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Loose loads may easily make a craft unrecoverable. Reference the Sewol

Ask a Korean has put together well telling of the sinking of the Sewol and alluded to the fact that the ship was unstable by nature and travelled with loose loads, most likely the main reason the ship sank.

We do know, however, that the Sewol turned sharply. The ship, modified to have a higher center of gravity and weight imbalance on each side, carrying more than three times the recommended weight in cargo which was not properly secured, with much of the stabilizing water drained out of its ballast tanks, started to list beyond the crew’s control.”



The contains simply rested on the deck, nominally held down by ropes that were tied to the hooks in the ship. Further, Cheonghaejin outsourced the harnessing of the cargo to a subcontractor. The subcontractor, afraid of losing Cheonghaejin’s account, never could ask the ferry company to invest money in proper harnessing mechanism.”

In a more graphic example of travelling with your shit not strapped down, may I suggest you watch this video of what happens to planes. (Graphic)

Crash investigators in Afghanistan said Monday that quickly shifting cargo of heavy military vehicles contributed to the crash of a civilian cargo plane on April 29 in which all seven people aboard were killed.”

Captains, Aviators, Engineers, Truckers, please be aware of the status of your cargo in pre checks.

Prayers for all lost.

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