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Syria Match

Israel has no problem with Assad as long as he keeps his goons away from Israel. An eroding security opens Her borders to not only Da’esh but Hezbollah and direct links to Iran.
These rockets are real, all the time.

Russia wants to keep Assad
Syria has been eaten, Da’esh is eating on Damascus Suburbs.

Russia sent advisers.

Saudi Arabia wants to oust him, The Sunni whole do not want him. Although he was easier on some Minorities. It is Baathist, with Nazi salute and everything. An addition to the
“Shiah Crescent” Running over Lebanon, Like the Golan in Syria. The Israel northern border also has direct Iranian treat.

The Druze are being challenged for their loyalty.

Turkey snub’s the Arabs citing they have their own problems.
Bottom line, no one will ever agree to what the Caliphate is because it is man made.
And all of those wonderful and Beautiful people will forever be trapped between two raging tides of oceans crashing them asunder, laying dead and broken in it’s wake.

It is a tsunami of hate and eternal vengeance, and it is man made.

I do not blame people for wanting to leave this hate club. But do not bring it with you.

I rather you fix your problems at home with your Families safe.
People are more comfortable in their native land.

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