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Thou Shalt not covet IS Capitalism.

What it is and what it’s not. A lesson on newspeak.

Gay marriage is not about marriage. It is about eroding lawful institutions – predominately the church.

Healthcare has nothing to do with healthcare. It is about governments total control of your physical being.

Anti-piracy has nothing to do with piracy, it has everything to do with using the government to censor and putting competition out of business.

CISPA is not about protection, it’s about government control of the internet.

contraception has nothing to do with saving $8 for condoms, is nothing but an attack on Religious institutions and their health care provisions.

VAWA has nothing to do with violence against women, it’s trojan horse legislation that again imparts special rights to a group for voting power

The LOST treaty is about eroding your soverignty as a citizen to some international something you have no idea of learning about, and the government with whom you have no trust. Suckers.
What people cannot seem to grasp is that it is not what they want that is wrong, neccesarily, it is how they want to go about obtaining it.

But what pisses me up to Heaven is those that are hell bent on their single issues and refuse to move beyond them that plunge everyone into a grueling hell without even knowing it.

People have personal proclivities that sometimes prevent them from seeing how much better it would be if government would just get the fuck out of their way. People are progressive”” in a sense that they are not often happy being told what to do. Well, it seems that some are willing more now than ever to have governments do that for them with no thought to the un-intended consequence of the same.

Point in case – “Affirmitive action”. It may have been needed at the time, but sociatial norms may have turned to the point where it is more neccessary to hire competent people for the job than a particular race or creed or whatever. And when people are denied oppertunity due to lousy policy, it makes a bitter resentment. And
that could also turn to disdain for the government or worse, the people the law was meant to respect.

If I’m Black and the factory does not like it, I may find another that does not care if they hire me if I am good at what I do. You beat feet to where you may be successful and suceede, where you are wanted. It is not only profitable but benificial for everyone.

You see folks, it is not about “human” “Civil” or “equal” rights. It is about government power. Thats the worst. It should be about your individual rights. Your property rights.

I have your self interest at heart just by respecting your conception. It’s your right to life. If you are all equal, the law should see you as such no matter what as do I. When you create special rights for everybody, well, nobody is special. The problem is – everyone is in their own way. Everyone has somewhere they fit and may become prosperous.

But if you are there for yourself and forced upon others, thats just not worth their or your time. Would you not rather work where you are appreciated and wanted?

Were our economy free of restrictions placed on it by government, (The worst civil rights leaders on the planet) it would be easier for all to find their place.

Maybe you feel left out by “the system” but thats not the intent of “the system”.
The intent is to make money and money is not bad, the want of it more than people is bad. It’s ability to pay for your broken leg is good, or your salary, or your living standard. Government never has the cash to do such things. Your utopia is a suckfest and you still end up on the bottom unless you are latching on in a corrupt attempt to enrich yourself by government (See Joe Kennedy) Scumbag.

Thou Shalt not covet IS Capitalism.

You do not focus on Cesar, the “system” or other people. You focus on yourself. Government is always a distraction from this. It is a detractor of your being. It is always a userper of your being, and a robber of your Liberty and rights that are not theirs to bestow in the first place. You focus on your Family, Friends, Clan, Tribe, and defense. Government will erode all of these things.
Since when is your percieved grievance a business of the government unless it was created or propigated by it. I have news for you. The Government never is “of the people”.

If You are too lazy to make it do it’s simple role of protecting your property, And if you believe it is moral to take others property from them to suit your needs, you are a locust. A Pariah. A leach. Someone that has no respect for life in the first place. YOU ARE EVIL.

Just when I think about writing a post about why I think all of the ideas sponsored by the “left” are archaiac, someone comes up with a better way of putting it. Far be it from me to stand in that way. It is difficult to explain things to passionate people when you are passionate and partasian as am I.

Munson popped up and I must include his exacting comments:

“The belief in and insistence upon following a single path of progress underpinned by undeniable “universal truths” makes dialogue and compromise challenging at best.
At worst, secular ideology becomes as inflexible and righteous as religious doctrine and sets states on a collision course.”


“Critically, its adherents believe that for the hypothesis to succeed it must be universally adopted by all states and societies. Any that resist are seen as blocking the march of human progress and impairing the world system. ” 

There are many ways to fix problems and your lack of imagination is making it all that more difficult to pursue. When presented solutions, you discard them.

So as long as your asshole is in charge, no solutions shall be presented. Re-elect that asshole and I shall bring them elsewhere. That asshole – sort of a god to you, is not worth any of my time and shall not be granted any. He lies to you and you believe him because you just do not really care. It is all about narrative and politics to you. He is not worth the sweat off of my balls. I have vastly more experience in watching countries implode.

So, if Ten Commandments are not enough for you, good luck in a GULAG assholes.

And lastly – Do as you shall, but you shall find consequence in the weeds you are planting. My part will continue to be voluntarily non-committal to your childish and arrogant cause. 

I prefer temples of Cedar, not wormwood. Houses on ROCK, not sand.

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Let’s focus on Justice (for real) This Opine is most suited for what we need to trust in #LAW – It’s a must read.

Paul Craig Roberts:

“A consensus against wrongful conviction is hampered by ideology that portrays wrongful conviction as a racially motivated phenomenon or as the operational result of “the white male hegemonic order.” Wrongful conviction is too widespread and serious a problem to be politicized. In fact, inner-city black juries are more suspicious of cases brought by police and prosecutors than are white suburban juries. If it were not for coercive plea bargains, inner-city blacks would face a lower risk of wrongful conviction than whites. The focus on racial bias cloaks the real problem of prosecutorial misconduct.”

This is very correct. It is a study into why things are the way they are. You are using a fulcrum where a pencil will do.  Furthermore, you are overlapping problems. Division in the LAW is lawlessness. Lynch mobs are lawless. Trial by media are lawless, and there are few reputable Journalists (at least with me). Could we use the tools we already have… please?

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A quick snippet (summation) over the day at #SCOTUS over Impale You Care. #fail

As only as Justice Alito may put it:

General Verrilli, today you are arguing that the penalty is not a tax.  Tomorrow you are going to be back, and you will be arguing that the penalty is a tax.  Has the Court ever held that something that is a tax for purposes of the taxing power under the Constitution is not a tax under the Anti-Injunction Act?”

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I had the finest Parents in the world. (and out)

I am a petulant little brat. My Parents, They Spend about $400 for an entire year of Encyclopedia Brittanica. I spent Three years reading it. If only I could have read that instead of wasting time in that damnit boring as hell school. I also like communications like Radio, CB, HAM, anything where people may speak. Thats so important. But Never tell them, I read every one of those books thy bought and it was WELL SPENT MONEY. Tragic to lose them. But I read some things that were… nevermind.

Anyways, those books were so awesome that I forgot more than I read.
It was not that I read at urging, but they were in the living room which was beautiful – and on the bottom shelf. Mahogany Bookshelf – to me Giant.I would clean and vacuum the house as everyone was gone,Clean up, sit on that very civil war esque couch, and then read books on the shelf.

This fine Company, Encyclopedia Brittanica, My Condolance. You gave me a #HEADSTART

There must be a wild west somewhere and that is the internet now. As far as I know the United States of America and NO ONE ELSE owns it. Yet NO government has authorization to regulate it.

If you want your people to be stupid, un-educated, and unable to talk, YOU ARE A SLAVE OWNER.
There will be no more of this.
Almost all governments on this earth suck ass right now.

Let people talk to each other. If you try to capitalize it, I will crash and burn this to the ground. BABEL

Or, you could be a no talkin MOFO IF...

Leave the internet, the interwebs, the tweetweterdweebs, and good shit alone.

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Mental Institutions, really? – I want the #military to understand where the boats are headed if this goes the WRONG WAY.

“A more serious reason, he added, is that veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder have been known to scuffle with law enforcement after they return home. If police at the scene realize they’re dealing with a veteran, one who may have PTSD, it could help them better handle the situation, Boden said.”

How much trust do you have in being of elevated interest if you are a Veteran? Do you see why I want to see where this is leading under this brilliant leadership?

Veterans have cards already, dumbasses. Probably do not even have to pull them out most of the time.

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Understanding the difference between a Democracy and a Republic

Denninger posted a video that is well worth a watch. As you do so, I would like you to think about the Democratic party, the Unions, the Federal Workforce, the ever expanding reach of our nanny/welfare state and think seriously about where we are now. Think about how far entrenched this government has become in all of our lives, so much so that everything is political anymore.

It’s corrupt as hell, people, and you need to purge this leviathan from your lives.

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We must get serious about #prisons now #usa

Probation Officers and messier communities… maybe. The idea during any downturn in economies is to thin the prison population in anticipation of more violent offenders asserting their influence over communities. This is something that happens when economics and education are both lacking at the bottoms of a society, and when the government has over-regulated the business sector making it too expensive to hire another human to do a job. There is nothing left to do but become king of your block. If it is hard to eat, you get hard.

This is not that conversation, we shall revisit that. This is predominately about non violent offenders and how they may influence us in the future as the economy worsens. We need to lessen the op-tempo for our police and Justice system, not increase it.

The preposterous war on drugs generates a staggering amount of prison population. Mandatory sentences are not conductive to Justice. Nor do they allow a Justice system to work properly – what is the use of having a Judge? Non-violent offenders get their sentences and sometimes an education you rather not have them emulating.

This all ultimately effects National Security.

Also remember that you need room in jails for rioters. Stupid rioters.

Since we are going down the path of unmentionables, reintroducing The lash heh.

07/11/11 – I have always enjoyed Walter Russell Mead’s writings. There are few whom I think can say more for me than myself. He presents very succinct and concise advise. I would swear that he swims in my head. Yet, He is an Elder and his advice is always something I tend to seek for my recent short time on this earth. I Love him.

09/20/11 – US States are seeking to privatize prisons. If you are going to do that, we do not ever want to hear about some judge getting kickbacks for convictions again.

01/27/12 – Geriatric Prison Nation.

““Prisons are facing a silver tsunami,” according to Jamie Fellner, the author of the Human Rights Watch study that identifies the new problem for states. “Walk through any prison and you’ll see a surprising number of wheelchairs and walkers and portable-oxygen tanks.””

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The #US #cia The Executive Office should clear these Men of their charges.

Yeah. I am kind of concerned about this. The Executive Office should clear these Men of their charges. Also a primer on what the Thomas Drake case may mean – “We’re in a scary space in this country.” 

I forgot to mention to Stand With Intelligence.

06/09 – Drake has twice rejected plea bargains in the Espionage Act case. Last offer was down to misdemeanor.

06/10 – Drake accepts a plea.

06/11 – The plea is good enough. But the Government will not back off of the others.

06/30/11 – Newly opened by the DOJ (SIC) / closes two.

07/07/11 – Related: Return of the plumbers.

09/10/11 – Did the CIA do enough to protect it’s folks?

09/18/11 – More about the above only from hacking.

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Mankind is taking on GOD with BULL, and is about to get HORNS.

The Law of Man has no honesty, clarity, and serves no purpose for Life. Straighten the path, and walk true because as a wise Prophet has said “You ain’t seen nothing yet”.

This past year has been a cakewalk compared to what may come.

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Internet and the Law

See how strange of a predicament we are in with controlling factors. Controlling factors often present “solutions” to non-problems.

In this case, LEO wanted to use non-traditional means of evidence gathering in order to prosecute an individual suspected of criminal activity.

It may be unwise to allow this type of Law-fare into the internet. Same predicament as with wikileaks.

It may be a fine idea to limit powers to non-invasive pursuits until the fulcrum of this mess may be untangled and allowed to swing freely.

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The LORD bless you and keep you;
The LORD make His face to shine upon you and be gracious to you;
The LORD lift up His countenance upon you and give you peace.

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