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April #punchlist -The art of having too many balls in the air.

Russia is waging an air war in Ingushetia

Al-Shabaab has spread the war beyond Somalia’s border into Kenya.

Gabon’s internal strife continues.

Venezuela and Hezbollah, a match made in hell.

Corte De Ivore‘s election mess

Waziristan and the Taliban

Japan disaster assistance and nuclear issue.

Islamist movement north India as the caste system breaks down

baby doc returns to Haiti.

Mexico turmolt

Albania unrest

Al-Qaeda in Niger threats to Uranium mines.

Irans ring of fire. Also Wackiness in the Mahdi’s name video.

Nile river restrictions fight from Ethiopia to Sudan to Egypt.

Iraq drawdown, Afghanistan war,

The Libyan no-fly zone, and the Darfur encroachment.

It’s an incomplete list to say the least.

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Quick #libya update

There is a lot of flight and bombing activy in Libya, most I have seen yet.
The rebels are taking ground again and the army is now defecting so they are just driving through towns.
it’s broken.
Gadaffi wants a ceasefire – yet he already broke it. But this is the kind of thing our military does when we think there will be one – get as much as you can while you can.
Rebels have claimed more than half the coast line – they are headed for tripoli. The loyalists are abandoning tripoli in boats in mass.
Gadaffi may just run off into the desert with his tent and camel as his hometown and Tripoli are both being bombed – but again, they may get him tonight with one of those bombs “by accident”
6/09 – Looks like he wants out.
08/22/11 – Live blog of these events. Blogsofwar tracks tweets from the region.
10/24/11 – This update is finished.
If you plan to forge a new Nation, It is sound policy to give the previous dictator with an out.And a trial.
How you treat the outgoing is sembalance on how any leader may be treated.
Thats why you have nations with deep suspicions and nothing but overthrows versus nations that settle grievance in high court
presidence is set by actions.

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The curse of failed systems and it’s stench on civilization.

Consistently making poor decisions leads to an anemic “operating system” called Government. Untenable. Our political appointees build programs on top of programs creating bigger problems than the programs were meant to fix.

Manufacturing crises and pretending to solve them with draconian measures.

There are many “models” that will fail no matter what is tried. Our femoral artery is gushing blood, and the government has proposed for a box of band-aids to fix it with.

The US is faced with leadership failure at all levels, as is the World. Tough decisions need to be made and actions carried out to get control of this leviathan. If not, happy collapse.

09/10/11 – The Moral High Ground (Or lack thereof)

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#NFZ has a short time to work, for the windy season approaches.

Spring brings great sandstorms in the Maghreb that last days, weeks, months. It will be a poor time to be committed to long term operations. It is also time right now to endgame this action. This is what the UN stated the NFZ was for, and why it lacks support. If this military action remains listless, the coalition may falter.

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What will count are his friends, his deep pockets, and his fear of losing power. It is more powerful to him than the lives of any of his family. Any of them.He hires foreigners to protect him and fly his military craft. He hires them to snipe at people they point out. He is not about people at all and never was. Relations did warm with him given his help in other areas.

He was not a major problem for the US as of late.But, is a major problem with the immigrant population in France.
Once that Allied member committed, the game started.
Now is consequence of acting in-effectually without having proper mediation first. It rips alliances out of support.

If he now poses threat of retaliation for the declaration of war that has not been made, then are you responsible to ensure he cannot make good on that threat?

Well, he had ten billion dollars under his mattress. Heard he decided to go to the mattresses. If this is so, and it usually is, he plans to kick back. If this is seen, you must again go back to a JDAM.

We will have gone full circle in the use of force, and not using force in less than 2 months.

3/27 – Gadaffi’s troops are defecting.

08/21/11 – Tripoli falls.


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This must be dealt with. #UCMJ #US judge advocate general

Soldiers do not do this. This popped up last year and got sidelined. It is not behavior true Soldiers conduct. Needless to say, someone wanted to go over it again for whatever reason. Thats the part that makes the timing strange. Yet, there is no excuse for men under the US Military to be so savage, and this is very rare in our forces. Do not make me point to other countries forces. There are good and bad people everywhere.

Besides the fact that these foreign people are poor and scared or may be the guys that killed someone would not even elicit this kind of brutality and it most certainly is not Authorized by the UCMJ.

Our soldiers see plenty of their own also get murdered. As one quoted to me “Many of the people, in fact most you see killed deserve it; there are not too many innocent people there. Not all by far, but most”. It seemed quite crude at first look. I Am awares of the fact that targeting has been quite accurate as of late.

In any case, these kids were not on a strategic war path, they were being thugs and murdering whomever to satisfy I do not care what.

No US Soldier has the authority to abuse and murder anyone from any country in this context. Ever. And they ALL know it.

This is the most difficult case I have seen in the Military in my life, though we always expect awful things.

This is a lesson about power. Having it does not mean you use it. It means you become humble as power could overtake your whole being in every aspect. Power is powerful and it resonates both ways. Power is nasty. You should not hate it because you do not have any (so to speak), Hate it when others abuse it. Learn to look for it’s abuse.

There is a Hero kid story here by the way, and a good Father. The Military boards have been on fire over it until it was sidelined. No worries, we never forget.

Anyways, it is worth tracking.

And tracking we are. 06/24/11 – The photos seemed to mean more than the action. Testimony.

Many trials have been wrong with the military. I remember many. It is very difficult to find a charge against someone on the battlefield. One reason sometimes is “Hey, look! we are making progress” and ” We are warriors”. Yeah. Everyone smiles and then goes back into their shell looking for the next round. Conditioned so to speak. But if this was going about wasting time while wasting random people, that’s a big no no in these Armed Forces.

I have been caught up with popular support sometimes. But generating reason for it other than planned military targets makes it harder to accept.

Make it a fair trial please. Always be lenient with our cops.

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The President could not act earlier. #libya

You cannot just go in and bomb stuff. There may be good guys in the way. The AWACS needed time enough to collect information, and we needed a partner on the ground. And most important of all, they must ask us to intervene. We must know who they are to help them. So, he did good in my view. I certainly was not a proponent to act at all as it was not within US interest. But (always a but) Al-Qaeda has been drooling over Libya so they could use it for their arms trade to further Islam in Africa. Gadaffi was preventing that. Without firm confirmation from the Rebels of support, it may have been against US interest and still may turn out so.

There also is the point of international co-operation. It seemed to pass very quickly, yet the Pentagon was really against it. I do not blame them at all.

You work with the messed up world you have instead of trying to make it what you want. Once France started to strafe, we had to engage. So, for the second time, good job Mr President.


That being from the fact that every time I say no, you say yes. And if I know you are going forth with it, the least we can do is support our Allies if they decide to get skin in the game.

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America is an anomaly.

These advanced societies are never, ever, the same after collapse. No Nation ever recovers from Collapse. Needless to say, no Nation every really recovered from Islam or Socialism either.

The United States of America is both the most “New” and Old. In fact, America has held it’s government as a Nation State in tact longer than any other nation planetary.

This Nation, Our Neighborhoods are blessed with people and friends from every country on earth. All walks of life. Tolerance yet plurality. We are the United Nations; In so being, we also have family all over the world so we are aware, gravely aware of the plights of others. We do so almost at a point of absurdity lavish more credit than due, and forgive the unforgivable. So is the nature of kind hearted people who really do want to save the world – but dedicate so little time researching how.

Lawfare by regulation leads to Institutional insanity; Be it by shutting a country down to pray five times a day, or forcing your people to face federal penalty for installing the wrong type of flush toilet. No difference yet this tiny simple thing – in Islam, the law is pretty damn simple. In America, no one knows what it is anymore. And Islam sucks so much more than this. When systems break down, something fills their place. Where do you think our nation is going after order breaks down?

What some would force upon us are dire straits.
I will tell you what I know, I swore an Oath. This is not servitude, it is personal protection. I also expect my leaders to comform to their proper duties as protectorate of the law, not spreaders of new tarrif and criminilization. The waves of Judicial punishment are uneven and tides change with appointments.
Many compounding legal issues for anyone whom has the gall to start a business in this time.

As leaders, how may you be so dismissive of people and their families that you think you can answer all of their needs? They are Individual Human Beings with GOD given rights. Just because you think you “lead” does not mean you are competent in their lives for their needs. Most people are more intelligent than to run for national office and decide to make money and take care of their families. Nothing wrong with that. People should have less animus with the real people that pay for their benefits and employ them than a federal government that will deprive them of both.
Never is government the Creator of anything. The Nation of America was Founded by Puritans and Protestants. They loved their God more than their King in a way that allowed them to do more in less than 200 years, what no other nation has ever been able to do, and in many cases, saved many, many, many lives.

We are at war, America is at the mall.

Romans lounged around starbucks smoking their hash and drinking wine until they were red. They were talking about the shows and paid no mind to the collapse they faced. It almost allowed the “Calaphate” enough breathing room to almost destroy any legacy of LAW From Alexandria to Vienna.

The populace was not engaged with the world they lived in. They were isolated and did not give thought to the threats that faced them. If there could be one thing un-educated people hate the most, it would be education.

Advocate for a tree. A tree that may grow and bear fruit with strong roots in the soil. A tree that has Liberty to grow withought surrounding trees confining it’s growth or compartmentalizing it’s strengths. A tree that others can build off of, with strength and flexibility. Providing a free way of trade whereas everyone may enjoy the shade or fruit of the tree; no matter whom you may be.  A difference of Cedars and pines. Or even poplars. You may have anything that you want, BUT you must pay for it.

Capitalism knows no race, religion, or sex. It is the engine that provides for people and it is supposed to be amoral. The wealthy have no power over you but an all powerful federal government does. For every rich man you kill, 100 poor shall go hungry. The wealthy are the friend of the poor – and one day, they do not have to be poor; Liberty, self determination, intestional fortitude, honesty, candor, commitment. This is test of mettle of a Good Nation. Shouting on the rooftops.

The wealthy support far more than their own tribe. The wealthy allow others to climb ladders. With-ought whom, there would be no jobs. No one to fund this leviathan government. No way to lend money to people that need to make their family’s work. No way to fund these inefficient programs.

This has been a good nation. And as such has been treated well, on the ground as well as in the air. Were ten simple Laws and a collar on the government too much to handle? If you cannot handle your animal then you have two options. Train it or put it down.

Liberty shaken

Paging Herman Cain at the front desk courtesy phone.

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No country on the planet has been put through what Japan has been put through.

Please express to Japan that no country on this planet has had a 9.0 earthquake, a Tsunami, a volcano blast, and a nuclear meltdown. All at the same time.

Japan has done an awesome job handling this impossible situation. The blue jackets were right there as well as the orange jackets to fix what could be fixed. On site and ready within hours. Did anything humanly possible. Risked life and limb to defend that country from carnage no one may have foretold.

There is no shame in recovering the way the Japanese have – they are awesome. No leaders and no pros have ever been put against such a mammoth task in world history. So, We must make sure that Japan knows they did more than all they could, and saved many lives. I believe that Tokyo needs to know that they are not in blame, and have our full support. Japan made a disaster look orderly like they always do 🙂

Logistics are a mess and will take time to sort – embrace the suck.

Do not allow the the message of a power plant stall your thinking in how well this government and citizens acted in this disaster. The Leadership did all possible to make sure their people were safe. I see no failure other than the reporting – and this again, is traditional non panic.

Lost a-lot of fine people in this last disaster.

For a country that has won against Godzilla, the US, and two other nukes, I think you shall fare well in the long term. Every time Japan is ripped down, it is built better than before. You kicked mortal ass as far as it may be kicked, and resilience is now the middle word for Japan. Kick ass ninjas as from all time.
Please relay that there is absolutely no shame in this tough time.

What there is for me is a gleaming feeling of Proud, and everyone from Japan should feel this as well.

Tokyo looks great after being through a 9.0 earthquake

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Force of action has impact.

If you want to play, he is challenging you.

If you wait, he will kill them all. It will be the same again until they make enough babies to challenge him again.

One JDAM could end it all but you have to declare war for that. If you want a NFZ, I believe you must do the same. The Libyan government is not really “recognized”.

You are the executive, Obama. But understand that by LAW, if they plan to kill you, you must kill them first. Ergo, you have to sink a Navy, and ground an air force of an entire country you do not know will be friendly – or maybe they say they are. It’s your chain, and this is the last hour. Will you pull it for Hillary, or understand that we need standing fleets available for the pace of this here broken arrow? Events unseen and such…
You must be addicted to placing your words into action. Problem is, we are busy. Not that we cannot handle it – just the op-tempo has grown beyond comprehension and yet today you speak as the defense budget is the first on the chopping block.
I say anyone who pushes papers or collects them are non-essential, and if you have no vision, you have little place enforcing your vision on the middle east. That said, You are Commander In Chief and need to understand the ramifications of your actions. Not withstanding brackets, golf, and fundraisers to get in your way. Happy Purim

P.S. Fasting is feeding the poor personally, not jacking up prices so high they cannot afford to drive to work.

If you engage OUR Soldiers in this, you are responsible to them for eternity.

Also, Gadaffi has no chance in hell of keeping that country.

Aim High. Or not.

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Possibilities of a new Pan-Arab war?

More like a religious war. Bahrain is not the only country torn in the middle of Iran’s meddle. Take note the ramifications surrounding Hezbollah, the Huthis, and protests by Shiite in other countries as well in the region. There is Lebanon wanting something for some reason. And Egypt arming the Libyans. Maybe if Egypt tasks itself with security, assistance may not be unreasonable. Or is it?

3/21 – Iran is testy.

3/27 – Qatar seizes two Iranian ships with weapons bound for Bahrain and Farsi speaking gunmen operating in Syria. Seeing as Assad is an ally of Iran, very plausible indeed. It is in Tehran’s interest to keep their proxy in place. The Syrians have had enough of living in a GULAG.

08/18/11 – Hezbollah hints that they will war with Israel once the US pulls out of Iraq.

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Internet and the Law

See how strange of a predicament we are in with controlling factors. Controlling factors often present “solutions” to non-problems.

In this case, LEO wanted to use non-traditional means of evidence gathering in order to prosecute an individual suspected of criminal activity.

It may be unwise to allow this type of Law-fare into the internet. Same predicament as with wikileaks.

It may be a fine idea to limit powers to non-invasive pursuits until the fulcrum of this mess may be untangled and allowed to swing freely.

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Nukes “R” US. Rehash of information.

Proliferation and some formidable reminders of how the nukes were passed around like a “peace pipe”. And sometimes passed around underground.

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Photos of trauma in Japan

ABC put together a surprising collection.

Japan is strong. Shall pull through.

Live feeds:  NHK and  BBC

Tracking events: Arms control wonk.

3/19 Decent photo-journalism from Daily Mail.

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What the seizure of the ‘Victoria’ tells us about a changing world.

Naval power has again become the most prized force after a short while out of the limelight as air power ruled the 1990’s. Bound for Alexandria, the seizure of the Liberian flagged vessel by an Israeli vessel  Tuesday is significant in two ways: Israel no longer has a true partner in Egypt, and Iran is waging a proxy war in all quadrants of the Middle east – anything within it’s reach.

On first point, Egypt’s military is too busy handling the countries internal affairs and cannot wait to be freed of that responsibility. With-ought a government in control, the military is not at liberty to define national interest, or may be timid in acting to do so.

Israel must maintain it’s security.

06/28/11 – Naval Power must be understood and again embraced.

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Crocs and gators continued.

Mookie is back! yay. Sistani is holding grace, but it seems he has been cut from the Hojjat via partner influence. He is working on Iraq while Iran kicks “reformers” out of the running. Seems to me that something is going to boil over where Sistani does not want to be, hence his hitcrew newly “reformed” set foot in Iraq. It may also be the sliding scale of influence in the Shi’ite sect. Maybe the city of Qom is not all that holy after-all. Rafsanjani is now out of the picture so maybe something is afoot in Iran.

Of course just speculation…… no?

04/24 – Intel chief quits, supreme leader trumps prez.

04/27 – AJ may want to quit. The heat is on. And he skipped his meeting with the counsel.

05/06 – Iran gearing up for another tug-of-war: Small Wars Journal.

05/09 – A bloody brawl over the two sides and a possible Coup.

05/17 – The Pres wants to take down Supreme Leader.

05/30 – Not winning – Khamenei endorses Ahmadinejad?

06/01 – Apparently not.

06/02 – Supreme Leader is going to trump short round.

06/12 – Layla

06/16/11 – IRGC will side with Khamenei. 

07/14/2011 – Reproofed. What do the seven dwarfs say?

What this is boiling down to is the fact that “Supreme Leader” Ayatollah Ali Khamenei believes that the Islamic state is in jeopardy with the radical hard liners in charge – and sees himself depreciated as his reliable staff is constantly removed from Government control. It also is a spat between the IRGC and the HOTJA (or whatever it is that AJ is a part of).  QOM has sworn they will fight on the side of the Supreme Leader. A more moderate force  but will not stop the clash between true Iranians that would like to enjoy a State of Freedom from all of that ruling class. Sounds very familiar with many countries in that area. As well as ours 🙂

09/19/11 – There has been much back and forth that I have not posted as it is more bark than bite, but this gem from PBS speaks about how the IRGC is taking the Iranian Parliament.

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There is no such of a thing as a “no-fly zone”.

No matter how many “No-Fly” zone posters I posted in the Middle east, there were always flies.

So, you get to watch him kill his own people in the “fly zone”? Watch him engage our Soldiers in over 2000 incidents? We had a no-fly zone in Iraq as that war never ended. Dayton accords were violated, what, 178 times? And it all ended with that guy on a rope anyway. Iraq was Americas longest war, just some people refuse to believe that. It started in 1990.

Bombing the air force is a no fly zone. But this argument is sophomoric in many manners. Have you really been asked to do so by those men with rifles on the ground? His entire inventory is in crumbles. He has his lady protection force, his clan, the MERCS, and deep pockets, but the COL cannot hang on.

We have the USS Enterprise. No way he will get over on US, if you need to make a military consideration, start here. And here.

By the way, Strategic Oil Reserves are for strategy, not an election term. Keep them full.

It belongs to the Libyans – and they WILL get rid of him. He has no muscle.There is no way Gadaffi may keep this country. His airforce is broke, he did not train a military. Give those people their own country. Let them have what is theirs and a self won victory. Angels work is weird ways, yet always faithful.

When people are reaching for something higher, be proud of them. When they learn how to maintain that, then they/you have security.

Update: So you asked for intervention, and then immediately split party in the request. Unfortunately you picked the one option off the table which leaves us to the real matter. The only real “intervention” there is is to declare War. Thats a JDAM. No more, no less. Do you want that for a brother leader? Does the US want to deliver heads in this region?

Update – 3/11, probably not our friends anyway.

3/17 Getting desperate

3/21 Haddick proposes something new and noteworthy.

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Marking Leadership in Asia.

There is a reason behind this post that highlights Xi Jinping as a possible successor to Hu Jintao.  Maybe update later.

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