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Remus as always does excellent work. He wrote this on #collapse

He writes:

“The tip offs are as predictable as they are universal. Debased and manipulated currency. Schemes to confiscate or outlaw real wealth. Rule by fraud and force. Elitists and personality cults. Purchased allegiance. Showy displays of unmerited privilege. Deteriorating standards in education, deportment and mores. A steady drop in technological innovation. Overly complex, unpredictable and corrupt governance. And most ominous, a creeping conviction established authority is illegitimate at its root.”

It points to the un-serious nature of our politicians. Cynical and arrogant.

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Where is the line.

I believe when the ballot box no longer works, the line has been crossed. But know this, the line was long ago crossed:

“Though the central force toward an Omnipotent State has historically been the Democratic Party (including the special-interest groups allied with it), the Republican Party cannot be held blameless. Its power-brokers have often behaved as if an unbounded federal government is perfectly all right with them, so long as Republicans hold the levers of power. Thus it will be insufficient to elevate Republicans over Democrats at the next election (and subsequent ones). A statist can wear garb of any colors. He can spout rhetoric as stirring as any other man. It’s not how he looks or sounds that matters, but what he does.”

I got it from Remus but since he has a screwed up way not not being able to separate posts, I give you Porretto’s post straight up. It’s a must read.

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I usually already know what you are going to say before you say it. (or, your brand is generic)

You see, with such good writers, I need not say more. But read the comments – all of them.

It looks like that sorry assed democrat underground website where the dung assed creatures procreate within their own filth. You see, I know George Soros is an evil Nazi scumbag and has done considerable damage to the world as a whole. Why you let psychopaths like that roam free on the planet? Well, some animals are more equal than others.


INTERPOL, you best execute that warrant on behalf of France before they elect another socialist scumbag to bankrupt them like Greece. LORD knows you need more socialist in Europe.

Idiots. I fart in your general direction (Throw down the cows).

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Contemplate the nature of man and his conduct when given un-regulated powers. #tyranny

It bears without repeating to note that all power at the top level must be separated in to at least 3 co-equal branches. Not one single power should dominate.

Preen into the back of time…

“When asked whether Communists really worked for the abolition of state power, Chinese Dictator Mao Zedong wrote: “Yes, we do, but not right now; we cannot do it yet. Why? Because imperialism still exists, because domestic reaction still exists, because classes still exist in our country. Our present task is to strengthen the people’s state apparatus – mainly the people’s army, the people’s police and the people’s courts – in order to consolidate national defense and protect the people’s interests.” But what does this answer actually amount to? In essence, Mao could never give up power.”

Also, getting to the meat of the matter:

“Having lost its moral anchor, and any sense of community with forebears, the self drifts with the currents of consumer society. “


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Take a peek at the numbers on the #economy: 100 stats #debt

This Article is worth wide dissemination. We need adults at the helm to address it. The current Administration is  making it worse and is not fixing ANYTHING. The market is fragile and soon could be broken, un-certainty permeates every single person. If Washington DC does not get serious, well you know the rest…

Also, the Administration  needs to influence this situation with the Euro and the IMF. If you drop this ball, we will all be reeling.

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A fracturing Euro-zone. The #EU may create more problems than it was to solve #economy

Many member states have not been serious in solving their financial difficulties. When a common currency is being devalued in one place and valued in another, it naturally creates friction.  So, when Poland warns of eventual War, please take note.

What it ultimately boils down to right now is Greece. Greece has not been serious in their Austerity. I wonder if Germany will eventually just leave the Euro allowing it to drop in value to a more reasonable level. Germany seems to be propping the whole thing up on it’s own anyways. Ireland is eyeing the idea. Is it time for a breakup of the overly-aggressive and imposing EU?

And if countries do decide to leave the EU, it may spark a currency war – which in Europe could start a real war. Much more study I must do on this.

09/22/11 – The great Euro Swindle.

09/23/11 – A Fiscal Union for the Euro: Some Lessons from History

09/25/11 – It looks quite dire. Yesterdays….

09/28/11 – Could it be eurogeddon? Europe tells the idiot administration the STFU.

10/14/11 – The Euro-zone goes the way of Rome.

10/17/11 – Europe is losing it’s ambition as happens with all socialist states.

Doug Noland: “The Situation Is Utterly Hopeless”  And a good suggestion – As If.

10/29/11 – This is total ass.

10/30/11 – These kinds of things could lead to WWIII

11/13/11 – A pragmatic solution?

11/18/11 – EURO Finance minister says something completely absurd.

12/03/11 – Germany is again acting like Germany does – and that’s to seize power.

12/04/11 – In defense of Germany.

12/08/11 – Despite the offer to pull currencies tightly together may not work. Sarkozy warns.

12/28/11 – Folks, this is insane – LTRO “Bazooka” Is Epic Disaster As Banks Scramble To Redeposit “Free Carry” Cash With ECB, Lose Money On “Inverse Carry”

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Frank n’ Dodd’s personal graft machine Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae – the Devils accounting.

Because no one seems to know how to cut a budget, I thought I would start with the part that threw our markets into a tumble in the first place. Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae were originally government sponsored entities meant to provide backed mortgages in a pool to make affordable housing for the moochers. To add insult to injury, In the 1990’s, the government changed acceptable mark to market accounting practices to disallow “redlining”certain areas.

This prevented the market from using an assessment tool that is needed to value these mortgages. Ergo, the banks had to take on very risky loans which in turn forced them to turn to creative accounting to make the books look green. At a certain point, when you put too much crap on your credit cards, you are upside down.

Anyways, President Bush warned the congress.

So, the idiot Congress back in 2007 decided to absorb these corrupt utopian programs from 1938 and the 1970’s into the Federal Government. This in turn became TARP1 and TARP 2 to replace the bad loans the government forced the banks to take in the first place. Then Frank n’ Dodd made a bill that sucked and really did not help.

Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae just asked for more billions.

The lesson of the story is for every action, there is a reaction and everything Government is a Ponzi scheme from hell.

The failure of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae – more than $7 trillion worth of bad loans


Blame Fannie Mae and Congress For the Credit Mess

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac And The Credit Crisis Of 2008

Why The Media Ignores The $400 Billion Fannie And Freddie Bailout

Fannie Mae seeks $10.7B in US aid after 2Q loss – Yahoo! Finance

Fannie, Freddie, and the New Red and Blue – Matt Taibbi – Taibblog – True/Slant

Obama’s Fannie and Freddie Amnesia | Cato @ Liberty

Freddie Mac says needs $1.8 billion from taxpayers | Reuters

The Next Catastrophe: Think Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were a politicized financial disaster? Just wait until pension funds implode. – Reason Magazine – Republican report puts blame for housing on Fannie, Freddie

Guest essay: Fannie and Freddie mess? Blame the Democrats – Chambersburg Public Opinion

Fanniegate: Gamechanger For The GOP? | Via Meadia

True cost of Fannie/Freddie bailout more than twice Obama administration claim « Hot Air

Conrad Black weighs in.

08/15/11 – The Supreme Court is on it now.

08/18/11 – City Journal wrote about Clinton’s disastrous policy back in 2000 and Driscoll wrote of it today.

08/30/11 – The Atlantic shows how the government interference created a two tier housing market.

09/02/11 – So the idiot US government forces banks to make risky investments and then sues them over it? I can’t see that. Judge needs to throw that nonsense out and find the US Government (Our Federal Family) liable for ALL damages. I would swear we are living in a banana republic right about now.

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Been there, done that. #Azeri #Armenia round two? very similar to #Kosovo

History repeats on the outskirts of what we tend to believe are the major issues. This spat between Azerbaijan and Armenia and it’s still over this stupid border spat.  Nagorny Karabakh has been a problem for quite a while.  (1991)

A note of interest, Armenia has until recently been selling arms to Col Qudaffi.

As usual, it is now down but to a tiny Christian sliver from Georgia to Armenia. Always getting pushed back more and more.

Tribes have many different reactions to aggression. It really does look similar. There is a traditional slow working overly aggressive force and one day, someone collects the data and decides to retaliate. Against hostile Islam, if you are not being aggressive with them, they will be aggressive with you.

Thats just the way it is.

See where this trajectory leads and why it is so important here…

No one wants to talk about a specific world religion unless it is Jewish. No whisper of Islam anywhere.

06/11 – Where is Turkey headed? Probably not the correct path.

06/12 – Peace – which is not Ennuah

06/17 – Iran and Armenia work on border agreement

06/20/11 – The EU takes up the case and a similar situation we saw in Bosnia.

06/26/11 – The Russian-Armenian-Azerbaijani summit fails.

06/29/11 –  More background from Global Voices.


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They are so busy trying to give everybody everything that no one will get anything. #economy #collapse

Happy tax day. I wonder if you think about signing your name on the dotted line so you incriminate yourself if you forgot to disclose something. What is tax day anyways? A game of memory?

You know, one day soon, you will stick your little debit card in a machine and nothing will come out. Want to know why?

If you think the government is “taking care” of you, the poor, disabled, and elderly, you are sadly mistaken and I will tell you why.

America holds the worlds reserve currency and is de-valuing it on a daily basis. To the amount of $16 Billion a week. This is why fuel and food prices are rising world wide. Rising fuel prices also hits the economy creating unemployment. Much of the instability you see in the middle east is for this very reason, Food Prices up dramatically in the last year alone. They will continue to rise and there will be nothing anyone will be able to do about it – they are hurting the poor the most.

Monetizing currency creates inflation which causes fuel prices to rise which in turn adds more inflation. Seeing as how we refuse to drill for our own natural energy, they will increase even more. This situation alone is a spiraling, China will not be able to afford our debt, and the bond market will collapse as we are way past endgame now.  The shelves will be bare, fuel will be too expensive to drive to the store, and you will hold worthless currency. Right in time for a wheat shortage.

The fundamental problem at the forefront is you cannot monetize production, you cannot “control” it,  and you may not spend monitized currency to keep it. For with dropping revenue, you may not even support a months worth of work.

Government does no good at keeping your basic necessities available and affordable but they sure are good at making new complex programs and bankrupting them.

The US government now takes and wastes more money than Americans could ever produce. The federal government now must borrow money just to operate basic services. This will end one day very soon.  The narrative in the nations capitol is you belong to them. They regulate every aspect of your being and may take anything they want from you.

When government is more important than your Family, their property, their education, and Liberty, than America is no longer a free Republic. It is now indentured servitude. Government is so very hard to remove from your life – It will take everything from you.

Every federal government program is a draconian throwback to the past with no imagination or efficiency. The US federal government has become a parasite accountable only to hucksters, scammers, suckers, and baiters. It is pwned by the unions and government workers. Government takes care of government.

You have elected yourselves a very dense King that maintains foolish and childish notions of equality. He is unable to even do 8th grade math. This country could collapse under his term, as it should. After-all, 1+1= 13. Right?

All of your collegiate studies will mean nothing in a collapsed economy. What will be is very basic humanity in turmolt. I mean really? whats the use? As one economist put it during the $33 Billion spending cut fiasco “It’s like watching them squabble over who is going to pay for the drinks on the Titanic”

You have less than a year to correct course of this “unsinkable” ship or the USA will collapse, and is already taking the World with it.

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05/30 – Regulations

06/09 – Fed Passes China as Top Owner of U.S. Debt -which means….

06/10 – The US is already defaulting: China

Dreary truths, thanks Federal Government.

The five stages of collapse and the end of a dream.  See how we used to live, and shall probably again.

06/19/11 – It’s very serious and collapse of complex societies Part 1 of 7

06/20/11 – Salons take on the how is here… 

07/06/11 – lessons from Argentina

07/16/11 – More lessons from Argentina. (must read)

How is it going in America? People are hurting.

07/19/11 – Barak Paron.

08/05/11 – Collapse will happen fast.

08/21/11 – United States of Entitlement.

09/18/11 – China may have some plans up it’s sleeve.

09/27/11 – The Middle class it taking it in the neck under this democrat imposed feudalism. And the value of our worthless currency.

09/29/11 – The Savings of Millions of People are Going to Vanish in Less Than 12 Months

17 facts that prove the middle class is hurting.

10/30/11 – The WoodPile report has a good post on hyper-inflation.

11/12/11 – The Government is stock piling food.
11/14/11 –
Imagining the Post-Industrial Economy

12/23/11 – Ferfal outlines what to expect very well. It is the immediate future.

12/28/11 – Losing our reserve status and our entire currency.

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A nation state that has social agenda ahead of security and does not comprehend that it’s “investments” are done through debt….leaves our ass wide open.

This is do or die time on the budget. Period. A red line has been crossed and must be addressed right now.

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Something about Purim, but not quite..

Google BAM..

Whats up with this coming Boxing Day?

Someone Pegged it.

Are there any questions?

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You cannot even grow your own food anymore.

That fecal circus in Washington DC has another great idea to remove your freedoms. It is not as if they really could do anything that benefits US. Instead, it is all about making more government here… 

09/04/11 – The Tyranny of S510.

Repeal it you tyrants.

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Want to get some insight on Greece?

“The Greek people never learned to pay their taxes …. because no one is ever punished. It’s like a gentleman not opening a door for a lady.”   More…

In an update I assure you this is where we are headed. Put also with this and now draw a picture. 

09/23/11 – We won’t pay

11/01/11 – Military. RT @Editor_Orbat: Greek cabinet backs debt referendum; even with 50% default Greek debt to be 120% of GDP in 2020 after 9 years of recession .

#economy #EURO #China #EU#Germany #Turkey #syria RT @Strategypage: ON POINT: Greece’s Papandreou Gambles on Democracy minutes ago

06/12/15 Europe Prepares For A Greek Default And EU Exit

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