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Egypt Elections – FAIL

If your competition is weak, why shutter them off? Why bring consternation into a situation where you hold a winning hand.

Mubarak has been a decent enough King, yet the last elections may have turned the tide in Egypt into dangerous waters. The door now opens to Salafists and that is certainly not a group you would want running Egypt. Given, the Moslem Brotherhood was no prize, but this next bunch could prove to be a hand-full.

Sandmonkey wrapped it up beautifully Here…

Also; keep your eyes open on Lebanon and Saudi arabia.

Results from that election

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This means they are ditching the dollar.

If no one is going to buy US debt, than the currency is going to falter quickly. The FED is debasing as debt levels rise. The selloff will come quick and our currency will be worthless.  From RIA Here.

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Another North Korean action.

The whole of KORK is a Gulag. Fuel, food, and supplies are in very short supply. They are desperate amid their “Dear Leader” getting ready to bite the dust. Their little pudgy replacement is trying to garner support from the military so he rockets a South Korean island.

Needless to say, revenge is in the works. A little ditty here explains our capabilities.

Again, I place the theory that the military is asking for our help. I am of the belief that the military leadership wants us to help them in removing this dictatorship. This analysis derives from the sinking of the corvette ship earlier in this year. After that incident, Kim Jung Il took a slow train ride to Beijing. Upon return, he fired top military commanders and executed his head intelligence official. It shows some dissension in the ranks.Things have not been this bad in NORK in like forever. Grain stocks have recently been emptied from the Military so it is looking very bleak.
Hence, the best time to challenge the regime is right now. Kim Jung Il is seriously Ill.


12/22/11 – Kim Il is gone. It’s too early to do anything. There are options tho.

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Another post from the front lines.

ROE, Rules of Engagement has been a source of contention for me. In this post, Tim discovers that they are not as big of a problem. The only complaint he mentions is PID. PID is Positive Identification for fire. I don’t have an issue with PID. Rather you see where the shooting is coming from than waste a bunch of ammo and kill the goats herding in the area. Anyways, he always has a good write and I would be amiss if I did not post it Here…

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The idea is to allow people to earn their own money instead of living off of nanny state.

People who think they are (sic) compassionate tend to think that government is the end all, be all of all solutions when it is the very exact opposite.  The thing is, they make so many programs and then raid the funds for said programs. Who does things like that?

No government program is “funded”. It all pours into a general fund that should be illegal so they may start another program. It’s true.

It is like a roommate borrowing money from you every day and he bought you a beer today so it’s cool. But he also borrowed money from everyone else in the barracks. Soon to find, no one has the money he loaned, just the beer and nice guy talk that circulated prior.

By the way, the nice guy talk is underrated.

All 350 million people are trying to decide what they want to eat on the pizza, in the meanwhile, they charged it to their China credit card and the parents did not even read the bill. It will be “Interesting times” indeed when the mortgage comes due.  Now everyone is at everyones throat because they don’t even grow anchovies or they did not want to pay for the other extra topping. (H/T Dennis Miller)

Yet divide and conquer has long been the advantage placed against our country. I doubt we are really that stupid. We know our locals. Bake a basic cheese pizza and let all the others buy and put their own toppings on. It works every time.

Some points in this ditty here, As GDP rises, the need for welfare should drop. The price we pay for government should not exceed %17 of GDP – EVER, and some laffer curve principles should even stand now.

Read about an exchange here and make your own educational value of it. It is merely a conversation.

“In peace, prepare for war, in war prepare for peace

The art of war is a matter of life or death

a road to either safety or ruin

Hence, under no circumstances can it be neglected…”

Oh to be hated on principle instead of personal preference. Oh such largess I bequeath myself, I feel symphonic with those currently writing the laws I must face every day. Such a bond we feel together.  We really know eachother, right?

The hollow indescrepancies I have made in no way compare to this.

Ye meddelers  have made it almost impossible to save the state to which I have sworn my allegiance. Men of higher character than anyone in Wash-ington DC walk this world this morning and defend your stead. How horrible to be such little people passing laws all day instead of being useful people for this country. It must be a misery you never expected.  For upon thine throne is thrown a thorn in thyne ever “loved” garden.  Roses with thorn may never be tolerated. Only sweet roses from your bedrock of “green” houses may it be acceptable. What a nasty joke. We, the poor peasants find you detestable as do the burguise.  I will Mark your Twain and raise you 50 civilizations that have lived beyond your fruitless labour in teaching those poor souls to covet and steal. I assure you, our outcomes in the very end are very different. For one, you will not be in the sky, and two, you have betrayed the LAW.

Changing of the guard will not change your status. You are but lowly public servants with a degree from a fancy school. When this collapses, I will be the fancy buck Sergeant with a fast vehicle full of gas.

Your government is in my way and I do not appreciate it at all. Would you kindly remove that piece of crap out of my roadway. I AM trying to make something worth life here.

You are deaf.


I shall not ask 4 times.

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CSI Combat? I think not.

It’s a neat idea to show locals that you care, but when stretched thin, it is better to manage optempo with sanity…

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The system will crush itself.

The insidious and nefarious nature of government astounds anyone with critical thinking skills. It has the power to degenerate civilization to a point where it may not stand anymore.

It refuses to educate people, it disenfranchises the weak, and it buries people in law. It is EVIL. Necessary? yes. But not this necessary.  Find out one of the ways government is eroding our ability to make our own cheese Here…

Thats just “living wage”. What if you prefer to start a business? Or invest in one?

Our Debt.

The Fed.

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As Karachi goes, so does the whole of Pakistan.

When you talk about Pakistan, people always shrug. It seems to always be the same story to most. They all know it is unstable and has always been in unrest.

Well, this is not that story. The Opium trade from Afghanistan has helped to fundamentally change the dynamics of how governing works in this hub city in Pakistan.

I may address these other items later; Cocaine airlines, Mexico’s decline over Governship, and Chavez appointing high range drug lords in state positions.

Yet these items explain the necessity of the current war in Afghanistan right now. You must understand that this war is much more than about one country. This is about very many countries. It is about trying to save Pakistan too. This industrialized city of Karachi holds much sway over Pakistan.

Anyhow, this article is profound in it’s meaning because it outlines our current challenge to maintain a nation state. It’s here…

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You cannot even grow your own food anymore.

That fecal circus in Washington DC has another great idea to remove your freedoms. It is not as if they really could do anything that benefits US. Instead, it is all about making more government here… 

09/04/11 – The Tyranny of S510.

Repeal it you tyrants.

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Barefoot Soldier.

A repost of battle that led to the earning of a VC.

It’s the chaos, the not really knowing where fire comes from,  the high tempo, and emotion of battle. Buy the book if you may spare the change.

Read his first hand account Here…

Also, check out Winning.

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All things in life are unconventional.

Now I know that this is so. No cookie cutter solutions ever work. Everything has it’s singular reason and ending.  People are not generally monsters unless forced to be so, or allowed to be so.

Leadership is an ability to isolate the personal from the profession, to aim small and shoot small, and keep everything possible at the lowest level possible.

In what I have read tonight and other days about these battles in Iraq shows me merit and took me back to the anbar alliance. Things were looking rough after the Fallajuah battle that I myself was thinking that a mistep or two was made. Not so. Soldiers warned them what was coming.

Iraqis are not stupid, and they turned their selves around with groundwork/wetwork WITH our Soldiers handling and optempo that would make any CEO cringe.

One sharp LT, I read of back during the enlightenment in Anbar, made an appearance again to my transom tonight.

Leadership really counts, and this dog knew how to hunt…


One side note, I am impressed with the Presidents recent trip. It was timely in Asian circles and may hand us some chips to get out guys out of Afghanistan – if done properly and patiently.

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Yes, we post comments here as well. (Afghanistan)

Naive, no.  In the fight, yes. Thats what I Am looking for. Some guy like me in the fight trying to show what IS possible instead of acting like all people are useless zombie drones. Attitude determines your lattitude and this dude uses a shot gun in a paperclip fight. He sees what is possible instead of what most others do not. He is a True American. – and I only read his comment. Thats awesome!

To have hope where there seems to be none, HE GETS IT…

Bless you bro. the impossible is possible and anything is possible with God. Say hi to the line for me. Wish I was there.

Good job anan

Petraus does not lie. This MAY be won.

Use the narrative against them. Media war and CA folks, get your gers right. We want Afghanistan to be a better place. That idiot with an AK outside your house at two o’clock posting night letters does not.

Hold on folks, this could actually work.

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The educational value of being self taught.

In Torah, reproof and correction is key in guiding LAW. The same is true in all things in your life. It is seriously important to challenge your knowledge and beliefs as often as possible to ensure what you profess is correct.

In all things that change, the importance in understanding why things are the way they are is imperative.

In my time, I have studied Islam extensively. I have settled my conclusion herewith.

My conclusion based on years of discovery, adjudication, and conference with adherents is Islam is a political movement with spiritual undertones. Not a Religion.  It is to subjugate without deference to history or any previous Religious lawfare. It was founded and defended over the works of one man, not many. Nor does it have the hallmarks of being in succession to any of Judeo-Christian beliefs. You cannot cherry pick parts of Deuteronomy and make that the point of all of your religion. Nor may you rename Hashem after an Arab pagan moon God.

The bottom line is it is about following one man without question un-opposed. Arch-angel Gabriel’s gift to mankind was a false prophet that is to herald the end of the world.

I thought it may be my responsibility to share with you a very short conclusion to an otherwise divisive subject and it is brought to you by Political Islam  Here…

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A story about defense spending

I have seen plenty of defense fielding in my time. Some of it was very neat gear and some of it was just crap that has been replaced again with “better” equipment.  We took equipment in piecemeal, missing parts, and sometimes never got it at all. Sometimes it comes at the request of Soldiers and sometimes it is just sent as a gift to fill pork laden projects to get Senators and Congressmen re-elected. Ink spots tells of one such story  Here…

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I would like you to read this essay in it’s entirety.

I have been to many  countries that have been through economic collapse. I have learned about them studiously. I have spent years trying to find a model that fits the United States and eventually settled on Argentina.  It is the closest model for collapse I have found and I have decided that more people should prepare themselves mentally for the collapse of the United States. Our nation will collapse. It is not an if but a when and I believe it is coming faster than most think. There is no way we may maintain what we have any longer.

Some tend to believe this kind of talk depressing. Not myself. It is interesting to me and planning is something that men do. Plan for the worst, pray for the best, but by all means educate yourself for both.

Ferfal does a fantastic job explaining our future Here….

Eastern Europes collapse in short Here… And Russia

Also, as goes California, so goes the rest of the country.

Where to look for Inflation. 

05/19 – Niall Ferguson chimes in on a World without America. 

06/08 – Frugals writes about your future here…

09/03/11 – The Fabian Lie.

09/25/11 – Etiquette for a post collapse America.

10/19/11 – Argentina never recovered from their collapse. America will not either.

10/30/11 – ClubOrlov revises stages of collapse. It will all come down at once.

10/31/11 – Bosnia as a SHTF scenario. Survival prep.

11/06/11 – SHTF – see the brass knuckles of this situation and read up on this guy.

11/08/11 – Argentina reverts back to stupid hell by stupid people. How many Peron’s must they have to find reality? Will America vote for Peron again?

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Effects of new media on military notifications.

This has always been a sensitive situation in the military. Death notifications are a difficult and private endeavor.

In these days, the internet makes it far tougher for the process to be respected. So now, there is an imposed blackout when ever someone gets killed.

You always knew when a Soldier had been killed because the internet was offline. You would head to the quad to try to find out whom it was.  From WAPO, an article addressing this very issue is Here…

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Keynes v. Hayek

Rapping economists have a rematch.

These two well studied economists did a bang up job in their presentation and these videos have gone viral. If only more educators took a non-traditional approach to teaching, we would not be in the pan of hot mess we are in as a nation now.

These two should be applauded for their presentations. It’s a wonder the media has not made this available to a wider audience.

Both videos are over on The Corner…

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An elevated interest in Yemen.

The rafts have been pointed there for years, and now an escalation has been proposed. First thing, let us understand this country Yemen with War Nerds keen sense. (very well done) Yemen is unstable. It’s like Pakistan times two minus the nukes. The government is a non solid entity and is always under attack. Carnage is great.

Now, with the CIA being handed operational control, we may want to see how such things have been working in the not so distant past starting with the FOB Chapman attack.

Note the tension between the Armed Forces and the CIA. Would you not rather our vaunted Military handle such a feat?  Operational control should go to operators, not analysts.

06/21/11 – Opino Juris takes on the question here…

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