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U.S. National Service – Please no Draft.

Less than 1000 on


If you cannot face the external threat without volunteers, you may not have a Nation worth protecting.

A draft erodes the professional Corps to a trickle of ability and gets more people killed. It chases Lifesavers away and destroys units with un-fit replacements.
It ends up treating all Men like grade-school dropouts.
It assassinates authority through lack of respect of the duty
It degrades the poor the most as they may have no voluntary way to support their Families. They also find it hard to get “Deferments”


It dissuades Congress of their oversight, and the the Executive may be inept as well with His Commander In Chief duties. All it does is buy them time throwing bodies at a problem with lack of training for Their Citizens. By abusing Duties not spent cultivating Our Armed Services

If this Constitutional boundary cannot be enforced, We may not even have reason for a Congress to “provide for Common Defense”.

May as well hand the duties back to the States because in the end, we end up fighting on our own for this.

To prepare the National Defense and Arm for the task shall it arise is one of the Primary Jobs of Congress. And CINC.

Find a way to hold them to this before your Children are drafted. If done so properly, you may never have to worry about it anyway, and it’s much less expensive.

Our Armed Forces are now closer to being compensated for their sacrifice than in most any other time.


Did the draft have to happen and did it work well in Vietnam? McNamara and Johnson get no pass. Not the way they played rotation roulette.

You will always need a standing army to survive as a Nation. There is no way around this.

Having a Standing Military of all Volunteers funded, prepared,and busy (working Humanitarian Missions for instance) keeps the training and METL relevant. There are very many places I would want Our Citizens armed in certain situations.

Finding hand-off missions for example after the need for armed envoys has passed

Find some other conscription for “National Service” as I find it difficult  for even the concept to be Constitutional. However, maybe tie it to Higher Education. EX-PATS, missionary work, Peace Corps, disaster relief all do provide on the job training.

Being that we are a Nation of Immigrants, maybe find an easier way for Our Families to go help their relatives and Loved ones in situations.

There is always a shortages somewhere that could give extra credits to in your Vocations. Many ways to serve.

Any way more Citizens serve in other ways, may grow the appreciation of the Military with the same Spirit. Yet, forcing them on the Military you refuse to fund now is just offensive.

Why not see what qualifies for National Service to start with?

They say young people these days have no respect and they should give to the state in some way. And every time they believe the draft is the answer.

Wrong answer. We have a Professional Military force with more diverse skills than at any other time in Our History. Why would you want to water down those kind of experts with baby-sitting jobs or worse?

Some draftees require more maintenance than your entire MOS.
That could play hell on you for years or worse, on deployment.


The problem is the Mis-Educational system and lack of faith in Classical Community involvement, Religious Institutions, and Individualism.

Start at the root of the issues they are trying to address.

If the time does come to pass that you must conduct a draft into Armed Services, you better be vastly out-numbered, you shall have already regretted it, repent,
and draft me first.

I do not see this having to happen.

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Lessons learned from #Harvey/ #Irma #Rescue channels on #Zello. Helping one another.

Lessons learned from Irma Rescue channels on Zello.

From monitoring many Zello emergency rescue accounts, I have learned that this could be a great tool for the future for people in disaster situation (If they have Internet capability)

I thought I would share a prep list for those Whom desire to assist their fellow man in tumultuous times.

Zello has provided a service that allows one to talk to a group or privately (Even encrypted) with Whom they like to. In Harvey, it was used for those Whom needed help or rescue when their primary Civil Support services were not available.

In disaster, you do not know what kind of communications you will have. Cell towers, main line phone lines, cable service, Internet, Satellite communications, and even 911 could fail to be available. It could leave one with only CB and HAM operators to rely upon.

During and after these storms, many were without such ability and the Interet was the only way to communicate. Hence Zello filled the void. For may, they just wanted to chat with others to not feel so alone. For some, it was the only lifesaving tool they had.

Some ISP Providers like Spectrum and Xfinity did, to the best of their ability, provide emergency free Internet service where they could. Kudos to you for that.

Having introduced the context, I wanted to present you with a Prep list that presents you with an avenue on how you may contribute, and how to keep out of trouble with the Internet of things.

1.First mission is information flow. Inform and coordinate with Local, State, and Federal Authorities prior to sending someone into any situation – if at all possible. For dispatchers, phone is the finest weapon you have.

As a Civilian, you are merely and augmentation service or force. The State and Local Officials are your primary support group. In cases they are over-loaded, they may ask one of your groups for help but that rarely, if ever, happens. It is question of Liability few Government officials will want to address in the fog of a real event.

Duplicate calls, duplicate rescues, and mass confusion can lead to life threatening situations if the channels are repetitive. I learned some of what I tell you here from the Cajun Navy as they have been at this awhile. They have tried to provide an example of Private Civil Augmentation.

You have to be “Trusted” to talk on their network channels which means, you fill out the form to volunteer. After which, you get passwords. Being a Non-Profit, they would like to maintain their 5013C status. This means accountability must be up-held. In fact, your information has to be cleared through the Department of Homeland Security.

2. Verification. I observed several possible pranks or traps coming over channel. Once you verify it is an actual person in an actual flooded area that does not intend to rob you or worse. There are always a few bad faith calls.

Which leads us to

3. Privatization of service. This is set by Infrastructure Categories.

4. Channel control. You will want separate channels for functioning separation of information. Many rescue groups have a main chat room where everything is handled. This is not Kosher. All the jackals and jokers come about in an Emergency situation not recognizing that If you do interfere with a rescue, you may be sent to Prison.

You never have enough dispatchers

Take your calls separate from the room with friend request to verify and if they are pranking, kick them out of the room

Have separate, encrypted channels for private information.

Never let people know where supplies, water, food, or gas is going over public channels. This is how you get raided. Also Coordinate with local Authority when shipping such things.

Try to moderate your volume to %80 percent. Some calls you can barely hear, some will wake everyone up in your neighborhood.

Keep weather checks and regular info on other channels than your work channels. Anything you can get from weather channel or AM radio in your car. This information may be useful on the ground for rescuers, but it is of no use for a rescue channel when people are asking for a weather check every 3 minutes.

Keep the channels clear. Block and report abuse. Separate the chatter. Gotta keep them separated.

5. For those on the ground who need verbal communication, the following resources are available Dispatchers:



Gas Buddy

Google maps

Apple maps


wink news

ventusky maps



Local power company outage maps

Animal Control

Animal rescue shelters

Shelter apps – Local shelters, Evacuation shelters that allow pets. They are Our Family too. Check shot records too.

HAM Radio

CB Radio


Mesh networks

Morse code

White flags on roof-tops of houses

Local nuclear plant data sites

Local water treatment plants

local chemical company plants

Local food market corporate sites (Distro – disribution info if they post it)

Uhaul, storage, UPS, FEDEX, Pipelines, Railroad, Greyhound, Hubs. Airports, Ports and Port Authority, CoastGuard, National Guatd, Attourney generals office, Governors Office,

6. As a moderator. seeking clarity of information is the key. You can be the straw that stirs the drink, or the one that breaks the chain. Some operators having stress have time and need to blow off steam with their fellows. So, when OPTEMPO slows down, let them know each-other and chat. But if emergency comes about it is “BREAK – Clear Channel”.

Give them ten seconds to speak and block them. Yet be cautious, few may be real, but they can go to one of the main popular rooms to ask.

7. Access: HUBS. You are looking for a way to somewhere, and always looking for a direct path at expense.

But what if you were traveling somewhere and got stuck at the airport? You ask where the nearest HUB is to get you closer to destination. Sometimes, flying (Or driving, or via Train or rickshaw or whatever) is better than waiting in airports. Buses and trains, private planes, Mariner charter, Cruise Ships! Support them too! Any logistic line is safe haven.

Buses, Trains, Uber, Lyft, Airbnb could find a place a block away. Do not discount Local Militias.

If you are Legit, someone needs to perk an ear up. But if you clog LOGISTIC Trains or get in the way of even the Local Sheriff, you are in the wrong unless you can stress test your case.

7. Record what you do. You can take screen shots and pictures. If you called 911, you are going to want to remember when. Sometimes calls go UN-answered so you will want to be able to show something.

8. Sheltering. They will not be checking immigration status at shelter but they may check for warrants, naturally. They will also want to know if your pets have been vaccinated.

9. Be creative. Does someone attached to machines need to be evacuated when the power goes out? Or could you just bring them a generator.

The Elderly could require a range of specialized equipment. Sometimes contacting the manufacturer helps to get equipment where it needs to go.

Baby formula, diapers, and dog food always run low in these events and as always – Fuel.

Also, listen to Frefal!

Would like to work for Trello someday.


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Loose loads may easily make a craft unrecoverable. Reference the Sewol

Ask a Korean has put together well telling of the sinking of the Sewol and alluded to the fact that the ship was unstable by nature and travelled with loose loads, most likely the main reason the ship sank.

We do know, however, that the Sewol turned sharply. The ship, modified to have a higher center of gravity and weight imbalance on each side, carrying more than three times the recommended weight in cargo which was not properly secured, with much of the stabilizing water drained out of its ballast tanks, started to list beyond the crew’s control.”



The contains simply rested on the deck, nominally held down by ropes that were tied to the hooks in the ship. Further, Cheonghaejin outsourced the harnessing of the cargo to a subcontractor. The subcontractor, afraid of losing Cheonghaejin’s account, never could ask the ferry company to invest money in proper harnessing mechanism.”

In a more graphic example of travelling with your shit not strapped down, may I suggest you watch this video of what happens to planes. (Graphic)

Crash investigators in Afghanistan said Monday that quickly shifting cargo of heavy military vehicles contributed to the crash of a civilian cargo plane on April 29 in which all seven people aboard were killed.”

Captains, Aviators, Engineers, Truckers, please be aware of the status of your cargo in pre checks.

Prayers for all lost.

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#FRAGO. Distribution: ALL, #Water is PRI-1 Do not let this get desperate.

There are people who could benifit greatly if they knew these things.
Water day –,7340,L-4247665,00.html   This is problem, NO?     Water everywhere    World over-using underground water reserves for agriculture     app to chart water quality


Also, do not feel bad if you feel like getting Danger Swag, it does not make you prepper”” which sounds ghey, just prudent to have assets if someone else fails you. It is an economy.


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Ok @Twitter – If you want to be my primary, you need to treat me serious @tweetdeck

API limits and junk, I get it. Security – I get it, and I know web platform is difficult.
But what I need is to be able to have many more coulmns than three on my screen. I like to filter columns. It is all about being able to track information and that means columns. It is all about the columns.

Your GUI web replacement is well done in many areas:

GUI replacement

GUI replacement

It gives me the columns but no filter and once the tweet is scrolled, it dissapears. No way to filter or mark tweets but love the drop down.

The Web version allows me to scroll down but again, not mark, highlight, or filter columns:

Web version

Web version

See what I had? I could mark as seen, Filter, highlight, almost 5 across – That kicked ass.

GUI Version

GUI Version

Again, Men – It is all about the columns. Need to be able to track here.

That aside, thanks for everything!

11/18/12 – The answer is Hootsuite. That’s some pro work there. I love it.

04/24/13 –  The answer: 10 Reasons I’m Switching from TweetDeck to HootSuite

Well Done!

Caveat – Would like a home feed slow streaming constant (Similar to original tweetdeck)  and/or Keyboard shortcut to manually refresh home feed.

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#BlackSwan – Things you may want to learn prior to the #Collapse (And life improvement too!)

This took some time to compile. There are definitely decent, hardworking, and helpful people out there.

I was still working on it but you probably need it now.


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eBay – New & used electronics, cars, apparel, collectibles, sporting goods & more at low prices
eBay – New & used electronics, cars, apparel, collectibles, sporting goods & more at low prices
eBay – New & used electronics, cars, apparel, collectibles, sporting goods & more at low prices
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Thou Shalt not covet IS Capitalism.

What it is and what it’s not. A lesson on newspeak.

Gay marriage is not about marriage. It is about eroding lawful institutions – predominately the church.

Healthcare has nothing to do with healthcare. It is about governments total control of your physical being.

Anti-piracy has nothing to do with piracy, it has everything to do with using the government to censor and putting competition out of business.

CISPA is not about protection, it’s about government control of the internet.

contraception has nothing to do with saving $8 for condoms, is nothing but an attack on Religious institutions and their health care provisions.

VAWA has nothing to do with violence against women, it’s trojan horse legislation that again imparts special rights to a group for voting power

The LOST treaty is about eroding your soverignty as a citizen to some international something you have no idea of learning about, and the government with whom you have no trust. Suckers.
What people cannot seem to grasp is that it is not what they want that is wrong, neccesarily, it is how they want to go about obtaining it.

But what pisses me up to Heaven is those that are hell bent on their single issues and refuse to move beyond them that plunge everyone into a grueling hell without even knowing it.

People have personal proclivities that sometimes prevent them from seeing how much better it would be if government would just get the fuck out of their way. People are progressive”” in a sense that they are not often happy being told what to do. Well, it seems that some are willing more now than ever to have governments do that for them with no thought to the un-intended consequence of the same.

Point in case – “Affirmitive action”. It may have been needed at the time, but sociatial norms may have turned to the point where it is more neccessary to hire competent people for the job than a particular race or creed or whatever. And when people are denied oppertunity due to lousy policy, it makes a bitter resentment. And
that could also turn to disdain for the government or worse, the people the law was meant to respect.

If I’m Black and the factory does not like it, I may find another that does not care if they hire me if I am good at what I do. You beat feet to where you may be successful and suceede, where you are wanted. It is not only profitable but benificial for everyone.

You see folks, it is not about “human” “Civil” or “equal” rights. It is about government power. Thats the worst. It should be about your individual rights. Your property rights.

I have your self interest at heart just by respecting your conception. It’s your right to life. If you are all equal, the law should see you as such no matter what as do I. When you create special rights for everybody, well, nobody is special. The problem is – everyone is in their own way. Everyone has somewhere they fit and may become prosperous.

But if you are there for yourself and forced upon others, thats just not worth their or your time. Would you not rather work where you are appreciated and wanted?

Were our economy free of restrictions placed on it by government, (The worst civil rights leaders on the planet) it would be easier for all to find their place.

Maybe you feel left out by “the system” but thats not the intent of “the system”.
The intent is to make money and money is not bad, the want of it more than people is bad. It’s ability to pay for your broken leg is good, or your salary, or your living standard. Government never has the cash to do such things. Your utopia is a suckfest and you still end up on the bottom unless you are latching on in a corrupt attempt to enrich yourself by government (See Joe Kennedy) Scumbag.

Thou Shalt not covet IS Capitalism.

You do not focus on Cesar, the “system” or other people. You focus on yourself. Government is always a distraction from this. It is a detractor of your being. It is always a userper of your being, and a robber of your Liberty and rights that are not theirs to bestow in the first place. You focus on your Family, Friends, Clan, Tribe, and defense. Government will erode all of these things.
Since when is your percieved grievance a business of the government unless it was created or propigated by it. I have news for you. The Government never is “of the people”.

If You are too lazy to make it do it’s simple role of protecting your property, And if you believe it is moral to take others property from them to suit your needs, you are a locust. A Pariah. A leach. Someone that has no respect for life in the first place. YOU ARE EVIL.

Just when I think about writing a post about why I think all of the ideas sponsored by the “left” are archaiac, someone comes up with a better way of putting it. Far be it from me to stand in that way. It is difficult to explain things to passionate people when you are passionate and partasian as am I.

Munson popped up and I must include his exacting comments:

“The belief in and insistence upon following a single path of progress underpinned by undeniable “universal truths” makes dialogue and compromise challenging at best.
At worst, secular ideology becomes as inflexible and righteous as religious doctrine and sets states on a collision course.”


“Critically, its adherents believe that for the hypothesis to succeed it must be universally adopted by all states and societies. Any that resist are seen as blocking the march of human progress and impairing the world system. ” 

There are many ways to fix problems and your lack of imagination is making it all that more difficult to pursue. When presented solutions, you discard them.

So as long as your asshole is in charge, no solutions shall be presented. Re-elect that asshole and I shall bring them elsewhere. That asshole – sort of a god to you, is not worth any of my time and shall not be granted any. He lies to you and you believe him because you just do not really care. It is all about narrative and politics to you. He is not worth the sweat off of my balls. I have vastly more experience in watching countries implode.

So, if Ten Commandments are not enough for you, good luck in a GULAG assholes.

And lastly – Do as you shall, but you shall find consequence in the weeds you are planting. My part will continue to be voluntarily non-committal to your childish and arrogant cause. 

I prefer temples of Cedar, not wormwood. Houses on ROCK, not sand.

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There is alot of chatter about the U.S. Army’s FM 3-39.40. There is speculation that this is something new and I thought I would do some research into it as I myself have been part of such operations.

In the past, back when GTMO was just a Naval station in the early nineties; Fidel Crusto decided to turn lose prisoners, mental wards, and some of the population en-masse, to the United States via raft.

Needless to say, Miami could not handle the 30,000 plus people that wanted Librita. Ergo, we had to buldoze part of the Island to accomidate them until their identities could be verified and Immigration could also run it’s course.

Back in that day, it was called an EPW operation FM 3-19.40 (Previously POW FM 19-40) And now aptly called INTERNMENT AND RESETTLEMENT OPERATIONS FM 3-39.40 in new-speak. It is a legitimate Field Manual issued for legitimate purpose of generic mass personnel internment. I do not know why it is not listed in the Library of Congress yet but I assume they are backed up a little. Heh!

These regulations are often updated because of New-Speak, lessons learned, additional information, and capabilities and I will say it’s quite encompassing.

Just because they are released does not mean it’s a current policy, plan, or operation.

I have reservations about the current Administrations use of power but I find the release of this manual in no way related.

What is funny is there are many more manuals more cringeworthy but I would be loathe to bring those up seeing as there is plenty of conspiricy writ out there already.

One note, the new manual is impressive and covers many of the things we learned the hard way in the GTMO operation and many operations not found in the older manuals but the language is quite similar.

05/09/12 – U.S Army Official Responds to Re-Education Camp Manual.

“It is clear from Wood’s response that she has either not read the documents properly or has been directed to downplay their significance by asserting they do not apply within the United States, a claim clearly disproved by the numerous references within the manual to how its instructions can be applied as part of “domestic civil support operations.””

It is proper to point out that this is not meant to be a public document and to even post it on the internet is probably against the law. Be that as it may, tightening screws on it is not going to help matters much at this point. It will be very difficult in this time to keep such things under lock and key. The administration itself leaks like a siiv.

I just wanted to point out that the meaning of contingency applies and if something like this is to actually come to fruition, the fact that this document was leaked alone tells you that you shall know if the balloon actually goes up.

There is no way vendors will not alert US that purchasing is happening of certain goods, and Soldiers will also be waving red flags as well.

I disappoint in the fact that an official response was made without pointing out the generic purpose of the need for contingency documents. Bringing up the need for a FIOA request will not alleviate the public’s need for full disclosure and probably makes it look even more devious. Defusing a “bomb” after it has gone off is not the way to deal with the public.

I am happy that the public is concerned with such things. I wish the media would also do their damn job on the issue.

By the way, if it is an official response, where is it on the internet on an official site?

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And to add to pinnacle of good articles – There is Eric Garland! #STRATIN

And as brilliant followup to many meaningful talk this week, this guy bashes STRATIN with due measure and discretion that is so worth again bringing up front. New Media is going to be just that:

“Most of these firms are considered Too Big to Fail by their respective nation-states, as evidenced by General Motors and Chrysler in 2009, and the markets are thus convoluted by subsidies, special regulations, and protectionism. One cannot predict the future of a marketplace by trend analysis alone, because oligopolies do not compete the same way as do firms in free markets. “

“The study of the future used to be easier to sell, maybe because the analysis usually predicted the growth of the consumer economy or the next great gadget. But the future is no longer nearly as palatable, and the customers are less interested. “

Sold? I Am.

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It is going to be as easy as a light switch to lock the country down. #natsec

Friday afternoon is the news cycle that the media misses.
This Friday, the President signed another defence signing statement – National Defense Resources Preparedness.

This comes right after signing the NDAA.

Also – I don’t know if you saw what the NSA was building –

“When Barack Obama took office, Binney hoped the new administration might be open to reforming the program to address his constitutional concerns. He and another former senior NSA analyst, J. Kirk Wiebe, tried to bring the idea of an automated warrant-approval system to the attention of the Department of Justice’s inspector general. They were given the brush-off. “They said, oh, OK, we can’t comment,” Binney says.”

Why does DHS need 180,000 people to operate, and LARGE ammunition too? That’s a small army right there and for what? I guess there is no need for Posse Comitatus if it is not the Military acting on our soil.

Does any of this bother you?

Why would you constantly work on being able to lock down the country unless you intended to do so?

Do you plan to become a dictator, POTUS?

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Where is the line.

I believe when the ballot box no longer works, the line has been crossed. But know this, the line was long ago crossed:

“Though the central force toward an Omnipotent State has historically been the Democratic Party (including the special-interest groups allied with it), the Republican Party cannot be held blameless. Its power-brokers have often behaved as if an unbounded federal government is perfectly all right with them, so long as Republicans hold the levers of power. Thus it will be insufficient to elevate Republicans over Democrats at the next election (and subsequent ones). A statist can wear garb of any colors. He can spout rhetoric as stirring as any other man. It’s not how he looks or sounds that matters, but what he does.”

I got it from Remus but since he has a screwed up way not not being able to separate posts, I give you Porretto’s post straight up. It’s a must read.

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As if spreading miseryism in America was not enough…. Ohhh Canada.

Efficient use of labor unions and government funded fake activist organizations (ACORN’S – or Horse apples) has turned many countries to un-imaginable debt and weakened currency. How this little man can take his billions he got by bankrupting countries; can meddle in the affairs of our lives is beyond me.  See, it’s even being spread to Canada.  I will never understand mans’ insatiable appetite for more government control.

I wonder what they think of that, Ehh?

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I usually already know what you are going to say before you say it. (or, your brand is generic)

You see, with such good writers, I need not say more. But read the comments – all of them.

It looks like that sorry assed democrat underground website where the dung assed creatures procreate within their own filth. You see, I know George Soros is an evil Nazi scumbag and has done considerable damage to the world as a whole. Why you let psychopaths like that roam free on the planet? Well, some animals are more equal than others.


INTERPOL, you best execute that warrant on behalf of France before they elect another socialist scumbag to bankrupt them like Greece. LORD knows you need more socialist in Europe.

Idiots. I fart in your general direction (Throw down the cows).

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To what ends?

There is a of lack of planning in all the lawfare being forced out of the executive branch. The President should not stand his position, authority, and rights in how he chooses to Govern. There is a specific job he is supposed to do, and has tended poorly to the true responsibilities and priorities of that office.

There is no presedent of neccessity for any of it and it is un-invited.

The methods of oversight must be confused because I still do not see where you are taking US with all of this. Every environment is turmultious. There is no use of planning…. anything.
No one is going to want to invest crap here. The political dynamic surrounding this “Central Planning” has Incompatible interests with what they are supposed to be providing.

When the bureaucracy out numbers the elect, there is no incintive to change.
May as well just get rid of the states entirely if every state issue is now a Federal one.
May as well directly elect the dip-shit dictator like every other banana republic or 3rd rate state of degeneracy .

Do people want to live in a state of constant lawfare and regulation? Would you like this government make you un-educated robots?
The dissipating sanity of the electorate has already elected us Inflexable Bureaucracy and to check this power is paramount to not turning this country into hell on earth.

No progress will be made until the destruction of these American institutions cease.

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Crooked accounting and the government employment numbers #BLS

All from yesterday:

Record 1.2 Million People Fall Out Of Labor Force In One Month, Labor Force Participation Rate Tumbles To 30 YR Low –

TrimTabs Explains Why Today’s “Very, Very Suspicious” NFP Number Is Really Down 2.9 Million In Past 2 Months 

Why the official 8.3 percent unemployment rate is a phony number —and what it means for Obama’s reelection.

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What I want to see the next US President accomplish. A Chit List. #potus #tcot #gop What we have now is UN-ACCEPTABLE

I would like the Ryan plan approved
Sarbanes Oxley repealed
Obamacare repealed
Dodd Frank repealed
Food Safety Modernization Act repealed
Spending freeze on all levels and take all federal public service pay levels for new hires down to the Military pay scale
Appointment of originalist Justices and a purge of activist Judges
Hold a tight grip on containment of Iran and keep a stiff check on Russian influence
Mending of ties with Allies we have lost during the past three years.
A cap of 17% debt to GDP ratio for all of Federal Government spending. I would like inflation removed from our GDP accounting to reflect currency loss.
I want all government agencies to be re-looked and some elimated outright.
I want you to have a plan to seriously curb the fourth branch of government – non-elected officials including the EPA
Put a check on the regulatory overburdon that is suffocating our business and industry
We need major tax reform (Fair Tax PR-25)
Secure the border – then decide what to do with current Illegal occupants.
Focus on Latin America and it’s increasing Islamic activity as it will become the premier threat facing America in the near future.
Something must be done about the Diebold voting machine mess – paper ballots
We need charter schools
purge the Justice Department
Cafe standards removed or rolled back.

01/01/12 – Repeal the NDAA.

The way un-employment rate is set is a dastardly way of accounting. Un-employment is not going down, those people are just dropping off the rolls. This measurement is useless and must also subtract dropped from the rolls against the current rate.

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If you do not know how to cut the US Government #budget, give US a red pen #economy

Department shuffle

The Federal leviathan octopi.

shut down Department of Agriculture (USDA)
shut down Department of Commerce (DOC)
keep Department of Defense (DOD)
shut down Department of Education (ED)
shut down Department of Energy (DOE)
keep CDC only Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)
shut down Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
shut down Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
keep Department of Justice (DOJ)
shut down Department of Labor (DOL)
keep Department of State (DOS)
dunno Department of the Interior (DOI)
keep Department of the Treasury
keep Department of Transportation (DOT)
back to dod Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)
Shut all these down with a few exceptions
Independent Agencies and Government Corporations
drop Administrative Conference of the United States
drop Advisory Council on Historic Preservation
drop African Development Foundation
sell AMTRAK (National Railroad Passenger Corporation)
KEEP Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
drop Commission on Civil Rights
keep Commodity Futures Trading Commission
drop Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)
drop Corporation for National and Community Service
keep Court Services and Offender Supervision drop Agency for the District of Columbia
keep Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board
drop Director of National Intelligence
drop Election Assistance Commission
States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
drop Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)
sell Export-Import Bank of the United States
drop Farm Credit Administration
sell Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
keep Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)
drop Federal Election Commission (FEC)
drop Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
drop Federal Housing Finance Board
drop Federal Labor Relations Authority
keep Federal Maritime Commission
drop Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service
States Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission
keep Federal Reserve System
drop Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board
keep Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
keep General Services Administration (GSA)
drop Institute of Museum and Library Services
drop Inter-American Foundation
drop International Broadcasting Bureau (IBB)
drop Merit Systems Protection Board
drop Millennium Challenge Corporation
sell National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
keep National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)
drop National Capital Planning Commission
drop National Council on Disability
drop National Credit Union Administration (NCUA)
drop National Endowment for the Arts
drop National Endowment for the Humanities
drop National Labor Relations Board (NLRB)
drop National Mediation Board
drop National Railroad Passenger Corporation (AMTRAK)
keep National Science Foundation (NSF)
drop National Transportation Safety Board
keep Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)
drop Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission
drop Office of Compliance
drop Office of Government Ethics
drop Office of Personnel Management
drop Office of Special Counsel
drop Office of the Director of National Intelligence
drop Office of the National Counterintelligence Executive
drop Overseas Private Investment Corporation
drop Panama Canal Commission
drop Peace Corps
drop Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation
drop Postal Regulatory Commission
drop Railroad Retirement Board
keep Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
drop Selective Service System
drop Small Business Administration (SBA)
keep Social Security Administration (SSA)
sell Tennessee Valley Authority
drop U.S. Trade and Development Agency
drop United States Agency for International Development
drop United States International Trade Commission
sell United States Postal Service (USPS)

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Understanding the difference between a Democracy and a Republic

Denninger posted a video that is well worth a watch. As you do so, I would like you to think about the Democratic party, the Unions, the Federal Workforce, the ever expanding reach of our nanny/welfare state and think seriously about where we are now. Think about how far entrenched this government has become in all of our lives, so much so that everything is political anymore.

It’s corrupt as hell, people, and you need to purge this leviathan from your lives.

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The public needs to know about ISP Manipulation #internet #infosec

Does the internet seem slow? You need to watch these people like a hawk.

Whats goin on? .... DOH!

The Five Levels of ISP Evil

Also, “protectIP” is just evil.

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When the only answer is to tax, no problems are being resolved #economy #tcot

The President must be held to account for his own policies. Destruction of economies should never be on any Executives “list of things to do”. The American Government and the American Economy are not toys to play with. They are systems that must be protected. A failure to do so will reduce the “revenues” the government may extract from the private sector ergo creating more debt through interest. The economy is upside down with the federal government riding US the people so hard with regulatory overburden and tax.

You may wonder why the market sucks right now, look at the dollar. And these fools are talking about a QE3. There will be no where to put money in. I hope you are prepared.

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Lack of separations of powers, the edge of #dictatorship in the #USA Thomas Jefferson #tcot #bigbigtrouble

“I do verily believe that if the principle were to prevail of a common law being in force in the United States (which principle possesses the general government at once of all the powers of the state governments, and reduces us to a single consolidated government), it would become the most corrupt government on the earth.” –Thomas Jefferson to Gideon Granger, 1800. 10:168

“An elective despotism was not the government we fought for, but one which should not only be founded on true free principles, but in which the powers of government should be so divided and balanced among general bodies of magistracy, as that no one could transcend their legal limits without being effectually checked and restrained by the others.” –Thomas Jefferson: Notes on Virginia Q.XIII, 1782. ME 2:163

“What has destroyed liberty and the rights of man in every government which has ever existed under the sun? The generalizing and concentrating all cares and powers into one body, no matter whether of the autocrats of Russia or France, or of the aristocrats of a Venetian Senate. And I do believe that if the Almighty has not decreed that man shall never be free (and it is blasphemy to believe it), that the secret will be found to be in the making himself the depository of the powers respecting himself, so far as he is competent to them, and delegating only what is beyond his competence by a synthetical process, to higher and higher orders of functionaries, so as to trust fewer and fewer powers in proportion as the trustees become more and more oligarchical.” –Thomas Jefferson to Joseph C. Cabell, 1816. ME 14:421

Read more, please….


09/15/11 – The President would like to circumvent the other branches of government.

10/31/11 – And so he is. I do not care what reason this President is doing this. He is circumventing the law. He is the lawless one and he flaunts it. The US cannot have an executive power that acts like this.

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The people do not trust the US government. Why reward it more money for more piss poor performance? #budget #tcot

The intent of this exercise is to change the behavior of this government. We have lost the control of our federal government on almost every level as they are increasingly trying to get full control of US.

It’s not worth it.

We need to get this government operating on a cash balance sheet instead of this accrual creative reporting system as of current.

It must start somewhere and it needs to start now. Thwarting fiduciary responsibility is reckless and should not be tolerated.

It would be nice if some people in the Senate would show some intestinal fortitude and pass the current house passed legislation no matter how flawed it seems to be. It would also be nice to make the general fund illegal and appropriate funds into the accounts directly. But I may only dream so much….

Then some of you say that the Government knows how to better manage your money than you do.

07/23/11 – Bob Krumm provides a teaching point.

07/24/11 – When money dies (.PDF)

08/30/11 – Meade provides US with an option.

10/14/11 – You know your city is a hell hole when….

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Micro level experience in #Logistics

I must give accolades to a very good Commander I had in the army. We both were very hard pressed to ensure property accounting. She correctly demanded all of the paperwork laid out and all property missing on record to not reflect against her taking of Command. She is one of better and hardcore Commanders I have had. And I have had many.

Prior to her arrival, I was charged with unit supply. I was just learning, and trying to learn the Unit’s tactical needs at the time. They were great and there was specialized equipment. Expensive equipment. We were always under stocked. I was also trying to figure out (all) the Platoons strengths and weaknesses in property management (for appropriation of material).

Her first impression of me was in the basement of the Company barracks where my office was (supplies as well) and the light socket for the overhead florescent lights had been broken due to equipment moving into that office. So, all I had to meet her with was an old barracks light, 40 WATTS. It was a dark first meeting.

I had my Property Book posted on the wall and was tracking what I thought was happening to equipment. She was pissed (rightly so) I had not introduced myself and gave her a copy of the property books.

I should have had all books open then, yet I was still waiting and it was too long for her.  She wanted me out immediately and I do not blame her. Every Commander has a problem with whom is conducting change of command. Loyalties are always to be questioned and rightly so. Maybe she was unsure of me (doh). My little secret was that I knew that the more paperwork this mess made would trouble both commanders. The one leaving pays, the one coming in pays in two ways. They pay for what is missing because they have to wait on it and ensure it arrives, and they pay when they do not have it. Mine impression as so much equipment moved without chain of custody was that it was buried somewhere where it was last lent.

Drink a few beers with the guys and the ones with special requests is not corrupt. Learning the Unit is imperative to cohesion, and that leads to honesty.

I bought the biggest and baddest assed sets of bolt cutters I could find and had my most awesomest Mexican Mechanic on stand by with a blow torch and  pulled crap out of storage sheds that nobody even knew was ours. Turned out, we had everything after protest of “why can’t we have over our quantity, we need it”? I retort, “Because it belongs to that Platoon Sergeant and maybe he needs it more as he is missing one.”

Ergo, I failed to do my job to my boss by provision of all accountability – albeit assigned. Yet I did a great job of making sure my Commander had the equipment that was not lost were she to have to deploy according to our MTOE. It probably saved all of the 1LT’s in the Battalion from doing investigations (Which cost probably $2,900.00 each to conduct) or charging Soldiers for equipment they may not have been reckless with losing in the first place.

She was awesome. She wanted a Chit or a physical property she was signing for. She told me she had lost patience but still sat with us until midnight verifying the equipment there. She was right but the unit was busy and maybe a little too reckless. She really cut me a good break. Every time I told her it was there, the Platoon Sergeants brought it forward for me. It was awesome, she inspired them to provide what they were accountable for.

I was in a Line Unit that traded equipment as fast as they could get it. On the ground ops required equipment fast, but a paper trail would make it harder to find and Platoon Leaders may not have the time to function in their duties with a report of survey especially if they are JR LT’s. Nor does Battalion, Brigade, G-4, J-4 want to mess with it so  I found what was missing.

That joint operations thing can be somewhat had when you are going back and forth with military hardware.

Back to subject:

I was still relatively new to the unit but had been assigned position after a lackluster attitude on true accountability. I was torn between tactical needs and the accountability of the equipment that had to move quickly for mission purpose. And that was the best lesson of all. At some levels you write the expensive stuff off, and some levels you must count paper clips.

Screw paperclips. “Who had that Dewalt last? Why did you switch weapons with “########” ? Does this truck belong to you now? Where is the Basic Issue Items?

I left a Field Artillery unit where I physically accounted for $30 Million dollars worth of equipment and an arms room with quickly changing MTOE (Equipment Requirements). I went to war with that unit and then went to OSJA (JAG) in Carson. Really neat. Re-upped Airborne to go to Bragg and see how much awesomeness they could show me, and they did.

So here I sit in a dimly lit room with no property book  or shortage annex or change of command inventory to give this commander. And I felt like a worm. I really did.

Yet I worked with this unit for a while and was comparing our 1 hour roll out heavy arty Fulda Gap convoy experience with an 18 hour or less Airborne Unit. I found “missing” equipment there too.

We all learned for the sake of that is expected by the DOD. Sensitive items are eggs you carry. Do not drop them. And the rest you could pay for as well. Yet, making sure it is there is more important than pushing papers.

One thing should be made sure; Simple accountability does not require signature and it also does not mean you may pin it on your younger leaders when your element loses accountability. You need that equipment and you should make sure you have it.

What This Commander did to help me in this Unit was to make all of the Platoon Leaders and Platoon Sergeants very, VERY aware of accountability of equipment.

She elevated the position of Logistics higher than Brigade level, and took our entire Battalion into a logistics aware environment like never before.  This Commander wanted to work with another very educated and awesome Leader that she knew as an LT. And I do not blame her. But she got stuck with me.

I got her out of there without missing anything. And the Commander after that. And the Commander before her. But she was the only one that forced the issue. She showed me accountability in the means of ensuring command power through accountability. Once the Unit learned of this new practice, it became part of their SOP – their daily work.

What I ended up with was a Unit that would turn in excess equipment and I rarely had to charge anyone for it. That just awesome men. Soldiers were turning in what they found and they were getting it back. “After your patol last weekend you left….. and PFC …. turned in…..”.

Kids had families and little pay back then – ohhh so long ago.

She gave me a pass and I appreciate that. Thank you Maam

Col, I always thought you the top tiers of Commanders. Top level material. A pro. Would war with you anytime.

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We must get serious about #prisons now #usa

Probation Officers and messier communities… maybe. The idea during any downturn in economies is to thin the prison population in anticipation of more violent offenders asserting their influence over communities. This is something that happens when economics and education are both lacking at the bottoms of a society, and when the government has over-regulated the business sector making it too expensive to hire another human to do a job. There is nothing left to do but become king of your block. If it is hard to eat, you get hard.

This is not that conversation, we shall revisit that. This is predominately about non violent offenders and how they may influence us in the future as the economy worsens. We need to lessen the op-tempo for our police and Justice system, not increase it.

The preposterous war on drugs generates a staggering amount of prison population. Mandatory sentences are not conductive to Justice. Nor do they allow a Justice system to work properly – what is the use of having a Judge? Non-violent offenders get their sentences and sometimes an education you rather not have them emulating.

This all ultimately effects National Security.

Also remember that you need room in jails for rioters. Stupid rioters.

Since we are going down the path of unmentionables, reintroducing The lash heh.

07/11/11 – I have always enjoyed Walter Russell Mead’s writings. There are few whom I think can say more for me than myself. He presents very succinct and concise advise. I would swear that he swims in my head. Yet, He is an Elder and his advice is always something I tend to seek for my recent short time on this earth. I Love him.

09/20/11 – US States are seeking to privatize prisons. If you are going to do that, we do not ever want to hear about some judge getting kickbacks for convictions again.

01/27/12 – Geriatric Prison Nation.

““Prisons are facing a silver tsunami,” according to Jamie Fellner, the author of the Human Rights Watch study that identifies the new problem for states. “Walk through any prison and you’ll see a surprising number of wheelchairs and walkers and portable-oxygen tanks.””

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So right “Humans were not made for utopia. “

From Al Fin. Just a quick reminder Here…  And a retort from AT 

07/19/11 – Related – God complex


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#Egypt may decide the future of the entire middle east

The world is waiting on a decision from both Egypt and Tunisia. We have doubts that things will be better for you after the overthrow. As most know the Moslem world tends to follow the strong horse in every case. It seems as in your case, Egypt, you will have a member of the old guard in your leadership.

Amr Moussa may be the new President in Egypt. I cannot say if that is good or bad but remember, Israel is a partner to GOD. So, you decide. Things could go very good, or very bad. In any case, you will be the leader of the Arab world.

Tunisia also must quickly form a system that is amiable to most of it’s citizens. Unlike Egypt, you have more European roots, and may take kinder view of the minorities in your state (Say Christian and Jew). Yet this also could be threatened if you do not choose the correct style of leadership.

In any case, we are waiting and quality beats time in tour choice.

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Mankind is taking on GOD with BULL, and is about to get HORNS.

The Law of Man has no honesty, clarity, and serves no purpose for Life. Straighten the path, and walk true because as a wise Prophet has said “You ain’t seen nothing yet”.

This past year has been a cakewalk compared to what may come.

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Lack of funding is never, ever a reason to not educate your Children

Lack of #Education is the reason the world is in such a sorry state in these days. It is a crime to keep your people un-educated. Since the Department of Education was founded, test scores of the students and the value of proficiency has dropped precipitously. The kids are often more stupid having finished a four year degree than if they had not gone in the first place.

The K-12 is the most important part of our educational system and it has failed miserably. Why do we filter tax money to the federal government only to have it stolen by paper pushers, and then sent back to the states? That the biggest problem with the “Government”. It’s an extortion racket. I can think of many departments that need to DIE but I digress. I will list that simple exercise on a later date.

The “Higher” education default rate is nearing record. The K-12 is very expensive and delivers less than mediocre results. If there is ever a budget shortfall, the answer for the colleges are to raise tuition.

Government schools suck – plain and simple. It’s all about the unions, the asses that work for the unions, and the tenure. And if you need proof that the schools suck, just look at our elected representatives.

They abuse their power, and it shows. Give all the kids vouchers and let the parents choose the schools. Enough of this forced dumb-factory already.

Read more on Education:

5/10 – The failure of American Schools – The Atlantic.

05/27 – an investigation of the DOE. That “organization” had one mission, to make public education better. It has failed every year since it was founded. We do not need that department at all at this point. Abolish it.

06/21/11 – Dumbing down America – lack of history education.

06/23/11 – Where the good schools are not.

07/03/11 – NEA cares more about the Unions than the kids. Makes it clear.

07/03/11  ^ NEA decided that Obama is the man for them. How fitting.

08/15/11 – Rodney asks what gives?

08/22/11 – Idiots in South Dakota save money by cutting a day from school. Lazy incompetence.

Holding teachers accountable.

08/29/11 – Where are the cuts?

Gapology – John Derbyshire – The Corner on National Review Online

same education twice

09/18/11 – Lack of Education creates a leadership crises.

09/27/11 – California has the best education scam going.

09/29/11 – Can the Best Part of Higher Education in the US Be Salvaged?

09/30/11 – What are these numskull teachers teaching these kids? Whats the use of preserving this Republic when the idiot teachers are training the next generation to lose it?

10/02/1 – Look at this pathetic corruption ensuing under this succubus government of hell “educational system” Give all children vouchers. That is an order, not a request.

10/17/11 – The “higher” education dilemma.

12/30/11 – These are nothing but government indoctrination systems.

02/29/12 – 11 Reasons To Get Your Kids Out Of The Government Schools 

It’s so corrupt.

Attorney General Eric Holder Tries to Kill a TV ad for School Vouchers. | Chicago Daily Observer

“New” Online SOF Bachelor Degree Program – Norwich University – Professional Soldiers ®

Althouse: Obama’s “Race to the Top” competition over money for schools hasn’t worked out so well.

If We Taught English the Way We Teach Mathematics… … Reference, Facts, News … Free and Family-friendly Resources


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JSTOR – The Scholarly Journal Archive

AGI GIS Dictionary – Free Edition

JSTOR Individual Participation

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The NEA Foundation

SAGE Journals Online — Business and Management Free Trial

News Inside Higher Ed Jobs, News and Views for All of Higher Education

FIRE – Foundation for Individual Rights in Education

OSU Library Catalog Home

Validation for :: Inside Higher Ed :: Higher Education’s Source for News, and Views and Jobs

A Shrewdness of Apes

Academic Earth – Video lectures from the world’s top scholars

Mike Rowe on Work, Plain and Simple – Professional Soldiers ®

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Education and Inequality – Stephen Spruiell – The Corner on National Review Online

no child left behind

theblogprof: Local MSM calls out higher ed to reduce budget by millions, ignores MEA pension obligations in the tens of Billions!

Online Training, Online Courses, Web-based Learning Management System – Learning Management Express(LMX) – Portico Learning Solutions

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Roger’s Rules » “In the final analysis, I believe that the university is lost.”

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The true cost of battle. #DOD, #ARMY, #deployed #SECDEF #POTUS #USASOC #TCOT #combat #Veterans #Marines #Congress #VA #veterans

The expense of taking care of these Soldiers once returned home is dearly worth it. Deployments take a massive toll on the body. It’s rough work. You are lucky to end your career with knees that will carry you. Most often you end up with a bad back, screwed up shoulders, broken ribs, head trauma, all kinds of ailments. Not to add being shot, burned up, or blown up – we hate that when that happens. When they return, it’s going to be painful, expensive, and heart-wrenching.

A Brave General stood up for something I used to mock myself. In times of war, PTSD was thought of as an excuse for not going back down range. Most were kids trying to get out of something. The guys who really have it, hide it well. It consumes a person wholly. Never reversible, but teachable of what is real and hat is not real at this moment. My take is all of life is very tough in most of the world and it is normal there. It’s just not as tough as seeing your friends be lost one by one and day after day and the guilt is piled so high you just want them to take you next.

It is not in battle where it hits you, you get angry and fight. It hits you later – and hard. Hell on earth is during the 21 gun Salute. If you have never seen a properly folded flag passed to a Widow while her kids wept, you do not know the anger and pain it causes. Moreover the helpless feeling and the recounting of events to try to make it not happen – yet it’s too late and you know it but you fixate on it every night when your eyes shut. Being strong with your men when a blood stained uniform is in your sea hut is very hard to do. It is not a matter to be dismissive about.

Some Soldiers would rather die than lose their Legs and/or balls.  Some may want the limbs they have that are not ever going to work again, and some rather amputate them. The lucky few get to make that determination. Some rather die if they are to be without. It is agonizing as you may imagine.

For I have been fortunate and blessed, these brave men have been giving themselves selflessly in defense for a Nation that may not even deserve it. For the Constitution is what we all have sworn Oath, and it is that which is desecrated in this “Nations” Capitol. This is a very serious matter to me, as it has become for these very true and fine warriors. They take it on the chin most the time as most fighters do, and for that I believe them in mettle on the ground. I also hold their missions dear. I wanted to open this with a personal note and move to operations.

My concern is as always:

 “Our God and Souldiers we alike adore,
Ev’n at the Brink of danger; not before:
After deliverance, both alike required;
Our God’s forgotten, and our Souldiers slighted.”

Needless to say, I have seen it before. During the 1990’s, I watched good men get chased out due to budget cuts. I saw our military equipment degrade due to lack of maintainence, and lack of training due to lack of funds. The Officer grade ranks were purged for more political purpose. It hollowed our force which is why the wars kicked off so difficult.

Of course, office upgrades went ahead and everyone had to get new desks. It was mis-appropriation of funds. Just because there is defense spending does not mean it is actually assisting us in our defense, though I agree it is rather steep.

Then there is the massive arm of the DOD bureaucracy with miles and miles of buildings full of Federal Employees pushing papers around. Thats an expensive part of our defense spending. Is all of that really necessary? I spent much time typing up and pushing papers to satisfy some arrogant and self important government goon that thought that since they had a little bit of power, they had to use it’s influence over my unit.

It hampered our deployments and I noticed bit by bit and year after year, they were passing their work down to the line units to do and thats unacceptable. What do I need that fat ass for if I have to do all of the paperwork myself? The idea was to remove pressure from the line units, not apply more pressure to them.

And finally, the mis-understood contractors without whom work would be far too hectic with the optempo during deployments. Without Halliburton, my life would have been a living hell. I would have had to spend more time on amenities and less of arming the gang with tactical gear, ammo, and equipment – and that is dangerous. People die if you make mistakes in this business.

It is no joke when the NVG has no batteries because you have no AMO qualified guys to palletize all of the “HAZMAT”. We never missed movement, but I will tell you, withought big phone calls from big people, the mission would have been disastrous. “Here, throw your BDU’s on the tarmac and carry this ammo and this SINCGARS because we lost our AMO flight lic” – yeah right. Again I was lucky to never hear that – yet, thats the only equipment you ever want if you want to stay alive. Battle rattle trumps comfort – always.

It happens a-lot. Soldiers slide down mountain sides in battle uniform and have their ass showing for weeks because there is not enough air power to load the requisitions onto the chopper that is there just to bring ammo and Mister-E’s. Without air logistics, its all lost. Without fuel , there is no air power. but I digress, this is a separate conversation.

I will say this, I rather have eye to eye conversations with people on the ground right now than sitting my ass in a box. There is no more and no less of a place than I want to be than on the ground in these wars. There is no substitute for fighting with the best Soldiers on the planet. And there is is no comfort at “home”, and there is no peace of mind in either. I have been gnashing teeth for quite some while and feel like a pogue. I wish I was there to defend some young kid whom may be ruined in these operations. My mortality means little to me in comparison to a 22 year old PFC with three children. There just is no solice.  No rest. Want to be there, want to be anywhere but there, Just want release.  Anyhoo…

Last week, the President called for a “discussion” of roles in the military. I agree with that yet every time we have this, we get more buildings full of bureaucrats, GSA purchases, Congressional payoffs for equipment we did not need, and of course more office furniture. I rather have a discussion on THEIR role in the Military.

The force was supposed to become a spear under rummy with joint capabilities and high mobility as we no longer have a need for the line armies of the past. Yet the wars somewhat interrupted the process.

What I want to impart to the dear reader is if we handle this properly, we could have our cake and eat it too. It was not difficult for me to take a red pen to a Battalion budget and get a Warrant or a CSM to back me and it should not be a be such a difficult task for the clown show in DC either. Just make sure the line units have priority – and do not forget those that gave so much to protect those clowns.

Also keep in mind that the priorities in DC have rarely aligned with the realities the ground pounders face when their boots are in some backward assed bananna republic. Of course, when our Soldiers return, they may find themselves in one again. It shall be good to have them home.

P.S. For any politician that used Soldiers as political play, if you see me coming, you had better run.

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They are so busy trying to give everybody everything that no one will get anything. #economy #collapse

Happy tax day. I wonder if you think about signing your name on the dotted line so you incriminate yourself if you forgot to disclose something. What is tax day anyways? A game of memory?

You know, one day soon, you will stick your little debit card in a machine and nothing will come out. Want to know why?

If you think the government is “taking care” of you, the poor, disabled, and elderly, you are sadly mistaken and I will tell you why.

America holds the worlds reserve currency and is de-valuing it on a daily basis. To the amount of $16 Billion a week. This is why fuel and food prices are rising world wide. Rising fuel prices also hits the economy creating unemployment. Much of the instability you see in the middle east is for this very reason, Food Prices up dramatically in the last year alone. They will continue to rise and there will be nothing anyone will be able to do about it – they are hurting the poor the most.

Monetizing currency creates inflation which causes fuel prices to rise which in turn adds more inflation. Seeing as how we refuse to drill for our own natural energy, they will increase even more. This situation alone is a spiraling, China will not be able to afford our debt, and the bond market will collapse as we are way past endgame now.  The shelves will be bare, fuel will be too expensive to drive to the store, and you will hold worthless currency. Right in time for a wheat shortage.

The fundamental problem at the forefront is you cannot monetize production, you cannot “control” it,  and you may not spend monitized currency to keep it. For with dropping revenue, you may not even support a months worth of work.

Government does no good at keeping your basic necessities available and affordable but they sure are good at making new complex programs and bankrupting them.

The US government now takes and wastes more money than Americans could ever produce. The federal government now must borrow money just to operate basic services. This will end one day very soon.  The narrative in the nations capitol is you belong to them. They regulate every aspect of your being and may take anything they want from you.

When government is more important than your Family, their property, their education, and Liberty, than America is no longer a free Republic. It is now indentured servitude. Government is so very hard to remove from your life – It will take everything from you.

Every federal government program is a draconian throwback to the past with no imagination or efficiency. The US federal government has become a parasite accountable only to hucksters, scammers, suckers, and baiters. It is pwned by the unions and government workers. Government takes care of government.

You have elected yourselves a very dense King that maintains foolish and childish notions of equality. He is unable to even do 8th grade math. This country could collapse under his term, as it should. After-all, 1+1= 13. Right?

All of your collegiate studies will mean nothing in a collapsed economy. What will be is very basic humanity in turmolt. I mean really? whats the use? As one economist put it during the $33 Billion spending cut fiasco “It’s like watching them squabble over who is going to pay for the drinks on the Titanic”

You have less than a year to correct course of this “unsinkable” ship or the USA will collapse, and is already taking the World with it.

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Dreary truths, thanks Federal Government.

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