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#Watching – Over-all, it was a good week.

Child Trafficking in Bali
Vietnam wants heavy ammo
Burma ain’t all that but trying
Ivory Coast Moslem VS Christian war
Sudan the same
Boko Haram is a terr group because terr groups clean out those whom speak of false behalf? Okay.
Holder should be in bracelets
Some cops say the Dodge Charger is a piece of crap
SCAF Folding Parliment JudicialDecisions and the Elect, also Islamic law is still un-governable. Egypt
Need Patience w/Syria.No sandbox for old Amercia, Yet Israel may take weapons off if those SCUDS get near.
Airports in Libya, Tribes in Mali
Autistic Children given shock treatment. FU Judge.
Spain downgraded becomes hand in hand with 11 Million tax cheats that is Greece
which drags down the EURO. France does whatever the fuck it wants.
Had a Jubiliee
And a Celebrate Israel on 5TH Avenue
Mericans decided they did not like Unions running Government after-all. Wise folks them.
Iran pipeline, Russian crude, SCO and currency wars
Dow Droppings
Forclosure rate up up up.
Double dip recession taxes – no one will hire cause of Janugeddeon and obamadare
Leaking appendages in Congress and the White House.
Eurovision and Caucus or Central Asia as it were.
Albania and Azerbaijan
Flame out’s and douchebaggery
Zombaid – Bath salts and LEO’s be aware; They are out there.
Crystal Meth Trafficking by Iran
Arms shipments from Russia to Syria?
Arms shipments from Amercia to Syria?
Iran cleaning up fissile material
Monty Python – Life of Bryon

And much much more!

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The Democrat party is really only a play on words.

When you are not allowing us to clean our voter rolls, you are dis-enfranchising US of our vote. I am talking to you Eric Holder, you low life scumbag in the DOJ.

You WILL allow states to purge the voter rolls. You will allow states to require identification to vote.  You WILL allow states to protect their borders with Mexico.You WILL count the absentee ballots of Our deployed Soldiers. Do you understand asshole?

Cheating the ballot process is something the “Democrat” party does best. It’s all about power, all the time. I cannot see anyone with any integrity voting for that fucked up party. You do this every election – ballot stuffing, picking count, discounting absentee ballots. You make me sick – All of you.

It is a monumental failure of intelligence letting you scumbags do this every election. I could continue with how evil you people are and why but I will refrain … for now.


You complain about Florida and there rolls when that stupid idiot Gore lost there – and trust me, you did it to yourself. Now look who is voting.

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