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I just had to post this for it’s purity of essence about #WAR #deployed

And nothing I have read is more succinct than how Mr Brian Mockenhaupt writes it.

” When you walk down the street, they are waiting, and you want to kill them, too. That’s not bloodthirsty; that’s just the trade you’ve learned”

Go read it and kudos to Esquire Magazine. That kind of material is worth paying for.



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Things being watched this week:

Following Russia in Dagistan and Ingushetia. Hackers that are trying to be good patriots but are really messing up the security folk with interference. The lulz idiots.
Sanctions against Iran’s IRGC. Water and the middle east (water wars)
This made up race war in Sanford FL (See Pogrom) No sense at all
This corrupt DOJ
SCOTUS and the obama care decision
Military benifits
POTUS laying into Israel over Iran
Iran counterfieting US Dollars
Organ black market
Boko Haram Nigeria
NORK rocket
Political upheaval in China (BO)
It’s all on twitter. Too much to write.


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A quick snippet (summation) over the day at #SCOTUS over Impale You Care. #fail

As only as Justice Alito may put it:

General Verrilli, today you are arguing that the penalty is not a tax.  Tomorrow you are going to be back, and you will be arguing that the penalty is a tax.  Has the Court ever held that something that is a tax for purposes of the taxing power under the Constitution is not a tax under the Anti-Injunction Act?”

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Situational awareness – Robbers #LEO #safety

Three separate conversations that are meant to bring you awareness. If times get rough.. and they will, than this should be quite useful knowledge:

“Chances are good you are a law abiding person except for maybe a little light weed smoking and maybe driving a little drunk every once in a while. Most of your life you have been taught to be nice and don’t point guns at people. You are the exact opposite of your enemy who was taught just the opposite. Remember a lot of street life is like prison life. Who’s the man is everything. Violence is the currency of the street. “

“In Gavin Debecker’s book, The Gift of Fear, he talks about how victims interviewed after being victimized start out saying “I don’t know why, but something felt wrong…” but if you drill down and get them to go into sharp detail, they can eventually name the series of details that led them to that intuition that told them FEAR THIS.”

“It really was benificial to me, to help me understand what I did wrong back when I was assaulted back in 95 by three punko’s! Fortunately I had a ride in an ambulance and a short stay at a hospital. I survived and learned not to be so trusting of strangers … and nice guys don’t always even finish! “

Learning from others is the point here. It may be worth your time to study just a little, small information may be the difference between Life and Death.

Click here to download Managing Unknown Contacts. 

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#Russia – The simple circular defense manuver in response to our actions, and what may be expected.

ABC Reports Russian Troops Have Arrived In Syria, Russia Denies

The Russians are adimant about regaining their sphere of influence. Imagine a conversation”

Q: Why are you going to invade Georgia?
A: Why did you invade Kosovo?
A: You may keep Israel, but we want Syria. We have a naval base there.

Naturally, as We deploy minesweepers to the Straight Of Hormuz, and the Russians send Marine units to Syria, to their port. They have Three ships. Strangely, they did not seem to care to defend Iran – “If you want to take Iran, take Iran but do not mess with us in Syria”. (That’s codespeak for “we will make sure we make everything you do very difficult for you to do until you pay us off somehow”)

Makes sense as the Russians have just as much to lose with a nuclear Iran as would ourselves.

It appears to me that Russia wants to persue a King Ruble strategy and that means beefing up their petrol empire. With Europe in HOC and the US being too stupid to compete, they may have a fighting chance… except for the rank corruption which is as big as ever in Russia.

With Syria, Russia could have a complete defense and pipeline loop of secure fuel for Europe – and a far stronger Ruble. This makes Tiblisi as a mere speed bump on the way through Turkey and ultimately out of a military port in Syria.

Seeing as the Russians have made numerous past (Military and/or “Aid”) investments in the likes of Syria and Lebanon, make no expectation of the Russians to taint long term goals for which they have been long laying railroad tracks. Were it their choice, they probably would like to have a very large base in Syria. I do not see them having qualms with whomever takes Syria. I am sure the Syrians no matter whom,  are not going to mess with the Russians at the port.

Just sayin.


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Now we have downward mobility. This is going the wrong way #economy

It means everyone gets poorer, and the government has less revenue. At a certain point, the US Government will no longer have anyone to take money from to squander.

Less demand on goods raises their prices and makes them more sparse. There is inflation currently but it is was masked by cheaper oil prices. Wait until these commodities meet demand. This is going to be a train wreck, I assure you.

Just a few will be able to get on a plane and leave this place when it is all said and done – after they have wrecked it totally.

Hopefully the lawmakers will be trapped here with the rest of us.


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It is going to be as easy as a light switch to lock the country down. #natsec

Friday afternoon is the news cycle that the media misses.
This Friday, the President signed another defence signing statement – National Defense Resources Preparedness.

This comes right after signing the NDAA.

Also – I don’t know if you saw what the NSA was building –

“When Barack Obama took office, Binney hoped the new administration might be open to reforming the program to address his constitutional concerns. He and another former senior NSA analyst, J. Kirk Wiebe, tried to bring the idea of an automated warrant-approval system to the attention of the Department of Justice’s inspector general. They were given the brush-off. “They said, oh, OK, we can’t comment,” Binney says.”

Why does DHS need 180,000 people to operate, and LARGE ammunition too? That’s a small army right there and for what? I guess there is no need for Posse Comitatus if it is not the Military acting on our soil.

Does any of this bother you?

Why would you constantly work on being able to lock down the country unless you intended to do so?

Do you plan to become a dictator, POTUS?

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I had the finest Parents in the world. (and out)

I am a petulant little brat. My Parents, They Spend about $400 for an entire year of Encyclopedia Brittanica. I spent Three years reading it. If only I could have read that instead of wasting time in that damnit boring as hell school. I also like communications like Radio, CB, HAM, anything where people may speak. Thats so important. But Never tell them, I read every one of those books thy bought and it was WELL SPENT MONEY. Tragic to lose them. But I read some things that were… nevermind.

Anyways, those books were so awesome that I forgot more than I read.
It was not that I read at urging, but they were in the living room which was beautiful – and on the bottom shelf. Mahogany Bookshelf – to me Giant.I would clean and vacuum the house as everyone was gone,Clean up, sit on that very civil war esque couch, and then read books on the shelf.

This fine Company, Encyclopedia Brittanica, My Condolance. You gave me a #HEADSTART

There must be a wild west somewhere and that is the internet now. As far as I know the United States of America and NO ONE ELSE owns it. Yet NO government has authorization to regulate it.

If you want your people to be stupid, un-educated, and unable to talk, YOU ARE A SLAVE OWNER.
There will be no more of this.
Almost all governments on this earth suck ass right now.

Let people talk to each other. If you try to capitalize it, I will crash and burn this to the ground. BABEL

Or, you could be a no talkin MOFO IF...

Leave the internet, the interwebs, the tweetweterdweebs, and good shit alone.

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An ecclectic view of the conundrum that is #Afghanistan.

There are many different aspects to this… whatever it is.

First, there is the Murder of Civillians by the troop:

“Politics be damned. It must be handled under UCMJ – probably ART 118 which carries death penalty. After the Investigation, will see what mitigating circumstance the Troop has. The AO was a particularly nasty place in Afghanistan.

The issue as far as the military should be the fact that the timing of this put every Soldier in Afghanistan at greater danger. Having our plans to leave there disintegrating could mean the difference between an orderly exit from country, and getting our Troops shot in the back on the way out.

It is a heinous offence to have killed those civilians. An even greater one to have put all of your team mates, your brothers in greater danger.”

The lightfighters are also weighing in:

“Total BS. This guy flipped, but it wasn’t 4 deployments in 10 years, marital problems, and Sniper school that did it. I fucking hate the media. Anybody else notice they really have a hard on for us lately. They are really going out of their way to report all the bad they can about this war.
I’m here right now, and this guys actions are not going to go unanswered. I’m also on deployment 5 in 11 years, a Sniper Section Leader, and have 3 kids and a tad bit of maritail difficulties. This guy did this, not because anything he was taught, and he dishonors himself, his comrades(fallen or standing), his nation and his family. I hope I don’t fucking know him.”

On a wider scope from CNAS:

“Yet US military officials remain reluctant to drawdown forces. One White House proposal reportedly on the table would have 10,000 US troops leaving by year’s end, and another 10,000 by mid-2013. The mid-2013 date, however, concerns commanders on the ground, who have made it clear that they don’t like giving up troops before the end of the fighting season, which runs from spring until autumn. “

And that sounds like timing is more important than feelings. The prudent path is not always the preferred one.

And finally, the last point I would like to make here.

Look at the language used in these articles and note specificly the second headline. We know it was one lone Soldier on his own but the media expand it to “Western forces”. Pretty low. It definately has bearing on how things are seen over there. And the “Journalists” think they are doing the world a great service.


Another caveat. If Soldiers defense becomes PTSD, whats to say a not so distant leader will one day use that information to lock certain Soldiers up in mental institutions.

Active conversations:

03/18/12 – Two noteworthy articles I wanted to relay –

“The compensation policies we have pursued over the last decade imply that we think service members are solely motivated by personal financial gains.  Let me assure you, this is not true, but the question remains; how much is too much?  Where do we draw the line?  How much do you pay people when it’s impossible to objectively determine what they deserve?”

May I say, For the very reason this Soldier stands on his trial for his life and the fact that you know you may not be returning whole tells me right here that this is the just and proper pay Soldiers should be receiving right now. Moreover, whom else in the entire federal worker pay system faces the mortal threat Our Soldiers face? How many do you see on trial for their lives? Some live quite lavish. Maybe looking at the military for that answer may be the wrong part of the government to focus on.

Also, prior to this Rogue act, General John Allen tried to defuse a bomb before it went off:

“There will be moments like this, when your emotions are governed by anger and a desire to strike back. Now is not the time for revenge, now is the time to look deep inside your souls, remember your mission, remember your discipline, remember who you are.”

Tough one for sure.

03/19/12 – “And let’s not take the easy way out and blame The Man for the actions of a man because it fits your narrative. That’s not justice and it’s irresponsible. Robert Bales is not the victim here – the victims are in Afghanistan.”

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I guess it will be okay to make everyone ground hobbits. But nobody asked me. I wanted to be a Panda Bear. #SICKpeople

Every time a democrat administration obtains greater power, they believe it is good enough time as any to start their little eugenics experiments going. After all, since the Chinese are “doing it” we should too. It is actually a very hard and long subject but just to give you a clue of it’s invalidity, it is cloaked under “Climate Change”. AHEM

This sickness purveyance; that a government will have all rights to the lives of other people is to me sickening. You people are SICK. Just straight up mentally ill.

Also – more skanky liberal ideas.

03/14/12 – Made an update on this so I can track the Utter Sickness of these people. Sick. Yeah, just sick.


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Where is the line.

I believe when the ballot box no longer works, the line has been crossed. But know this, the line was long ago crossed:

“Though the central force toward an Omnipotent State has historically been the Democratic Party (including the special-interest groups allied with it), the Republican Party cannot be held blameless. Its power-brokers have often behaved as if an unbounded federal government is perfectly all right with them, so long as Republicans hold the levers of power. Thus it will be insufficient to elevate Republicans over Democrats at the next election (and subsequent ones). A statist can wear garb of any colors. He can spout rhetoric as stirring as any other man. It’s not how he looks or sounds that matters, but what he does.”

I got it from Remus but since he has a screwed up way not not being able to separate posts, I give you Porretto’s post straight up. It’s a must read.

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More ruin of the educated west…

“IQ, even genius, has no necessary bearing on wisdom, common sense, morality or character. That’s why a smart elite that’s not wise is worse than useless. Intellectual brilliance does not insure against the fancies of craziness, “


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Americans do not and will not vote for Barak Obama.

I do not care if you are Family or Friends. I do not take lightly anyone who tries to sell me into slavery.
Do you yet understand? I will turn my back on you. We are no longer Family or Friends.

I am, dead serious.

Do not try me. It’s that fucking bad.

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A nation of lunitics?

Come across this Atlantic headline: “45.9 million American suffered from mental illness last year

Great, at this rate the entire nation could be in a mental institution in seven years.  But I tend to believe our Media are institutions of their own volition.

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As if spreading miseryism in America was not enough…. Ohhh Canada.

Efficient use of labor unions and government funded fake activist organizations (ACORN’S – or Horse apples) has turned many countries to un-imaginable debt and weakened currency. How this little man can take his billions he got by bankrupting countries; can meddle in the affairs of our lives is beyond me.  See, it’s even being spread to Canada.  I will never understand mans’ insatiable appetite for more government control.

I wonder what they think of that, Ehh?

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#seething – Why It is so neat and permissible to talk crap about people whom have never harmed you. It’s bravery for DEMOCRATS?

And the way I see it, Government harms people more than anything. I look at myself

And when I talk democrats, that means ALL of you. You are dishonest souls. Let us not negate the fact that Republicans are also stupid idiots and the stupid party, but there is a line with me.

Democrats – your “Party” is the most disgusting thing on the planet besides the religion of Islam. YOU have through history been the people that caused the most suffering to human kind even over Christianity. YOU democrats and your worship of government. For instance –

Louis CK’s crime is not that he is not funny, but that he attacks people for nothing but political reason. He attacks a young Daughter, a small young baybay, and an entire family. He never was funny. But now, I would not piss on him if he was on fire. See, Louis, IT’S NOT PERSONAL.

And know this, all of you “smart”people that have enslaved more people in world history are not people I would like to be around (not as if I AM someone YOU want to be around), but do not even try. No “friends” is better than back stabbing blue falcons.

When your political class has turned this nation into a collapsed and third world nation, JESUS CHRIST becomes a valiant and very angry character that will become the DON. And very few democrats will be recipient of the salvation that was offered by just being decent and humble. Democrats are the people GOD will take the black market out on. It’s going to be WAR Men, and it will not be pretty.

Governments do not own Human life and nor are they supposed to. They are simply to protect the citizen from others and to keep government from interfering with lives (strange how that changed). Like foreign invasions and such. The work all people are to do is to take care of their own and anyone else that they may. It is the responsibility of PEOPLE to solve problems, not governments. Anyone who missed that point is a useless asshole.

I need governments on this planet like I need assholes. Everyone has one and they want to shove you up it, but they are all talking out of their asses and always end up being useless tyrants.

I have no idea what the democrat party stands for anymore – other than being able to garner power. Thats all it is about is power.

Selling your soul out for government power is strangely attractive for humans. I personally do not like power. The less it is used is the better, and never use it to crush people like bugs. Only for mortal enemies.

So asshole CK and asshole maher, are you willing to sacrifice your soul for an all knowing government or some shit you have not clarified yet? Are you willing to sacrifice others including little Trig to the government? Apparently so. That is when you have forsaken your soul and actual people to an idea that has killed more than 300 million people on this DAMNIT planet right here in even your sorry assed life time.

Boy, if you talked like that about a little baby around me, I would grab your throat right on stage and choke the last breath out of you in front of the entire world. You talk shit about a Baybey?? A little baby?You are not a man, you are a pussy. You must examine your entire existence on this very day. Fuck living in a world with no morality if you plan to turn it all into a prison, right? And fuck having a Louis CK over a defenseless little Baby.

I AM certainly not proud of my vulgarity and my ill use of grammar and spelling . I AM not proud for letting my drink on go this long. I AM not proud of lowering myself to your level.  My mortality and flaws are nothing compared to the nihilism and disgust you have brought to this society. You are a terrible person.. moreover..

When I look at a Woman, I see my Mother, a Sister, a little girl, and half of a Family. I am sorry your Family lives were not up to your standards, but many have been and more. There are too many good people in THIS world to treat them all like shit.

I even look at a little Louis CK getting beat up when young and have heart about his making … well not getting beat up anymore. But to turn around and do the same to others is an awful thing to do if you think you want Justice. Who hurt you? Not Trig.

I want every democrat to think about this because I have no respect for any of you at all anymore – not a one after THIS LAST THREE YEARS.

Let me clear my head here… You support – Scam that is democrat party – Teacher unions and their zombie teachers, the corrupt colleges that teach communism, The trade unions, the corrupt media that lies to protect only democrats, the corrupt green industy, The envionmental mental midgets with their fake protection of the environment, the pop music culture full of propagandists, the empty heads and liars in Hollywood, the race whores and pimps, General Electric, the illiterate “journalists” and editors in the papers and magazines, ABC, NAACP, ACLU, Media Matters, Democrat underground, ETC and the lists continue. I keep lists and I check them four times over.

If GOD permits you to continue with this “CIVILization” as you are, GOD may as well let all of the bad Angels loose. It is not like you really care for your Children. If you Really cared for your kids, NONE of you would be democrats.

Society is not a club. It is not a popularity contest, it is not about being chummy. It is about Your Family and mine. And when you try to destroy Family, YOU and I are at very destructive odds.

Another way said, I shall become the most angry, closed off, hermit, BLACK Market owning and destructive to a government when you have forsaken all of Civil Society for a ruinous pipe dream from hell. For every action, there will be a re-action and I do not even have to be alive here to see it happen.

In other words, when the lights go out, you do not stand a chance. You poked a Lion in the cage and he still has NEW front teeth. You stand no chance in Heaven and YOU are promoting Evil. It’s plain and simple.

I have become increasingly more vulgar and short tempered as of late. It is nothing like Carthage or even Yerusalem. More like the POX that is upon everyone’s house.   Everyone is perverted but it takes being Humble to understand that. It’s not a badge of honor, it is a flaw you accept with being born (if you are allowed to be born instead of ripped up alive in a womb). And whatever it is you think utopia is, it is NOT. YOU lose and you sacrificed your soul and life making a mortal nightmare in places NO GOVERNMENT should ever have the power to meddle in.

This is more than a warning, this is a proven fact. You think you are smarter than all people and GOD but you are far more stupid than both, but you will back anything that says you are. What a low life you are.

So now, you shall be ruled by the idiots you want the planet to be ruled by and you will lose your lives in doing so. For yours shall be the first they forsake YOU useful Idiots. The easy supporters are what Tyranny goes after first. They present no fight.

They may wait on Godly people, because GODLY people are not easy takedowns, pussys, or stupid enough to let governments take control of their lives. They also tend to be more productive for society than Louis Cocksuckers anyway. GOD ALMIGHTY is watching everything to the pink slime chicken mc-nugget that is your brain in real time, and nothing is a happy meal right now. Imagine what happens when the government runs out of toys like YOU to play with… Or when a very patient overseer decides to pull your plug.

I AM the least of your problems and not a threat to anyone at all. I like to warn you that you are the first on the train so you may correct your course. I shall not harm nor incite it in any way. Merely point out for you a very long Biblical history which you have all out ignored to your convenience but will… again be privy too.

I Pray you awaken, smile, and accept the fact that you have mis-placed your passion. It could also not hurt to ask for forgiveness from whomever it is you should.

And who is Bill Maher anyways?

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I usually already know what you are going to say before you say it. (or, your brand is generic)

You see, with such good writers, I need not say more. But read the comments – all of them.

It looks like that sorry assed democrat underground website where the dung assed creatures procreate within their own filth. You see, I know George Soros is an evil Nazi scumbag and has done considerable damage to the world as a whole. Why you let psychopaths like that roam free on the planet? Well, some animals are more equal than others.


INTERPOL, you best execute that warrant on behalf of France before they elect another socialist scumbag to bankrupt them like Greece. LORD knows you need more socialist in Europe.

Idiots. I fart in your general direction (Throw down the cows).

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Mental Institutions, really? – I want the #military to understand where the boats are headed if this goes the WRONG WAY.

“A more serious reason, he added, is that veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder have been known to scuffle with law enforcement after they return home. If police at the scene realize they’re dealing with a veteran, one who may have PTSD, it could help them better handle the situation, Boden said.”

How much trust do you have in being of elevated interest if you are a Veteran? Do you see why I want to see where this is leading under this brilliant leadership?

Veterans have cards already, dumbasses. Probably do not even have to pull them out most of the time.

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The reason people are afraid and angry at Us is not that they are freightened that we are wrong, they are frightened because we are Correct.

That’s the impression I got from Andrew Breitbart. There was no way to get off of a phone call from him.

Man of truth for sure.


And yes, “His hair is perfect”

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