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A quip on leadership, and the lack thereof, and #POTUS from hell.

Imagine a king in any time in history that refused to pay his Armies during a war. Imagine that Kings fate.

Luckily for our President, we have the most professional Military in history. Try this with Roman Soldiers back in the day, they would have him shanked on day one.

So much for being non-partisan on this barely read space on the internet.

Regular government workers have the opportunity to seek other employment while they live with their families. Even welfare recipients will be paid. Yet, if you are a Soldier fighting the barbarians from hell in three wars right now, you are stuck in a screwed up dangerous country, fighting. While getting shot at, you are worring about your mortgage, kids, and car insurance. You have no way to leave the country or to find another way to support yourself.

No bargaining rights for these guys. Stuck under UCMJ -desertion is a crime.

Our President is Pure Evil.


04/09 P.S.  DFAS is the most screwed up bureaucratic in the screwed up Federal Government. I HATE THEM>. They will screw up paychecks on purpose for months to come for our Military because thats just how it goes. If you think it’s a simple week of pay, you are a foolish idiot.

Screw any “Citizen” that believes that anything about this is kosher.

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