthless piece of shit than last week
You may vacuum cats now
NATO exclude Israel? HOW?
Pakistan alligience (Spy Train)
Iran spills into syria spills into lebanon to wreak whatever. Assholes.
Iran mullahs still suck ass #7Dwarfs
Greece is nothing as a bank run starts and the EU acts like it’s just normal everyday business.
Americans talk about shitgermanssay more than Germans would say now -a – day.
Chick – – A – Filet is more than an hour away
Azeries are testy with Iran as Russia tries to re-instate Cacus interest by handing out passports to Kremlin Heaven and Ukraine port snickers bars (But no one will have a baby in that shit still) Truth and consequence New Russia
Putin and MED doe se doe.
“Ollande cries death to austerity, God dis-agrees. Sends his bi-focal back to Paris before he talks to the only adult in Europe, Merkel.
Belarus remains a black splot in the middle of all of europe. Shame on you Russia.
China credit stops (As do ships and other major expensive shit when trade is under treat from fucking government)
Syria is waxing around the same amount of people daily. Police states are hard to over-throw, but if you screw with Israel, Russia, Itsa all ON.
Rapture of LCS and F-35 and F-22 programs.
Flag Officer folly
and so much more.
do your own homework


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There is alot of chatter about the U.S. Army’s FM 3-39.40. There is speculation that this is something new and I thought I would do some research into it as I myself have been part of such operations.

In the past, back when GTMO was just a Naval station in the early nineties; Fidel Crusto decided to turn lose prisoners, mental wards, and some of the population en-masse, to the United States via raft.

Needless to say, Miami could not handle the 30,000 plus people that wanted Librita. Ergo, we had to buldoze part of the Island to accomidate them until their identities could be verified and Immigration could also run it’s course.

Back in that day, it was called an EPW operation FM 3-19.40 (Previously POW FM 19-40) And now aptly called INTERNMENT AND RESETTLEMENT OPERATIONS FM 3-39.40 in new-speak. It is a legitimate Field Manual issued for legitimate purpose of generic mass personnel internment. I do not know why it is not listed in the Library of Congress yet but I assume they are backed up a little. Heh!

These regulations are often updated because of New-Speak, lessons learned, additional information, and capabilities and I will say it’s quite encompassing.

Just because they are released does not mean it’s a current policy, plan, or operation.

I have reservations about the current Administrations use of power but I find the release of this manual in no way related.

What is funny is there are many more manuals more cringeworthy but I would be loathe to bring those up seeing as there is plenty of conspiricy writ out there already.

One note, the new manual is impressive and covers many of the things we learned the hard way in the GTMO operation and many operations not found in the older manuals but the language is quite similar.

05/09/12 – U.S Army Official Responds to Re-Education Camp Manual.

“It is clear from Wood’s response that she has either not read the documents properly or has been directed to downplay their significance by asserting they do not apply within the United States, a claim clearly disproved by the numerous references within the manual to how its instructions can be applied as part of “domestic civil support operations.””

It is proper to point out that this is not meant to be a public document and to even post it on the internet is probably against the law. Be that as it may, tightening screws on it is not going to help matters much at this point. It will be very difficult in this time to keep such things under lock and key. The administration itself leaks like a siiv.

I just wanted to point out that the meaning of contingency applies and if something like this is to actually come to fruition, the fact that this document was leaked alone tells you that you shall know if the balloon actually goes up.

There is no way vendors will not alert US that purchasing is happening of certain goods, and Soldiers will also be waving red flags as well.

I disappoint in the fact that an official response was made without pointing out the generic purpose of the need for contingency documents. Bringing up the need for a FIOA request will not alleviate the public’s need for full disclosure and probably makes it look even more devious. Defusing a “bomb” after it has gone off is not the way to deal with the public.

I am happy that the public is concerned with such things. I wish the media would also do their damn job on the issue.

By the way, if it is an official response, where is it on the internet on an official site?

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Where we sit in the Caucus – #Russia #Turkey #Georgia #Iran #Israel #Azerbaijan

Likely option for the Russians as they amass their armies on western Irans border – mainly Caucus region. Whats there? Georgia and Azerbaijan. I could see them settling old scores with Georgia, punch on through to Azerbaijan where sits Iran. If Azerbaijan was where Israel was to fly mission from, well, that option just got difficult. You always need ground crew.

One outstanding point about this is also the fact that the Azeris want alot to do with Iran post mullah. Whats the Russian view of this?

Turkey is obviously a Fulcrum here. They have promised to assist US, but to what point? and can I trust the CINC to not make this a entebbe moment.

04/18/12 – INSS completes something I wanted to go further on. I would not advise Russia use this as opportune time to right old wrongs or to settle prowess. Actually the opposite. For Russia, it is time to build Humnit, source capability, Intel, humanitarian crap, and refugees are going to be trouble for all Nations. Turkey, Jordan, etc are facing some numbers so it’s important to learn from those who flee a nation.

Russia protects port in Syria, the rest right now may be un-wise. Russia is the Intel . Israel frontline actor, US, reluctant partner. As you stated, Russia, you were not really interested in Iran as you were Syria. NO?

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There is some Sub play going on between the Koreans. #NORK #NKOR

And I doubt there will be stopping it if the wizards of GULAG get sporty:


The ROE is to fire back if fired upon. If you dance this in those yugo subs, you are gonna get sunk, NORK.

“If the South is shot upon again by the North, there is no question in my mind that South Korea will respond,” Cha says. “In the past, South Korean ship commanders were required to go up the chain of command for approval to shoot. After the 2010 incident, commanders were given a standing order to retaliate.”

Forcing action through standing order allows the battle to defer to the offender.

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And to add to pinnacle of good articles – There is Eric Garland! #STRATIN

And as brilliant followup to many meaningful talk this week, this guy bashes STRATIN with due measure and discretion that is so worth again bringing up front. New Media is going to be just that:

“Most of these firms are considered Too Big to Fail by their respective nation-states, as evidenced by General Motors and Chrysler in 2009, and the markets are thus convoluted by subsidies, special regulations, and protectionism. One cannot predict the future of a marketplace by trend analysis alone, because oligopolies do not compete the same way as do firms in free markets. “

“The study of the future used to be easier to sell, maybe because the analysis usually predicted the growth of the consumer economy or the next great gadget. But the future is no longer nearly as palatable, and the customers are less interested. “

Sold? I Am.

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Leedon hits one out of the park.

Ref this government:

“it provides for their security, foresees and supplies their necessities, facilitates their pleasures, manages their principal concerns, directs their industry, regulates the descent of property, and subdivides their inheritances: what remains, but to spare them all the care of thinking and all the trouble of living?”

or how about this:

“”The nature of despotic power in democratic ages is not to be fierce or cruel, but minute and meddling.” Tocqueville described the new tyranny as “an immense and tutelary power,” and its task is to watch over us all, and regulate every aspect of our lives:”

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Russia, we never knew ya. (And Europe too… and #India, and #Iran, and…)

04/02/12 – No April fools. I told you that if you messed around in Syria, you would see issues;

Bout is getting a life sentence. He is, of course, our citizen. The USA is setting a precedent,” reads the first tweet. “I think we will put Americans on trial if they commit crimes in our country. From now on they are not subject to extradition,” 

That’s pleasantries – those of you Democrats that went to charm school should understand this:

“Russia and Iran have “multiple grounds for cooperation,” Mehmanparast said in an interview with state-run news agency. The “horizon of relations with Russia will be bright” and the level of relations will rise considerably, he said.”

See, that’s a new romance with someone that has a S-400 and does want Syria. Afterall, they are going to sell to India. With no Al Assad, there is no Hezbollah. When you outright escaped my advice to not play in Syria, Russia did as they shall. They shall demand trade.

It is not like you were not going to screw Israel over anyways, just you forgot that in doing so, you decided to give up geopolitical positions many paid for dearly.

One other thing I have read and it is very convincing that with no Syria, Iran basically drops. Know how?


I know how.

You should know how too.

Note that I did not display cargo vessels?

04/09/12 – Russia mounts the western border of Iran with troops.

04/12/12 – Russia may use a middle east event to finish the job on Georgia.

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A quick snippet (summation) over the day at #SCOTUS over Impale You Care. #fail

As only as Justice Alito may put it:

General Verrilli, today you are arguing that the penalty is not a tax.  Tomorrow you are going to be back, and you will be arguing that the penalty is a tax.  Has the Court ever held that something that is a tax for purposes of the taxing power under the Constitution is not a tax under the Anti-Injunction Act?”

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#Russia – The simple circular defense manuver in response to our actions, and what may be expected.

ABC Reports Russian Troops Have Arrived In Syria, Russia Denies

The Russians are adimant about regaining their sphere of influence. Imagine a conversation”

Q: Why are you going to invade Georgia?
A: Why did you invade Kosovo?
A: You may keep Israel, but we want Syria. We have a naval base there.

Naturally, as We deploy minesweepers to the Straight Of Hormuz, and the Russians send Marine units to Syria, to their port. They have Three ships. Strangely, they did not seem to care to defend Iran – “If you want to take Iran, take Iran but do not mess with us in Syria”. (That’s codespeak for “we will make sure we make everything you do very difficult for you to do until you pay us off somehow”)

Makes sense as the Russians have just as much to lose with a nuclear Iran as would ourselves.

It appears to me that Russia wants to persue a King Ruble strategy and that means beefing up their petrol empire. With Europe in HOC and the US being too stupid to compete, they may have a fighting chance… except for the rank corruption which is as big as ever in Russia.

With Syria, Russia could have a complete defense and pipeline loop of secure fuel for Europe – and a far stronger Ruble. This makes Tiblisi as a mere speed bump on the way through Turkey and ultimately out of a military port in Syria.

Seeing as the Russians have made numerous past (Military and/or “Aid”) investments in the likes of Syria and Lebanon, make no expectation of the Russians to taint long term goals for which they have been long laying railroad tracks. Were it their choice, they probably would like to have a very large base in Syria. I do not see them having qualms with whomever takes Syria. I am sure the Syrians no matter whom,  are not going to mess with the Russians at the port.

Just sayin.


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It is going to be as easy as a light switch to lock the country down. #natsec

Friday afternoon is the news cycle that the media misses.
This Friday, the President signed another defence signing statement – National Defense Resources Preparedness.

This comes right after signing the NDAA.

Also – I don’t know if you saw what the NSA was building –

“When Barack Obama took office, Binney hoped the new administration might be open to reforming the program to address his constitutional concerns. He and another former senior NSA analyst, J. Kirk Wiebe, tried to bring the idea of an automated warrant-approval system to the attention of the Department of Justice’s inspector general. They were given the brush-off. “They said, oh, OK, we can’t comment,” Binney says.”

Why does DHS need 180,000 people to operate, and LARGE ammunition too? That’s a small army right there and for what? I guess there is no need for Posse Comitatus if it is not the Military acting on our soil.

Does any of this bother you?

Why would you constantly work on being able to lock down the country unless you intended to do so?

Do you plan to become a dictator, POTUS?

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An ecclectic view of the conundrum that is #Afghanistan.

There are many different aspects to this… whatever it is.

First, there is the Murder of Civillians by the troop:

“Politics be damned. It must be handled under UCMJ – probably ART 118 which carries death penalty. After the Investigation, will see what mitigating circumstance the Troop has. The AO was a particularly nasty place in Afghanistan.

The issue as far as the military should be the fact that the timing of this put every Soldier in Afghanistan at greater danger. Having our plans to leave there disintegrating could mean the difference between an orderly exit from country, and getting our Troops shot in the back on the way out.

It is a heinous offence to have killed those civilians. An even greater one to have put all of your team mates, your brothers in greater danger.”

The lightfighters are also weighing in:

“Total BS. This guy flipped, but it wasn’t 4 deployments in 10 years, marital problems, and Sniper school that did it. I fucking hate the media. Anybody else notice they really have a hard on for us lately. They are really going out of their way to report all the bad they can about this war.
I’m here right now, and this guys actions are not going to go unanswered. I’m also on deployment 5 in 11 years, a Sniper Section Leader, and have 3 kids and a tad bit of maritail difficulties. This guy did this, not because anything he was taught, and he dishonors himself, his comrades(fallen or standing), his nation and his family. I hope I don’t fucking know him.”

On a wider scope from CNAS:

“Yet US military officials remain reluctant to drawdown forces. One White House proposal reportedly on the table would have 10,000 US troops leaving by year’s end, and another 10,000 by mid-2013. The mid-2013 date, however, concerns commanders on the ground, who have made it clear that they don’t like giving up troops before the end of the fighting season, which runs from spring until autumn. “

And that sounds like timing is more important than feelings. The prudent path is not always the preferred one.

And finally, the last point I would like to make here.

Look at the language used in these articles and note specificly the second headline. We know it was one lone Soldier on his own but the media expand it to “Western forces”. Pretty low. It definately has bearing on how things are seen over there. And the “Journalists” think they are doing the world a great service.


Another caveat. If Soldiers defense becomes PTSD, whats to say a not so distant leader will one day use that information to lock certain Soldiers up in mental institutions.

Active conversations:

03/18/12 – Two noteworthy articles I wanted to relay –

“The compensation policies we have pursued over the last decade imply that we think service members are solely motivated by personal financial gains.  Let me assure you, this is not true, but the question remains; how much is too much?  Where do we draw the line?  How much do you pay people when it’s impossible to objectively determine what they deserve?”

May I say, For the very reason this Soldier stands on his trial for his life and the fact that you know you may not be returning whole tells me right here that this is the just and proper pay Soldiers should be receiving right now. Moreover, whom else in the entire federal worker pay system faces the mortal threat Our Soldiers face? How many do you see on trial for their lives? Some live quite lavish. Maybe looking at the military for that answer may be the wrong part of the government to focus on.

Also, prior to this Rogue act, General John Allen tried to defuse a bomb before it went off:

“There will be moments like this, when your emotions are governed by anger and a desire to strike back. Now is not the time for revenge, now is the time to look deep inside your souls, remember your mission, remember your discipline, remember who you are.”

Tough one for sure.

03/19/12 – “And let’s not take the easy way out and blame The Man for the actions of a man because it fits your narrative. That’s not justice and it’s irresponsible. Robert Bales is not the victim here – the victims are in Afghanistan.”

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More ruin of the educated west…

“IQ, even genius, has no necessary bearing on wisdom, common sense, morality or character. That’s why a smart elite that’s not wise is worse than useless. Intellectual brilliance does not insure against the fancies of craziness, “


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#seething – Why It is so neat and permissible to talk crap about people whom have never harmed you. It’s bravery for DEMOCRATS?

And the way I see it, Government harms people more than anything. I look at myself

And when I talk democrats, that means ALL of you. You are dishonest souls. Let us not negate the fact that Republicans are also stupid idiots and the stupid party, but there is a line with me.

Democrats – your “Party” is the most disgusting thing on the planet besides the religion of Islam. YOU have through history been the people that caused the most suffering to human kind even over Christianity. YOU democrats and your worship of government. For instance –

Louis CK’s crime is not that he is not funny, but that he attacks people for nothing but political reason. He attacks a young Daughter, a small young baybay, and an entire family. He never was funny. But now, I would not piss on him if he was on fire. See, Louis, IT’S NOT PERSONAL.

And know this, all of you “smart”people that have enslaved more people in world history are not people I would like to be around (not as if I AM someone YOU want to be around), but do not even try. No “friends” is better than back stabbing blue falcons.

When your political class has turned this nation into a collapsed and third world nation, JESUS CHRIST becomes a valiant and very angry character that will become the DON. And very few democrats will be recipient of the salvation that was offered by just being decent and humble. Democrats are the people GOD will take the black market out on. It’s going to be WAR Men, and it will not be pretty.

Governments do not own Human life and nor are they supposed to. They are simply to protect the citizen from others and to keep government from interfering with lives (strange how that changed). Like foreign invasions and such. The work all people are to do is to take care of their own and anyone else that they may. It is the responsibility of PEOPLE to solve problems, not governments. Anyone who missed that point is a useless asshole.

I need governments on this planet like I need assholes. Everyone has one and they want to shove you up it, but they are all talking out of their asses and always end up being useless tyrants.

I have no idea what the democrat party stands for anymore – other than being able to garner power. Thats all it is about is power.

Selling your soul out for government power is strangely attractive for humans. I personally do not like power. The less it is used is the better, and never use it to crush people like bugs. Only for mortal enemies.

So asshole CK and asshole maher, are you willing to sacrifice your soul for an all knowing government or some shit you have not clarified yet? Are you willing to sacrifice others including little Trig to the government? Apparently so. That is when you have forsaken your soul and actual people to an idea that has killed more than 300 million people on this DAMNIT planet right here in even your sorry assed life time.

Boy, if you talked like that about a little baby around me, I would grab your throat right on stage and choke the last breath out of you in front of the entire world. You talk shit about a Baybey?? A little baby?You are not a man, you are a pussy. You must examine your entire existence on this very day. Fuck living in a world with no morality if you plan to turn it all into a prison, right? And fuck having a Louis CK over a defenseless little Baby.

I AM certainly not proud of my vulgarity and my ill use of grammar and spelling . I AM not proud for letting my drink on go this long. I AM not proud of lowering myself to your level.  My mortality and flaws are nothing compared to the nihilism and disgust you have brought to this society. You are a terrible person.. moreover..

When I look at a Woman, I see my Mother, a Sister, a little girl, and half of a Family. I am sorry your Family lives were not up to your standards, but many have been and more. There are too many good people in THIS world to treat them all like shit.

I even look at a little Louis CK getting beat up when young and have heart about his making … well not getting beat up anymore. But to turn around and do the same to others is an awful thing to do if you think you want Justice. Who hurt you? Not Trig.

I want every democrat to think about this because I have no respect for any of you at all anymore – not a one after THIS LAST THREE YEARS.

Let me clear my head here… You support – Scam that is democrat party – Teacher unions and their zombie teachers, the corrupt colleges that teach communism, The trade unions, the corrupt media that lies to protect only democrats, the corrupt green industy, The envionmental mental midgets with their fake protection of the environment, the pop music culture full of propagandists, the empty heads and liars in Hollywood, the race whores and pimps, General Electric, the illiterate “journalists” and editors in the papers and magazines, ABC, NAACP, ACLU, Media Matters, Democrat underground, ETC and the lists continue. I keep lists and I check them four times over.

If GOD permits you to continue with this “CIVILization” as you are, GOD may as well let all of the bad Angels loose. It is not like you really care for your Children. If you Really cared for your kids, NONE of you would be democrats.

Society is not a club. It is not a popularity contest, it is not about being chummy. It is about Your Family and mine. And when you try to destroy Family, YOU and I are at very destructive odds.

Another way said, I shall become the most angry, closed off, hermit, BLACK Market owning and destructive to a government when you have forsaken all of Civil Society for a ruinous pipe dream from hell. For every action, there will be a re-action and I do not even have to be alive here to see it happen.

In other words, when the lights go out, you do not stand a chance. You poked a Lion in the cage and he still has NEW front teeth. You stand no chance in Heaven and YOU are promoting Evil. It’s plain and simple.

I have become increasingly more vulgar and short tempered as of late. It is nothing like Carthage or even Yerusalem. More like the POX that is upon everyone’s house.   Everyone is perverted but it takes being Humble to understand that. It’s not a badge of honor, it is a flaw you accept with being born (if you are allowed to be born instead of ripped up alive in a womb). And whatever it is you think utopia is, it is NOT. YOU lose and you sacrificed your soul and life making a mortal nightmare in places NO GOVERNMENT should ever have the power to meddle in.

This is more than a warning, this is a proven fact. You think you are smarter than all people and GOD but you are far more stupid than both, but you will back anything that says you are. What a low life you are.

So now, you shall be ruled by the idiots you want the planet to be ruled by and you will lose your lives in doing so. For yours shall be the first they forsake YOU useful Idiots. The easy supporters are what Tyranny goes after first. They present no fight.

They may wait on Godly people, because GODLY people are not easy takedowns, pussys, or stupid enough to let governments take control of their lives. They also tend to be more productive for society than Louis Cocksuckers anyway. GOD ALMIGHTY is watching everything to the pink slime chicken mc-nugget that is your brain in real time, and nothing is a happy meal right now. Imagine what happens when the government runs out of toys like YOU to play with… Or when a very patient overseer decides to pull your plug.

I AM the least of your problems and not a threat to anyone at all. I like to warn you that you are the first on the train so you may correct your course. I shall not harm nor incite it in any way. Merely point out for you a very long Biblical history which you have all out ignored to your convenience but will… again be privy too.

I Pray you awaken, smile, and accept the fact that you have mis-placed your passion. It could also not hurt to ask for forgiveness from whomever it is you should.

And who is Bill Maher anyways?

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To what ends?

There is a of lack of planning in all the lawfare being forced out of the executive branch. The President should not stand his position, authority, and rights in how he chooses to Govern. There is a specific job he is supposed to do, and has tended poorly to the true responsibilities and priorities of that office.

There is no presedent of neccessity for any of it and it is un-invited.

The methods of oversight must be confused because I still do not see where you are taking US with all of this. Every environment is turmultious. There is no use of planning…. anything.
No one is going to want to invest crap here. The political dynamic surrounding this “Central Planning” has Incompatible interests with what they are supposed to be providing.

When the bureaucracy out numbers the elect, there is no incintive to change.
May as well just get rid of the states entirely if every state issue is now a Federal one.
May as well directly elect the dip-shit dictator like every other banana republic or 3rd rate state of degeneracy .

Do people want to live in a state of constant lawfare and regulation? Would you like this government make you un-educated robots?
The dissipating sanity of the electorate has already elected us Inflexable Bureaucracy and to check this power is paramount to not turning this country into hell on earth.

No progress will be made until the destruction of these American institutions cease.

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Hey #Lebanon, let the #cia spies go.

Take note “If they were genuine spies, spying against Hezbollah, I don’t think we’ll ever see them again,” he said. “These guys are very, very vicious and unforgiving.” 

And if we had a genuine Intelligence leverage, we would also know where Hezbollah is.

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Latin America is falling away. #latam

Good grief. Can anything on the planet work for the better for once? We are losing Nicaragua again.

That is not the only nation and this slide is consuming South America almost as a whole. You are losing the entire world and not lifting a finger to stop it.

01/04/11 – Honduras security concerns.

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This goat rope was awful tonight #gop @thehermancain

Cain, you knew they were going to dogpile you before you took that stage tonight. You must be ready. Leaders know they are right and it resonates – ensure you remember that.  Your 9-9-9 plan is better than any other plans right now. Let’s challenge the system with Our plan.

I AM the one most hurt, but it is getting covered by COLA, Charity, and greater economic growth. We afford more, we help others more.

At least you, Cain, know whom it is you are running against. I have witnessed for a long time.

This was the most sorry debate I have seen. You IDIOT republicans are running against Barak Obama, PERIOD. The bicker shows desperation.

Jersey shore is on MTV, these Publicans are acting the same way. You need to grow up.

You are done, Bachmann, Santorium. Perry, you are limited in planning – in fact all of you suck on planning save Herman Cain.
Newt, you are stellar and I AM glad you are there. You are not done.
Cain And Newt

Also, everyone should pay taxes. EVERYONE.

10/19/11 – Roger Simon.

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The Eurasian Union. #russia

Vladimir Putin has been consolidating power in his area of influence as of late. It is a large power play using trade as an autonomous lever. The Ruble will be in direct competition with the Euro (which may be weakened or destroyed). It will be interesting to see how many countries jump ship from the sinking Euro being in the reality of collapsing states.

The US has appointed a new Ambassador, Michael McFaul during these developments.

We saw this coming and after talking to Russians, saw their need to gain some prominence back in their region, and without stringent dissuasion from the United States, there is really nothing to stop them. I can see the logic behind it.

Update: Looks like this pissed him off.

From Jamestown: “but it is certain to be deeply corrupt.

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Some information on the Lord’s Resistance Army #lra

This evil entity LRA operates in many Central African Nations including Uganda, Sudan, Congo, Central African Republic, and DR Congo.

The ICC filed brief in and the COIN case was argued in 2008 just as it started stepping up it’s brutality. The region started to crack down back in 2010. Uganda allegedly drove them out of country in 2009 but that may have just been propaganda. The Commander, Charles Taylor, was captured and placed on trial which left Joseph Kony to fill the leadership position. The US will now pursue him following today’s announcement.

There is also speculation that a US presence in the arena may also shed light on weapons that may be seeping out of Libya. They are being found in Gaza.

10/18/11 – The ensuing conversation over at Rantburg.

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Refocusing on #iran in a geo-politically disoriented world.

For years, Iran has smuggled arms to it’s proxy Hezbollah in Syria. That link has eroded as baby Assad’s command rule has been disintegrating.

Recently, it was learned that Iran may have procured surface to air missiles from Libya.

The most startling development is not the help they are receiving from North Korea but the fact that Iran is perusing domestic production of carbon fiber for ballistic missiles.  They may have already procured rocket fuel and have procured the engines. They have already launched two satellites. They are working on a warhead.

Plus, it’s just suck to live there under that madly insane government. They even put Pastors to death. (BTW – Good job Mr President – for real)

The leadership makes threats on a constant basis, it may be time to take them serious. We may or may not have help with this.

10/01/11 – Do not get me wrong, I really love Iranians to the core. I dislike their leadership yet I find Iranians , almost always, a delight to speak with, do business with, and to work with. Iranians are highly educated and to remind, not all Moslem. Persia is a beautiful country with brave and respectful people. Traditional, caring, and very modern.

I sometimes forget when I post that my terse language may mislead dear reader into thinking something different than I feel. And I feel for Persia. For that could be a world class country again if they were let to free themselves from the ignorant ruling class. I certainly love the people.

10/02/11 – They are making rockets, but we have invented flying carpets. Ironic.

10/07/11 – Bushehr may have some melting down action.

10/15/11 – Some interesting comments lately within the internal politic including this “Then he declared, “We don’t need to kill Saudi ambassador, but if necessary, we are able to assassinate King Abdullah” from Prominent cleric Hojatoleslam Mehdi Taeb.  The Saudi King is currently undergoing surgery in Riyadh.

10/18/11 – Iran’s Advanced Centrifuges

10/19/11 – I have been watching the gulf between Iran and Saudi Arabia widen as of late.  This rough up over the Diplomat has not helped.

10/28/11 –

If it is the case that Iran has possessed nuclear weapons for almost 20 years, as the author claims, two components of his argument collapse. First, although it may be the case that Iran is generally ideological and jihadist, it is clear that, from the perspective of nuclear policy, they are moderate and reasonable. To possess a nuclear capability for so long without deploying or even declaring it suggests a levelheadedness that makes military action appear unnecessary.
Second, if it is the case (it’s probably not), as the author claims, that “Iran only needs a single nuclear weapon to destroy the United States” via EMP, why would we risk a nuclear counter-strike against the U.S. by initiating military regime change operations? That seems the height of foolishness, especially given the largely peaceful conduct, for the past 20 years, of a nuclear Iran.” 
Thats from CSIS, and it outlines what our foreign policy should be with Iran. The waqpo article.
Iran parliament set to question Ahmadinejad over fraud case, corruption, in blow to prestige. From Intelwire
11/6/11 – Irans proxy Hizbollah is prepping for war with Israel
11/9/11 – Look at Iran’s nuclear capabilities.
01/03/12 – Iran in Convulsion (the death spiral continues)
01/07/12 – US must exploit new split in Iran’s Revolutionary Guard
01/26/12 – “Most revealing, though, is the warning of one Revolutionary Guard commander, in an anonymousletter to the opposition group Green Experts of Iran. The letter, posted on the group’s web site, says that the current commanders of the various armed forces appointed by Khamenei are delusional about their capabilities and have no clue as to the consequences of a war with America.”
02/18/12 – Internal strife admidst hard economic times = more faith in the Majlis. Iranian Supreme Leader Khamenei and the Iranian Regime vs. President Ahmadinejad VIA Rantburg. Also – SWIFT To Cut Off Iran – No Financial Telecommunications
03/29/12 – U.S. sets sanctions on Iran shipping, engineer firms And IRGC is the focus. Question is are you applying pressure on the IRGC in the correct way? Did something break down spurring this particular target? Was it Venezuela?

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Tips for the President on the #economy

So, the President is going to address Congress about jobs. I am near certain it will be nothing more than sanctimonious finger pointing and a proposal to waste yet more taxpayer money to pay off more unions. No matter what he says, he does not understand economics. Not in the least bit is he willing to learn either. This I know.
It is really a shame that the population believes the government creates jobs. That’s the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Government does not make jobs. It is a net loss no matter what it does. Government impedes jobs. Government works against the economy. It created the conditions that made the economy shed jobs. Even government jobs impede the economy. Aside from removing currency from the actual workforce, they are quite expensive. 
I shall say this again because I want it to be crystal clear: For every dollar tied up in the government, is a dollar removed from the economy.  
Government makes unfavorable condition for jobs, individuals, and societies as a whole. Government is a detractor from our focus. It has us at each-others throats. In the spirit of co-operation and “shared sacrifice”, I have spent my morning putting together a little reading material for the President before he goes out and makes an ass out of himself next week.  
                       Enjoy 🙂

P.S. Here is his plan, and it sucks.

09/01/11 – Ohh, it’s not Government, rather “Your Federal Family”. Well, they are abusive and expensive family members. Big Brother.

09/15/11 – ‘Private-sector job creators of all sizes have been pummeled by decisions made in Washington.’

09/19/11 – Our tax rate is almost already the highest in history.

And here is our “progressive” tax rate. Whats a fair share? When is enough enough?

And this is all you had to respond with? Another punt? You cant punt now Mr President, people are hurting. I went through hours of work to show you why the economy sucks, and you make a proposal that will make it suck worse. You suck Mr President.

09/22/11 – This governing style truly is fascist.

10/18/11 – It’s not that hard to get people working.

All Government Creates Poverty – John Stossel – Townhall Conservative The Productivity Myth – The Conversation – Harvard Business Review May’s Big Selloff Could Be Just the Beginning – A Mind-Changing Page – Thomas Sowell on National Review Online

Greenspan Says U.S. May Soon Reach Borrowing Limit
 The euro’s inevitable failure will be horrendous for all of us – Telegraph
 Allan Meltzer: Why Obamanomics Has Failed –
 Dollar Plunges After UN Call To Ditch Greenback
 Re: Homes and Other Black Holes – Jonah Goldberg – The Corner on National Review Online
 Calculated Risk: Sovereign Debt Series Summary
 Recession Watch
 RealClearPolitics – Where Are the New Jobs?
 Arnold Schwarzenegger: Public Pensions and Our Fiscal Future –
 Examiner Editorial: Think the economy is bad? Worse is coming | Washington Examiner
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 More Arguments against a Value-Added Tax | Cato @ Liberty
 Not Enough Labor Day – Reason Magazine
 5-doomsday-scenarios-for-the-us-economy: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance
 EU Effectively Forces Securitization Reforms on the US « naked capitalism
 Government unions sucking us dry–Stephen B. Meister – / Columnists / Clive Crook – America has good reason to worry about Greece
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 From the oil spill to the financial crisis, why we don’t plan for the worst
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 US financial system support up $700 bln in past year-watchdog | Reuters
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 In the red
 Source: Debt Commission Fights Over Freezing Military Pay, Slashing Benefits | TPMDC
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 War News Updates: Is The U.S. FED Responsibile For The Arab Spring Uprisings?
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moving to macau
  NLRB Decisions | Secret Ballot Elections | Micro Unions | The Daily Caller                 
10 Very Obvious Reasons Why The Devastating U.S. Jobs Famine Is Going To Suck The Hope Right Out Of America

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What #debt and all of this federally imposed spending means. Short view.

If you raise the debt ceiling, you lose your credit rating. If you do so and cut spending in a ten year time frame, you lose your credit rating. If you cut spending immediately and do not raise taxes short term, you keep your credit rating.

A default is not a collapse, but a large part of why not is status of being a reserve currency. That could change real quickly. Inflation could bank our currency out of existence.

Re-Live this fantastic existance that others have had when they did not have the reserve currency of the world in this .PDF document: When money dies.

The only reason the dollar is still holding is because every other currency in the world is in worse shape, but if they see no return on investment from the US, they move their trading power in other ways.

Do not say it can never happen here.

07/26/11 – Lack of Executive leadership is the author of this crises. He signed the checks for two years and only now wants to confront the 24% increase in our budget he made. He just had two years of an entrenched House and Senate to do so. Most people do not comprehend how this works, and why it is not supposed to happen.

May have to downgrade..

08/31/11 – And this crises caused by this graft.

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What #American Foreign Policy should be toward the Moslem world.



It goes without saying that the Moslem world is going through a new transformation. The outcome has yet to be determined.

Now that some of our enemies are falling and we prepare to draw down our forces, it may be time to re-examine our policy in that part of the world.

It would be very helpful to be able to pull our tentacles out of there but that’s easier said than done.





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A confluence of events in #Somalia means it’s on.

I caught a whole lot of information in the past three days about Somalia. The first of which I noted on the 26th of June. A blitzkrieg of activity in funding some of the most problematic areas in the war on terror. I have not studied how much involvement AFRICOM had to do with it but a major shore up for AU involved nations sure pushed the initiative.

Immediately afterwards, Somali lawmakers approved the appointment of a new, Harvard-educated prime minister.

And surprise, surprise – The RAIDS have begun. Thats sooo Russian-eqsue …er whatever. You just went all Ingushita on them.

However it was done and for whom set it up, kudos.

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