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The deflation myth.

WSJ had an article about the FED touting success in preventing deflation. Problem is, the FED’s primary concern should be inflation. It’s totally backward thinking.  Inflation will hurt the poor the most as currency will not buy what it used to. Deflation is when prices fall. Maybe we need some deflation about right now. I really wish they would find someone, anyone who knows anything about basic economics to manage that FED. These folks just don’t get it. 2+2 does not equal 8.

The real solutions are to raise interest rates immediately and a few more ideas Here…

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It will take much more to right our budget shortfalls.

Steyn visits the all too familiar fallen empire syndrome in a succinct piece Here…

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Speaking of Internet, this also requires an urgent fix.

Remember the collision between an American Recon jet and a Chinese fighter back in April of 2001? Yeah, that kind of set us up for failure in many things. More…

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This is kind of a big thing in the internet world.

All the work to prevent phishing is now obsolete? More…

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The gap between The US and Pakistan – explained in detail.

Abu Muqawama explores the difference between the two nations and their view on self determination in good detail. I start with part 2 here as it has a plausible explanation of the difference between traditional Arabs and Pakistanis in their relationship with the US.  Part 1 is Here…

Needless to say, it’s a compelling read.

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Reconstruction efforts in Afghanistan and ROE.

It’s very tough to read this as this slog seems endless. Freerange interviews a few Leaders on the ground war to ensure there is no doubt about how reconstruction efforts are going. It sounds very frustrating to me.  His article is Here

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History very well does repeat. It’s very hard to reproof the untrue.

“When the Berlin Wall collapsed, we saw irrefutably the intellectual bankruptcy of both the authoritarian politics of communism and the economics of extensive, almost universal, ownership of the means of production and of central planning”.  Here

America is just not fun to live in anymore.

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Soldiers and their Civilian counterparts. An illustrious divide.

“Few civilians can grasp the searing experiences of multiple combat tours. How could civilians comprehend the skill, the stress and the pride of a platoon sergeant who keeps his men alive under fire for a year and brings them home safe?
For their part, soldiers whose daily lives depend on self-discipline and sacrifice disdain what they perceive as the loose values, sloppy discipline and quick-buck self-centeredness of civilian society. And each combat deployment drives the two further apart.”  More…

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