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I guess it will be okay to make everyone ground hobbits. But nobody asked me. I wanted to be a Panda Bear. #SICKpeople

Every time a democrat administration obtains greater power, they believe it is good enough time as any to start their little eugenics experiments going. After all, since the Chinese are “doing it” we should too. It is actually a very hard and long subject but just to give you a clue of it’s invalidity, it is cloaked under “Climate Change”. AHEM

This sickness purveyance; that a government will have all rights to the lives of other people is to me sickening. You people are SICK. Just straight up mentally ill.

Also – more skanky liberal ideas.

03/14/12 – Made an update on this so I can track the Utter Sickness of these people. Sick. Yeah, just sick.


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What I want to see the next US President accomplish. A Chit List. #potus #tcot #gop What we have now is UN-ACCEPTABLE

I would like the Ryan plan approved
Sarbanes Oxley repealed
Obamacare repealed
Dodd Frank repealed
Food Safety Modernization Act repealed
Spending freeze on all levels and take all federal public service pay levels for new hires down to the Military pay scale
Appointment of originalist Justices and a purge of activist Judges
Hold a tight grip on containment of Iran and keep a stiff check on Russian influence
Mending of ties with Allies we have lost during the past three years.
A cap of 17% debt to GDP ratio for all of Federal Government spending. I would like inflation removed from our GDP accounting to reflect currency loss.
I want all government agencies to be re-looked and some elimated outright.
I want you to have a plan to seriously curb the fourth branch of government – non-elected officials including the EPA
Put a check on the regulatory overburdon that is suffocating our business and industry
We need major tax reform (Fair Tax PR-25)
Secure the border – then decide what to do with current Illegal occupants.
Focus on Latin America and it’s increasing Islamic activity as it will become the premier threat facing America in the near future.
Something must be done about the Diebold voting machine mess – paper ballots
We need charter schools
purge the Justice Department
Cafe standards removed or rolled back.

01/01/12 – Repeal the NDAA.

The way un-employment rate is set is a dastardly way of accounting. Un-employment is not going down, those people are just dropping off the rolls. This measurement is useless and must also subtract dropped from the rolls against the current rate.

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More is coming. It has been quite busy.

Tonight, with the death of Kim Jung piece of shit, it will complicate matters and will probably stay my hand from delivering anything worthy for awhile. If I am unable to update before so, Happy Christmas and of course happy Chanukkah. First day is 25th Kislev don’t ja know.

Still watching the world like a Hawk, and boy is it heavy.

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The lack of #education and the downfall of the nation. The government educational system is a #disgrace.

The entire culture will suffer due to the corruption of our educational systems. The kids go to school and come back dumber than when they left. This goes for K-12 and especially “higher” education where they are taught to be dumb socialist morons.

This is a list (see below) of what is being taught in our government school system. How is there time to learn how to read, write, and math?  If your kids are in there, you may want to get them out:

  1. Anti-smoking
  2. Alcohol/drug
  3. Peace program
  4. Teen pregnancy
  5. Diabetes education
  6. Airbag danger
  7. Air & water pollution
  8. Earthquake safety
  9. Flood safety
  10. Tornado safety
  11. Hurricane safety
  12. On-line pornography
  13. Manners education
  14. Sex abuse prevention
  15. Sex education
  16. Seatbelt safety
  17. HIV/AIDS education
  18. Emergency numbers
  19. Gunfire safety
  20. Suicide prevention
  21. Alternative family program
  22. Divorce education
  23. School lock-down drills
  24. Garbage recycling
  25. Tolerance education
  26. Lead poisoning
  27. Nay, nay from 900 numbers, “stay away”
  28. Oral hygiene
  29. Personal hygiene
  30. Lightening safety
  31. Mine/cave safety
  32. Carbon monoxide safety
  33. Acid rain education
  34. Save the owl
  35. Save the whale
  36. Save the manatee
  37. African bee awareness
  38. CPR
  39. Heimlich training
  40. Personal safety
  41. Save the rainforest
  42. Multicultural awareness
  43. Violence prevention
  44. Holocaust awareness
  45. Sexual harassment education
  46. Gender equity
  47. Don’t talk to strangers
  48. Escalator safety
  49. Restitution education
  50. Conflict resolution
  51. Responsibility training
  52. Lyme disease prevention
  53. Peanut allergy
  54. Condom education
  55. Drowning prevention
  56. Toy safety program
  57. Frostbite prevention
  58. Character education
  59. Safe sledding
  60. Practice safe sun
  61. “Just say NO to Satan”
  62. Non-sexist education
  63. Financial literacy
  64. Practice safe tattooing
  65. Snow plow safety
  66. Railroad safety
  67. Garage door safety
  68. School bus safety
  69. Irish potato famine
  70. “No gangs for me”
  71. Noose safety
  72. Cell phone etiquette
  73. Stranger danger
  74. ID theft education
  75. Easting disorders
  76. Watch out for terrorists
  77. Skateboard safety
  78. Obesity prevention
  79. Bully prevention
  80. Bicycle safety
  81. Bus safety
  82. Boating safety
  83. Bird flu prevention
  84. Body piercing safety
  85. Plant-a-tree program
  86. Death education
  87. Firecracker safety
  88. Aluminum recycling
  89. Be kind to animals
  90. Fire prevention
  91. Food safety
  92. Nutrition education
  93. Internet safety
  94. Driver education
  95. Dating safety
  96. Global warming
  97. Energy conservation
  98. Toxic plastic awareness
  99. SARS awareness
  100. Swine flu pandemic
  101. Texting manners
  102. No texting & driving
  103. Sexting danger
  104. Cyper bullying
  105. Security clearance
  106. Just say NO to kissing

03/01/12 – To add insult to injury –  What You’re Paying for Your Child to Learn at College

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Refocusing on #iran in a geo-politically disoriented world.

For years, Iran has smuggled arms to it’s proxy Hezbollah in Syria. That link has eroded as baby Assad’s command rule has been disintegrating.

Recently, it was learned that Iran may have procured surface to air missiles from Libya.

The most startling development is not the help they are receiving from North Korea but the fact that Iran is perusing domestic production of carbon fiber for ballistic missiles.  They may have already procured rocket fuel and have procured the engines. They have already launched two satellites. They are working on a warhead.

Plus, it’s just suck to live there under that madly insane government. They even put Pastors to death. (BTW – Good job Mr President – for real)

The leadership makes threats on a constant basis, it may be time to take them serious. We may or may not have help with this.

10/01/11 – Do not get me wrong, I really love Iranians to the core. I dislike their leadership yet I find Iranians , almost always, a delight to speak with, do business with, and to work with. Iranians are highly educated and to remind, not all Moslem. Persia is a beautiful country with brave and respectful people. Traditional, caring, and very modern.

I sometimes forget when I post that my terse language may mislead dear reader into thinking something different than I feel. And I feel for Persia. For that could be a world class country again if they were let to free themselves from the ignorant ruling class. I certainly love the people.

10/02/11 – They are making rockets, but we have invented flying carpets. Ironic.

10/07/11 – Bushehr may have some melting down action.

10/15/11 – Some interesting comments lately within the internal politic including this “Then he declared, “We don’t need to kill Saudi ambassador, but if necessary, we are able to assassinate King Abdullah” from Prominent cleric Hojatoleslam Mehdi Taeb.  The Saudi King is currently undergoing surgery in Riyadh.

10/18/11 – Iran’s Advanced Centrifuges

10/19/11 – I have been watching the gulf between Iran and Saudi Arabia widen as of late.  This rough up over the Diplomat has not helped.

10/28/11 –

If it is the case that Iran has possessed nuclear weapons for almost 20 years, as the author claims, two components of his argument collapse. First, although it may be the case that Iran is generally ideological and jihadist, it is clear that, from the perspective of nuclear policy, they are moderate and reasonable. To possess a nuclear capability for so long without deploying or even declaring it suggests a levelheadedness that makes military action appear unnecessary.
Second, if it is the case (it’s probably not), as the author claims, that “Iran only needs a single nuclear weapon to destroy the United States” via EMP, why would we risk a nuclear counter-strike against the U.S. by initiating military regime change operations? That seems the height of foolishness, especially given the largely peaceful conduct, for the past 20 years, of a nuclear Iran.” 
Thats from CSIS, and it outlines what our foreign policy should be with Iran. The waqpo article.
Iran parliament set to question Ahmadinejad over fraud case, corruption, in blow to prestige. From Intelwire
11/6/11 – Irans proxy Hizbollah is prepping for war with Israel
11/9/11 – Look at Iran’s nuclear capabilities.
01/03/12 – Iran in Convulsion (the death spiral continues)
01/07/12 – US must exploit new split in Iran’s Revolutionary Guard
01/26/12 – “Most revealing, though, is the warning of one Revolutionary Guard commander, in an anonymousletter to the opposition group Green Experts of Iran. The letter, posted on the group’s web site, says that the current commanders of the various armed forces appointed by Khamenei are delusional about their capabilities and have no clue as to the consequences of a war with America.”
02/18/12 – Internal strife admidst hard economic times = more faith in the Majlis. Iranian Supreme Leader Khamenei and the Iranian Regime vs. President Ahmadinejad VIA Rantburg. Also – SWIFT To Cut Off Iran – No Financial Telecommunications
03/29/12 – U.S. sets sanctions on Iran shipping, engineer firms And IRGC is the focus. Question is are you applying pressure on the IRGC in the correct way? Did something break down spurring this particular target? Was it Venezuela?

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Over-regulation, whats the use?

There was a time when LAW was debated as interfering too much.

There will be no where to run soon. The law will eat all of us courtesy the stupid assholes in Washington DC. That’s right, Your representatives in that pool of turds. They represent you, America. To other citizens and upstairs so to speak. These people who have never done anything worth mention in their whole lives are the creating laws from their asses.

The useless media that lie to you bear false witness and you believe it. The most unprofessional journalists in all of time.

When things go wrong, people tend to over-react. When government is involved, it tends to react in the wrong way. One way is a man made industry that stifles job growth. At a certain point, it puts a darkness over all people. There is a distinct difference between 618 LAWs and 55,000 laws a year. It is Over-regulation

As with Religious (True) LAW, it is for reproof and correction. Where as this “government’s” laws never are re-looked. They always stay on the books. It means no matter what you do, you could be a criminal.

It’s a Ponzi scheme and this country was warned long ago by someone quite astute in our history.

There is a point where the banks are bankrupt, the monied use the system to put their competition out of business, and your cars will just plain suck too.

It will get worse. You cannot even farm anymore. It’s not about food safety. It never is about safety, it is about power and tax.

You cannot even sell lemon aid anymore. <was petty but does prove a point. What do we do when we cannot afford permits for business anymore?

The unbelievable mindless stupidity of this needless waste of manpower and waste of lives is staggering. It is an abhorrent way to conduct business.

Why do you insist on voting for these idiots that do nothing but build industry on stifling job growth?

The answers I get from the un-educated is there is not enough regulation. Not true. There is way too much regulation and when there is too much regulation, there is less ENFORCEMENT.

See Heritage and their 2011 mid year red tape report on our government from HELL.

Even today, more plans to make our world more dangerous by foolish regulation.

08/25/11 – Again More. Goat herding? Roping? Really? And broke back goat regulation.

It will be a shame to have to update this every day because this shit happens every day. Shame on all of you people that vote for this crap. I abhor you as you abhor the existence of people that you need to survive. I will post updates every day I see them so you can see how damnit stupid this government is.

Check out this instavision.

08/26/11 – Check out the Federal Register (The Fecal Register) for pond scum.

I apologize for my vulgarity, but there is not enough words to express my dismay at this piece of shit government that was elected to shove so much bullshit down my throat. I want them out of my face immediately.

I will tell you what this government needs :


You could not even spell it correctly? Really? You idiots.

08/27/11 – Some help from Congress?

08/29/11 – Hey idiot President, you are the problem.


08/30/11 – The relationship between over-criminalization and plea bargaining. Too many laws cannot be enforced Justly.

08/31/11 – Stupid labor rules thwart stupid “green jobs” Even the bullshit is preventing the bullshit.

It seems that whenever I ask for something, this idiot President does the exact opposite.

09/01/11 – Notes on the APA.

09/05/11 – Want to log? too bad. And let’s laugh at our loss of freedom. Again, tell me a reason why we need government, and I will tell you 50,000 reasons we do not need it. There are only 18 things it is supposed to do, and they do all of them crappy. That’s because they want to do everything, all the time. It is EVIL.

09/09/11 – The EPA is going to force us to live in the dark. It is one agency that should be neutered. And Congress should not be in a hurry to pass dumb regulations. Keynes sucks and should not be the model.

09/14/11 – President Millstone unleashed a regulatory tsunami. Nice work pal.

09/15/11 – What if we were back in the day?

09/24/11 – This is the biggest bullshit I have ever seen.  And a Wisconsin Judge decided to enforce the stupid law. This is just plain corrupt folks. A government we really could do without.

09/25/11 – The EPA has gone overboard.

09/27/11 – As Federal Crime List Grows, Threshold of Guilt Declines (WSJ) – 15 years for having one bullet?

The Federal Government has now become the felon, not the Peace Officer. It’s a bully, and a stupid one. And I want it’s limits discovered one way or another. This lawfare must be put to a halt and all laws must be re-proofed. This is an impossible situation brought upon US by stupid politicians that are voted for by stupid people.  Maybe it is time to stop voting for lawyers? They have bastardized their profession beyond repair. Were it up to me, I would burn most of the laws, and let the lawyers work at McDonalds for a living.

09/29/11 – How regulations are stumping the oil drilling industry.

10/06/11 – Making it worse and worse and worse.

10/11/11 – That dingbat Congress critter Ellison thinks regulation is good for business. It’s just nonsense.

10/13/11 – See how government really is a job killer.

10/24/11 – The EPA is the most corrupt piece of shit agency in America. It has absolutely nothing to do with clean air and water anymore.

10/27/11 – The EPA will now regulate dirt.

11/13/11 – CT has problems.

A gallup poll showing just how bad it is.


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Frank n’ Dodd’s personal graft machine Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae – the Devils accounting.

Because no one seems to know how to cut a budget, I thought I would start with the part that threw our markets into a tumble in the first place. Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae were originally government sponsored entities meant to provide backed mortgages in a pool to make affordable housing for the moochers. To add insult to injury, In the 1990’s, the government changed acceptable mark to market accounting practices to disallow “redlining”certain areas.

This prevented the market from using an assessment tool that is needed to value these mortgages. Ergo, the banks had to take on very risky loans which in turn forced them to turn to creative accounting to make the books look green. At a certain point, when you put too much crap on your credit cards, you are upside down.

Anyways, President Bush warned the congress.

So, the idiot Congress back in 2007 decided to absorb these corrupt utopian programs from 1938 and the 1970’s into the Federal Government. This in turn became TARP1 and TARP 2 to replace the bad loans the government forced the banks to take in the first place. Then Frank n’ Dodd made a bill that sucked and really did not help.

Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae just asked for more billions.

The lesson of the story is for every action, there is a reaction and everything Government is a Ponzi scheme from hell.

The failure of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae – more than $7 trillion worth of bad loans


Blame Fannie Mae and Congress For the Credit Mess

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac And The Credit Crisis Of 2008

Why The Media Ignores The $400 Billion Fannie And Freddie Bailout

Fannie Mae seeks $10.7B in US aid after 2Q loss – Yahoo! Finance

Fannie, Freddie, and the New Red and Blue – Matt Taibbi – Taibblog – True/Slant

Obama’s Fannie and Freddie Amnesia | Cato @ Liberty

Freddie Mac says needs $1.8 billion from taxpayers | Reuters

The Next Catastrophe: Think Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were a politicized financial disaster? Just wait until pension funds implode. – Reason Magazine – Republican report puts blame for housing on Fannie, Freddie

Guest essay: Fannie and Freddie mess? Blame the Democrats – Chambersburg Public Opinion

Fanniegate: Gamechanger For The GOP? | Via Meadia

True cost of Fannie/Freddie bailout more than twice Obama administration claim « Hot Air

Conrad Black weighs in.

08/15/11 – The Supreme Court is on it now.

08/18/11 – City Journal wrote about Clinton’s disastrous policy back in 2000 and Driscoll wrote of it today.

08/30/11 – The Atlantic shows how the government interference created a two tier housing market.

09/02/11 – So the idiot US government forces banks to make risky investments and then sues them over it? I can’t see that. Judge needs to throw that nonsense out and find the US Government (Our Federal Family) liable for ALL damages. I would swear we are living in a banana republic right about now.

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Graceful Divestment #usdebt Rating and standing. This issue is far from over.

Every country that has hit 100% of it’s GDP in debt has defaulted – or will.

Every other country with debt issues such as have been downgraded, and rightfully so. The only thing that prevents this right now may be reserve currency status and the fact that all other currencies suck worse than the Dollar right now.

The issue aside from the fact that the value of credit agency ratings may no longer represent investment expectations, is the issue that it is frightfully expensive to lose a credit rating as a Nation. Not to mention, tack on that added interest to the debt, and lenders may no longer find US currency, bonds, and securities worth the risk if they see reckless accounting practices.

On the flip side, maybe that added burden may force politicians to curtail their vanity and cull the budget properly but I highly doubt it.

If you are going to have a ratings agency, would it not be prudent to rate Countries on the worth to GDP level minus government expenditure?

It was done with Russia which is one of the reasons for Putin’s quip. Greece, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Portugal, all at various levels. After a point they are junk status. Junk status is when you lost your shirt.

Downgrade the US now or give them another chance to get their balance sheet in order?

08/05/11 – Some structured advice and here is your sign.

08/07/11 – The rate of spending from the masterminds in Washington DC far outstrips what ever could have been paid in taxes. We must begin to be honest to ourselves, or live like mad max.

08/08/11 – It really IS a big deal. Remember my warnings prior and the rating rant.   Also, it helps to check Shadow Stats!

11/18/11 – This will be a downgrade. Democrats, you SUCK.

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What #debt and all of this federally imposed spending means. Short view.

If you raise the debt ceiling, you lose your credit rating. If you do so and cut spending in a ten year time frame, you lose your credit rating. If you cut spending immediately and do not raise taxes short term, you keep your credit rating.

A default is not a collapse, but a large part of why not is status of being a reserve currency. That could change real quickly. Inflation could bank our currency out of existence.

Re-Live this fantastic existance that others have had when they did not have the reserve currency of the world in this .PDF document: When money dies.

The only reason the dollar is still holding is because every other currency in the world is in worse shape, but if they see no return on investment from the US, they move their trading power in other ways.

Do not say it can never happen here.

07/26/11 – Lack of Executive leadership is the author of this crises. He signed the checks for two years and only now wants to confront the 24% increase in our budget he made. He just had two years of an entrenched House and Senate to do so. Most people do not comprehend how this works, and why it is not supposed to happen.

May have to downgrade..

08/31/11 – And this crises caused by this graft.

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The people do not trust the US government. Why reward it more money for more piss poor performance? #budget #tcot

The intent of this exercise is to change the behavior of this government. We have lost the control of our federal government on almost every level as they are increasingly trying to get full control of US.

It’s not worth it.

We need to get this government operating on a cash balance sheet instead of this accrual creative reporting system as of current.

It must start somewhere and it needs to start now. Thwarting fiduciary responsibility is reckless and should not be tolerated.

It would be nice if some people in the Senate would show some intestinal fortitude and pass the current house passed legislation no matter how flawed it seems to be. It would also be nice to make the general fund illegal and appropriate funds into the accounts directly. But I may only dream so much….

Then some of you say that the Government knows how to better manage your money than you do.

07/23/11 – Bob Krumm provides a teaching point.

07/24/11 – When money dies (.PDF)

08/30/11 – Meade provides US with an option.

10/14/11 – You know your city is a hell hole when….

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Now is time to pay attention to #yemen #wot #military

I keep getting hits that his (Saleah’s) medical condition was worse than was thought. Now I am told he will return (sic) in two weeks.

Last night, they said he was dead, yesterday, they said he was in a Saudi hospital and a military hospital in Sana. They also said he had burns and some other wreckage. Said they had camera and films. I was not paying much mind tho. I was taking wild eyed glances into Egypt, Greece, Tunisia, K-STAN, and most of all, Armenia and the Azeris. all sorts of stuff.

The man left in charge of the country, Abd Rabu is not known to be a strong player. Radicalized is the opposition. They have control of 3 cities.

Sure looks like the cat 3 rapids are about to start in that country. (Yemen)

Saleh was apparently wounded and is in Saudi Arabia.


)6/21/11 – Opinio Juris asks DOD or CIA?

09/27/11 – Troops are amassed in the Blue Nile region, this could be political leaders bid to break up the South.

My previous research on Yemen:

More on Yemen – Fred Schwarz – The Tank on National Review Online
Counter-Terrorism: Trying To Put Yemen Back Together
Fighting in Yemen escalates —
This Week at War: The Middle East’s Cold War Heats Up (SWJ Blog)
Counter-Terrorism: Yemen Smolders
Winning: Not Yemen
Yemen: Fear of Contagion / ISN
Asharq Alawsat – Print This page
Winning: Yemen Is Burning
houthi threat to SA
Counter-Terrorism: The Yemeni Border Is Burning
Al Qaeda’s Yemen Connection May Be Dead – CBS News
Reuters AlertNet – YEMEN Concerns mount following beating of journalist
On the Knife’s Edge: Yemen’s Instability and the Threat to American Interests | Center for a New American Security
Modern Yemen Embraces the Tribe – Small Wars Council
Al Qaeda’s clear message
Middle East Views | Al Qaeda’s “Promised Land”
Disturbing in Yemen!
شبكة خليج عدن
Armies of Liberation
Combating Al Qaeda Means Protecting Islam
Murphy’s Law: Why Yemen Loves Saddam Hussein
Yemen: Unnatural Acts
The Jawa Report: Al Shabab to Support al Qaeda in Yemen
U.S. says Yemen group one of many al Qaeda branches | Reuters
Yemen: An Illusion To Die For
Somalia’s Al Shabaab to Ally With Al Qaeda
Asharq Alawsat – Print This page
Yemen: Terrorized Terrorists Run For Cover
US naval base
Yemen: The Other, Bigger, War
US backs CIA control of elite forces in Yemen: report
CIA and fight club
US involvement in Yemen edging toward ‘clandestine war’ –
Yemen: The Looming Apocalypse
05/31/12 – PBS did excellent in this special covering Al Qeada in Yemen. 

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Been there, done that. #Azeri #Armenia round two? very similar to #Kosovo

History repeats on the outskirts of what we tend to believe are the major issues. This spat between Azerbaijan and Armenia and it’s still over this stupid border spat.  Nagorny Karabakh has been a problem for quite a while.  (1991)

A note of interest, Armenia has until recently been selling arms to Col Qudaffi.

As usual, it is now down but to a tiny Christian sliver from Georgia to Armenia. Always getting pushed back more and more.

Tribes have many different reactions to aggression. It really does look similar. There is a traditional slow working overly aggressive force and one day, someone collects the data and decides to retaliate. Against hostile Islam, if you are not being aggressive with them, they will be aggressive with you.

Thats just the way it is.

See where this trajectory leads and why it is so important here…

No one wants to talk about a specific world religion unless it is Jewish. No whisper of Islam anywhere.

06/11 – Where is Turkey headed? Probably not the correct path.

06/12 – Peace – which is not Ennuah

06/17 – Iran and Armenia work on border agreement

06/20/11 – The EU takes up the case and a similar situation we saw in Bosnia.

06/26/11 – The Russian-Armenian-Azerbaijani summit fails.

06/29/11 –  More background from Global Voices.


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The #US #cia The Executive Office should clear these Men of their charges.

Yeah. I am kind of concerned about this. The Executive Office should clear these Men of their charges. Also a primer on what the Thomas Drake case may mean – “We’re in a scary space in this country.” 

I forgot to mention to Stand With Intelligence.

06/09 – Drake has twice rejected plea bargains in the Espionage Act case. Last offer was down to misdemeanor.

06/10 – Drake accepts a plea.

06/11 – The plea is good enough. But the Government will not back off of the others.

06/30/11 – Newly opened by the DOJ (SIC) / closes two.

07/07/11 – Related: Return of the plumbers.

09/10/11 – Did the CIA do enough to protect it’s folks?

09/18/11 – More about the above only from hacking.

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Physical security (or lack thereof) in #pakistan #wot #nukes

Shortly after the capture of OBL, there was a Raid on one of the primary military bases in Pakistan. It was a long fight (over 20 hours) to secure the base and Pakistan lost an aircraft during this RAID. One we recently gave to Pakistan.

This brings to mind the lack of physical security in the core of the countries most prized defense services. So, Rahman ask’s the question we all need to be asking. How secure are Pakistans nukes?

06/16/11  And an answer kind-of.

06/17/11 and the pendulum swings the other way.

06/28/11 – From the Telegraph.

06/29/11 – FAS Report

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The pains of succession in the Kingdom of Saud.

I have been watching intensely the leadership in Saudi Arabia for the past few years. I guess when you have been to a country, you tend to pay more mind to it. The Monarchy in house of Saud is pretty straight forward in it’s succession. In short, there is none.

The King has major health problems and Faisal is also ill as well. My assumption is Article 11 is being used in the background as outlined in Allegiance Institution Law as outlined in this Jamestown Article.

Bandar bin Sultan is the next to govern but he also is rumored to have Alzheimers. That leaves Khaled bin Sultan and Mutaib bin Abdullah. That brotherly love will probably be as strong as the kind where five get on a helicopter, and only four land with it.

It puts US in a particular situation concerning the fact that Russia and China as well as Israel are all vying for position in the future of this State. Everyone is concerned.

The reason I picked now to focus on this is I feel impending nervousness over the possibilities here in the middle of the Arab “Spring”.

It could get quite interesting.

10/14/11 – Deputy Prime Minister Prince Nayef Bin Abdul Aziz is temporarily assuming power as King Abdullah returns to surgery on his back in Riyad. He is the King’s half brother.

10/23/11 – Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud has passed away And i looks like Nayef is poised to take his place. We thought so since he was left in charge. See how he may rule.

10/27/11 – Looks more likely now.

10/28/11 – It’s a done deal.

06/16/12 – Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz Al Saud has passed. Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud may assume, but he must pick his successor from a younger generation.

06/21/12 – “The Al Sauds’ central nervous system has grown weak,” says a Riyadh lawyer. “They can respond to pain, but not to stimuli like complaints or new ideas.”

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Lack of funding is never, ever a reason to not educate your Children

Lack of #Education is the reason the world is in such a sorry state in these days. It is a crime to keep your people un-educated. Since the Department of Education was founded, test scores of the students and the value of proficiency has dropped precipitously. The kids are often more stupid having finished a four year degree than if they had not gone in the first place.

The K-12 is the most important part of our educational system and it has failed miserably. Why do we filter tax money to the federal government only to have it stolen by paper pushers, and then sent back to the states? That the biggest problem with the “Government”. It’s an extortion racket. I can think of many departments that need to DIE but I digress. I will list that simple exercise on a later date.

The “Higher” education default rate is nearing record. The K-12 is very expensive and delivers less than mediocre results. If there is ever a budget shortfall, the answer for the colleges are to raise tuition.

Government schools suck – plain and simple. It’s all about the unions, the asses that work for the unions, and the tenure. And if you need proof that the schools suck, just look at our elected representatives.

They abuse their power, and it shows. Give all the kids vouchers and let the parents choose the schools. Enough of this forced dumb-factory already.

Read more on Education:

5/10 – The failure of American Schools – The Atlantic.

05/27 – an investigation of the DOE. That “organization” had one mission, to make public education better. It has failed every year since it was founded. We do not need that department at all at this point. Abolish it.

06/21/11 – Dumbing down America – lack of history education.

06/23/11 – Where the good schools are not.

07/03/11 – NEA cares more about the Unions than the kids. Makes it clear.

07/03/11  ^ NEA decided that Obama is the man for them. How fitting.

08/15/11 – Rodney asks what gives?

08/22/11 – Idiots in South Dakota save money by cutting a day from school. Lazy incompetence.

Holding teachers accountable.

08/29/11 – Where are the cuts?

Gapology – John Derbyshire – The Corner on National Review Online

same education twice

09/18/11 – Lack of Education creates a leadership crises.

09/27/11 – California has the best education scam going.

09/29/11 – Can the Best Part of Higher Education in the US Be Salvaged?

09/30/11 – What are these numskull teachers teaching these kids? Whats the use of preserving this Republic when the idiot teachers are training the next generation to lose it?

10/02/1 – Look at this pathetic corruption ensuing under this succubus government of hell “educational system” Give all children vouchers. That is an order, not a request.

10/17/11 – The “higher” education dilemma.

12/30/11 – These are nothing but government indoctrination systems.

02/29/12 – 11 Reasons To Get Your Kids Out Of The Government Schools 

It’s so corrupt.

Attorney General Eric Holder Tries to Kill a TV ad for School Vouchers. | Chicago Daily Observer

“New” Online SOF Bachelor Degree Program – Norwich University – Professional Soldiers ®

Althouse: Obama’s “Race to the Top” competition over money for schools hasn’t worked out so well.

If We Taught English the Way We Teach Mathematics… … Reference, Facts, News … Free and Family-friendly Resources


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Rethinking Schools Online

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America, please give me something I would like next year.

Men with big ego’s will destroy this nation. You see them, you know where and who they are. We have let them lead us into destruction with antiquated vision and frankly I Am incensed. It is very dangerous to treat the nations helm as a popularity contest. Well, I propose an alternative now.

A very well vetted and squeaky clean candidate for the US Presidential election. My horse in this race is Herman Cain. The best part is he does not wear a rats nest on his head or use double speak. His language is plain and simple enough for people to understand, and his understanding of the issues is of a very complex nature – proven with the second video of him challenging Bill Clinton during a town hall meet. For years I have listened to him and I swear he was speaking my mind.

I hand picked some of his speeches in the order of what I believe to be importance. Please consider him because it is more important to pick the right candidate now than ever and he has my trust:

Policy Summit speech He confronted Bill Clinton during a town hall meeting and waxed him Confrontation with Stupid people On Stimulus His background On Dreams, and on the Constitution Foreign Policy Financial reform and other issues All the rest

05/01 – Just AWESOME! Herman won the 2012 Presidential forum in Manchester! Thanks Guys!

05/06 – Herman won the Republican debate in South Carolina. And a pretty cool ad!

05/11 – This article re-written.

05 14 see him in private with a small crowd.

05/14 – Radio Host Neal Boortz gives you 10 reasons for Cain. And a neat website to go to to support MR Cain. Also GOP Convention GA

05/17 – What I have collected from the two part plan so far:

05/18 – Iowa loves him.

05/19 – Can fly

05/21  -He will run part 1, part2, part3  I support Herman Cain whole heartedly.

05/25 – The GOP had better wake the hell up. That party has sucked too much to be picking club favorites. This is do or DIE time right now and I do not appreciate being blown off, not a bit. If you lose this election for US this Country, you will be on the equal terms of complete negligence. Your candidates suck. Ours however does not. Take him up to PA, read him in and forget the weak candidates you have picked. I drink wine. Remember?

05/27 – More research – Posted below

06/02 – Some surprising testamoney 🙂

06/04 – Being CEO for National Restaurants Association is more of an executive position than most people think. See this video from a darn good artist. Cains Plan!

Part one:With his two part plan, he sets the country up for immediate economic resurgence.

1) Lower the corporate tax rate to 25 percent from 35 percent. Cain said the US is the only country to not have lowered the corporate tax rate in the last 15 years.

2) Take the capital gains tax rate to zero. Cain said it would encourage investments in US businesses and create jobs.

3) Take the tax rate on the repatriation of foreign profits for US companies to zero. Cain said this money, currently around $1 trillion for US companies, isn’t coming back anyway because of existing taxes on repatriating them. Taking away that tax would encourage investments in US businesses and create jobs.

4) Cut the entire 6.2 percent payrolls tax for workers and employers for 1 year. Cain said it would give American workers a 6.2 percent pay raise and “guarantee” that the US economy grows faster. Cain believes smart tax cuts like these are self-financing, meaning they’ll pay for themselves by stimulating the economy and raising the tax revenues.

5) Make the tax rates permanent or indefinite. Cain said uncertainty on tax rates is “killing investments” in the US economy. Debt ceiling- no vote. Pay only the debt interest and the military. (He mentioned 3 but I didn’t get the 3rd.) Part Two – Once conditions of success are sold to the Public and are working: – Drill here and drill now for our own Natural resources – time to pay ourselves. – Fair Tax – Repeal ‘Obamacare’ and replace it with a more patient-centered legislation. – Cut government spending across the board, then drill down and eliminate wasteful programs and agencies. – Change Social Security to something similar to the Chilean model of personal retirement account option. General ideas, yes. Ideas Americans may understand? Also yes. His plan needs to be posted on all of his sites if possible and if I have missed anything, please let me know. “# Former Chairman and President of the Tax Leadership Council, the public educational component of Americans for Fair Taxation # Past Chairman of the Board of the National Restaurant Association (1994-1995), and former full time CEO and President of the Association (1996-1999) # Member of The National Commission on Economic Growth and Tax Reform (1995), chaired by former Republican Vice-presidential candidate, Jack Kemp # Serves on the Boards of Directors of AGCO, Inc., Georgia Chamber of Commerce, Hallmark Cards Inc., Whirlpool, Inc., and Morehouse College, Atlanta, Georgia # Recipient of eight Honorary Doctorate Degrees from Morehouse College, New York City Technical College; Suffolk University, Johnson & Wales University, Creighton University, Purdue University, Tougaloo College and the University of Nebraska # Recipient of a 1996 Horatio Alger Award and the 1991 International Foodservice Manufacturers Association’s Operator of the Year/Gold Plate Award # Graduated from Morehouse College with a B.S. in Mathematics in 1967. Earned his Master’s Degree in Computer Science from Purdue University in 1971 # Author of four books, Leadership Is Common Sense (1997), Speak As A Leader (1999), CEO of SELF (October, 2001), and They Think You’re Stupid (May, 2005) # A native and current resident of Atlanta, Georgia. Married for over 40 years with two adult children and three grandchildren” 

09/23/11 – Where did this 999 plan come from anyway? I am still with you, but having me fill out tax forms is just a no go anymore. You would sound far more bold if you had stuck with your original plan. 999 plan is better than what we have now, but you still need to repeal the 16h Amendment, and if you plan to do that, than may as well go for the Holy Grail and institute H.R (P.R) -52. America is a bold Nation and it enjoys bold options. Now is the time for Fair Tax. Right now.

09/24/11 – Please Florida, it would really help! Thanks! I knew you were with US.

09/25/11 – This video from the straw poll in Florida is more than telling!

09/30/11 – A boost for Cain and speculation over the 999 plan.

10/05/11 – A perfect storm.

10/06/11 – End the FED? Probably not. Why do people keep saying that Cain cannot win? He can. Check this out: “• Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics. • Master’s degree in Computer Science. • Mathematician for the Navy, where he worked on missile ballistics (making him a rocket scientist). • Computer systems analyst for Coca-Cola. • VP of Corporate Data Systems and Services for Pillsbury (this is the top of the ladder in the computer world, being in charge of information systems for a major corporation). All achieved before reaching the age of 35. Since he reached the top of the information systems world, he changed careers! • Business Manager. Took charge of Pillsbury’s 400 Burger King restaurants in the Philadelphia area, which were the company’s poorest performers in the country. Spent the first nine months learning the business from the ground up, cooking hamburger and yes, cleaning toilets. After three years he had turned them into the company’s best performers. • Godfather’s Pizza CEO. Was asked by Pillsbury to take charge of their Godfather’s Pizza chain (which was on the verge of bankruptcy). He made it profitable in 14 months. • In 1988 he led a buyout of the Godfather’s Pizza chain from Pillsbury. He was now the owner of a restaurant chain. Again he reached the top of the ladder of another industry. • He was also chairman of the National Restaurant Association during this time. This is a group that interacts with government on behalf of the restaurant industry, and it gave him political experience from the non-politician side. Having reached the top of a second industry, he changed careers again! • Adviser to the Federal Reserve System. Herman Cain went to work for the Federal Reserve Banking System advising them on how monetary policy changes would affect American businesses. • Chairman of the Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank. He worked his way up to the chairmanship of a regional Federal Reserve bank. This is only one step below the chairmanship of the entire Federal Reserve System (the top banking position in the country). This position allowed him to see how monetary policy is made from the inside, and understand the political forces that impact the monetary system. After reaching the top of the banking industry, he changed careers for a fourth time! • Writer and public speaker. He then started to write and speak on leadership. His books include Speak as a Leader , CEO of Self , Leadership is Common Sense , and They Think You’re Stupid . • Radio Host. Around 2007—after a remarkable 40 year career—he started hosting a radio show on WSB in Atlanta (the largest talk radio station in the country). He did all this starting from rock bottom (his father was a chauffeur and his mother was a maid). When you add up his accomplishments in his life—including reaching the top of three unrelated industries: information systems, business management, and banking—Herman Cain may have the most impressive resume of anyone that has run for the presidency in the last half century.”

10/07/11 – See Cain dismantle this Lawrence O’Donnell idiot on the least watched news network in America – MSNBC. (General Electric) And he handles the Ladies at “The View” confidently. And his speech at the Values Voter Summit. But Paul won that.

10/12/11 – Cain won South Carolina, Florida, came in second in New Hampshire, and is tied in Virginia. Debate went so forth.  Reward Success and place successful people into places that will actually help people.  Forget lawyers, they suck. Language is important, as is Character.  We will not leave the only not one of YOU in DC. RNC, wake up. Cain Tops GOP Field in New Poll

10/13/11 – Herman Cain’s “999 Plan”: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly – A quick breakdown. Still, anything is better than what we have. Herman swears that the national sales tax is merely gearing the nation towards the fair tax – a transition if you will. Herman really needs to touch up on his foreign policy, some things are not insignificant. Also, a suggestion for Herman on the 999 plan. Also, a good list of 21 things you probably do not know about him. Looks Good!

10/14/11 – Who can best beat Obama? Also, I dislike the Huffington post, but as Reynolds states it is more trusted than the CBO. See how 999 works in Sim City.

10/15/11 – Denninger weighs in. Interesting part is here: ” What Cain is missing (and perhaps intentionally; if so he’s a jackass, not a savior) is that saving 15% of your income is more than sufficient, along with a modest help from Social Security and Medicare, to self-fund your entire retirement from savings alone.  That is, it requires no risk-taking in the “capital markets.”  There’s only one condition on this: The Federal Government and The Fed must be forced to stop debasing the currency — that is, they must run a zero inflation policy under penalty of imprisonment (or worse.)  If Cain supports this, then he’s a reformer.  If he does not, he’s simply playing politics and intends to screw you blind via hidden taxation.” Do not forget that this is meant as a transitional plan to the Fair Tax. And yes, QE is an inflation rate that is a tax on ALL people so now we need to make sure this most dishonest and financially destructive method of masking monetary sovereignty.

Next is this astute observation: “Actually, it’s more than that.  $800 billion is a fanciful number; we ran $1.7 trillion in deficits in calendar 2010, and are going to be well over $1 trillion in 2011.  To believe we will get under that number by 2013 presumes forward economic conditions that are, on balance, pure fantasies. “ Not really.  Bringing corporate tax rate down to 9% brings lots of working capital into the country. If we have 3 quarters of 5.5% or more growth, the growth could shorten that number. Revenues go up as does that calculation so it actually makes sense. The wild card of course is the incredible regulation and lawfare taking effect currently. Anything,  is better than what we have now.

10/16/11 – From what I remember, the TARP program was meant to identify and separate the government loans that the government forced upon the banks and relieve them of that responsibility. I think they took Cain out of context because I clearly remember him speaking about returning the banks to private hands after the process was finished. Anyway, He must defend this case. 10/17/11 – Cain said the most thoughtful things on the worst “news media” channel in America. NRO bashes his 9-9-9 plan. Economic collapse takes a shot at the plan too. Herman Cain responds. Talk upon the plan in relation to the “99%” 10/18/11 – Remembering Cain at the Kansas City Federal Reserve. Does not sound bad to me. Also, if you use a race card in your political existence, remember you must pay interest.  Art Laffer likes Cains 9-9-9 plan. Even the poor need to have skin in the tax game. Maybe then they will vote for people that will keep the rate low. There is not reason to give a freeloader a free ticket to ride on other peoples backs. Also, Herman Cains donations to political figures explained. What has not been explained is that Cains plan helps the working class more than any plan. The black market becomes legal. It is there, it helps the poor in barter – just what we need now. It is all being done there anyway.

10/19/11 – Here is Cains 9-9-9 plan from his site. And the WSJ shows how this tax plan is a natural stimulus for the economy.

10/24/11 – Mark Steyn gives his thoughts – with comments.

10/25/11 – SSRN white paper on 9-9-9. Also, Cain is boning up on foreign policy. Here is his foreign policy advisor.

10/26/11 – Herman Cains Foreign Policy team. Some good names in there.

10/27/11 – You must pay attention to this, Cain. If you need help, get it.

10/29/11 – Ryan speculates about the Cain / Gingrich debate.

10/30/11 – When they get desperate, they resort to fraud. If someone settled on a sexual assult suit, than they have agreed to not pursue it (means it quite possibly is not true).

10/31/11 – Reason does a quick breakdown. You heard allegations, read about witnesses and their testimony.

11/1/11 – Yawn. At least he is not a rapist or a coke head. He actually is a man of character but he needs to identify when to make no comment on something or study the report when it comes in and try to recall something from 20 years ago. He handled this miserably. He represented more than 250 million people when he was CEO of the National Restaurant Association.

He learned of these charges, promptly recused himself, Had the human resource commander and his general counsel handle the matter. The most he probably was told was to keep it confidential and say no more about it, as well the accusers. It’s a nuisance lawsuit. It is difficult to get past manager much less high level manager without something like that happening to you in some cases. I have seen lots of it happen. And I have seen much of it dismissed. It is a smear campaign straight up.

Levin covered it in detail on Mondays show. But no worry, there will be plenty of coverage so you may forget that Greece is taking the world for a donkey ride whilst our very own currency collapses under debt by hyper-inflation, and we are in a depression? Next subject. One caveat, you had better not be pulling out a race card on me, Cain. That’s maxed out totally.

11/2/11 – Fuck you Mitt Romney. Resilience  Screw you Perry.

11/3/11 – It’s a hatchet job.

11/07/11 – but is this? A fourth accuser? The Corner outlines the arena. You must now publicly address these allegations. Bennett has outlined a fair expectation.  Do It Mr. Cain, and do it right. You need to know what to do when the SHTF, and be credible, and be honest.  Keep in mind that this is the first real public allegation and that should not sink someone. It sure looks out of character to me. I Am not buying it.

Also, people want to know why you left NRA and under what circumstance.

11/08/11 – Who is his accuser? Cain goes through another fact check. A fifth accuser. She is a Gold digger. And She works for the Obama Administration? She was not accusing here.  And SHE lives in Axelrods building.  Cain questions his accuser the gold digger. Fired for false allegations of sexual harassment.

Looks like a load of shit to me.

Cains response.11/09/11- Herman Cain, AGCO, and the Oil-for-Food Bribery Settlement  It’s so Orwellian.

11/13/11 – Cain stumbles on foreign policy. He kind of looked out of place up there. Gotta pull it together.

11/14/11 – Roger Simon sum’s it up. And Herman makes you cringe in this video. You are going to have to do better than that. To be fair:”

 UPDATE: “The video is being taken out of context. He was taking questions for about 30 to 40 minutes on four hours of sleep. He didn’t say anything wrong or in accurate; it just took him a while to recall the specifics of Libya. It just took him a while to gain his bearings,” Cain spokesman J.D. Gordon told NBC News.”

11/15/11 – Cain on Collective Bargaining and if you are thinking about Newt. Cain did get the “what to do about Iran” answer right.

11/16/11 – “I’m not supposed to know anything about foreign policy.”  Constitutionally, no. But it sure would you help to check Rantburg and study up because the day your term starts, you need to know that everything happens at the beginning of a term.  Grab an atlas and look at the world as a whole, and find those countries where America is involved with in some way.  A better answer would be you have a rudimentary knowledge in some cases of a particular country.

11/18/11 – The corner says his campaign is lacking.

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The true cost of battle. #DOD, #ARMY, #deployed #SECDEF #POTUS #USASOC #TCOT #combat #Veterans #Marines #Congress #VA #veterans

The expense of taking care of these Soldiers once returned home is dearly worth it. Deployments take a massive toll on the body. It’s rough work. You are lucky to end your career with knees that will carry you. Most often you end up with a bad back, screwed up shoulders, broken ribs, head trauma, all kinds of ailments. Not to add being shot, burned up, or blown up – we hate that when that happens. When they return, it’s going to be painful, expensive, and heart-wrenching.

A Brave General stood up for something I used to mock myself. In times of war, PTSD was thought of as an excuse for not going back down range. Most were kids trying to get out of something. The guys who really have it, hide it well. It consumes a person wholly. Never reversible, but teachable of what is real and hat is not real at this moment. My take is all of life is very tough in most of the world and it is normal there. It’s just not as tough as seeing your friends be lost one by one and day after day and the guilt is piled so high you just want them to take you next.

It is not in battle where it hits you, you get angry and fight. It hits you later – and hard. Hell on earth is during the 21 gun Salute. If you have never seen a properly folded flag passed to a Widow while her kids wept, you do not know the anger and pain it causes. Moreover the helpless feeling and the recounting of events to try to make it not happen – yet it’s too late and you know it but you fixate on it every night when your eyes shut. Being strong with your men when a blood stained uniform is in your sea hut is very hard to do. It is not a matter to be dismissive about.

Some Soldiers would rather die than lose their Legs and/or balls.  Some may want the limbs they have that are not ever going to work again, and some rather amputate them. The lucky few get to make that determination. Some rather die if they are to be without. It is agonizing as you may imagine.

For I have been fortunate and blessed, these brave men have been giving themselves selflessly in defense for a Nation that may not even deserve it. For the Constitution is what we all have sworn Oath, and it is that which is desecrated in this “Nations” Capitol. This is a very serious matter to me, as it has become for these very true and fine warriors. They take it on the chin most the time as most fighters do, and for that I believe them in mettle on the ground. I also hold their missions dear. I wanted to open this with a personal note and move to operations.

My concern is as always:

 “Our God and Souldiers we alike adore,
Ev’n at the Brink of danger; not before:
After deliverance, both alike required;
Our God’s forgotten, and our Souldiers slighted.”

Needless to say, I have seen it before. During the 1990’s, I watched good men get chased out due to budget cuts. I saw our military equipment degrade due to lack of maintainence, and lack of training due to lack of funds. The Officer grade ranks were purged for more political purpose. It hollowed our force which is why the wars kicked off so difficult.

Of course, office upgrades went ahead and everyone had to get new desks. It was mis-appropriation of funds. Just because there is defense spending does not mean it is actually assisting us in our defense, though I agree it is rather steep.

Then there is the massive arm of the DOD bureaucracy with miles and miles of buildings full of Federal Employees pushing papers around. Thats an expensive part of our defense spending. Is all of that really necessary? I spent much time typing up and pushing papers to satisfy some arrogant and self important government goon that thought that since they had a little bit of power, they had to use it’s influence over my unit.

It hampered our deployments and I noticed bit by bit and year after year, they were passing their work down to the line units to do and thats unacceptable. What do I need that fat ass for if I have to do all of the paperwork myself? The idea was to remove pressure from the line units, not apply more pressure to them.

And finally, the mis-understood contractors without whom work would be far too hectic with the optempo during deployments. Without Halliburton, my life would have been a living hell. I would have had to spend more time on amenities and less of arming the gang with tactical gear, ammo, and equipment – and that is dangerous. People die if you make mistakes in this business.

It is no joke when the NVG has no batteries because you have no AMO qualified guys to palletize all of the “HAZMAT”. We never missed movement, but I will tell you, withought big phone calls from big people, the mission would have been disastrous. “Here, throw your BDU’s on the tarmac and carry this ammo and this SINCGARS because we lost our AMO flight lic” – yeah right. Again I was lucky to never hear that – yet, thats the only equipment you ever want if you want to stay alive. Battle rattle trumps comfort – always.

It happens a-lot. Soldiers slide down mountain sides in battle uniform and have their ass showing for weeks because there is not enough air power to load the requisitions onto the chopper that is there just to bring ammo and Mister-E’s. Without air logistics, its all lost. Without fuel , there is no air power. but I digress, this is a separate conversation.

I will say this, I rather have eye to eye conversations with people on the ground right now than sitting my ass in a box. There is no more and no less of a place than I want to be than on the ground in these wars. There is no substitute for fighting with the best Soldiers on the planet. And there is is no comfort at “home”, and there is no peace of mind in either. I have been gnashing teeth for quite some while and feel like a pogue. I wish I was there to defend some young kid whom may be ruined in these operations. My mortality means little to me in comparison to a 22 year old PFC with three children. There just is no solice.  No rest. Want to be there, want to be anywhere but there, Just want release.  Anyhoo…

Last week, the President called for a “discussion” of roles in the military. I agree with that yet every time we have this, we get more buildings full of bureaucrats, GSA purchases, Congressional payoffs for equipment we did not need, and of course more office furniture. I rather have a discussion on THEIR role in the Military.

The force was supposed to become a spear under rummy with joint capabilities and high mobility as we no longer have a need for the line armies of the past. Yet the wars somewhat interrupted the process.

What I want to impart to the dear reader is if we handle this properly, we could have our cake and eat it too. It was not difficult for me to take a red pen to a Battalion budget and get a Warrant or a CSM to back me and it should not be a be such a difficult task for the clown show in DC either. Just make sure the line units have priority – and do not forget those that gave so much to protect those clowns.

Also keep in mind that the priorities in DC have rarely aligned with the realities the ground pounders face when their boots are in some backward assed bananna republic. Of course, when our Soldiers return, they may find themselves in one again. It shall be good to have them home.

P.S. For any politician that used Soldiers as political play, if you see me coming, you had better run.

CALLSIG is closedanger –


06/01 – Gates Verdict on the budget

06/02 – Rand comes out with a new report on command.

06/09 – Defense industry influence.

06/10 – Destroyer class decisions.

06-12 – SOCOM: Money will not fix this problem.

07/04/11 – Taking care of your own (.PDF)

07/07/11 – PTSD – Mental Strength Training.

07/19/11 – Vetville – Marines tough it out.

07/21/11 – OPFOR rants about Budget wars.

07/27/11 – Some ideas being pitched over Military pay and bennifits.

09/19/11 – Team Red White and Blue presented by the MOAA.

09/20/11 – Schlep talks about Bureaucrats.

09/22/11 – PTSD – Courtesy Rantburg.

09/30/11 – The Munson Doctrine

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Heads up on #LATAM

The briefing that helped push me on this post originated from General Douglas Fraser whom is in command of SOUTHCOM. His briefing at the Pentagon was enlightening. I have studiously watched Central America having grown up during the fight against proxies there in the 1980’s and earlier, but after 9/11, the region was somewhat swept under the rug.

Does anyone remember FMLM, Honduras, El-Salvador, and the Sandinistas?. I wanted to bring up some older venacular for those whom may remember all the turmolt we put up with in the region for over 60 years. Well, it looks like that little 10 year “break” is over. –

“In a briefing at the Pentagon, Commander General Douglas Fraser of the U.S. Southern Command (Southcom) stated that the ‘Northern Triangle,’ made up of Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador, has likely become the deadliest region on earth outside of active war zones.”

I definately agree. What is essentially happening here in LATM is Middle Eastern
actors are doing through proxy what they eventually accomplished in Lebanon. Hezbollah is Irans proxy for more than just Lebanon, Hezbollah has reach in this world. A good primer is from AFJ where shown is the groups prolific value to any organization due to the drug and arms trade.

Most disturbing is the expanding ties between FARC and Hezbollah – Though seemingly dated, slow operations are not necessarily un-solid. Warning signs were appearing prior to 9/11 but grew out of focus with our ensuing war on terror. Bombs have been wired in very particular fashion and are now going off regularly on the US / Mexican border region. There is also internal proof that Hezbollah is on the border.

The Canal that Iran, Nicaragua, and Venezuela are planning to build – China may be
funding it. China sure shows continued interest in the Panama Canal. There is also Nicaragua’s delimma- another power vacuum.

FARC has expanded to Mexico which means we have come full circle – it means Hezbollah is in Mexico. It also means Iran is in Mexico, as well as Al-Qeada, MS-13, and the cartels which goes without mentioning. (PDF) You should remember all this stuff from years past; Gang initiations, Spanish speaking Jihadi’s, Al-Jazeera on the US / Mexican border.

Al Quds force have also recently moved into Venezuela and other assorted nasties knocking on our back door: Includes the ETA whom are also related to IRCG.

Druggies bringing in the hezzies, Russians are bringing the arms, China is bringing cash, brute strength of naval force and a canal. We also have a major proxy funded and aided by middle eastern thugs in order to turn South and Central America into a Moslem nation able to wage war upon the US. Unstable neighbors right across the back yard fence are having party with all of our enemies and we cannot seem to hear the music.

It is not only what I see here on the ground, it is a feeling that too many bad actors are creating the perfect horror story for the USA.

Secure the border.

Update – 4/14 Vibed threats and cartels moving south to weaker states.

4/18 Insight Map.

4/21 – Unconnected but concise posting on failed states.

5/5 – Hezbollah on the border.

5/9 – Training camps in Venezuela.

5/10 – Small Wars picks up thread. Time to make a separate thread for this? Also, a refresher from Jamestown – dated but relevant.

05/15 – FARC placed Chavez, not the other way around.

05/18 –  Ecuador is becoming the nexus of drug corruption.

05/24 – Societal Warfare South of the Border? 

06/01 Gangs taking over

06/07 – Iran and Venezuela – cut ties with the US.

06/13 – Evil cruelty in the gangs.

07/06/11 – Arizona Police say Hezbollah is in Mexico.

07/08/11 – Iran Paranoia Expands to Latin America

07/09/11 – House Hearings on Hezbollah and their influence south.

07/21/11 – Weapons and drug smuggling – from Columbia to Honduras, Guatemala wants a LATAM solution and a map of routes.

07/25/11 – Iran is getting really involved with Peru. And Argentina.

09/10/11 – “Something is up

10/12/11 – Made up or related? Plot on the Saudi Ambassador. Also, the Zetas connection?

10/14/11 – Lawmakers suggest treating drug cartels as terrorist organizations.

10/17/11 – Hondurus: The hub has problems.

12/10/11 – Univision confirms Iran is operating in LATAM. Venezuela

12/14/11 – Zetas and Hezbollah.

12/16/11 – Iran on our border.

12/28/11 – General McCaffrey on Mexico from Yon.

01/01/11 – The U.S. is overlooking Iran’s moves in South America.

10/03/11 – Iran expands influence in LATAM.

01/10/12 – Of course, Hezbollah is already in the US. We knew that. A list of other coodies.

01/24/12 – The Venezuelan Missile Crisis

01/26/12 – Panama could become next narco battleground:

01/31/12 – This must be reversed:

02/12/12 – Photos at the border.

05/04/12 – May as well update this.

05/11/12 – Holy CRAP. Crystal Meth.

08/14/12 – Iran’s ties to Latin America and the gangs.

08/30/12 – They’re here.

09/06/12 – And they are in Nicaragua 

09/10/12 – State Department sez “dey not dere” But dey ARE dere.  Yes, Dey Are.\

09/19/12 – The recent arrest of Lebboun in Mexico has uncovered a much more extensive and complex plot than the previously known story of a low-level financier of Islamist terrorism.

09/21/12 –Hezbollah in Latin America: Terrorism and Organized Crime

12/26/12 – The IRGC’s push into Peru  Also: New Concerns For President Peña Nieto: Hezbollah’s Rising Profile In Mexico – Analysis

TSG IntelBrief: Iran’s Strategic Maneuvering in Latin America and the Caribbean

01/02/12 – Latin America as an Arena for Iran and Hezbollah’s Terrorist, Subversive and Criminal


And they will be running prisons. Already prevalent- Hezbollah joining Mexican Cartels.

01/14/13 – Ecuador to Maintain Good Ties with Iran Regardless of U.S. Objections

01/17/13 – Uruguay Connection.

05/20/13 – South of the Border, A Threat From Hezbollah (PDF)

05/30/13 – Argentinian prosecutor alleges extensive Iranian terror activity in South America |

06/06/13 –  Iranian Terror Cells Infest South America

08/15/13 Iran Sending Latin American Students to Indoctrination Camps as Part of Regional Penetration Campaign 

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Quick #libya update

There is a lot of flight and bombing activy in Libya, most I have seen yet.
The rebels are taking ground again and the army is now defecting so they are just driving through towns.
it’s broken.
Gadaffi wants a ceasefire – yet he already broke it. But this is the kind of thing our military does when we think there will be one – get as much as you can while you can.
Rebels have claimed more than half the coast line – they are headed for tripoli. The loyalists are abandoning tripoli in boats in mass.
Gadaffi may just run off into the desert with his tent and camel as his hometown and Tripoli are both being bombed – but again, they may get him tonight with one of those bombs “by accident”
6/09 – Looks like he wants out.
08/22/11 – Live blog of these events. Blogsofwar tracks tweets from the region.
10/24/11 – This update is finished.
If you plan to forge a new Nation, It is sound policy to give the previous dictator with an out.And a trial.
How you treat the outgoing is sembalance on how any leader may be treated.
Thats why you have nations with deep suspicions and nothing but overthrows versus nations that settle grievance in high court
presidence is set by actions.

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What will count are his friends, his deep pockets, and his fear of losing power. It is more powerful to him than the lives of any of his family. Any of them.He hires foreigners to protect him and fly his military craft. He hires them to snipe at people they point out. He is not about people at all and never was. Relations did warm with him given his help in other areas.

He was not a major problem for the US as of late.But, is a major problem with the immigrant population in France.
Once that Allied member committed, the game started.
Now is consequence of acting in-effectually without having proper mediation first. It rips alliances out of support.

If he now poses threat of retaliation for the declaration of war that has not been made, then are you responsible to ensure he cannot make good on that threat?

Well, he had ten billion dollars under his mattress. Heard he decided to go to the mattresses. If this is so, and it usually is, he plans to kick back. If this is seen, you must again go back to a JDAM.

We will have gone full circle in the use of force, and not using force in less than 2 months.

3/27 – Gadaffi’s troops are defecting.

08/21/11 – Tripoli falls.


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This must be dealt with. #UCMJ #US judge advocate general

Soldiers do not do this. This popped up last year and got sidelined. It is not behavior true Soldiers conduct. Needless to say, someone wanted to go over it again for whatever reason. Thats the part that makes the timing strange. Yet, there is no excuse for men under the US Military to be so savage, and this is very rare in our forces. Do not make me point to other countries forces. There are good and bad people everywhere.

Besides the fact that these foreign people are poor and scared or may be the guys that killed someone would not even elicit this kind of brutality and it most certainly is not Authorized by the UCMJ.

Our soldiers see plenty of their own also get murdered. As one quoted to me “Many of the people, in fact most you see killed deserve it; there are not too many innocent people there. Not all by far, but most”. It seemed quite crude at first look. I Am awares of the fact that targeting has been quite accurate as of late.

In any case, these kids were not on a strategic war path, they were being thugs and murdering whomever to satisfy I do not care what.

No US Soldier has the authority to abuse and murder anyone from any country in this context. Ever. And they ALL know it.

This is the most difficult case I have seen in the Military in my life, though we always expect awful things.

This is a lesson about power. Having it does not mean you use it. It means you become humble as power could overtake your whole being in every aspect. Power is powerful and it resonates both ways. Power is nasty. You should not hate it because you do not have any (so to speak), Hate it when others abuse it. Learn to look for it’s abuse.

There is a Hero kid story here by the way, and a good Father. The Military boards have been on fire over it until it was sidelined. No worries, we never forget.

Anyways, it is worth tracking.

And tracking we are. 06/24/11 – The photos seemed to mean more than the action. Testimony.

Many trials have been wrong with the military. I remember many. It is very difficult to find a charge against someone on the battlefield. One reason sometimes is “Hey, look! we are making progress” and ” We are warriors”. Yeah. Everyone smiles and then goes back into their shell looking for the next round. Conditioned so to speak. But if this was going about wasting time while wasting random people, that’s a big no no in these Armed Forces.

I have been caught up with popular support sometimes. But generating reason for it other than planned military targets makes it harder to accept.

Make it a fair trial please. Always be lenient with our cops.

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Possibilities of a new Pan-Arab war?

More like a religious war. Bahrain is not the only country torn in the middle of Iran’s meddle. Take note the ramifications surrounding Hezbollah, the Huthis, and protests by Shiite in other countries as well in the region. There is Lebanon wanting something for some reason. And Egypt arming the Libyans. Maybe if Egypt tasks itself with security, assistance may not be unreasonable. Or is it?

3/21 – Iran is testy.

3/27 – Qatar seizes two Iranian ships with weapons bound for Bahrain and Farsi speaking gunmen operating in Syria. Seeing as Assad is an ally of Iran, very plausible indeed. It is in Tehran’s interest to keep their proxy in place. The Syrians have had enough of living in a GULAG.

08/18/11 – Hezbollah hints that they will war with Israel once the US pulls out of Iraq.

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Photos of trauma in Japan

ABC put together a surprising collection.

Japan is strong. Shall pull through.

Live feeds:  NHK and  BBC

Tracking events: Arms control wonk.

3/19 Decent photo-journalism from Daily Mail.

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Crocs and gators continued.

Mookie is back! yay. Sistani is holding grace, but it seems he has been cut from the Hojjat via partner influence. He is working on Iraq while Iran kicks “reformers” out of the running. Seems to me that something is going to boil over where Sistani does not want to be, hence his hitcrew newly “reformed” set foot in Iraq. It may also be the sliding scale of influence in the Shi’ite sect. Maybe the city of Qom is not all that holy after-all. Rafsanjani is now out of the picture so maybe something is afoot in Iran.

Of course just speculation…… no?

04/24 – Intel chief quits, supreme leader trumps prez.

04/27 – AJ may want to quit. The heat is on. And he skipped his meeting with the counsel.

05/06 – Iran gearing up for another tug-of-war: Small Wars Journal.

05/09 – A bloody brawl over the two sides and a possible Coup.

05/17 – The Pres wants to take down Supreme Leader.

05/30 – Not winning – Khamenei endorses Ahmadinejad?

06/01 – Apparently not.

06/02 – Supreme Leader is going to trump short round.

06/12 – Layla

06/16/11 – IRGC will side with Khamenei. 

07/14/2011 – Reproofed. What do the seven dwarfs say?

What this is boiling down to is the fact that “Supreme Leader” Ayatollah Ali Khamenei believes that the Islamic state is in jeopardy with the radical hard liners in charge – and sees himself depreciated as his reliable staff is constantly removed from Government control. It also is a spat between the IRGC and the HOTJA (or whatever it is that AJ is a part of).  QOM has sworn they will fight on the side of the Supreme Leader. A more moderate force  but will not stop the clash between true Iranians that would like to enjoy a State of Freedom from all of that ruling class. Sounds very familiar with many countries in that area. As well as ours 🙂

09/19/11 – There has been much back and forth that I have not posted as it is more bark than bite, but this gem from PBS speaks about how the IRGC is taking the Iranian Parliament.

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There is no such of a thing as a “no-fly zone”.

No matter how many “No-Fly” zone posters I posted in the Middle east, there were always flies.

So, you get to watch him kill his own people in the “fly zone”? Watch him engage our Soldiers in over 2000 incidents? We had a no-fly zone in Iraq as that war never ended. Dayton accords were violated, what, 178 times? And it all ended with that guy on a rope anyway. Iraq was Americas longest war, just some people refuse to believe that. It started in 1990.

Bombing the air force is a no fly zone. But this argument is sophomoric in many manners. Have you really been asked to do so by those men with rifles on the ground? His entire inventory is in crumbles. He has his lady protection force, his clan, the MERCS, and deep pockets, but the COL cannot hang on.

We have the USS Enterprise. No way he will get over on US, if you need to make a military consideration, start here. And here.

By the way, Strategic Oil Reserves are for strategy, not an election term. Keep them full.

It belongs to the Libyans – and they WILL get rid of him. He has no muscle.There is no way Gadaffi may keep this country. His airforce is broke, he did not train a military. Give those people their own country. Let them have what is theirs and a self won victory. Angels work is weird ways, yet always faithful.

When people are reaching for something higher, be proud of them. When they learn how to maintain that, then they/you have security.

Update: So you asked for intervention, and then immediately split party in the request. Unfortunately you picked the one option off the table which leaves us to the real matter. The only real “intervention” there is is to declare War. Thats a JDAM. No more, no less. Do you want that for a brother leader? Does the US want to deliver heads in this region?

Update – 3/11, probably not our friends anyway.

3/17 Getting desperate

3/21 Haddick proposes something new and noteworthy.

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The Barbary Pirates and the Shores of Tripoli….

And the Suez Canal, Gush Katif, Judea and Sumariah, Aden, and Carthage.

The current order will change. America must be prepared to mine it’s own resources.

Meanwhile; in Persia, The opposition rulers Mousavi and Karroubi and their wives were arrested. Watch tomorrow – #25Bahman.

Update: From Tehran Bureau

Update again: Pirates get sunk and killed as their victims have no where to run. Or at least you would hope that was the headline when four Americans perished for the softpaw work in the executive branch. Mind the executive his military, lest he be lost among warriors. Trust the professionals.

Libya, we asked to help and only if you want it. As was the same case with every country. But if one man, woman, or child burns in chemical weapons, drop a JDAM on that f*****. And send a drone after his son.

And Egypt, your future remains in balance – of what, we do not know.


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From Carthage to Tripoli Via Cairo.

#Feb17 #tripoli  #benghazi

There would have to be something quite wrong with a person whom as a leader, hires foreign mercs to gun down his own people in the streets.

Between breakfast and now, six cities have security police forces siding with the protestors predominately in the western part of the country. When the eastern part of the country learns of the mercs meatgrinder, they may follow suit.

A prison was burned and the detainees fled. A radio station has been commandeered.  The goon squads are checking the hospitals and yanking everyone out who were at the protest, and arresting them. And there he is, riding around in an open limo in downtown Tripoli – with megga security around him.

He always was a funny fella.
They said they will punt him in 4 days or less. And they should.

#iran  #25 Bahman   # 1Esfand

The Basiji use paint guns to shoot at the protesters so they may later have them arrested.  Two of the most prominent leaders – Mousavi and Karroubi have been placed under house arrest.

The IRGC sounds unwilling to fire on protesters, we shall see.

In Tunisia, the Islamist party made their bid by burning all of the brothels.

– 02/20/11

This is personal.

You know, you really are a dick Gadaffi . You fired Artillery into the town square and murdered your own people. Now you see why I was so pissed off with Saddam.  Gain your freedom Libya, but if you screw it up, I will hold you where Ishmael is. After-all, this is whom with we speak.

P.S. Libyan military, you have a short shelf life right now. Repair that correctly.This is your Family that you shelled. The quacker himself even killed his own Family. How far are you willing to risk your neck for this guy? Why cannot Libya become kind of a tame and nice place to tour withought guys behind masks with knives dis-allowing US access into your awesome and sweet country?

Persia, nothing is finished yet, this is just starting. Iran is over as warned before. Pack off on your camels before the guard finds your deepest secrets. Iran belongs to those decent people there, not the puppet that pops out of a well.

Nothing at all useful has come out of the mullahs. Nor the “Supreme Leader”.


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The disintegration of the power structures in the Middle East

Tunisia, Lebanon, Egypt, Yemen, Somaliland, Morocco, Jordan, Lybia, Bahrain, Kurdistan, and a few more governments looking over their shoulder. With exception to Lebanon, most of the protesters were organized flash mob style.

In Lebanon, Hezbollah forced the government to collapse by walking out of Parliament and then took over the Prime Minister slot that used to always be a Sunni position. So… that Gentleman’s agreement has failed to hold. Needless to say, it is looking like Iran2.0 there and hezbollah are highly armed. Ergo, Israel considers all of Lebanon now a terrorist state (US state department too) – thus goes USAID and all the losers are north of the blue line. Israel is concentrating on force protection. They are digging in real well.

Tunisia is far from being a third world country. They are educated and more Europeon than anything. Yet there may be implications for the other nations concerning Islam. Moreover, an implication that the priority is ousting the sitting political order with no emphasis in what replaces it. Power vacuums tend not to traditionally end well, but if it does, kudos!

Egypt has been building up feelings of resentment for quite a long time.

Their President for Life has been slow go or no go in reform and economical matters. And there also portends thuggery as well as corruption. After all, We Are All Khaled Said now.

Yemen is kind of a normal place to see protests. They are facing a literal Apocalypse, but  again, they always were. They don’t trust their leadership. The same as in Egypt.

Somaliland has always wanted to be separate from Somalia. Who could blame them? It has been a less insane part of Somalia. 3/1/10 (3 wars update)

Jordan has had some protest. King Abdullah followed Algeria’s lead calling for reform, cheaper food, etc,etc. IMRA points to related facts on this dialogue.

Libya hears grumblings as well. Gaddfi grumbled against it all. Wikileaks hurt a-lot of people.

Sometimes the Islamic groups are viewed as not corrupt and a means to end the current corrupt rule (Which was overthrown for corruption last time)

But one thing that will make or break the difference in outcomes is Food. Food Prices, Fuel prices, basic services.

One thing barely covered was the vote in South Sudan. It was a successful divide and also may have influenced events. Keep our eyes open on Abei. See how that meshes out.

In any case, I pray these countries find decent leadership. It truly is time to separate wheat from the chaff.


Better understanding than this in some ways.

Get these guys proxy software so they may talk to eachother. Get that ball rolling. I heard questions about it today and wondered why they had not gotten the word on how to get past a firewall. Or make an internet.

Do not forget that Iran is now jailing and executing their opposition since the rest of the world “is not watching”.

1/28  Albania is starting to become restless.

2/9  Pakistan looses it’s Parliament

2/9  Jordan has the usual suspects waiting in the wings to spread Mayhem.

2/11 – Yemen is starting to get heated.

2/12 Gabon tries their hand.

2/13 Iran is starting to kick off

2/14 Baharain gets some help from house of Saud.

2/17 Libya’s kickoff

Bahrain #feb14, Libya #feb17, Algeria #feb19, Morocco #feb20, Cameroon #feb23, Kuwait #Mar8

3/21 Yemen is now very hot. Syria is intense but not yet there. Jordan, Morocco look solid but watch it.

3/24 Syria has probably not seen this much discontent ever. You know, an Al-Assad also ruled Asyria 2000 years ago.

4/27 Syria – Soldiers in the military are defecting, the security apparatus is becoming more distant from the political wing.

05/18 – Somaliland becoming state sponsors of terrs.

05/22 – Albania has pesky socialists making trouble

05/27 – What the power vacuum in Egypt is becoming, … and it’s Evil as Hell.

05/28 – Yemen on the brink. Beware.

05/29 – Egypt has another presidential “hopeful”.

05/30 – Syria – the siege of Dera’a and a little boy caught in the middle.

06/01 – Bashir is trying to take Abyei

06/06 – CNAS Conference from 06/02. Very good viewing.

06/08 – Syria is coming down to the wire as the ruling class starts to flee Damascus.

06/09 – Syria – Divisions in the Syrian forces.

06/10 – Egypt: The salifist are climbing out from under the rocks.

06/11 – Egypt: Enlightenment on the Salifist.  and the moslem brotherhood’s economic  plan.

06/13 – Intelligence is losing ground in the Middle East. Not good

06/20 – Baby Assad gives a speech at a time where Syrians  stream across the Turkish border Syrian army in pursuit- Turkey rejects.

06/28/11 – Somalia lawmakers elect a Harvard Educated Prime Minister.

06/29/11 -Turkey wants to invade Syria. And life inside a Syrian prison.  Us works the web of regime change,  Assad will not make it.

06/30/11 – Egypt has a new “moderate” candidate.

07/01/11 – Morocco votes on a Constitutional referendum.

07/04/11 –  Syria Military separation may be developing fast. The worry is if Assad falls, the Allawites get wiped out. If not, the Sunni continue to take fire.

07/08/11 – SWJ Challenges ahead in the Middle East.

07/09/11 – South Sudan is now a separate state. The UN is sending in “peacekeepers” but there is a buildup up north

Sudan: Photos of the New Country. (beware the always un-professional pop-up with sound ads but then you can see the photos stuff)

07/14/11 – The Kurds want their autonomy as promised by the UN – yet undelivered. With the disintegration of Syria, and contentions on the Turkish border as well as parts of Iran, this may become a big deal.

07/15/11 – The Kurds want their autonomy as promised by the UN – yet undelivered. With the disintegration of Syria, and contentions on the Turkish border as well as parts of Iran, this may become a big deal. Turkey will be edging to war against the PKK and expulsion of Kurds may be seen from outlying areas in the border region. Turkey will not turn down this chance to expel Kurds from “Turkish” territory as the as the opportunity has presented itself.  I love the Kurds.

Iran has internal strife as they try to garner more influence in their immediate vicinity.

07/27/11 – An NSN update

07/28/11 – Egypt: Could this Woman be the next President?  I wish.

07/30/11 – Turkey: Military top brass resigns en-masse.  From FP Mag.

07/30/11 – Syria: Earlier in this week I saw a story that Syrian Military Generals were defecting and later that week I heard a report that that story was indeed false. Apparently on the 29th, the Syrian Military went out posing as opposition to Assad and once people joined them, they were shot. High caliber weapons were used and  it is not over yet.

Lebanon or Syria?

08/17/11 – Food prices and political instability (PDF)

08/18/11 – Hezbollah hints that they will war with Israel once the US pulls out of Iraq Hence leading to my theory earlier this year.

08/29/11 – Gaddafi flees, his family in Algeria, Syrian demonstrations intensify. Big storm leaves US. Iran turmolt continues.

09/16/11 – The Secularist-Islamist Struggle in Libya Begins. And, a short history of the Arab world and it’s corruption.

09/18/11 – Turkey: Erdogan – going crazy is logical.

09/20/11 – Some harsh reviews of Mr President over the handling of the middle east as well as a fast paced run down.

09/29/11 – Pakistan as willingness party? You don’t say. But be easy, you backed greater monsters for less. Having a handle is better than nothing.

10/14/11 – Just a short update on the landscape:

Egyptian Copts are facing great pressure from the populace and the military tends to not protect them. More than 100,000 have fled. It looks as if the “revolution” has led the country to a military coup. Seemed logical from the start.

Turkey is still acting huffy over the Israeli detention of the flotilla and is also facing some stiff resistance from the Kurds with the PKK. Turkey is also an influential partner in the US led sanctions against Iran so diplomatic ties are operating in constant.

In Libya, Sirte is still under siege but some progress by the TNR.

In Lebanon, it seems Hezbollah’s grasp has been weakened as Syria undergoes it’s own turmolt.

In Yemen, Saleh has returned and stated he plans to step down – than immediately started re-consolidating power.

Still nothing of Tunesia.

Jordan’s King actually made steps to reform and the country maintains stability.

Somalia is still Somalia.

Iran failed to launch Ahmadinejad into space.

10/18/11 – It is a good thing that Iraq was taken down as Turkey naturally fills the role. It is still looking for identity.

10/31/11 – A Syrian civil war.

11/14/11 – Who’s who in the Syrian rebellion.

11/17/11 – Wahabbist vs Sunni in Syria.

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Don’t like these gas prices? Look at your POLS

Oil hit $100 today. High energy prices in WINTER during a recession with rising food and commodities as well as inflation in the currency. This will double dip this nation a plunge too far.
This will devastate the US on all levels, starting with the poor.

High energy prices impact the economy  more than most other influences..

Three main forces are to blame: Environmental law (which is not really about the environment), mortoriums, and the tax rate Congress sets.

The oil industry is a very expensive and difficult system to run. Research, development, currency rate, refinery ability, and logistics all influence the real cost of oil.

First you have to have profit to explore and build the wells. You must hire good and safe people with experience.

You have to match the correct refinery with the correct weight oil and due to over-regulation, no one makes money in the refining business anymore.

If the currency is inflating, the price of everything goes higher so you have that going against you.

Bottom line is if the companies cannot make enough profit to continue to develop new sources of fuel, they will not and the price will rise.

Even if the US does not meet demand for this resource, the rest of the world WILL.

The point is there is absolutely no reason to not exploit this resource anywhere we can. Not even environmental reasons.

We are backing ourselves into a corner with these insane policies. Opec will be of no help.

04/27 -Here is the Congressional research whitepaper. Shows we have plenty.

04/29 – Shale reserves are larger than thought.

P.S. What sense does it make to starve the Oil Industry here in the US, approve only one Nuke plant, Subsidize corn as oil, and buy a car company that will produce electric cars with a grid that is on it’s last legs as it is? Subsidize Brazilian oil company while denying it here because Soros wanted it? WTF – this is really too stupid for me to even comprehend.

Fuel prices necessarily skyrocket? Who said that? the imbecile you elected to be President – thats who.


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