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Heads up on #LATAM

The briefing that helped push me on this post originated from General Douglas Fraser whom is in command of SOUTHCOM. His briefing at the Pentagon was enlightening. I have studiously watched Central America having grown up during the fight against proxies there in the 1980’s and earlier, but after 9/11, the region was somewhat swept under the rug.

Does anyone remember FMLM, Honduras, El-Salvador, and the Sandinistas?. I wanted to bring up some older venacular for those whom may remember all the turmolt we put up with in the region for over 60 years. Well, it looks like that little 10 year “break” is over. –

“In a briefing at the Pentagon, Commander General Douglas Fraser of the U.S. Southern Command (Southcom) stated that the ‘Northern Triangle,’ made up of Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador, has likely become the deadliest region on earth outside of active war zones.”

I definately agree. What is essentially happening here in LATM is Middle Eastern
actors are doing through proxy what they eventually accomplished in Lebanon. Hezbollah is Irans proxy for more than just Lebanon, Hezbollah has reach in this world. A good primer is from AFJ where shown is the groups prolific value to any organization due to the drug and arms trade.

Most disturbing is the expanding ties between FARC and Hezbollah – Though seemingly dated, slow operations are not necessarily un-solid. Warning signs were appearing prior to 9/11 but grew out of focus with our ensuing war on terror. Bombs have been wired in very particular fashion and are now going off regularly on the US / Mexican border region. There is also internal proof that Hezbollah is on the border.

The Canal that Iran, Nicaragua, and Venezuela are planning to build – China may be
funding it. China sure shows continued interest in the Panama Canal. There is also Nicaragua’s delimma- another power vacuum.

FARC has expanded to Mexico which means we have come full circle – it means Hezbollah is in Mexico. It also means Iran is in Mexico, as well as Al-Qeada, MS-13, and the cartels which goes without mentioning. (PDF) You should remember all this stuff from years past; Gang initiations, Spanish speaking Jihadi’s, Al-Jazeera on the US / Mexican border.

Al Quds force have also recently moved into Venezuela and other assorted nasties knocking on our back door: Includes the ETA whom are also related to IRCG.

Druggies bringing in the hezzies, Russians are bringing the arms, China is bringing cash, brute strength of naval force and a canal. We also have a major proxy funded and aided by middle eastern thugs in order to turn South and Central America into a Moslem nation able to wage war upon the US. Unstable neighbors right across the back yard fence are having party with all of our enemies and we cannot seem to hear the music.

It is not only what I see here on the ground, it is a feeling that too many bad actors are creating the perfect horror story for the USA.

Secure the border.

Update – 4/14 Vibed threats and cartels moving south to weaker states.

4/18 Insight Map.

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05/15 – FARC placed Chavez, not the other way around.

05/18 –  Ecuador is becoming the nexus of drug corruption.

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06/01 Gangs taking over

06/07 – Iran and Venezuela – cut ties with the US.

06/13 – Evil cruelty in the gangs.

07/06/11 – Arizona Police say Hezbollah is in Mexico.

07/08/11 – Iran Paranoia Expands to Latin America

07/09/11 – House Hearings on Hezbollah and their influence south.

07/21/11 – Weapons and drug smuggling – from Columbia to Honduras, Guatemala wants a LATAM solution and a map of routes.

07/25/11 – Iran is getting really involved with Peru. And Argentina.

09/10/11 – “Something is up

10/12/11 – Made up or related? Plot on the Saudi Ambassador. Also, the Zetas connection?

10/14/11 – Lawmakers suggest treating drug cartels as terrorist organizations.

10/17/11 – Hondurus: The hub has problems.

12/10/11 – Univision confirms Iran is operating in LATAM. Venezuela

12/14/11 – Zetas and Hezbollah.

12/16/11 – Iran on our border.

12/28/11 – General McCaffrey on Mexico from Yon.

01/01/11 – The U.S. is overlooking Iran’s moves in South America.

10/03/11 – Iran expands influence in LATAM.

01/10/12 – Of course, Hezbollah is already in the US. We knew that. A list of other coodies.

01/24/12 – The Venezuelan Missile Crisis

01/26/12 – Panama could become next narco battleground:

01/31/12 – This must be reversed:

02/12/12 – Photos at the border.

05/04/12 – May as well update this.

05/11/12 – Holy CRAP. Crystal Meth.

08/14/12 – Iran’s ties to Latin America and the gangs.

08/30/12 – They’re here.

09/06/12 – And they are in Nicaragua 

09/10/12 – State Department sez “dey not dere” But dey ARE dere.  Yes, Dey Are.\

09/19/12 – The recent arrest of Lebboun in Mexico has uncovered a much more extensive and complex plot than the previously known story of a low-level financier of Islamist terrorism.

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12/26/12 – The IRGC’s push into Peru  Also: New Concerns For President Peña Nieto: Hezbollah’s Rising Profile In Mexico – Analysis

TSG IntelBrief: Iran’s Strategic Maneuvering in Latin America and the Caribbean

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And they will be running prisons. Already prevalent- Hezbollah joining Mexican Cartels.

01/14/13 – Ecuador to Maintain Good Ties with Iran Regardless of U.S. Objections

01/17/13 – Uruguay Connection.

05/20/13 – South of the Border, A Threat From Hezbollah (PDF)

05/30/13 – Argentinian prosecutor alleges extensive Iranian terror activity in South America |

06/06/13 –  Iranian Terror Cells Infest South America

08/15/13 Iran Sending Latin American Students to Indoctrination Camps as Part of Regional Penetration Campaign 

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