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Casual Conversations from Paradise

In this week alone, I have had the privilege to sit and have long conversations with two major defense contractors, a medical care professional in anesthesiology, a royal Marine who knew his shit and ours, a Quiet Soldier who has seen much pain,a high ranking sports official, a major developer, an awesome guy that worked area aviation, a high level banker, and some other people most never get to talk to in an average week. I will not mention their professions.

This happens almost every week with different professionals from across the board.

I have the luxury of watching professionals on twitter defuse major issues in half a day, even if half of you block or hate me. I still learn from you.

Sharing of expert power is a powerful thing and we need it now more than ever in this dumbed down world.

Where I AM is a place where the table teaches me almost every night and that is invaluable.
I want to thank all of you for opening up to teach me things I could never learn without you. I Am humbled and thankful for the time you took with me to explain things.

I could have no greater gift than understanding how these things are run by your generous experience and time you took to learn me.

These are things all Adults need to have an idea about, but the intimate knowledge I have obtained here is something some could only wish to pay for.

I could only hope Elders will always share such knowledge with Young Men like myself, especially those that are curious.

I would never trade what I have learned here from My Elders here for anything. I only Pray I may help someone else along the way with what you have paid for or been patient for me  to learn.
I AM working very hard to pass what I may and to give back what I have been given here to preserve OUR shared Civilization and maybe encourage others to seek more.

I also want to give more given the correct circumstance shall such opportunity present itself.

GOD Bless you all for this. It helps. It really does. I Pray you will forgive me for the chance and chances I have passed up by not doing so yet. The Teacher appears late sometimes.

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