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There is no Race or Man, there is ONLY GOD.

There is no deobandist, Salifi, Wahbbist, Sunni, Sufi. There is no jew, christian, black or white. There is no Rohangia, Buddhist nor Hindu. There is no black, white, indian or Quaker. There is no takfir, there is no dakfir. There is no rastafar, there is no afrikan, ino, cheno, cerok, nepals, Huns, Cush, No Han nor singa, no nubaian, afrikan aussie, brit, irish, sheldon, datkun, reese, levite, dataam, hindi, shinzu, japanese, viet, happa, dari, vikon, sadeus, saxon, ereon, caledon, and if did not miss anyone, I just cannot list you all in your EO “Complaint” or anything else.

There is no Race or Man, there is ONLY GOD.

If you love HIM above all, the Living He has Created over all else, you will find that the only thing is HIM. And this love will overcome all of your whatever it is you consider yourself.

Without HIM, you are a hollow shell of His making.

There is no race if you were created. The land you have is Owned by you but it is HIS lease.

If you would look UP, you would not dare fight any of HIS. For you are All His Creation.

WE are all one through the Body of the Creator. And as soon as you all start acting that way, the faster WE may move on to making Creation better.

Or not.

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