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April #punchlist -The art of having too many balls in the air.

Russia is waging an air war in Ingushetia

Al-Shabaab has spread the war beyond Somalia’s border into Kenya.

Gabon’s internal strife continues.

Venezuela and Hezbollah, a match made in hell.

Corte De Ivore‘s election mess

Waziristan and the Taliban

Japan disaster assistance and nuclear issue.

Islamist movement north India as the caste system breaks down

baby doc returns to Haiti.

Mexico turmolt

Albania unrest

Al-Qaeda in Niger threats to Uranium mines.

Irans ring of fire. Also Wackiness in the Mahdi’s name video.

Nile river restrictions fight from Ethiopia to Sudan to Egypt.

Iraq drawdown, Afghanistan war,

The Libyan no-fly zone, and the Darfur encroachment.

It’s an incomplete list to say the least.

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