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A confluence of events in #Somalia means it’s on.

I caught a whole lot of information in the past three days about Somalia. The first of which I noted on the 26th of June. A blitzkrieg of activity in funding some of the most problematic areas in the war on terror. I have not studied how much involvement AFRICOM had to do with it but a major shore up for AU involved nations sure pushed the initiative.

Immediately afterwards, Somali lawmakers approved the appointment of a new, Harvard-educated prime minister.

And surprise, surprise – The RAIDS have begun. Thats sooo Russian-eqsue …er whatever. You just went all Ingushita on them.

However it was done and for whom set it up, kudos.

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We must get serious about #prisons now #usa

Probation Officers and messier communities… maybe. The idea during any downturn in economies is to thin the prison population in anticipation of more violent offenders asserting their influence over communities. This is something that happens when economics and education are both lacking at the bottoms of a society, and when the government has over-regulated the business sector making it too expensive to hire another human to do a job. There is nothing left to do but become king of your block. If it is hard to eat, you get hard.

This is not that conversation, we shall revisit that. This is predominately about non violent offenders and how they may influence us in the future as the economy worsens. We need to lessen the op-tempo for our police and Justice system, not increase it.

The preposterous war on drugs generates a staggering amount of prison population. Mandatory sentences are not conductive to Justice. Nor do they allow a Justice system to work properly – what is the use of having a Judge? Non-violent offenders get their sentences and sometimes an education you rather not have them emulating.

This all ultimately effects National Security.

Also remember that you need room in jails for rioters. Stupid rioters.

Since we are going down the path of unmentionables, reintroducing The lash heh.

07/11/11 – I have always enjoyed Walter Russell Mead’s writings. There are few whom I think can say more for me than myself. He presents very succinct and concise advise. I would swear that he swims in my head. Yet, He is an Elder and his advice is always something I tend to seek for my recent short time on this earth. I Love him.

09/20/11 – US States are seeking to privatize prisons. If you are going to do that, we do not ever want to hear about some judge getting kickbacks for convictions again.

01/27/12 – Geriatric Prison Nation.

““Prisons are facing a silver tsunami,” according to Jamie Fellner, the author of the Human Rights Watch study that identifies the new problem for states. “Walk through any prison and you’ll see a surprising number of wheelchairs and walkers and portable-oxygen tanks.””

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Now is time to pay attention to #yemen #wot #military

I keep getting hits that his (Saleah’s) medical condition was worse than was thought. Now I am told he will return (sic) in two weeks.

Last night, they said he was dead, yesterday, they said he was in a Saudi hospital and a military hospital in Sana. They also said he had burns and some other wreckage. Said they had camera and films. I was not paying much mind tho. I was taking wild eyed glances into Egypt, Greece, Tunisia, K-STAN, and most of all, Armenia and the Azeris. all sorts of stuff.

The man left in charge of the country, Abd Rabu is not known to be a strong player. Radicalized is the opposition. They have control of 3 cities.

Sure looks like the cat 3 rapids are about to start in that country. (Yemen)

Saleh was apparently wounded and is in Saudi Arabia.


)6/21/11 – Opinio Juris asks DOD or CIA?

09/27/11 – Troops are amassed in the Blue Nile region, this could be political leaders bid to break up the South.

My previous research on Yemen:

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05/31/12 – PBS did excellent in this special covering Al Qeada in Yemen. 

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Been there, done that. #Azeri #Armenia round two? very similar to #Kosovo

History repeats on the outskirts of what we tend to believe are the major issues. This spat between Azerbaijan and Armenia and it’s still over this stupid border spat.  Nagorny Karabakh has been a problem for quite a while.  (1991)

A note of interest, Armenia has until recently been selling arms to Col Qudaffi.

As usual, it is now down but to a tiny Christian sliver from Georgia to Armenia. Always getting pushed back more and more.

Tribes have many different reactions to aggression. It really does look similar. There is a traditional slow working overly aggressive force and one day, someone collects the data and decides to retaliate. Against hostile Islam, if you are not being aggressive with them, they will be aggressive with you.

Thats just the way it is.

See where this trajectory leads and why it is so important here…

No one wants to talk about a specific world religion unless it is Jewish. No whisper of Islam anywhere.

06/11 – Where is Turkey headed? Probably not the correct path.

06/12 – Peace – which is not Ennuah

06/17 – Iran and Armenia work on border agreement

06/20/11 – The EU takes up the case and a similar situation we saw in Bosnia.

06/26/11 – The Russian-Armenian-Azerbaijani summit fails.

06/29/11 –  More background from Global Voices.


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Some budget woes may be helped with the development of resources. And plenty of them we have.

Natural Gas alone could put a dent in our worries. I shall put it straight:

Promoting electrical cars with an outdated electrical grid while restricting electrical resources is just stupid. Starving the economy of it’s lifeblood during a down-turned economy during inflation is just stupid.  Preventing the permitting of nuclear fuel during this time is just stupid. Preventing permits to coal industries that have already been approved at this time is stupid.

It’s possible to turn this around, but someone needs to run a “truncate government” command.

06/07 – Fuel prices will directly effect the economy, definitely.

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Nice move #Portugal

Thats big for Portugal. Countries must influence their government with their voting proxy. Else, the lights will get turned off – all over the world.

Public programmes and employees are not above nor better nor smarter than those that support them and their own. La Familia does not include the government. The wages for government should always be below that in the private sector. Else, you end up with the inverted pyramid (Ponzi Scheme). And it crashes everybody.

Via Rantburg

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The #US #cia The Executive Office should clear these Men of their charges.

Yeah. I am kind of concerned about this. The Executive Office should clear these Men of their charges. Also a primer on what the Thomas Drake case may mean – “We’re in a scary space in this country.” 

I forgot to mention to Stand With Intelligence.

06/09 – Drake has twice rejected plea bargains in the Espionage Act case. Last offer was down to misdemeanor.

06/10 – Drake accepts a plea.

06/11 – The plea is good enough. But the Government will not back off of the others.

06/30/11 – Newly opened by the DOJ (SIC) / closes two.

07/07/11 – Related: Return of the plumbers.

09/10/11 – Did the CIA do enough to protect it’s folks?

09/18/11 – More about the above only from hacking.

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