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Where are we? Really? Here are the Shoals

Donations from weponeers from Sunni states while cashing out on Iranian assets at the same time, prolonging proxy wars by both entities ensuring the conflict is prolonged in Syria.

Destroying MY Security Dividend Iraq keeping this from happening in the first place:
Creating vacuum in every security concern everywhere,
Piling on Our Allies, bankrupting Nations, Trafficking weapons, sponsoring state sponsors of Terror, Fucking

the Kurds over for a Fourth time after they helped bail US out again, distant views of foreign policy, Mis-handling classified information, Seceding OPM data to the Chinese by contract?

Kicking the border doors wide open and making everyone take the flood with no checks: Importing Moslems with no checks from the bottom depths of you do not know, Trying to Dis-arm US in your process,

Gerrymandering districts by doing so, not requiring ID to vote, dis-allowing Christians to enter, releasing repeated Felons that kill American Citizens, using environmental rules to bankrupt the economy, constantly monetizing the Dollar, Paying $28 BIL a day into the stock market and selling your money? interest free? debt? $210 Trillion unfunded liabilities, $22 Trillion debt clock which happens to be stopped right now, Substandard MEDICAID will bankrupt the states, 10 Million got coverage but 66 Million lost coverage, a Doctor shortage,
Turning GTMO detainie murders loose back into the Moslem Middle east, Bigotry of low expectations on the

Islamic World, Never backing our LEO, sicking the Unions on our cities disguised as victims, creating a

“moral order” of abortion, …..

This is what We have.

Who makes a bunch of programs,and then bankrupts them?

Plunder and Decieit (PDF)

This is NOW.

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