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What I want to see the next US President accomplish. A Chit List. #potus #tcot #gop What we have now is UN-ACCEPTABLE

I would like the Ryan plan approved
Sarbanes Oxley repealed
Obamacare repealed
Dodd Frank repealed
Food Safety Modernization Act repealed
Spending freeze on all levels and take all federal public service pay levels for new hires down to the Military pay scale
Appointment of originalist Justices and a purge of activist Judges
Hold a tight grip on containment of Iran and keep a stiff check on Russian influence
Mending of ties with Allies we have lost during the past three years.
A cap of 17% debt to GDP ratio for all of Federal Government spending. I would like inflation removed from our GDP accounting to reflect currency loss.
I want all government agencies to be re-looked and some elimated outright.
I want you to have a plan to seriously curb the fourth branch of government – non-elected officials including the EPA
Put a check on the regulatory overburdon that is suffocating our business and industry
We need major tax reform (Fair Tax PR-25)
Secure the border – then decide what to do with current Illegal occupants.
Focus on Latin America and it’s increasing Islamic activity as it will become the premier threat facing America in the near future.
Something must be done about the Diebold voting machine mess – paper ballots
We need charter schools
purge the Justice Department
Cafe standards removed or rolled back.

01/01/12 – Repeal the NDAA.

The way un-employment rate is set is a dastardly way of accounting. Un-employment is not going down, those people are just dropping off the rolls. This measurement is useless and must also subtract dropped from the rolls against the current rate.

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More is coming. It has been quite busy.

Tonight, with the death of Kim Jung piece of shit, it will complicate matters and will probably stay my hand from delivering anything worthy for awhile. If I am unable to update before so, Happy Christmas and of course happy Chanukkah. First day is 25th Kislev don’t ja know.

Still watching the world like a Hawk, and boy is it heavy.

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