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#FRAGO. Distribution: ALL, #Water is PRI-1 Do not let this get desperate.

There are people who could benifit greatly if they knew these things.
Water day –,7340,L-4247665,00.html   This is problem, NO?     Water everywhere    World over-using underground water reserves for agriculture     app to chart water quality


Also, do not feel bad if you feel like getting Danger Swag, it does not make you prepper”” which sounds ghey, just prudent to have assets if someone else fails you. It is an economy.


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Remus as always does excellent work. He wrote this on #collapse

He writes:

“The tip offs are as predictable as they are universal. Debased and manipulated currency. Schemes to confiscate or outlaw real wealth. Rule by fraud and force. Elitists and personality cults. Purchased allegiance. Showy displays of unmerited privilege. Deteriorating standards in education, deportment and mores. A steady drop in technological innovation. Overly complex, unpredictable and corrupt governance. And most ominous, a creeping conviction established authority is illegitimate at its root.”

It points to the un-serious nature of our politicians. Cynical and arrogant.

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Now we have downward mobility. This is going the wrong way #economy

It means everyone gets poorer, and the government has less revenue. At a certain point, the US Government will no longer have anyone to take money from to squander.

Less demand on goods raises their prices and makes them more sparse. There is inflation currently but it is was masked by cheaper oil prices. Wait until these commodities meet demand. This is going to be a train wreck, I assure you.

Just a few will be able to get on a plane and leave this place when it is all said and done – after they have wrecked it totally.

Hopefully the lawmakers will be trapped here with the rest of us.


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Once your Nation collapses, you will never get it back. #collapse

I wanted to remind you that the US is following the Argentinian model to economic collapse…

“[H]is successors could never get back to the minimum government which had allowed Argentina to become wealthy.  Too many vested interests had been created:  a huge, parasiticial state, over-powerful unions, a vast army of public employees.  It is one of the dismal lessons of the twentieth century that, once a state is allowed to expand, it is almost impossible to contract it.”


Some more reference materiel.

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Crooked accounting and the government employment numbers #BLS

All from yesterday:

Record 1.2 Million People Fall Out Of Labor Force In One Month, Labor Force Participation Rate Tumbles To 30 YR Low –

TrimTabs Explains Why Today’s “Very, Very Suspicious” NFP Number Is Really Down 2.9 Million In Past 2 Months 

Why the official 8.3 percent unemployment rate is a phony number —and what it means for Obama’s reelection.

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If you do not know how to cut the US Government #budget, give US a red pen #economy

Department shuffle

The Federal leviathan octopi.

shut down Department of Agriculture (USDA)
shut down Department of Commerce (DOC)
keep Department of Defense (DOD)
shut down Department of Education (ED)
shut down Department of Energy (DOE)
keep CDC only Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)
shut down Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
shut down Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
keep Department of Justice (DOJ)
shut down Department of Labor (DOL)
keep Department of State (DOS)
dunno Department of the Interior (DOI)
keep Department of the Treasury
keep Department of Transportation (DOT)
back to dod Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)
Shut all these down with a few exceptions
Independent Agencies and Government Corporations
drop Administrative Conference of the United States
drop Advisory Council on Historic Preservation
drop African Development Foundation
sell AMTRAK (National Railroad Passenger Corporation)
KEEP Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
drop Commission on Civil Rights
keep Commodity Futures Trading Commission
drop Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)
drop Corporation for National and Community Service
keep Court Services and Offender Supervision drop Agency for the District of Columbia
keep Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board
drop Director of National Intelligence
drop Election Assistance Commission
States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
drop Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)
sell Export-Import Bank of the United States
drop Farm Credit Administration
sell Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
keep Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)
drop Federal Election Commission (FEC)
drop Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
drop Federal Housing Finance Board
drop Federal Labor Relations Authority
keep Federal Maritime Commission
drop Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service
States Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission
keep Federal Reserve System
drop Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board
keep Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
keep General Services Administration (GSA)
drop Institute of Museum and Library Services
drop Inter-American Foundation
drop International Broadcasting Bureau (IBB)
drop Merit Systems Protection Board
drop Millennium Challenge Corporation
sell National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
keep National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)
drop National Capital Planning Commission
drop National Council on Disability
drop National Credit Union Administration (NCUA)
drop National Endowment for the Arts
drop National Endowment for the Humanities
drop National Labor Relations Board (NLRB)
drop National Mediation Board
drop National Railroad Passenger Corporation (AMTRAK)
keep National Science Foundation (NSF)
drop National Transportation Safety Board
keep Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)
drop Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission
drop Office of Compliance
drop Office of Government Ethics
drop Office of Personnel Management
drop Office of Special Counsel
drop Office of the Director of National Intelligence
drop Office of the National Counterintelligence Executive
drop Overseas Private Investment Corporation
drop Panama Canal Commission
drop Peace Corps
drop Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation
drop Postal Regulatory Commission
drop Railroad Retirement Board
keep Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
drop Selective Service System
drop Small Business Administration (SBA)
keep Social Security Administration (SSA)
sell Tennessee Valley Authority
drop U.S. Trade and Development Agency
drop United States Agency for International Development
drop United States International Trade Commission
sell United States Postal Service (USPS)

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Take a peek at the numbers on the #economy: 100 stats #debt

This Article is worth wide dissemination. We need adults at the helm to address it. The current Administration is  making it worse and is not fixing ANYTHING. The market is fragile and soon could be broken, un-certainty permeates every single person. If Washington DC does not get serious, well you know the rest…

Also, the Administration  needs to influence this situation with the Euro and the IMF. If you drop this ball, we will all be reeling.

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When the only answer is to tax, no problems are being resolved #economy #tcot

The President must be held to account for his own policies. Destruction of economies should never be on any Executives “list of things to do”. The American Government and the American Economy are not toys to play with. They are systems that must be protected. A failure to do so will reduce the “revenues” the government may extract from the private sector ergo creating more debt through interest. The economy is upside down with the federal government riding US the people so hard with regulatory overburden and tax.

You may wonder why the market sucks right now, look at the dollar. And these fools are talking about a QE3. There will be no where to put money in. I hope you are prepared.

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A fracturing Euro-zone. The #EU may create more problems than it was to solve #economy

Many member states have not been serious in solving their financial difficulties. When a common currency is being devalued in one place and valued in another, it naturally creates friction.  So, when Poland warns of eventual War, please take note.

What it ultimately boils down to right now is Greece. Greece has not been serious in their Austerity. I wonder if Germany will eventually just leave the Euro allowing it to drop in value to a more reasonable level. Germany seems to be propping the whole thing up on it’s own anyways. Ireland is eyeing the idea. Is it time for a breakup of the overly-aggressive and imposing EU?

And if countries do decide to leave the EU, it may spark a currency war – which in Europe could start a real war. Much more study I must do on this.

09/22/11 – The great Euro Swindle.

09/23/11 – A Fiscal Union for the Euro: Some Lessons from History

09/25/11 – It looks quite dire. Yesterdays….

09/28/11 – Could it be eurogeddon? Europe tells the idiot administration the STFU.

10/14/11 – The Euro-zone goes the way of Rome.

10/17/11 – Europe is losing it’s ambition as happens with all socialist states.

Doug Noland: “The Situation Is Utterly Hopeless”  And a good suggestion – As If.

10/29/11 – This is total ass.

10/30/11 – These kinds of things could lead to WWIII

11/13/11 – A pragmatic solution?

11/18/11 – EURO Finance minister says something completely absurd.

12/03/11 – Germany is again acting like Germany does – and that’s to seize power.

12/04/11 – In defense of Germany.

12/08/11 – Despite the offer to pull currencies tightly together may not work. Sarkozy warns.

12/28/11 – Folks, this is insane – LTRO “Bazooka” Is Epic Disaster As Banks Scramble To Redeposit “Free Carry” Cash With ECB, Lose Money On “Inverse Carry”

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Stories of hardship from the monied to the not. #usdebt #tcot #resilience

Some have, Some have not, and they all show resilience in their handling of hard circumstance. You should be proud for not giving up and becoming inventive during fun-employment.

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Tips for the President on the #economy

So, the President is going to address Congress about jobs. I am near certain it will be nothing more than sanctimonious finger pointing and a proposal to waste yet more taxpayer money to pay off more unions. No matter what he says, he does not understand economics. Not in the least bit is he willing to learn either. This I know.
It is really a shame that the population believes the government creates jobs. That’s the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Government does not make jobs. It is a net loss no matter what it does. Government impedes jobs. Government works against the economy. It created the conditions that made the economy shed jobs. Even government jobs impede the economy. Aside from removing currency from the actual workforce, they are quite expensive. 
I shall say this again because I want it to be crystal clear: For every dollar tied up in the government, is a dollar removed from the economy.  
Government makes unfavorable condition for jobs, individuals, and societies as a whole. Government is a detractor from our focus. It has us at each-others throats. In the spirit of co-operation and “shared sacrifice”, I have spent my morning putting together a little reading material for the President before he goes out and makes an ass out of himself next week.  
                       Enjoy 🙂

P.S. Here is his plan, and it sucks.

09/01/11 – Ohh, it’s not Government, rather “Your Federal Family”. Well, they are abusive and expensive family members. Big Brother.

09/15/11 – ‘Private-sector job creators of all sizes have been pummeled by decisions made in Washington.’

09/19/11 – Our tax rate is almost already the highest in history.

And here is our “progressive” tax rate. Whats a fair share? When is enough enough?

And this is all you had to respond with? Another punt? You cant punt now Mr President, people are hurting. I went through hours of work to show you why the economy sucks, and you make a proposal that will make it suck worse. You suck Mr President.

09/22/11 – This governing style truly is fascist.

10/18/11 – It’s not that hard to get people working.

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moving to macau
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Over-regulation, whats the use?

There was a time when LAW was debated as interfering too much.

There will be no where to run soon. The law will eat all of us courtesy the stupid assholes in Washington DC. That’s right, Your representatives in that pool of turds. They represent you, America. To other citizens and upstairs so to speak. These people who have never done anything worth mention in their whole lives are the creating laws from their asses.

The useless media that lie to you bear false witness and you believe it. The most unprofessional journalists in all of time.

When things go wrong, people tend to over-react. When government is involved, it tends to react in the wrong way. One way is a man made industry that stifles job growth. At a certain point, it puts a darkness over all people. There is a distinct difference between 618 LAWs and 55,000 laws a year. It is Over-regulation

As with Religious (True) LAW, it is for reproof and correction. Where as this “government’s” laws never are re-looked. They always stay on the books. It means no matter what you do, you could be a criminal.

It’s a Ponzi scheme and this country was warned long ago by someone quite astute in our history.

There is a point where the banks are bankrupt, the monied use the system to put their competition out of business, and your cars will just plain suck too.

It will get worse. You cannot even farm anymore. It’s not about food safety. It never is about safety, it is about power and tax.

You cannot even sell lemon aid anymore. <was petty but does prove a point. What do we do when we cannot afford permits for business anymore?

The unbelievable mindless stupidity of this needless waste of manpower and waste of lives is staggering. It is an abhorrent way to conduct business.

Why do you insist on voting for these idiots that do nothing but build industry on stifling job growth?

The answers I get from the un-educated is there is not enough regulation. Not true. There is way too much regulation and when there is too much regulation, there is less ENFORCEMENT.

See Heritage and their 2011 mid year red tape report on our government from HELL.

Even today, more plans to make our world more dangerous by foolish regulation.

08/25/11 – Again More. Goat herding? Roping? Really? And broke back goat regulation.

It will be a shame to have to update this every day because this shit happens every day. Shame on all of you people that vote for this crap. I abhor you as you abhor the existence of people that you need to survive. I will post updates every day I see them so you can see how damnit stupid this government is.

Check out this instavision.

08/26/11 – Check out the Federal Register (The Fecal Register) for pond scum.

I apologize for my vulgarity, but there is not enough words to express my dismay at this piece of shit government that was elected to shove so much bullshit down my throat. I want them out of my face immediately.

I will tell you what this government needs :


You could not even spell it correctly? Really? You idiots.

08/27/11 – Some help from Congress?

08/29/11 – Hey idiot President, you are the problem.


08/30/11 – The relationship between over-criminalization and plea bargaining. Too many laws cannot be enforced Justly.

08/31/11 – Stupid labor rules thwart stupid “green jobs” Even the bullshit is preventing the bullshit.

It seems that whenever I ask for something, this idiot President does the exact opposite.

09/01/11 – Notes on the APA.

09/05/11 – Want to log? too bad. And let’s laugh at our loss of freedom. Again, tell me a reason why we need government, and I will tell you 50,000 reasons we do not need it. There are only 18 things it is supposed to do, and they do all of them crappy. That’s because they want to do everything, all the time. It is EVIL.

09/09/11 – The EPA is going to force us to live in the dark. It is one agency that should be neutered. And Congress should not be in a hurry to pass dumb regulations. Keynes sucks and should not be the model.

09/14/11 – President Millstone unleashed a regulatory tsunami. Nice work pal.

09/15/11 – What if we were back in the day?

09/24/11 – This is the biggest bullshit I have ever seen.  And a Wisconsin Judge decided to enforce the stupid law. This is just plain corrupt folks. A government we really could do without.

09/25/11 – The EPA has gone overboard.

09/27/11 – As Federal Crime List Grows, Threshold of Guilt Declines (WSJ) – 15 years for having one bullet?

The Federal Government has now become the felon, not the Peace Officer. It’s a bully, and a stupid one. And I want it’s limits discovered one way or another. This lawfare must be put to a halt and all laws must be re-proofed. This is an impossible situation brought upon US by stupid politicians that are voted for by stupid people.  Maybe it is time to stop voting for lawyers? They have bastardized their profession beyond repair. Were it up to me, I would burn most of the laws, and let the lawyers work at McDonalds for a living.

09/29/11 – How regulations are stumping the oil drilling industry.

10/06/11 – Making it worse and worse and worse.

10/11/11 – That dingbat Congress critter Ellison thinks regulation is good for business. It’s just nonsense.

10/13/11 – See how government really is a job killer.

10/24/11 – The EPA is the most corrupt piece of shit agency in America. It has absolutely nothing to do with clean air and water anymore.

10/27/11 – The EPA will now regulate dirt.

11/13/11 – CT has problems.

A gallup poll showing just how bad it is.


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Frank n’ Dodd’s personal graft machine Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae – the Devils accounting.

Because no one seems to know how to cut a budget, I thought I would start with the part that threw our markets into a tumble in the first place. Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae were originally government sponsored entities meant to provide backed mortgages in a pool to make affordable housing for the moochers. To add insult to injury, In the 1990’s, the government changed acceptable mark to market accounting practices to disallow “redlining”certain areas.

This prevented the market from using an assessment tool that is needed to value these mortgages. Ergo, the banks had to take on very risky loans which in turn forced them to turn to creative accounting to make the books look green. At a certain point, when you put too much crap on your credit cards, you are upside down.

Anyways, President Bush warned the congress.

So, the idiot Congress back in 2007 decided to absorb these corrupt utopian programs from 1938 and the 1970’s into the Federal Government. This in turn became TARP1 and TARP 2 to replace the bad loans the government forced the banks to take in the first place. Then Frank n’ Dodd made a bill that sucked and really did not help.

Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae just asked for more billions.

The lesson of the story is for every action, there is a reaction and everything Government is a Ponzi scheme from hell.

The failure of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae – more than $7 trillion worth of bad loans


Blame Fannie Mae and Congress For the Credit Mess

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac And The Credit Crisis Of 2008

Why The Media Ignores The $400 Billion Fannie And Freddie Bailout

Fannie Mae seeks $10.7B in US aid after 2Q loss – Yahoo! Finance

Fannie, Freddie, and the New Red and Blue – Matt Taibbi – Taibblog – True/Slant

Obama’s Fannie and Freddie Amnesia | Cato @ Liberty

Freddie Mac says needs $1.8 billion from taxpayers | Reuters

The Next Catastrophe: Think Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were a politicized financial disaster? Just wait until pension funds implode. – Reason Magazine – Republican report puts blame for housing on Fannie, Freddie

Guest essay: Fannie and Freddie mess? Blame the Democrats – Chambersburg Public Opinion

Fanniegate: Gamechanger For The GOP? | Via Meadia

True cost of Fannie/Freddie bailout more than twice Obama administration claim « Hot Air

Conrad Black weighs in.

08/15/11 – The Supreme Court is on it now.

08/18/11 – City Journal wrote about Clinton’s disastrous policy back in 2000 and Driscoll wrote of it today.

08/30/11 – The Atlantic shows how the government interference created a two tier housing market.

09/02/11 – So the idiot US government forces banks to make risky investments and then sues them over it? I can’t see that. Judge needs to throw that nonsense out and find the US Government (Our Federal Family) liable for ALL damages. I would swear we are living in a banana republic right about now.

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Graceful Divestment #usdebt Rating and standing. This issue is far from over.

Every country that has hit 100% of it’s GDP in debt has defaulted – or will.

Every other country with debt issues such as have been downgraded, and rightfully so. The only thing that prevents this right now may be reserve currency status and the fact that all other currencies suck worse than the Dollar right now.

The issue aside from the fact that the value of credit agency ratings may no longer represent investment expectations, is the issue that it is frightfully expensive to lose a credit rating as a Nation. Not to mention, tack on that added interest to the debt, and lenders may no longer find US currency, bonds, and securities worth the risk if they see reckless accounting practices.

On the flip side, maybe that added burden may force politicians to curtail their vanity and cull the budget properly but I highly doubt it.

If you are going to have a ratings agency, would it not be prudent to rate Countries on the worth to GDP level minus government expenditure?

It was done with Russia which is one of the reasons for Putin’s quip. Greece, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Portugal, all at various levels. After a point they are junk status. Junk status is when you lost your shirt.

Downgrade the US now or give them another chance to get their balance sheet in order?

08/05/11 – Some structured advice and here is your sign.

08/07/11 – The rate of spending from the masterminds in Washington DC far outstrips what ever could have been paid in taxes. We must begin to be honest to ourselves, or live like mad max.

08/08/11 – It really IS a big deal. Remember my warnings prior and the rating rant.   Also, it helps to check Shadow Stats!

11/18/11 – This will be a downgrade. Democrats, you SUCK.

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What #debt and all of this federally imposed spending means. Short view.

If you raise the debt ceiling, you lose your credit rating. If you do so and cut spending in a ten year time frame, you lose your credit rating. If you cut spending immediately and do not raise taxes short term, you keep your credit rating.

A default is not a collapse, but a large part of why not is status of being a reserve currency. That could change real quickly. Inflation could bank our currency out of existence.

Re-Live this fantastic existance that others have had when they did not have the reserve currency of the world in this .PDF document: When money dies.

The only reason the dollar is still holding is because every other currency in the world is in worse shape, but if they see no return on investment from the US, they move their trading power in other ways.

Do not say it can never happen here.

07/26/11 – Lack of Executive leadership is the author of this crises. He signed the checks for two years and only now wants to confront the 24% increase in our budget he made. He just had two years of an entrenched House and Senate to do so. Most people do not comprehend how this works, and why it is not supposed to happen.

May have to downgrade..

08/31/11 – And this crises caused by this graft.

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We must get serious about #prisons now #usa

Probation Officers and messier communities… maybe. The idea during any downturn in economies is to thin the prison population in anticipation of more violent offenders asserting their influence over communities. This is something that happens when economics and education are both lacking at the bottoms of a society, and when the government has over-regulated the business sector making it too expensive to hire another human to do a job. There is nothing left to do but become king of your block. If it is hard to eat, you get hard.

This is not that conversation, we shall revisit that. This is predominately about non violent offenders and how they may influence us in the future as the economy worsens. We need to lessen the op-tempo for our police and Justice system, not increase it.

The preposterous war on drugs generates a staggering amount of prison population. Mandatory sentences are not conductive to Justice. Nor do they allow a Justice system to work properly – what is the use of having a Judge? Non-violent offenders get their sentences and sometimes an education you rather not have them emulating.

This all ultimately effects National Security.

Also remember that you need room in jails for rioters. Stupid rioters.

Since we are going down the path of unmentionables, reintroducing The lash heh.

07/11/11 – I have always enjoyed Walter Russell Mead’s writings. There are few whom I think can say more for me than myself. He presents very succinct and concise advise. I would swear that he swims in my head. Yet, He is an Elder and his advice is always something I tend to seek for my recent short time on this earth. I Love him.

09/20/11 – US States are seeking to privatize prisons. If you are going to do that, we do not ever want to hear about some judge getting kickbacks for convictions again.

01/27/12 – Geriatric Prison Nation.

““Prisons are facing a silver tsunami,” according to Jamie Fellner, the author of the Human Rights Watch study that identifies the new problem for states. “Walk through any prison and you’ll see a surprising number of wheelchairs and walkers and portable-oxygen tanks.””

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Some budget woes may be helped with the development of resources. And plenty of them we have.

Natural Gas alone could put a dent in our worries. I shall put it straight:

Promoting electrical cars with an outdated electrical grid while restricting electrical resources is just stupid. Starving the economy of it’s lifeblood during a down-turned economy during inflation is just stupid.  Preventing the permitting of nuclear fuel during this time is just stupid. Preventing permits to coal industries that have already been approved at this time is stupid.

It’s possible to turn this around, but someone needs to run a “truncate government” command.

06/07 – Fuel prices will directly effect the economy, definitely.

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Nice move #Portugal

Thats big for Portugal. Countries must influence their government with their voting proxy. Else, the lights will get turned off – all over the world.

Public programmes and employees are not above nor better nor smarter than those that support them and their own. La Familia does not include the government. The wages for government should always be below that in the private sector. Else, you end up with the inverted pyramid (Ponzi Scheme). And it crashes everybody.

Via Rantburg

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Round two, Keynes VS Hayek #economy #tcot #America

Again, the rapping professors hit it out of the park. Pick your favorite fighter, mine is Hayek. They have done other videos as well! You know, they are pretty good. They ought to sell it on Itunes.

Again, thanks guys for teaching the world in an unconventional way, and continuing the process.

08/29/11 – The Ghost lives, and looks good!

09/15/11 – And gains traction in Ohio!

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They are so busy trying to give everybody everything that no one will get anything. #economy #collapse

Happy tax day. I wonder if you think about signing your name on the dotted line so you incriminate yourself if you forgot to disclose something. What is tax day anyways? A game of memory?

You know, one day soon, you will stick your little debit card in a machine and nothing will come out. Want to know why?

If you think the government is “taking care” of you, the poor, disabled, and elderly, you are sadly mistaken and I will tell you why.

America holds the worlds reserve currency and is de-valuing it on a daily basis. To the amount of $16 Billion a week. This is why fuel and food prices are rising world wide. Rising fuel prices also hits the economy creating unemployment. Much of the instability you see in the middle east is for this very reason, Food Prices up dramatically in the last year alone. They will continue to rise and there will be nothing anyone will be able to do about it – they are hurting the poor the most.

Monetizing currency creates inflation which causes fuel prices to rise which in turn adds more inflation. Seeing as how we refuse to drill for our own natural energy, they will increase even more. This situation alone is a spiraling, China will not be able to afford our debt, and the bond market will collapse as we are way past endgame now.  The shelves will be bare, fuel will be too expensive to drive to the store, and you will hold worthless currency. Right in time for a wheat shortage.

The fundamental problem at the forefront is you cannot monetize production, you cannot “control” it,  and you may not spend monitized currency to keep it. For with dropping revenue, you may not even support a months worth of work.

Government does no good at keeping your basic necessities available and affordable but they sure are good at making new complex programs and bankrupting them.

The US government now takes and wastes more money than Americans could ever produce. The federal government now must borrow money just to operate basic services. This will end one day very soon.  The narrative in the nations capitol is you belong to them. They regulate every aspect of your being and may take anything they want from you.

When government is more important than your Family, their property, their education, and Liberty, than America is no longer a free Republic. It is now indentured servitude. Government is so very hard to remove from your life – It will take everything from you.

Every federal government program is a draconian throwback to the past with no imagination or efficiency. The US federal government has become a parasite accountable only to hucksters, scammers, suckers, and baiters. It is pwned by the unions and government workers. Government takes care of government.

You have elected yourselves a very dense King that maintains foolish and childish notions of equality. He is unable to even do 8th grade math. This country could collapse under his term, as it should. After-all, 1+1= 13. Right?

All of your collegiate studies will mean nothing in a collapsed economy. What will be is very basic humanity in turmolt. I mean really? whats the use? As one economist put it during the $33 Billion spending cut fiasco “It’s like watching them squabble over who is going to pay for the drinks on the Titanic”

You have less than a year to correct course of this “unsinkable” ship or the USA will collapse, and is already taking the World with it.

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05/30 – Regulations

06/09 – Fed Passes China as Top Owner of U.S. Debt -which means….

06/10 – The US is already defaulting: China

Dreary truths, thanks Federal Government.

The five stages of collapse and the end of a dream.  See how we used to live, and shall probably again.

06/19/11 – It’s very serious and collapse of complex societies Part 1 of 7

06/20/11 – Salons take on the how is here… 

07/06/11 – lessons from Argentina

07/16/11 – More lessons from Argentina. (must read)

How is it going in America? People are hurting.

07/19/11 – Barak Paron.

08/05/11 – Collapse will happen fast.

08/21/11 – United States of Entitlement.

09/18/11 – China may have some plans up it’s sleeve.

09/27/11 – The Middle class it taking it in the neck under this democrat imposed feudalism. And the value of our worthless currency.

09/29/11 – The Savings of Millions of People are Going to Vanish in Less Than 12 Months

17 facts that prove the middle class is hurting.

10/30/11 – The WoodPile report has a good post on hyper-inflation.

11/12/11 – The Government is stock piling food.
11/14/11 –
Imagining the Post-Industrial Economy

12/23/11 – Ferfal outlines what to expect very well. It is the immediate future.

12/28/11 – Losing our reserve status and our entire currency.

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