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Straight talk on #Israel. It is a Legitimate State. It shall defend itself as one.

Tell “J-street” to stuff it.


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Physical security (or lack thereof) in #pakistan #wot #nukes

Shortly after the capture of OBL, there was a Raid on one of the primary military bases in Pakistan. It was a long fight (over 20 hours) to secure the base and Pakistan lost an aircraft during this RAID. One we recently gave to Pakistan.

This brings to mind the lack of physical security in the core of the countries most prized defense services. So, Rahman ask’s the question we all need to be asking. How secure are Pakistans nukes?

06/16/11  And an answer kind-of.

06/17/11 and the pendulum swings the other way.

06/28/11 – From the Telegraph.

06/29/11 – FAS Report

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So right “Humans were not made for utopia. “

From Al Fin. Just a quick reminder Here…  And a retort from AT 

07/19/11 – Related – God complex


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VDH hits one out of the park.@smallwars #WAR Check it if you want to see good journal.

I have long read Hanson. He is Wise. This article appeals to many who have diverse opinions on war. It may pull a’lot together. Study this would lead to some levity, I assure you.

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As in the end, so shall be the beginning


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Some positive things that may be said about #America. #tcot

Following a read of Walter Russel Meads column, it is to be said that this country has the rarest opportunity to change for the better.  With all of the current pessimism underfoot, it is likely that Americans will open their minds to more bold solutions than the draconian traditions of populist politics (#FAIL). There are options available but I am sure you are tired of my ranting about Herman Cain.

But you never know. It may be possible to open a new Century for this country versus becoming like France, except with worse food. Or Argentina – always trying to get back up.

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Austerity for Euro… America. Time for the powers that be to get real.

The time for financial responsibility has come to pass. Ryan has worked his magic yet with little support from the Executive Branch or the Senate. The Budget – the Congress final responsibility is more than Two years overdue thanks for the cockroaches that were managing that office prior to last year.

Unaccountability in the office of “Law maker” is anarchy. Assigned blame for last years budget falls on both branches. This year will apply to both as well.

It’s time to buck up, block, shut it down, or whatever it takes. The ceiling has been reached.

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#Egypt may decide the future of the entire middle east

The world is waiting on a decision from both Egypt and Tunisia. We have doubts that things will be better for you after the overthrow. As most know the Moslem world tends to follow the strong horse in every case. It seems as in your case, Egypt, you will have a member of the old guard in your leadership.

Amr Moussa may be the new President in Egypt. I cannot say if that is good or bad but remember, Israel is a partner to GOD. So, you decide. Things could go very good, or very bad. In any case, you will be the leader of the Arab world.

Tunisia also must quickly form a system that is amiable to most of it’s citizens. Unlike Egypt, you have more European roots, and may take kinder view of the minorities in your state (Say Christian and Jew). Yet this also could be threatened if you do not choose the correct style of leadership.

In any case, we are waiting and quality beats time in tour choice.

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Mankind is taking on GOD with BULL, and is about to get HORNS.

The Law of Man has no honesty, clarity, and serves no purpose for Life. Straighten the path, and walk true because as a wise Prophet has said “You ain’t seen nothing yet”.

This past year has been a cakewalk compared to what may come.

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The pains of succession in the Kingdom of Saud.

I have been watching intensely the leadership in Saudi Arabia for the past few years. I guess when you have been to a country, you tend to pay more mind to it. The Monarchy in house of Saud is pretty straight forward in it’s succession. In short, there is none.

The King has major health problems and Faisal is also ill as well. My assumption is Article 11 is being used in the background as outlined in Allegiance Institution Law as outlined in this Jamestown Article.

Bandar bin Sultan is the next to govern but he also is rumored to have Alzheimers. That leaves Khaled bin Sultan and Mutaib bin Abdullah. That brotherly love will probably be as strong as the kind where five get on a helicopter, and only four land with it.

It puts US in a particular situation concerning the fact that Russia and China as well as Israel are all vying for position in the future of this State. Everyone is concerned.

The reason I picked now to focus on this is I feel impending nervousness over the possibilities here in the middle of the Arab “Spring”.

It could get quite interesting.

10/14/11 – Deputy Prime Minister Prince Nayef Bin Abdul Aziz is temporarily assuming power as King Abdullah returns to surgery on his back in Riyad. He is the King’s half brother.

10/23/11 – Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud has passed away And i looks like Nayef is poised to take his place. We thought so since he was left in charge. See how he may rule.

10/27/11 – Looks more likely now.

10/28/11 – It’s a done deal.

06/16/12 – Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz Al Saud has passed. Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud may assume, but he must pick his successor from a younger generation.

06/21/12 – “The Al Sauds’ central nervous system has grown weak,” says a Riyadh lawyer. “They can respond to pain, but not to stimuli like complaints or new ideas.”

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Never, ever should the Library of Congress be closed like this.

You ran out of servers?

Is the government shut down? I thought all of you idiots were getting checks.

I, even I run two servers and know how to run a RAID back up to make sure data is always available. I just think it is telling that the Constitution is not available.

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