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Economics next year

Predictions are made and it looks pretty bad.

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Straight Up.

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Something about Purim, but not quite..

Google BAM..

Whats up with this coming Boxing Day?

Someone Pegged it.

Are there any questions?

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Enter Asia.

Just a short glance at our friends in India – see whats on their minds.

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A limited Government.

National Affairs spells it out for you. It’s technical and I have already posted this link once before. Downsize Me…

Better yet, just make the “General Fund” Illegal. Fund priorities directly and by law – and actually put monies in the funds for these magnificent contraptions. Who makes a program and then immediately bankrupts it?

I believe Boortz mentioned this and Mark Levin is Lead Constitutionalist FYI.

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It’s like Time magazine, yet better.

See the year in review from via warnewsupdates.

And Denver..

And Wars perspective from SP.

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Have you ever read about a sniper?

Well, you can today.   From VF

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So, what’s it going to be?

Living “Green”, or status quota? These people cannot figure out how they want YOU to live.  Is there any clarity at all on how our “Government” really wants us to live? Where is the control of this “Government”? Who told them to tell US what to do? Who gave these people our consent? Check the insanity Here… It’s insipid.

The poor will certainly get poorer this year. CPI is only at.1? Thats BS and everyone knows it. Is it collapse time yet, or would you rather stop spending money?

Here is a little secret; For every dollar the government takes is a dollar that is not in the true economy. It is very difficult to gain confidence of people who want to employ people when you have no true economic plan and have to alter it every 4 months.

You spend no more. You cut now. This bill will either be paid or burned in a wastepaper basket before our Grand-children are born.

The LAW becomes as simplistic as possible, or it becomes useless and abusive. 9,000 pages of new ones, I cannot understand.

Simplicity is grandeur. Your stupid projects and experiments with government, not so much.

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And now, for Mexico…

The situation at the US southern border is deadly. FPRI has suggestions.

Strategypage looks at things already occurring in this fight.

The problem however, has always been the lack of security at the border.

Afterall, if you did all those neat things but did not seal the prime revenue stream off to the cartels, it would be half effective.

The question is, where does the loot come from that fuels these cartels?

Answer: The Border trade.


And US and Mexico fighting the thugs from US Army War College white paper

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How are things going in Afghanistan?

Abu puts his take on it Here…

Another dynamic to consider is the natural resistance to foreign troops that naturally occurs when more and more of them are seen in the streets.

SWJ is on it.

National Journal Talks.

To quote ORBAT, “They are poking sticks into hornets nests.”

A tasty conclusion, and background.


Danger has a summation

And, something to ponder.

Be Patient.

What the tribes want?

War Nerd says they wont heel.

The Pros say work on the ANA.

Maybe the Jirga worked…

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Oh, hell no.

Give the kid his life back. You idiots.

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The old ways pass away.

It is not about you. It is about US. It’s like having 300 million people to decide what to put on a pizza (to paraphrase Dennis Miller). Start with cheese and let the others put on their own toppings.

This is the old recognized system.

This is another.

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Study is an imperative. Lest you lose your land?

Education is imperative.

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Iran is purging itself of the Bahai.

This article outlines a systemic purge of a group from a society. It’s not good. From my study, the Bahai are a very moderate and technical seeking religious group. I studied these systems as well, right before my computer got wiped. Anyways, the article is from Michael Totten.

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This is still in discovery phase.

I am still not all that sure how to approach wikileaks. There are matters of international law, institutional competency, and the fact that this type of challenge has not faced us yet.

There are ways to get out of making a rash judgement here. One being that civil action (personal lawsuits) for wrongful death of exposed people when names are left in the documents. We do not even know the damage done and have no proof of intent. This is the Internet. I rather chock up some cash for those who lost family due to the serious lacking nuerological condition called common sense of what is Assaunge.
I am sure other options are available, but for now, it may be best to keep the Federal Government out of it.

Zero Intel puts a succinct memo together here.

I have no doubt that the Secretary of State must, at this point – step down.It is a large legal maze, one that will take years to code crack. Yet, damage has been done, and if you would like to save face for the Department of State, than thats your only option. There is no way foreign dignitaries and our own Ambassadors will be able to work for her anymore. And it’s not entirely her fault. She is not the only one.

Also remember the first part of Assaunge’s name is ASS.

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Semper Fidelis

Be careful. Power lies within.

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Proud professional relationship

It is so refreshing to see this day arrive. It is not often you see good things start to happen between governments. As you see, a new relationship is being fostered with Russia that may be truly Beneficial to US as well as them – the whole world possibly. I have been seeing this for quite a while and am happy to see it’s maturation.

It has become apparent that we have very similar security concerns and agreements now.  Wikileaks is shedding some light in unexpected areas and they are not all bad. Rather, it proves integrity in our true purpose.

You will have to see the article to understand. I never thought I would read Newsweek again, yet the article is Here….

Also, a tad related in both agencies.


08/05/11 – Maybe them- not so much.

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Danger Close


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