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Lack of separations of powers, the edge of #dictatorship in the #USA Thomas Jefferson #tcot #bigbigtrouble

“I do verily believe that if the principle were to prevail of a common law being in force in the United States (which principle possesses the general government at once of all the powers of the state governments, and reduces us to a single consolidated government), it would become the most corrupt government on the earth.” –Thomas Jefferson to Gideon Granger, 1800. 10:168

“An elective despotism was not the government we fought for, but one which should not only be founded on true free principles, but in which the powers of government should be so divided and balanced among general bodies of magistracy, as that no one could transcend their legal limits without being effectually checked and restrained by the others.” –Thomas Jefferson: Notes on Virginia Q.XIII, 1782. ME 2:163

“What has destroyed liberty and the rights of man in every government which has ever existed under the sun? The generalizing and concentrating all cares and powers into one body, no matter whether of the autocrats of Russia or France, or of the aristocrats of a Venetian Senate. And I do believe that if the Almighty has not decreed that man shall never be free (and it is blasphemy to believe it), that the secret will be found to be in the making himself the depository of the powers respecting himself, so far as he is competent to them, and delegating only what is beyond his competence by a synthetical process, to higher and higher orders of functionaries, so as to trust fewer and fewer powers in proportion as the trustees become more and more oligarchical.” –Thomas Jefferson to Joseph C. Cabell, 1816. ME 14:421

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09/15/11 – The President would like to circumvent the other branches of government.

10/31/11 – And so he is. I do not care what reason this President is doing this. He is circumventing the law. He is the lawless one and he flaunts it. The US cannot have an executive power that acts like this.

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What #debt and all of this federally imposed spending means. Short view.

If you raise the debt ceiling, you lose your credit rating. If you do so and cut spending in a ten year time frame, you lose your credit rating. If you cut spending immediately and do not raise taxes short term, you keep your credit rating.

A default is not a collapse, but a large part of why not is status of being a reserve currency. That could change real quickly. Inflation could bank our currency out of existence.

Re-Live this fantastic existance that others have had when they did not have the reserve currency of the world in this .PDF document: When money dies.

The only reason the dollar is still holding is because every other currency in the world is in worse shape, but if they see no return on investment from the US, they move their trading power in other ways.

Do not say it can never happen here.

07/26/11 – Lack of Executive leadership is the author of this crises. He signed the checks for two years and only now wants to confront the 24% increase in our budget he made. He just had two years of an entrenched House and Senate to do so. Most people do not comprehend how this works, and why it is not supposed to happen.

May have to downgrade..

08/31/11 – And this crises caused by this graft.

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The people do not trust the US government. Why reward it more money for more piss poor performance? #budget #tcot

The intent of this exercise is to change the behavior of this government. We have lost the control of our federal government on almost every level as they are increasingly trying to get full control of US.

It’s not worth it.

We need to get this government operating on a cash balance sheet instead of this accrual creative reporting system as of current.

It must start somewhere and it needs to start now. Thwarting fiduciary responsibility is reckless and should not be tolerated.

It would be nice if some people in the Senate would show some intestinal fortitude and pass the current house passed legislation no matter how flawed it seems to be. It would also be nice to make the general fund illegal and appropriate funds into the accounts directly. But I may only dream so much….

Then some of you say that the Government knows how to better manage your money than you do.

07/23/11 – Bob Krumm provides a teaching point.

07/24/11 – When money dies (.PDF)

08/30/11 – Meade provides US with an option.

10/14/11 – You know your city is a hell hole when….

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Micro level experience in #Logistics

I must give accolades to a very good Commander I had in the army. We both were very hard pressed to ensure property accounting. She correctly demanded all of the paperwork laid out and all property missing on record to not reflect against her taking of Command. She is one of better and hardcore Commanders I have had. And I have had many.

Prior to her arrival, I was charged with unit supply. I was just learning, and trying to learn the Unit’s tactical needs at the time. They were great and there was specialized equipment. Expensive equipment. We were always under stocked. I was also trying to figure out (all) the Platoons strengths and weaknesses in property management (for appropriation of material).

Her first impression of me was in the basement of the Company barracks where my office was (supplies as well) and the light socket for the overhead florescent lights had been broken due to equipment moving into that office. So, all I had to meet her with was an old barracks light, 40 WATTS. It was a dark first meeting.

I had my Property Book posted on the wall and was tracking what I thought was happening to equipment. She was pissed (rightly so) I had not introduced myself and gave her a copy of the property books.

I should have had all books open then, yet I was still waiting and it was too long for her.  She wanted me out immediately and I do not blame her. Every Commander has a problem with whom is conducting change of command. Loyalties are always to be questioned and rightly so. Maybe she was unsure of me (doh). My little secret was that I knew that the more paperwork this mess made would trouble both commanders. The one leaving pays, the one coming in pays in two ways. They pay for what is missing because they have to wait on it and ensure it arrives, and they pay when they do not have it. Mine impression as so much equipment moved without chain of custody was that it was buried somewhere where it was last lent.

Drink a few beers with the guys and the ones with special requests is not corrupt. Learning the Unit is imperative to cohesion, and that leads to honesty.

I bought the biggest and baddest assed sets of bolt cutters I could find and had my most awesomest Mexican Mechanic on stand by with a blow torch and  pulled crap out of storage sheds that nobody even knew was ours. Turned out, we had everything after protest of “why can’t we have over our quantity, we need it”? I retort, “Because it belongs to that Platoon Sergeant and maybe he needs it more as he is missing one.”

Ergo, I failed to do my job to my boss by provision of all accountability – albeit assigned. Yet I did a great job of making sure my Commander had the equipment that was not lost were she to have to deploy according to our MTOE. It probably saved all of the 1LT’s in the Battalion from doing investigations (Which cost probably $2,900.00 each to conduct) or charging Soldiers for equipment they may not have been reckless with losing in the first place.

She was awesome. She wanted a Chit or a physical property she was signing for. She told me she had lost patience but still sat with us until midnight verifying the equipment there. She was right but the unit was busy and maybe a little too reckless. She really cut me a good break. Every time I told her it was there, the Platoon Sergeants brought it forward for me. It was awesome, she inspired them to provide what they were accountable for.

I was in a Line Unit that traded equipment as fast as they could get it. On the ground ops required equipment fast, but a paper trail would make it harder to find and Platoon Leaders may not have the time to function in their duties with a report of survey especially if they are JR LT’s. Nor does Battalion, Brigade, G-4, J-4 want to mess with it so  I found what was missing.

That joint operations thing can be somewhat had when you are going back and forth with military hardware.

Back to subject:

I was still relatively new to the unit but had been assigned position after a lackluster attitude on true accountability. I was torn between tactical needs and the accountability of the equipment that had to move quickly for mission purpose. And that was the best lesson of all. At some levels you write the expensive stuff off, and some levels you must count paper clips.

Screw paperclips. “Who had that Dewalt last? Why did you switch weapons with “########” ? Does this truck belong to you now? Where is the Basic Issue Items?

I left a Field Artillery unit where I physically accounted for $30 Million dollars worth of equipment and an arms room with quickly changing MTOE (Equipment Requirements). I went to war with that unit and then went to OSJA (JAG) in Carson. Really neat. Re-upped Airborne to go to Bragg and see how much awesomeness they could show me, and they did.

So here I sit in a dimly lit room with no property book  or shortage annex or change of command inventory to give this commander. And I felt like a worm. I really did.

Yet I worked with this unit for a while and was comparing our 1 hour roll out heavy arty Fulda Gap convoy experience with an 18 hour or less Airborne Unit. I found “missing” equipment there too.

We all learned for the sake of that is expected by the DOD. Sensitive items are eggs you carry. Do not drop them. And the rest you could pay for as well. Yet, making sure it is there is more important than pushing papers.

One thing should be made sure; Simple accountability does not require signature and it also does not mean you may pin it on your younger leaders when your element loses accountability. You need that equipment and you should make sure you have it.

What This Commander did to help me in this Unit was to make all of the Platoon Leaders and Platoon Sergeants very, VERY aware of accountability of equipment.

She elevated the position of Logistics higher than Brigade level, and took our entire Battalion into a logistics aware environment like never before.  This Commander wanted to work with another very educated and awesome Leader that she knew as an LT. And I do not blame her. But she got stuck with me.

I got her out of there without missing anything. And the Commander after that. And the Commander before her. But she was the only one that forced the issue. She showed me accountability in the means of ensuring command power through accountability. Once the Unit learned of this new practice, it became part of their SOP – their daily work.

What I ended up with was a Unit that would turn in excess equipment and I rarely had to charge anyone for it. That just awesome men. Soldiers were turning in what they found and they were getting it back. “After your patol last weekend you left….. and PFC …. turned in…..”.

Kids had families and little pay back then – ohhh so long ago.

She gave me a pass and I appreciate that. Thank you Maam

Col, I always thought you the top tiers of Commanders. Top level material. A pro. Would war with you anytime.

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Bad #military plans. I AM saying it. #military #dod #cinc #USA #tcot

All of the proven bad ideas resurrected to not only hollow the Armed Services of the US, but will effectively cripple it. A strong Military is imperative to this Republic.

As for pay, why should anyone in the executive earn more than a member of the military? Why should anyone in government earn more than someone willing to die for the institution (if so being said is a just “institution”)?

This is a waste of my time. The military is one of the few things that this government is supposed to do, and do damn well. And they have. Highly educated and loving Soldiers are fielding the horrors waged upon US by the barbarians from hell. Gentle Giants are doing Gods bidding on purely honest terms and saving lives. A Constitution of a Republic they have sworn Oath to protect.

It’s bad enough you do not count their votes in elections, but you want to give them a pay cut for waging 6 wars you directed them to? The Op-tempo is too high, they have too much at stake, and now you betray them by any means possible.

These are the most professional people on the planet. They are highly experienced as well as very highly educated. We, the Military were trained how to fight wars, set up cities, keep the peace, be carpet crawlers, and maintain very highly technical battle as well as LAW systems. That enough is skill sets you need to maintain a defense of the finest country ever in all of human history.

These skills apply in the worst places on earth where shrapnel and bullets fly. Your local accessibility of these fighters may help you in a hurry.

It does not matter the particular skills that are learned in the military. All are worthy in times of great need. You Mr President will always want them on your block. Think about that.

A draft? Do you like the unwilling to serve under you? Do you want to saddle the willing warriors of massive compassion and integrity with participants who have no feel for the game? Who have no courage or care? The guy behind you when he panics puts his rifle on auto but was shaking too much when SHTF….  Never mind.

No thanks. Thanks for your fake empathy but we are not victims, we are not stupid, and not going to puppet your cause. We want professional ranks that communicate life saving ideas with each other. We test each other for loyalty and ensure there is solid ground below us before we obligate people and their families in what may be turmoil already to an ever increasing op-tempo of “kinetic and non kinetic warfare”.

We got coins, and COIN and …   The damned paperwork and the troop that was doing drugs, and the girl that got pregnant to not go. Or the guy that’s the best Soldier you have ever seen but happens to be the Angel to arrive at every crime scene and save lives, but is the one that kept more than 42 people in your Battalion from getting killed or going to jail….  which is why he is in jail. That’s who I want with me.

COL Petraeus was accidentally shot at the range by a green Soldier, whom happened to be a Fine Soldier. The punishment was that this Soldier had to go to Ranger School and pass. That’s an awesome punishment if you really like to learn things and believe you can serve to your maximum ability.

A Commander picks his people if possible, if not, we have Non Commissioned Officers on site already (salty Soldiers – bent to hell and back and for some, 11 times). They know more about anything any lawyer will tell you.

If your are lucky, you get a good Warrant Officer too. They report to Congress.

Men and Women of the Military with a babysitting job? That’s a handicap to a professional force.

I do not know what happened to DC, but this cut defense during escalation is a No Go. These plans and the disdain for those whom serve and Die for this country do not count on that hill. More whom have been wounded in your collective protections face cuts as well? If one died for this world and country, That one did it for you.

I know there are problems with spending in the Military, but I also know there are more problems with spending on these cheesy bureocrazies that hamper all of our ways of Life.

Why cannot you learn why things were the way they were first before trying to ram-rod your ill conceived plans into the culture that provided your security? Are you planning to collapse this society altogether?

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There is no place I rather be, and no place I rather not be than there with you in the bloody desert. (NSFW)

I AM writing a scalding message to the assholes that were running the 82nd replacement detachment when I came to fight. I also am writing this because I see too much and love these Soldiers in Gods Army.

I came to fight. I AM very well trained. I ran my career to be gumby and to run many operations in the field and in combat. I trained damn well hard to learn all I could about this ARMY. I went to every school I could and though not what “They” were looking for, I could have been all that was needed to save many, many lives.

Your first excuse was I did not show up on time – well, you wanted to PCS me out of it to start with. Next was I did not do what that school wanted. I never do but I learned. Your third was fitness – for that I admit I AM broken but I passed my physical test and more. I know my body and it was Able for Combat. I used to max my scores, given time I will again. I damn well loaded enough ammunition, food, and equipment in my time. I assure you, I will be in the shape you need.

I should have gone 18 series right after Airborne school. It may have been better, but I loved taking care of 177 MTOE strength Soldiers. The more I have, the more I can help. Little teams were never my thing and being such a strange person, I know it would have been awkward.

You denied me when I needed to be there. The stupid fucking department of the army wanted me to sit in garrison in Korea after I spent my whole career trying to build special capability units and my proficiency in field range centered logistics operations. We essentially built the finest special operations unit outside of JSOC. And they proved it when I was there and when I left. For some reason, you know it alls’ would not let me deploy light with units to THIS war. All of the other wars were okay.

As for you Command Sergeant Major that decided to take me on, fuck you. I could have saved many lives. I know how to take a convoy haji, or post it in the field away from contact. I can call in a nine line. I am not a tactical idiot. I can fire any weapon you hand me. I know the bad feeling when you are about to get hit, I know what tires and curbs and big bags on the road and bridges and tall buildings mean. I may could have waved a magic wand. You have no idea what was waiting in my arsenal.

Did you not have faith that I would protect your men? Was I so much less appealing to you because I fucked everything that moved before I decided to go back in and join the war with you? You know me not.

I joined the military to tab out. I did not, but that knowledge never went to waste. You spent more than $4 million on me and husked it away. You wasted six months of my life screwing around in the 82nd replacement detachment. You stupid fucks.

As for you “”other Sergeant Major’s, you were a Second platoon Sergeants who had an issue with me when I was but a lowly buck Sergeant. I could have ended your careers in Bosnia, or Kosovo or Cuba for losing sensitive items or many other un-professional reasons. I know I was un-profesional too, but accountable I was. And I was loyal.

Whatever, I backed you and my Commander and when I came to you ten years later -both of you, you were still the same self serving assholes I saw in the squad rooms. You did not like me then but I still went to bat for you at my own expense. I turned the unit upside down to make sure you or your Soldiers and my Commander did not have to pay for it or even have it mentioned anywhere. And when I needed your help, you both were the same back stabbing assholes I knew when you sat in those squad rooms.

I pray your Soldiers did not have to spend too much time with you because you really see nothing but yourselves. I will not tell you what conversations I had with your Soldiers in the barracks. And it always boiled down to that. I knew my units no matter how much time it took because I learned the serious nature of a line unit.

I scraped enough guts up from people putting guns to their own heads to know the limits of a young Men with stress and lonesome feelings. I tuned them in and was not always successful but I did my damnedest to try to see them eye to eye.

I learned to listen and that may have been a threat to you. It sure made our units solid having some asshole like me poking my nose in their rooms every night. We had good times and sometimes, I learned more about your Platoons than you did. I also learned about these men which is more than I can say for the likes of you.

I talked to them as a “dis-interested” party and it worked. Moved them here or there and sometimes backed your fucked up decisions. And sometimes I explained your logic to them. They were and are awesome people. Sometimes even backed them and took it to a higher level. Sorry to be such a meddler, but again, I AM the one that is supposed to pack them up when they get perished.

To you Command Sergeant Major that was always in the thick of it, I wish I was there with you all the time. You were always the leader I wanted and always on the front lines and I wanted to be there with you.

I wish I could have handed you a cup of coffee that day you lost that finest Specialist. That horrible day when you came back after scraping his body off of the metal of what used to be his vehicle. After he was blown up by some pussy assed haji with a remote. I wish I was there to make sure their feet could stay attached to their bodies after you pulled them out of the chassis. You as I know there was no way as time was short and it was kind of sporty out there that hot afternoon. You got them out. There was no way to keep it all together and that’s just how it was. Out by dark was the order.

I wish I was there when you set up the most bad assed perimeter around the Pentagon after some haji flew a plane into it. I wish I was there when you got your marching orders to Iraq to help you move it along. I wish I was there when your fuel tanker was blown to hell and you lost a good kid that day and There was nothing left. You spent hours looking for enough of him to send back home. All that was in your hand was a trash bag and you could not find but a ziplocks worth of this fine man who was loyal and kind. This man with an unborn at home. This man with a wife in poverty. A Man that would follow you anywhere. A good Soldier you wished you knew more.

I saw you one night after you pulled a good man with four kids at home out of a ditch and his neck was still dripping blood and you cradled him until he was taken away and you had to wear his blood on your uniform for a week. There is no scrubbing it out but it just looked black for the whole week. Your right arm and collar just looked black for a week and no one asked you why. They kind of knew why and no one asked you about it. You were not sure if you wanted to change your uniform when the replacement came in. You felt it would remove him from you.

I wanted to be there when your best friends were screaming while they were burning to death and gasping for air. Knowing that sound is ever haunting. Sometimes looking around to make sure they are not there burning again even in a living room or a diner or when sleeping.

I just wish they had let me be there in the flesh. I do not give a damn about my mortality, I want to share it with you, the most faithful and finest of all men on this planet. I would die for you any day and twice on Sunday.

Somehow I can see but I cannot see you know?

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What #American Foreign Policy should be toward the Moslem world.



It goes without saying that the Moslem world is going through a new transformation. The outcome has yet to be determined.

Now that some of our enemies are falling and we prepare to draw down our forces, it may be time to re-examine our policy in that part of the world.

It would be very helpful to be able to pull our tentacles out of there but that’s easier said than done.





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