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U.S. National Service – Please no Draft.

Less than 1000 on


If you cannot face the external threat without volunteers, you may not have a Nation worth protecting.

A draft erodes the professional Corps to a trickle of ability and gets more people killed. It chases Lifesavers away and destroys units with un-fit replacements.
It ends up treating all Men like grade-school dropouts.
It assassinates authority through lack of respect of the duty
It degrades the poor the most as they may have no voluntary way to support their Families. They also find it hard to get “Deferments”


It dissuades Congress of their oversight, and the the Executive may be inept as well with His Commander In Chief duties. All it does is buy them time throwing bodies at a problem with lack of training for Their Citizens. By abusing Duties not spent cultivating Our Armed Services

If this Constitutional boundary cannot be enforced, We may not even have reason for a Congress to “provide for Common Defense”.

May as well hand the duties back to the States because in the end, we end up fighting on our own for this.

To prepare the National Defense and Arm for the task shall it arise is one of the Primary Jobs of Congress. And CINC.

Find a way to hold them to this before your Children are drafted. If done so properly, you may never have to worry about it anyway, and it’s much less expensive.

Our Armed Forces are now closer to being compensated for their sacrifice than in most any other time.


Did the draft have to happen and did it work well in Vietnam? McNamara and Johnson get no pass. Not the way they played rotation roulette.

You will always need a standing army to survive as a Nation. There is no way around this.

Having a Standing Military of all Volunteers funded, prepared,and busy (working Humanitarian Missions for instance) keeps the training and METL relevant. There are very many places I would want Our Citizens armed in certain situations.

Finding hand-off missions for example after the need for armed envoys has passed

Find some other conscription for “National Service” as I find it difficult  for even the concept to be Constitutional. However, maybe tie it to Higher Education. EX-PATS, missionary work, Peace Corps, disaster relief all do provide on the job training.

Being that we are a Nation of Immigrants, maybe find an easier way for Our Families to go help their relatives and Loved ones in situations.

There is always a shortages somewhere that could give extra credits to in your Vocations. Many ways to serve.

Any way more Citizens serve in other ways, may grow the appreciation of the Military with the same Spirit. Yet, forcing them on the Military you refuse to fund now is just offensive.

Why not see what qualifies for National Service to start with?

They say young people these days have no respect and they should give to the state in some way. And every time they believe the draft is the answer.

Wrong answer. We have a Professional Military force with more diverse skills than at any other time in Our History. Why would you want to water down those kind of experts with baby-sitting jobs or worse?

Some draftees require more maintenance than your entire MOS.
That could play hell on you for years or worse, on deployment.


The problem is the Mis-Educational system and lack of faith in Classical Community involvement, Religious Institutions, and Individualism.

Start at the root of the issues they are trying to address.

If the time does come to pass that you must conduct a draft into Armed Services, you better be vastly out-numbered, you shall have already regretted it, repent,
and draft me first.

I do not see this having to happen.

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Painted targets / missing aircraft: Way too many un-answered questions with #Benghazi.

Often, you may garner more information from the comments sections than the actual articles. Some come from those “In the know” as well.

I troll some closed boards so don’t get frustrated. I wanted to include where this information came from.

One thing certain, SEAL does not waste time painting a target unless he thinks it will be hit as it will expose his position and those batteries do not last too long.

The timelines conflict and the accounts are not working for me either. It leaves more questions than answers.

“Rather than get stuck in the traffic, the agents careen their car over the median — there is a median, a grassy median — and into the opposing traffic, and they go counter-flow until they emerge into a more lightly trafficked area and ultimately make their way to the annex.”


Obama Did Not Deny Requests For Help In Benghazi: Aide – 

Was Benghazi Attack on U.S. Consulate an Inside Job?
“Who’s in charge? No one really knows. “That’s a million-dollar question,” admits an adviser to Deputy Prime Minister Mustafa Abushugar. Accompanied by aides, he turns and asks them who’s now formally heading the probe. Debate ensues and it is hazarded that the attorney general might be in charge.”


CIA Rapid Response Team told to STAND DOWN 


“An LTD (Laser Target Designator) is somewhat similar to a non-directional ground beacon (NDB) which aviators use for guidance. The NDB transmits a radio frequency signal whether aircraft are present or not. The LTD “paints” or lases a target directionally, for weapons and targeting systems (which have on-board laser acquisition devices) to identify and vector toward. As long as your LTD batteries are up, you can’t paint all day long. I hope this is helpful.”


“Jeff is correct (about lasing without air asset) but the only reason you would do that is to determine a specific grid for indirect fire which the SEAL did not have available. You are in an active firefight against mortars and MGs; there is only one reason to cease returning fire and paint a target and it ain’t because you thought it was a good time to pull a PMCS on your f******g GLD.””

“…the QRF will go if ordered, no matter the threat. It is incumbent on the forces on the ground to realize the position they are in and understand the cost to others for their rescue and the leadership to protect those that will fly blindly into battle on honor alone. As someone who has sat in both seats, it is discussed and both sides, the commanders and those being extracted do get a vote. “


“The security officer had a laser on the target that was firing and repeatedly requested back-up support from a Specter gunship,”


“From the retired Delta operator:

Having spent a good bit of time nursing a GLD (ground Laser Designator) in several garden spots around the world, something from the report jumped out at me.

One of the former SEALs was actively painting the target. That means that Specter WAS ON STATION! Probably an AC130U. A ground laser designator is not a briefing pointer laser. You do not “paint” a target until the weapons system/designator is synched; which means that the AC130 was on station.

Only two places could have called off the attack at that point; the WH situation command (based on POTUS direction) or AFRICOM commander based on information directly from the target area.

If the AC130 never left Sigonella (as Penetta says) that means that the Predator that was filming the whole thing was armed.

If that SEAL was actively “painting” a target; something was on station to engage! And the decision to stand down goes directly to POTUS!”


“My son violated his orders in order to protect the lives of at least 30 people. He risked his life to be a hero. I wish that the leadership in the White House had the same moral courage that my son displayed with his life.”


“In the end, it’s going to take declassified traffic or satcom transcipts to end the debate. Next thing you know, someone will post, “We had a package sitting on strip alert, waiting to go. They could havè inserted, achieved fire superiority, and wasted everyone of those jihadist bastards.” It’s easy to call for folks’ heads when a military response/rescue neither failed or succeeded. The same critics would have likely turned right around to criticize a headlong rush to action if the CEF had a calamity occured on insert, or an AC-130 was shot down (has Blackfive updated its reporting of a lack of AC-130 platform in the AO?)”


a command “in paper only”…repower/print/

“A military source familiar with the eight-hour Benghazi firefight provided this timeline to The Washington Times to answer the most central question surrounding the death of Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three other Americans: Why did the U.S. military take no direct action to stop the two terrorists assaults? […] But on Sept. 11, AfriCom was still a command “in paper only,” as one former Bush administration official put it.

The military source told The Times, “AfriCom has very few assigned forces.”

Gen. Ham lacked what is called a commander in-extremis force, which other combatant forces have set up to respond to crises such as Benghazi. He also lacked the assets to assemble a generic quick-reaction force.

As a result, the four-star general turned to a national response force in the United States on call 24 hours a day. He worked through the European Command to tab its commander in-extremis force. This unit was conducting training in Central Europe. It had to be briefed on the mission and taken to an airfield, a process that took hours. The national and European strike forces finally arrived in Sigonella air base in Sicily on Sept. 12.

“They both had something in common,” the military source said. “When they both arrived on the 12th, the evacuation of the CIA base had already been completed.”

As the two units flew to Sicily, Gen. Ham, a combat veteran of the Iraq War, looked at other options and saw few. He had no AC-130 gunships, which can be effective in urban combat by isolating and firing on enemy targets. He also had no armed drones such as the missile-carrying Predator that can strike a gunman precisely.”

“If it’s true that GEN Ham had no In-Extremis Force, or any other response capability… then why was he even in the chain of command?”


“…Gen. Ham, monitoring the Sept. 11-12 attacks in Benghazi, had only one real option to intervene directly: F-16s stationed at Aviano Air Base, across the Mediterranean in Italy.”

I also failed to mention this earlier:

“Four hours later, the attack is renewed, and while the mortars aren’t “painted” with lasers, some of the attackers are — as “warnings not to fire.” Three mortar shells then hit the roof, killing Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods.”

It is still in the Discovery process.

11-09-12 – “Defense Secretary Leon Panetta is telling Congress that the military did not have armed aircraft near Libya that could have helped defend against the Sept. 11 attack on the U.S. Consulate that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans.” 

It sounds to me that ALLCON did all they had with what they had, minus an F-16.

My take, POTUS and Staff watched their friends die and there was nothing they could do about it. I remember Hillary looking devastated.

Now, more has been presented but I am under the gun with time so will post later. Still in Discovery.

04/30/13 – Special Operator who Debriefed Benghazi Responders Claims Troops Were Available

05/01/13 – Two retorts: Benghazi (II): A military analysis of the Fox mystery man’s fantasy rescue plan | The Best Defense and Opinion: Special ops bravado hurts national security –


Bottom line, they were dead before they even got there.

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Shameless plug – Powerful Peace. #USN #TCOT #DOD #America #USA #clivecussler fans.

There is a very strong reasoning for pluralism in how all people live their lives with others. It is not more than just an expectation, it may be a calling…

All may learn. Go on and pre-order This book. It’s already an Amazon #1.

“Mr. DuBois is inviting you to the geopolitical and physical battlefield, into the homes of enemies and friends, through the military and political processes of War, and into the minds of the many men and women that serve in the Armed Forces.” 

It spans far more than battle and opens the field up in many diverse ways:

“…there are huge swaths of the Globe that remain only superficially “connected” both economically and technically. And while “we” are all busy laying battle lines we’re neglecting the ICT, education, and economics that will make the world a safer and more free place….”

There are full range of options presented to keep US out of war. It’s worth a read.

Don’t forget to wear red today.

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There is some Sub play going on between the Koreans. #NORK #NKOR

And I doubt there will be stopping it if the wizards of GULAG get sporty:


The ROE is to fire back if fired upon. If you dance this in those yugo subs, you are gonna get sunk, NORK.

“If the South is shot upon again by the North, there is no question in my mind that South Korea will respond,” Cha says. “In the past, South Korean ship commanders were required to go up the chain of command for approval to shoot. After the 2010 incident, commanders were given a standing order to retaliate.”

Forcing action through standing order allows the battle to defer to the offender.

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I just had to post this for it’s purity of essence about #WAR #deployed

And nothing I have read is more succinct than how Mr Brian Mockenhaupt writes it.

” When you walk down the street, they are waiting, and you want to kill them, too. That’s not bloodthirsty; that’s just the trade you’ve learned”

Go read it and kudos to Esquire Magazine. That kind of material is worth paying for.


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An ecclectic view of the conundrum that is #Afghanistan.

There are many different aspects to this… whatever it is.

First, there is the Murder of Civillians by the troop:

“Politics be damned. It must be handled under UCMJ – probably ART 118 which carries death penalty. After the Investigation, will see what mitigating circumstance the Troop has. The AO was a particularly nasty place in Afghanistan.

The issue as far as the military should be the fact that the timing of this put every Soldier in Afghanistan at greater danger. Having our plans to leave there disintegrating could mean the difference between an orderly exit from country, and getting our Troops shot in the back on the way out.

It is a heinous offence to have killed those civilians. An even greater one to have put all of your team mates, your brothers in greater danger.”

The lightfighters are also weighing in:

“Total BS. This guy flipped, but it wasn’t 4 deployments in 10 years, marital problems, and Sniper school that did it. I fucking hate the media. Anybody else notice they really have a hard on for us lately. They are really going out of their way to report all the bad they can about this war.
I’m here right now, and this guys actions are not going to go unanswered. I’m also on deployment 5 in 11 years, a Sniper Section Leader, and have 3 kids and a tad bit of maritail difficulties. This guy did this, not because anything he was taught, and he dishonors himself, his comrades(fallen or standing), his nation and his family. I hope I don’t fucking know him.”

On a wider scope from CNAS:

“Yet US military officials remain reluctant to drawdown forces. One White House proposal reportedly on the table would have 10,000 US troops leaving by year’s end, and another 10,000 by mid-2013. The mid-2013 date, however, concerns commanders on the ground, who have made it clear that they don’t like giving up troops before the end of the fighting season, which runs from spring until autumn. “

And that sounds like timing is more important than feelings. The prudent path is not always the preferred one.

And finally, the last point I would like to make here.

Look at the language used in these articles and note specificly the second headline. We know it was one lone Soldier on his own but the media expand it to “Western forces”. Pretty low. It definately has bearing on how things are seen over there. And the “Journalists” think they are doing the world a great service.


Another caveat. If Soldiers defense becomes PTSD, whats to say a not so distant leader will one day use that information to lock certain Soldiers up in mental institutions.

Active conversations:

03/18/12 – Two noteworthy articles I wanted to relay –

“The compensation policies we have pursued over the last decade imply that we think service members are solely motivated by personal financial gains.  Let me assure you, this is not true, but the question remains; how much is too much?  Where do we draw the line?  How much do you pay people when it’s impossible to objectively determine what they deserve?”

May I say, For the very reason this Soldier stands on his trial for his life and the fact that you know you may not be returning whole tells me right here that this is the just and proper pay Soldiers should be receiving right now. Moreover, whom else in the entire federal worker pay system faces the mortal threat Our Soldiers face? How many do you see on trial for their lives? Some live quite lavish. Maybe looking at the military for that answer may be the wrong part of the government to focus on.

Also, prior to this Rogue act, General John Allen tried to defuse a bomb before it went off:

“There will be moments like this, when your emotions are governed by anger and a desire to strike back. Now is not the time for revenge, now is the time to look deep inside your souls, remember your mission, remember your discipline, remember who you are.”

Tough one for sure.

03/19/12 – “And let’s not take the easy way out and blame The Man for the actions of a man because it fits your narrative. That’s not justice and it’s irresponsible. Robert Bales is not the victim here – the victims are in Afghanistan.”

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Hey #Lebanon, let the #cia spies go.

Take note “If they were genuine spies, spying against Hezbollah, I don’t think we’ll ever see them again,” he said. “These guys are very, very vicious and unforgiving.” 

And if we had a genuine Intelligence leverage, we would also know where Hezbollah is.

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Some information on the Lord’s Resistance Army #lra

This evil entity LRA operates in many Central African Nations including Uganda, Sudan, Congo, Central African Republic, and DR Congo.

The ICC filed brief in and the COIN case was argued in 2008 just as it started stepping up it’s brutality. The region started to crack down back in 2010. Uganda allegedly drove them out of country in 2009 but that may have just been propaganda. The Commander, Charles Taylor, was captured and placed on trial which left Joseph Kony to fill the leadership position. The US will now pursue him following today’s announcement.

There is also speculation that a US presence in the arena may also shed light on weapons that may be seeping out of Libya. They are being found in Gaza.

10/18/11 – The ensuing conversation over at Rantburg.

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Now that I thrashed you on the last post, let me tell you what I believe about Americans.

We are Americans. Hold no race, color, or creed, other than trying to make our lives and our Neighbors lives better.

I am fundamentally proud of MY Countrymen as they are able to eventually make the correct decisions. Americans are faithful. They can be thorough if their lives depend on it. We are resourceful and have enough brainpower to last four more centuries. I have seen genius generosity and industriousness and hope to see more in the next few years.

Don’t let it get you down. And do not think for one second that you are alone or stupid. WE are waking up and reading. Self education is half of the war, these are only battles we fight.

This is An American. (NSFW)

The WAR may be won!

After all, I know you are not really into this.

09/05/11 – To BE an American.

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Watching grounds I have trodden with rifles.#kosovo

Kosovo and Serbia recently had a spat at the border. coincidentally, THE NATO troops are due for a rotation.

It is normal operations and not and escalation.

08/04/11 – If the border is that hard to manage..

09/18/11 – The Serbs sealed their side after NATO did theirs. Watching the slow, never-ending drama.

01/15/12 – It never stops.

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There is no place I rather be, and no place I rather not be than there with you in the bloody desert. (NSFW)

I AM writing a scalding message to the assholes that were running the 82nd replacement detachment when I came to fight. I also am writing this because I see too much and love these Soldiers in Gods Army.

I came to fight. I AM very well trained. I ran my career to be gumby and to run many operations in the field and in combat. I trained damn well hard to learn all I could about this ARMY. I went to every school I could and though not what “They” were looking for, I could have been all that was needed to save many, many lives.

Your first excuse was I did not show up on time – well, you wanted to PCS me out of it to start with. Next was I did not do what that school wanted. I never do but I learned. Your third was fitness – for that I admit I AM broken but I passed my physical test and more. I know my body and it was Able for Combat. I used to max my scores, given time I will again. I damn well loaded enough ammunition, food, and equipment in my time. I assure you, I will be in the shape you need.

I should have gone 18 series right after Airborne school. It may have been better, but I loved taking care of 177 MTOE strength Soldiers. The more I have, the more I can help. Little teams were never my thing and being such a strange person, I know it would have been awkward.

You denied me when I needed to be there. The stupid fucking department of the army wanted me to sit in garrison in Korea after I spent my whole career trying to build special capability units and my proficiency in field range centered logistics operations. We essentially built the finest special operations unit outside of JSOC. And they proved it when I was there and when I left. For some reason, you know it alls’ would not let me deploy light with units to THIS war. All of the other wars were okay.

As for you Command Sergeant Major that decided to take me on, fuck you. I could have saved many lives. I know how to take a convoy haji, or post it in the field away from contact. I can call in a nine line. I am not a tactical idiot. I can fire any weapon you hand me. I know the bad feeling when you are about to get hit, I know what tires and curbs and big bags on the road and bridges and tall buildings mean. I may could have waved a magic wand. You have no idea what was waiting in my arsenal.

Did you not have faith that I would protect your men? Was I so much less appealing to you because I fucked everything that moved before I decided to go back in and join the war with you? You know me not.

I joined the military to tab out. I did not, but that knowledge never went to waste. You spent more than $4 million on me and husked it away. You wasted six months of my life screwing around in the 82nd replacement detachment. You stupid fucks.

As for you “”other Sergeant Major’s, you were a Second platoon Sergeants who had an issue with me when I was but a lowly buck Sergeant. I could have ended your careers in Bosnia, or Kosovo or Cuba for losing sensitive items or many other un-professional reasons. I know I was un-profesional too, but accountable I was. And I was loyal.

Whatever, I backed you and my Commander and when I came to you ten years later -both of you, you were still the same self serving assholes I saw in the squad rooms. You did not like me then but I still went to bat for you at my own expense. I turned the unit upside down to make sure you or your Soldiers and my Commander did not have to pay for it or even have it mentioned anywhere. And when I needed your help, you both were the same back stabbing assholes I knew when you sat in those squad rooms.

I pray your Soldiers did not have to spend too much time with you because you really see nothing but yourselves. I will not tell you what conversations I had with your Soldiers in the barracks. And it always boiled down to that. I knew my units no matter how much time it took because I learned the serious nature of a line unit.

I scraped enough guts up from people putting guns to their own heads to know the limits of a young Men with stress and lonesome feelings. I tuned them in and was not always successful but I did my damnedest to try to see them eye to eye.

I learned to listen and that may have been a threat to you. It sure made our units solid having some asshole like me poking my nose in their rooms every night. We had good times and sometimes, I learned more about your Platoons than you did. I also learned about these men which is more than I can say for the likes of you.

I talked to them as a “dis-interested” party and it worked. Moved them here or there and sometimes backed your fucked up decisions. And sometimes I explained your logic to them. They were and are awesome people. Sometimes even backed them and took it to a higher level. Sorry to be such a meddler, but again, I AM the one that is supposed to pack them up when they get perished.

To you Command Sergeant Major that was always in the thick of it, I wish I was there with you all the time. You were always the leader I wanted and always on the front lines and I wanted to be there with you.

I wish I could have handed you a cup of coffee that day you lost that finest Specialist. That horrible day when you came back after scraping his body off of the metal of what used to be his vehicle. After he was blown up by some pussy assed haji with a remote. I wish I was there to make sure their feet could stay attached to their bodies after you pulled them out of the chassis. You as I know there was no way as time was short and it was kind of sporty out there that hot afternoon. You got them out. There was no way to keep it all together and that’s just how it was. Out by dark was the order.

I wish I was there when you set up the most bad assed perimeter around the Pentagon after some haji flew a plane into it. I wish I was there when you got your marching orders to Iraq to help you move it along. I wish I was there when your fuel tanker was blown to hell and you lost a good kid that day and There was nothing left. You spent hours looking for enough of him to send back home. All that was in your hand was a trash bag and you could not find but a ziplocks worth of this fine man who was loyal and kind. This man with an unborn at home. This man with a wife in poverty. A Man that would follow you anywhere. A good Soldier you wished you knew more.

I saw you one night after you pulled a good man with four kids at home out of a ditch and his neck was still dripping blood and you cradled him until he was taken away and you had to wear his blood on your uniform for a week. There is no scrubbing it out but it just looked black for the whole week. Your right arm and collar just looked black for a week and no one asked you why. They kind of knew why and no one asked you about it. You were not sure if you wanted to change your uniform when the replacement came in. You felt it would remove him from you.

I wanted to be there when your best friends were screaming while they were burning to death and gasping for air. Knowing that sound is ever haunting. Sometimes looking around to make sure they are not there burning again even in a living room or a diner or when sleeping.

I just wish they had let me be there in the flesh. I do not give a damn about my mortality, I want to share it with you, the most faithful and finest of all men on this planet. I would die for you any day and twice on Sunday.

Somehow I can see but I cannot see you know?

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What #American Foreign Policy should be toward the Moslem world.



It goes without saying that the Moslem world is going through a new transformation. The outcome has yet to be determined.

Now that some of our enemies are falling and we prepare to draw down our forces, it may be time to re-examine our policy in that part of the world.

It would be very helpful to be able to pull our tentacles out of there but that’s easier said than done.





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Straight talk on #Israel. It is a Legitimate State. It shall defend itself as one.

Tell “J-street” to stuff it.

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Physical security (or lack thereof) in #pakistan #wot #nukes

Shortly after the capture of OBL, there was a Raid on one of the primary military bases in Pakistan. It was a long fight (over 20 hours) to secure the base and Pakistan lost an aircraft during this RAID. One we recently gave to Pakistan.

This brings to mind the lack of physical security in the core of the countries most prized defense services. So, Rahman ask’s the question we all need to be asking. How secure are Pakistans nukes?

06/16/11  And an answer kind-of.

06/17/11 and the pendulum swings the other way.

06/28/11 – From the Telegraph.

06/29/11 – FAS Report

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VDH hits one out of the park.@smallwars #WAR Check it if you want to see good journal.

I have long read Hanson. He is Wise. This article appeals to many who have diverse opinions on war. It may pull a’lot together. Study this would lead to some levity, I assure you.

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The true cost of battle. #DOD, #ARMY, #deployed #SECDEF #POTUS #USASOC #TCOT #combat #Veterans #Marines #Congress #VA #veterans

The expense of taking care of these Soldiers once returned home is dearly worth it. Deployments take a massive toll on the body. It’s rough work. You are lucky to end your career with knees that will carry you. Most often you end up with a bad back, screwed up shoulders, broken ribs, head trauma, all kinds of ailments. Not to add being shot, burned up, or blown up – we hate that when that happens. When they return, it’s going to be painful, expensive, and heart-wrenching.

A Brave General stood up for something I used to mock myself. In times of war, PTSD was thought of as an excuse for not going back down range. Most were kids trying to get out of something. The guys who really have it, hide it well. It consumes a person wholly. Never reversible, but teachable of what is real and hat is not real at this moment. My take is all of life is very tough in most of the world and it is normal there. It’s just not as tough as seeing your friends be lost one by one and day after day and the guilt is piled so high you just want them to take you next.

It is not in battle where it hits you, you get angry and fight. It hits you later – and hard. Hell on earth is during the 21 gun Salute. If you have never seen a properly folded flag passed to a Widow while her kids wept, you do not know the anger and pain it causes. Moreover the helpless feeling and the recounting of events to try to make it not happen – yet it’s too late and you know it but you fixate on it every night when your eyes shut. Being strong with your men when a blood stained uniform is in your sea hut is very hard to do. It is not a matter to be dismissive about.

Some Soldiers would rather die than lose their Legs and/or balls.  Some may want the limbs they have that are not ever going to work again, and some rather amputate them. The lucky few get to make that determination. Some rather die if they are to be without. It is agonizing as you may imagine.

For I have been fortunate and blessed, these brave men have been giving themselves selflessly in defense for a Nation that may not even deserve it. For the Constitution is what we all have sworn Oath, and it is that which is desecrated in this “Nations” Capitol. This is a very serious matter to me, as it has become for these very true and fine warriors. They take it on the chin most the time as most fighters do, and for that I believe them in mettle on the ground. I also hold their missions dear. I wanted to open this with a personal note and move to operations.

My concern is as always:

 “Our God and Souldiers we alike adore,
Ev’n at the Brink of danger; not before:
After deliverance, both alike required;
Our God’s forgotten, and our Souldiers slighted.”

Needless to say, I have seen it before. During the 1990’s, I watched good men get chased out due to budget cuts. I saw our military equipment degrade due to lack of maintainence, and lack of training due to lack of funds. The Officer grade ranks were purged for more political purpose. It hollowed our force which is why the wars kicked off so difficult.

Of course, office upgrades went ahead and everyone had to get new desks. It was mis-appropriation of funds. Just because there is defense spending does not mean it is actually assisting us in our defense, though I agree it is rather steep.

Then there is the massive arm of the DOD bureaucracy with miles and miles of buildings full of Federal Employees pushing papers around. Thats an expensive part of our defense spending. Is all of that really necessary? I spent much time typing up and pushing papers to satisfy some arrogant and self important government goon that thought that since they had a little bit of power, they had to use it’s influence over my unit.

It hampered our deployments and I noticed bit by bit and year after year, they were passing their work down to the line units to do and thats unacceptable. What do I need that fat ass for if I have to do all of the paperwork myself? The idea was to remove pressure from the line units, not apply more pressure to them.

And finally, the mis-understood contractors without whom work would be far too hectic with the optempo during deployments. Without Halliburton, my life would have been a living hell. I would have had to spend more time on amenities and less of arming the gang with tactical gear, ammo, and equipment – and that is dangerous. People die if you make mistakes in this business.

It is no joke when the NVG has no batteries because you have no AMO qualified guys to palletize all of the “HAZMAT”. We never missed movement, but I will tell you, withought big phone calls from big people, the mission would have been disastrous. “Here, throw your BDU’s on the tarmac and carry this ammo and this SINCGARS because we lost our AMO flight lic” – yeah right. Again I was lucky to never hear that – yet, thats the only equipment you ever want if you want to stay alive. Battle rattle trumps comfort – always.

It happens a-lot. Soldiers slide down mountain sides in battle uniform and have their ass showing for weeks because there is not enough air power to load the requisitions onto the chopper that is there just to bring ammo and Mister-E’s. Without air logistics, its all lost. Without fuel , there is no air power. but I digress, this is a separate conversation.

I will say this, I rather have eye to eye conversations with people on the ground right now than sitting my ass in a box. There is no more and no less of a place than I want to be than on the ground in these wars. There is no substitute for fighting with the best Soldiers on the planet. And there is is no comfort at “home”, and there is no peace of mind in either. I have been gnashing teeth for quite some while and feel like a pogue. I wish I was there to defend some young kid whom may be ruined in these operations. My mortality means little to me in comparison to a 22 year old PFC with three children. There just is no solice.  No rest. Want to be there, want to be anywhere but there, Just want release.  Anyhoo…

Last week, the President called for a “discussion” of roles in the military. I agree with that yet every time we have this, we get more buildings full of bureaucrats, GSA purchases, Congressional payoffs for equipment we did not need, and of course more office furniture. I rather have a discussion on THEIR role in the Military.

The force was supposed to become a spear under rummy with joint capabilities and high mobility as we no longer have a need for the line armies of the past. Yet the wars somewhat interrupted the process.

What I want to impart to the dear reader is if we handle this properly, we could have our cake and eat it too. It was not difficult for me to take a red pen to a Battalion budget and get a Warrant or a CSM to back me and it should not be a be such a difficult task for the clown show in DC either. Just make sure the line units have priority – and do not forget those that gave so much to protect those clowns.

Also keep in mind that the priorities in DC have rarely aligned with the realities the ground pounders face when their boots are in some backward assed bananna republic. Of course, when our Soldiers return, they may find themselves in one again. It shall be good to have them home.

P.S. For any politician that used Soldiers as political play, if you see me coming, you had better run.

CALLSIG is closedanger –


06/01 – Gates Verdict on the budget

06/02 – Rand comes out with a new report on command.

06/09 – Defense industry influence.

06/10 – Destroyer class decisions.

06-12 – SOCOM: Money will not fix this problem.

07/04/11 – Taking care of your own (.PDF)

07/07/11 – PTSD – Mental Strength Training.

07/19/11 – Vetville – Marines tough it out.

07/21/11 – OPFOR rants about Budget wars.

07/27/11 – Some ideas being pitched over Military pay and bennifits.

09/19/11 – Team Red White and Blue presented by the MOAA.

09/20/11 – Schlep talks about Bureaucrats.

09/22/11 – PTSD – Courtesy Rantburg.

09/30/11 – The Munson Doctrine

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Quick #libya update

There is a lot of flight and bombing activy in Libya, most I have seen yet.
The rebels are taking ground again and the army is now defecting so they are just driving through towns.
it’s broken.
Gadaffi wants a ceasefire – yet he already broke it. But this is the kind of thing our military does when we think there will be one – get as much as you can while you can.
Rebels have claimed more than half the coast line – they are headed for tripoli. The loyalists are abandoning tripoli in boats in mass.
Gadaffi may just run off into the desert with his tent and camel as his hometown and Tripoli are both being bombed – but again, they may get him tonight with one of those bombs “by accident”
6/09 – Looks like he wants out.
08/22/11 – Live blog of these events. Blogsofwar tracks tweets from the region.
10/24/11 – This update is finished.
If you plan to forge a new Nation, It is sound policy to give the previous dictator with an out.And a trial.
How you treat the outgoing is sembalance on how any leader may be treated.
Thats why you have nations with deep suspicions and nothing but overthrows versus nations that settle grievance in high court
presidence is set by actions.

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#NFZ has a short time to work, for the windy season approaches.

Spring brings great sandstorms in the Maghreb that last days, weeks, months. It will be a poor time to be committed to long term operations. It is also time right now to endgame this action. This is what the UN stated the NFZ was for, and why it lacks support. If this military action remains listless, the coalition may falter.

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What will count are his friends, his deep pockets, and his fear of losing power. It is more powerful to him than the lives of any of his family. Any of them.He hires foreigners to protect him and fly his military craft. He hires them to snipe at people they point out. He is not about people at all and never was. Relations did warm with him given his help in other areas.

He was not a major problem for the US as of late.But, is a major problem with the immigrant population in France.
Once that Allied member committed, the game started.
Now is consequence of acting in-effectually without having proper mediation first. It rips alliances out of support.

If he now poses threat of retaliation for the declaration of war that has not been made, then are you responsible to ensure he cannot make good on that threat?

Well, he had ten billion dollars under his mattress. Heard he decided to go to the mattresses. If this is so, and it usually is, he plans to kick back. If this is seen, you must again go back to a JDAM.

We will have gone full circle in the use of force, and not using force in less than 2 months.

3/27 – Gadaffi’s troops are defecting.

08/21/11 – Tripoli falls.


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This must be dealt with. #UCMJ #US judge advocate general

Soldiers do not do this. This popped up last year and got sidelined. It is not behavior true Soldiers conduct. Needless to say, someone wanted to go over it again for whatever reason. Thats the part that makes the timing strange. Yet, there is no excuse for men under the US Military to be so savage, and this is very rare in our forces. Do not make me point to other countries forces. There are good and bad people everywhere.

Besides the fact that these foreign people are poor and scared or may be the guys that killed someone would not even elicit this kind of brutality and it most certainly is not Authorized by the UCMJ.

Our soldiers see plenty of their own also get murdered. As one quoted to me “Many of the people, in fact most you see killed deserve it; there are not too many innocent people there. Not all by far, but most”. It seemed quite crude at first look. I Am awares of the fact that targeting has been quite accurate as of late.

In any case, these kids were not on a strategic war path, they were being thugs and murdering whomever to satisfy I do not care what.

No US Soldier has the authority to abuse and murder anyone from any country in this context. Ever. And they ALL know it.

This is the most difficult case I have seen in the Military in my life, though we always expect awful things.

This is a lesson about power. Having it does not mean you use it. It means you become humble as power could overtake your whole being in every aspect. Power is powerful and it resonates both ways. Power is nasty. You should not hate it because you do not have any (so to speak), Hate it when others abuse it. Learn to look for it’s abuse.

There is a Hero kid story here by the way, and a good Father. The Military boards have been on fire over it until it was sidelined. No worries, we never forget.

Anyways, it is worth tracking.

And tracking we are. 06/24/11 – The photos seemed to mean more than the action. Testimony.

Many trials have been wrong with the military. I remember many. It is very difficult to find a charge against someone on the battlefield. One reason sometimes is “Hey, look! we are making progress” and ” We are warriors”. Yeah. Everyone smiles and then goes back into their shell looking for the next round. Conditioned so to speak. But if this was going about wasting time while wasting random people, that’s a big no no in these Armed Forces.

I have been caught up with popular support sometimes. But generating reason for it other than planned military targets makes it harder to accept.

Make it a fair trial please. Always be lenient with our cops.

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The President could not act earlier. #libya

You cannot just go in and bomb stuff. There may be good guys in the way. The AWACS needed time enough to collect information, and we needed a partner on the ground. And most important of all, they must ask us to intervene. We must know who they are to help them. So, he did good in my view. I certainly was not a proponent to act at all as it was not within US interest. But (always a but) Al-Qaeda has been drooling over Libya so they could use it for their arms trade to further Islam in Africa. Gadaffi was preventing that. Without firm confirmation from the Rebels of support, it may have been against US interest and still may turn out so.

There also is the point of international co-operation. It seemed to pass very quickly, yet the Pentagon was really against it. I do not blame them at all.

You work with the messed up world you have instead of trying to make it what you want. Once France started to strafe, we had to engage. So, for the second time, good job Mr President.


That being from the fact that every time I say no, you say yes. And if I know you are going forth with it, the least we can do is support our Allies if they decide to get skin in the game.

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Force of action has impact.

If you want to play, he is challenging you.

If you wait, he will kill them all. It will be the same again until they make enough babies to challenge him again.

One JDAM could end it all but you have to declare war for that. If you want a NFZ, I believe you must do the same. The Libyan government is not really “recognized”.

You are the executive, Obama. But understand that by LAW, if they plan to kill you, you must kill them first. Ergo, you have to sink a Navy, and ground an air force of an entire country you do not know will be friendly – or maybe they say they are. It’s your chain, and this is the last hour. Will you pull it for Hillary, or understand that we need standing fleets available for the pace of this here broken arrow? Events unseen and such…
You must be addicted to placing your words into action. Problem is, we are busy. Not that we cannot handle it – just the op-tempo has grown beyond comprehension and yet today you speak as the defense budget is the first on the chopping block.
I say anyone who pushes papers or collects them are non-essential, and if you have no vision, you have little place enforcing your vision on the middle east. That said, You are Commander In Chief and need to understand the ramifications of your actions. Not withstanding brackets, golf, and fundraisers to get in your way. Happy Purim

P.S. Fasting is feeding the poor personally, not jacking up prices so high they cannot afford to drive to work.

If you engage OUR Soldiers in this, you are responsible to them for eternity.

Also, Gadaffi has no chance in hell of keeping that country.

Aim High. Or not.

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Crocs and gators continued.

Mookie is back! yay. Sistani is holding grace, but it seems he has been cut from the Hojjat via partner influence. He is working on Iraq while Iran kicks “reformers” out of the running. Seems to me that something is going to boil over where Sistani does not want to be, hence his hitcrew newly “reformed” set foot in Iraq. It may also be the sliding scale of influence in the Shi’ite sect. Maybe the city of Qom is not all that holy after-all. Rafsanjani is now out of the picture so maybe something is afoot in Iran.

Of course just speculation…… no?

04/24 – Intel chief quits, supreme leader trumps prez.

04/27 – AJ may want to quit. The heat is on. And he skipped his meeting with the counsel.

05/06 – Iran gearing up for another tug-of-war: Small Wars Journal.

05/09 – A bloody brawl over the two sides and a possible Coup.

05/17 – The Pres wants to take down Supreme Leader.

05/30 – Not winning – Khamenei endorses Ahmadinejad?

06/01 – Apparently not.

06/02 – Supreme Leader is going to trump short round.

06/12 – Layla

06/16/11 – IRGC will side with Khamenei. 

07/14/2011 – Reproofed. What do the seven dwarfs say?

What this is boiling down to is the fact that “Supreme Leader” Ayatollah Ali Khamenei believes that the Islamic state is in jeopardy with the radical hard liners in charge – and sees himself depreciated as his reliable staff is constantly removed from Government control. It also is a spat between the IRGC and the HOTJA (or whatever it is that AJ is a part of).  QOM has sworn they will fight on the side of the Supreme Leader. A more moderate force  but will not stop the clash between true Iranians that would like to enjoy a State of Freedom from all of that ruling class. Sounds very familiar with many countries in that area. As well as ours 🙂

09/19/11 – There has been much back and forth that I have not posted as it is more bark than bite, but this gem from PBS speaks about how the IRGC is taking the Iranian Parliament.

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The Joes that are pros.

The All Volunteer Force. Unparalleled Bravery.

The biggest problem, gear. If you have never ran down a draw with a 65 pound rucksack and a rifle in your hands with gear vest and water and a Kevlar helmet, you missed the best parts of young adulthood. Sliding down rocky surfaces, climbing over boulders and walls. You may look like robo-cop, but you are a tortoise in a world of hares. It’s dangerous.

In a helmet, you lose a-lot of pierifery vision and hearing. Being alert is half the battle. Mandatory battle gear is a killer.

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Out Post in Afghanistan.

Michael Yon is still engaged. May need support.

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Watch how you treat those pros.

This resonates with me. You seek men of character in the engagement of warfare. Being exceptionally knowledgeable and competent in these skills do not automatically reward.

Our military has been engaging in another war in the past few decades; A war of political influence and social experimentation. I have seen the degrading treatment of our Soldiers by our political “betters” for quite a long time.

Atlantic describes many things that force the troops to turn tail – not from battle, but from the bureaucratic PC wankers that attempt to put fine warriors in a box. This piece is about John Nagl. Mind you, he is brilliant but they chased him off anyway.

We also had an exceptional Skipper of the Big E canned for trying to improve morale in an otherwise mundane environment where most on board had cabin fever. I commend that man though it was tasteless. I would have done it myself – yet my skits were much worse.

Chain of command made a bad decision in how they acted. It meshes nicely with the Atlantic story. How prescient.


One more thing, Military members must be thick skinned so whomever it was that complained needs the boot as well. You do not want an environment where those with leadership tabs are taken to the shed over a complaint from a ticked off private pile. I anger at the chain of command over this.

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A perspective on how the world fares.

Strategypage tends to business with a simple review of current wars. It’s a gauge of how things are going and where. The summation is Here…

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Have you ever read about a sniper?

Well, you can today.   From VF

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And now, for Mexico…

The situation at the US southern border is deadly. FPRI has suggestions.

Strategypage looks at things already occurring in this fight.

The problem however, has always been the lack of security at the border.

Afterall, if you did all those neat things but did not seal the prime revenue stream off to the cartels, it would be half effective.

The question is, where does the loot come from that fuels these cartels?

Answer: The Border trade.


And US and Mexico fighting the thugs from US Army War College white paper

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How are things going in Afghanistan?

Abu puts his take on it Here…

Another dynamic to consider is the natural resistance to foreign troops that naturally occurs when more and more of them are seen in the streets.

SWJ is on it.

National Journal Talks.

To quote ORBAT, “They are poking sticks into hornets nests.”

A tasty conclusion, and background.


Danger has a summation

And, something to ponder.

Be Patient.

What the tribes want?

War Nerd says they wont heel.

The Pros say work on the ANA.

Maybe the Jirga worked…

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