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The Barbary Pirates and the Shores of Tripoli….

And the Suez Canal, Gush Katif, Judea and Sumariah, Aden, and Carthage.

The current order will change. America must be prepared to mine it’s own resources.

Meanwhile; in Persia, The opposition rulers Mousavi and Karroubi and their wives were arrested. Watch tomorrow – #25Bahman.

Update: From Tehran Bureau

Update again: Pirates get sunk and killed as their victims have no where to run. Or at least you would hope that was the headline when four Americans perished for the softpaw work in the executive branch. Mind the executive his military, lest he be lost among warriors. Trust the professionals.

Libya, we asked to help and only if you want it. As was the same case with every country. But if one man, woman, or child burns in chemical weapons, drop a JDAM on that f*****. And send a drone after his son.

And Egypt, your future remains in balance – of what, we do not know.


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The Joes that are pros.

The All Volunteer Force. Unparalleled Bravery.

The biggest problem, gear. If you have never ran down a draw with a 65 pound rucksack and a rifle in your hands with gear vest and water and a Kevlar helmet, you missed the best parts of young adulthood. Sliding down rocky surfaces, climbing over boulders and walls. You may look like robo-cop, but you are a tortoise in a world of hares. It’s dangerous.

In a helmet, you lose a-lot of pierifery vision and hearing. Being alert is half the battle. Mandatory battle gear is a killer.

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What a beautiful country, albiet poor. They had their mob intervention yesterday. I don’t see it going very far.

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From Carthage to Tripoli Via Cairo.

#Feb17 #tripoli  #benghazi

There would have to be something quite wrong with a person whom as a leader, hires foreign mercs to gun down his own people in the streets.

Between breakfast and now, six cities have security police forces siding with the protestors predominately in the western part of the country. When the eastern part of the country learns of the mercs meatgrinder, they may follow suit.

A prison was burned and the detainees fled. A radio station has been commandeered.  The goon squads are checking the hospitals and yanking everyone out who were at the protest, and arresting them. And there he is, riding around in an open limo in downtown Tripoli – with megga security around him.

He always was a funny fella.
They said they will punt him in 4 days or less. And they should.

#iran  #25 Bahman   # 1Esfand

The Basiji use paint guns to shoot at the protesters so they may later have them arrested.  Two of the most prominent leaders – Mousavi and Karroubi have been placed under house arrest.

The IRGC sounds unwilling to fire on protesters, we shall see.

In Tunisia, the Islamist party made their bid by burning all of the brothels.

– 02/20/11

This is personal.

You know, you really are a dick Gadaffi . You fired Artillery into the town square and murdered your own people. Now you see why I was so pissed off with Saddam.  Gain your freedom Libya, but if you screw it up, I will hold you where Ishmael is. After-all, this is whom with we speak.

P.S. Libyan military, you have a short shelf life right now. Repair that correctly.This is your Family that you shelled. The quacker himself even killed his own Family. How far are you willing to risk your neck for this guy? Why cannot Libya become kind of a tame and nice place to tour withought guys behind masks with knives dis-allowing US access into your awesome and sweet country?

Persia, nothing is finished yet, this is just starting. Iran is over as warned before. Pack off on your camels before the guard finds your deepest secrets. Iran belongs to those decent people there, not the puppet that pops out of a well.

Nothing at all useful has come out of the mullahs. Nor the “Supreme Leader”.


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Watch it live.

The house of turmolt is alive and kicking in the middle east.

If you are sitting in the White house and want to get a glimpse or feel of whats going on, don’t form a new commission, Don’t spend $80 Billlion a year for a strata-intelligence system. Go to Blogs of war!

What a fantastic job!

Also, learn about the country today!

Watch that pesky haji.

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Butcher’s budget here – When you are sinking, may as well eat until nothing is left for the Life boats.

The House, Senate, and President are playing wiffile ball on the top deck of the Titanic and wonder why this ball keeps getting lost in the wind. In time, the wind no longer blows the ball away from the players. Surely the ship has stopped. Surely you are lost – so they could be good at wiffle ball.

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