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Signs of the times (in a good way) #current

There is some chatter that is reminiscent of Rome . The inevitible empire – Stratfor

There is some graphical detail surrounding SOPA and why Hollywood sucks. Many answers are pooling in.

Some spice as Kahneh.

A cover letter from someone I thought was me.

Reserves are ramping up.

SCOTUS wins a rung for Religious Liberty

Teen risk and learning (and/or)

Arab corruption

Corporate tax

Not all Islams are equal

The real handling of the middle east

Overcriminalization – As Federal Crime List Grows, Threshold of Guilt

Lack of innovation

We are sinking under obama’s policies

FBI to launch nationwide facial recognition service

For guys fun – Simple Pickup

True marxist rejection of Civil rights leader John Lewis. (VID)

The only #occupywallstreet protester that has a clue:

Is Islamic law to blame?

THEY Make OWS violent


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This is for the 1% #tcot #professionals and All in the TRUE struggle.

Sometimes, I see people take enjoyment in things that please me greatly.
Leadership is a qualitative feature and I enjoy greatly it’s application when done
correctly. This is an example of apparent quality.

I have taken note of a non-traditional example through a movie and an
additional furtherance of it’s plot to bring something that was pleasing to the
forefront when they were good ideas.

In the movie, a dry and un-interesting make up of the song was presented with steady graduation three times.

And then I saw him do it again. He took the same thing and made it world class by
confidence, planning, changing, and showing what is behind the puppet. Ergo, he made a

It is niche, and if you do it well enough, you may just make someones day and money to
boot. This is how people are sucessful in America. They become the best in what they do.
And endearing interaction with the audience and the crew shows acknowledgement and thankfulness for what they do And the voice is good!

It’s a corny video. It was also so very well professionally done.
What I saw were some people that were having the time of their lives doing something they spent their heart into making. Is see this kind of quality in many people, places, and things. It is Passion.

It’s hard out there, Man.
People are all still getting up and dealing with it though.

Uriael really came through for me tonight.

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It’s like Time magazine, yet better.

See the year in review from via warnewsupdates.

And Denver..

And Wars perspective from SP.

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Ahhh. War Nerd is back!

“Every June these geniuses write the same little essay about going to the cottage. 1500 words on unpacking the deck chairs and sweeping all last year’s sand out of your cottage. It helps if you can throw in some sappy family-dynamics thing from an after-school special about how this year was Grandpa’s 37th trip to the dear old lake and gosh darn it, he’s not as quick as he used to be sculling over the lawn bowls, but his spirit and love of life are as bright as a button in spite of it all.”  more…

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