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Tips for the President on the #economy

So, the President is going to address Congress about jobs. I am near certain it will be nothing more than sanctimonious finger pointing and a proposal to waste yet more taxpayer money to pay off more unions. No matter what he says, he does not understand economics. Not in the least bit is he willing to learn either. This I know.
It is really a shame that the population believes the government creates jobs. That’s the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Government does not make jobs. It is a net loss no matter what it does. Government impedes jobs. Government works against the economy. It created the conditions that made the economy shed jobs. Even government jobs impede the economy. Aside from removing currency from the actual workforce, they are quite expensive. 
I shall say this again because I want it to be crystal clear: For every dollar tied up in the government, is a dollar removed from the economy.  
Government makes unfavorable condition for jobs, individuals, and societies as a whole. Government is a detractor from our focus. It has us at each-others throats. In the spirit of co-operation and “shared sacrifice”, I have spent my morning putting together a little reading material for the President before he goes out and makes an ass out of himself next week.  
                       Enjoy 🙂

P.S. Here is his plan, and it sucks.

09/01/11 – Ohh, it’s not Government, rather “Your Federal Family”. Well, they are abusive and expensive family members. Big Brother.

09/15/11 – ‘Private-sector job creators of all sizes have been pummeled by decisions made in Washington.’

09/19/11 – Our tax rate is almost already the highest in history.

And here is our “progressive” tax rate. Whats a fair share? When is enough enough?

And this is all you had to respond with? Another punt? You cant punt now Mr President, people are hurting. I went through hours of work to show you why the economy sucks, and you make a proposal that will make it suck worse. You suck Mr President.

09/22/11 – This governing style truly is fascist.

10/18/11 – It’s not that hard to get people working.

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