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Drone On: Tracking the battlefield in drone warfare. A few links.

Everything as can be used in war. So the articles like this so far:

Mucho Importante
I was thinking caged comms. but okay.


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Persia II – Snippets

2/3 The IRG supports this operation that I call “”Persian Smoke- The secret war of Shabu.”””,””,””,””,””


Iranian Persian Gulf Strategy, Operations, and Tactics in the 1980s // #history #1980s”,””,””,””,””

“(PDF) The Persian corridor and aid to Russia”,””,””,””,””

The Rise of Persian Salafism – The Washington Institute for Near East Policy”,””,””,””,””

“Islamic conquest of Persia (Iran) The caravans are not really turning around, are they?”,””,””,””,””

Iran Launches Undercover Morality Unit by @GEsfandiari via @RFERL”,”722529608386613249″,”328278834″,”2016-04-19 20:57:37 +0000″,”,”

“Interesting Material on Byzantium & Persia | Declination
Pay attention, Europe.”,””,””,””,””


“Keep your Shia, drop the 7 dwarfs.

Make Persia great again.
You will not get around me, I will have Persia back.

BY GOD”,””,””,””,”″
“933953320728788992”,””,””,”2017-11-24 06:59:58 +0000″,”<a

“I shall have a free Persia if it is the most Purim thing I do, because that is my favorite holiday.

Remember Persians, we all put Yalda trees up at what time of year?…..”,””,””,””,””
“933955330467385345”,””,””,”2017-11-24 07:07:57 +0000″,”<a

“>Twitter Web Client</a>”,”I made a Promise to your Fore-Fathers, Persia. It was if you freed MY Israelites, I would one day free Persia. And feet of clay says I get the promise.

So, it just so happens that These things can never be reversed.
Ergo, I AM here to fulfill My obligation.”,””,””,””,””
“933960529256775680”,””,””,”2017-11-24 07:28:36 +0000″,”<a

“And then We had Darius and Cyrus of Persia.


Whom offered a bounty for the dowry”,””,””,””,””
“933979899643224064”,””,””,”2017-11-24 08:45:35 +0000″,”<a

“Protecting those I had slated to destroy, running interference against the mission, exposing CI’s, funding IRGC, and giving them nukes.

Ignoring Diaspora, allowing crackdowns on opposition.

Allowing a fraudulent Iran to ruin Persia.

My plans were better.;,””,””,””,”;


“Just in time for Purim: Most Iranians want ties with Israel, not with Hizbollah | The Jewish Chronicle From I3″,””,””,””,””

“Iran: Quds Force in Venezuela – This will kick off our South America / Central America Analisys –;,””,””,””,””
“54364811315781633”,””,””,”2011-04-03 02:09:15 +0000″,”<a,0&#8221;
“56046864520323073”,””,””,”2011-04-07 17:33:08 +0000″,”<a

“Iran’s situation deteriorates further-support base disintegrates: FP mag via @AddThis”,””,””,””,”,0&#8243;
“56046864520323073”,””,””,”2011-04-07 17:33:08 +0000″,”<a”&#8221; rel=””nofollow””>TweetDeck</a>”,”Iran directing Hamas, Hizbullah operations in North and South America –;,””,””,””,””
“61473039434522624”,””,””,”2011-04-22 16:54:49 +0000″,”<a

Iranian Training Camps in Latin America;,””,””,””,””
“67684534421954560”,””,””,”2011-05-09 20:17:05 +0000″,”<a

#Iran military will build medium-range missile base with silos on #Venezuela soil near #Colombia border.;,””,””,””,””
“70303218961350656”,””,””,”2011-05-17 01:42:48 +0000″,”<a

Spy defectors claim Iran had foreknowledge of 9/11 @Closedanger No shit.”,””,””,””,””
“73560979371335680”,””,””,”2011-05-26 01:27:58 +0000″,”<a








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U.S. National Service – Please no Draft.

Less than 1000 on


If you cannot face the external threat without volunteers, you may not have a Nation worth protecting.

A draft erodes the professional Corps to a trickle of ability and gets more people killed. It chases Lifesavers away and destroys units with un-fit replacements.
It ends up treating all Men like grade-school dropouts.
It assassinates authority through lack of respect of the duty
It degrades the poor the most as they may have no voluntary way to support their Families. They also find it hard to get “Deferments”


It dissuades Congress of their oversight, and the the Executive may be inept as well with His Commander In Chief duties. All it does is buy them time throwing bodies at a problem with lack of training for Their Citizens. By abusing Duties not spent cultivating Our Armed Services

If this Constitutional boundary cannot be enforced, We may not even have reason for a Congress to “provide for Common Defense”.

May as well hand the duties back to the States because in the end, we end up fighting on our own for this.

To prepare the National Defense and Arm for the task shall it arise is one of the Primary Jobs of Congress. And CINC.

Find a way to hold them to this before your Children are drafted. If done so properly, you may never have to worry about it anyway, and it’s much less expensive.

Our Armed Forces are now closer to being compensated for their sacrifice than in most any other time.


Did the draft have to happen and did it work well in Vietnam? McNamara and Johnson get no pass. Not the way they played rotation roulette.

You will always need a standing army to survive as a Nation. There is no way around this.

Having a Standing Military of all Volunteers funded, prepared,and busy (working Humanitarian Missions for instance) keeps the training and METL relevant. There are very many places I would want Our Citizens armed in certain situations.

Finding hand-off missions for example after the need for armed envoys has passed

Find some other conscription for “National Service” as I find it difficult  for even the concept to be Constitutional. However, maybe tie it to Higher Education. EX-PATS, missionary work, Peace Corps, disaster relief all do provide on the job training.

Being that we are a Nation of Immigrants, maybe find an easier way for Our Families to go help their relatives and Loved ones in situations.

There is always a shortages somewhere that could give extra credits to in your Vocations. Many ways to serve.

Any way more Citizens serve in other ways, may grow the appreciation of the Military with the same Spirit. Yet, forcing them on the Military you refuse to fund now is just offensive.

Why not see what qualifies for National Service to start with?

They say young people these days have no respect and they should give to the state in some way. And every time they believe the draft is the answer.

Wrong answer. We have a Professional Military force with more diverse skills than at any other time in Our History. Why would you want to water down those kind of experts with baby-sitting jobs or worse?

Some draftees require more maintenance than your entire MOS.
That could play hell on you for years or worse, on deployment.


The problem is the Mis-Educational system and lack of faith in Classical Community involvement, Religious Institutions, and Individualism.

Start at the root of the issues they are trying to address.

If the time does come to pass that you must conduct a draft into Armed Services, you better be vastly out-numbered, you shall have already regretted it, repent,
and draft me first.

I do not see this having to happen.

VIA @CloseDanger


CC: @divergentoptions


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There is no Race or Man, there is ONLY GOD.

There is no deobandist, Salifi, Wahbbist, Sunni, Sufi. There is no jew, christian, black or white. There is no Rohangia, Buddhist nor Hindu. There is no black, white, indian or Quaker. There is no takfir, there is no dakfir. There is no rastafar, there is no afrikan, ino, cheno, cerok, nepals, Huns, Cush, No Han nor singa, no nubaian, afrikan aussie, brit, irish, sheldon, datkun, reese, levite, dataam, hindi, shinzu, japanese, viet, happa, dari, vikon, sadeus, saxon, ereon, caledon, and if did not miss anyone, I just cannot list you all in your EO “Complaint” or anything else.

There is no Race or Man, there is ONLY GOD.

If you love HIM above all, the Living He has Created over all else, you will find that the only thing is HIM. And this love will overcome all of your whatever it is you consider yourself.

Without HIM, you are a hollow shell of His making.

There is no race if you were created. The land you have is Owned by you but it is HIS lease.

If you would look UP, you would not dare fight any of HIS. For you are All His Creation.

WE are all one through the Body of the Creator. And as soon as you all start acting that way, the faster WE may move on to making Creation better.

Or not.

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Advice for NFL Players and America. #ideas

Advice for NFL Players and America. #ideas

I want to offer some possible outlets to make US Family again.

Crystallize your message. Violating an American ritual will turn US off. Be succinct, put your personal messages up, and find a positive way to use your own money to construct a message to address your specific grievance. Study it, check statistics, and become an expert on your off time. The League should help you.

You could always hook up with Kapernicks organization which teaches Minority Children how to handle Law Enforcement if you like. Being afraid of the Police is just as dangerous as their power so learn your Rights, and spread that knowledge far and wide.
And don’t use violent people for that message.

Work with your State Legislators to ensure there is a spotlight on cases where Civil Rights have been violated instead of supporting the protests of dangerous criminals.
Please do not take it out on Our Police.

We need to focus on actual cases that never get press.
I assure you Bigotry is alive and well in America. For I AM witness and it has no place here no matter where you think you may get away with it.

The NFL has become quite corrupt on the upper levels so Please do not blame Americans for maybe thinking some of you were put up to this. For I feel the same way anymore so a convincing argument will go a long way to put this behind… one day.

Talk to Each-Other and collaborate in how you want to message what you have to say.
I believe this distraction going on in the locker-room is a dis-advantage to your Team-Work and I see there are not happy campers. As so, it must be addressed.

Please don’t put yourself in a situation where you are ignorant of facts while following the rest of the lobotomized parrots in their narrative. These people are sent to exploit you, not correct a problem.
Do not become a patsy in a political war.

Channel this somewhere Americans may be sympathetic to your plight.
America will stand behind you if a real discussion occurs and we may all stand again.

I will work with you too.

But I AM still going after the Owners, management, and franchise as it is corrupt and anti-competitive. And Anti-American.

Candor, Courage, and Love.


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Lessons learned from #Harvey/ #Irma #Rescue channels on #Zello. Helping one another.

Lessons learned from Irma Rescue channels on Zello.

From monitoring many Zello emergency rescue accounts, I have learned that this could be a great tool for the future for people in disaster situation (If they have Internet capability)

I thought I would share a prep list for those Whom desire to assist their fellow man in tumultuous times.

Zello has provided a service that allows one to talk to a group or privately (Even encrypted) with Whom they like to. In Harvey, it was used for those Whom needed help or rescue when their primary Civil Support services were not available.

In disaster, you do not know what kind of communications you will have. Cell towers, main line phone lines, cable service, Internet, Satellite communications, and even 911 could fail to be available. It could leave one with only CB and HAM operators to rely upon.

During and after these storms, many were without such ability and the Interet was the only way to communicate. Hence Zello filled the void. For may, they just wanted to chat with others to not feel so alone. For some, it was the only lifesaving tool they had.

Some ISP Providers like Spectrum and Xfinity did, to the best of their ability, provide emergency free Internet service where they could. Kudos to you for that.

Having introduced the context, I wanted to present you with a Prep list that presents you with an avenue on how you may contribute, and how to keep out of trouble with the Internet of things.

1.First mission is information flow. Inform and coordinate with Local, State, and Federal Authorities prior to sending someone into any situation – if at all possible. For dispatchers, phone is the finest weapon you have.

As a Civilian, you are merely and augmentation service or force. The State and Local Officials are your primary support group. In cases they are over-loaded, they may ask one of your groups for help but that rarely, if ever, happens. It is question of Liability few Government officials will want to address in the fog of a real event.

Duplicate calls, duplicate rescues, and mass confusion can lead to life threatening situations if the channels are repetitive. I learned some of what I tell you here from the Cajun Navy as they have been at this awhile. They have tried to provide an example of Private Civil Augmentation.

You have to be “Trusted” to talk on their network channels which means, you fill out the form to volunteer. After which, you get passwords. Being a Non-Profit, they would like to maintain their 5013C status. This means accountability must be up-held. In fact, your information has to be cleared through the Department of Homeland Security.

2. Verification. I observed several possible pranks or traps coming over channel. Once you verify it is an actual person in an actual flooded area that does not intend to rob you or worse. There are always a few bad faith calls.

Which leads us to

3. Privatization of service. This is set by Infrastructure Categories.

4. Channel control. You will want separate channels for functioning separation of information. Many rescue groups have a main chat room where everything is handled. This is not Kosher. All the jackals and jokers come about in an Emergency situation not recognizing that If you do interfere with a rescue, you may be sent to Prison.

You never have enough dispatchers

Take your calls separate from the room with friend request to verify and if they are pranking, kick them out of the room

Have separate, encrypted channels for private information.

Never let people know where supplies, water, food, or gas is going over public channels. This is how you get raided. Also Coordinate with local Authority when shipping such things.

Try to moderate your volume to %80 percent. Some calls you can barely hear, some will wake everyone up in your neighborhood.

Keep weather checks and regular info on other channels than your work channels. Anything you can get from weather channel or AM radio in your car. This information may be useful on the ground for rescuers, but it is of no use for a rescue channel when people are asking for a weather check every 3 minutes.

Keep the channels clear. Block and report abuse. Separate the chatter. Gotta keep them separated.

5. For those on the ground who need verbal communication, the following resources are available Dispatchers:



Gas Buddy

Google maps

Apple maps


wink news

ventusky maps



Local power company outage maps

Animal Control

Animal rescue shelters

Shelter apps – Local shelters, Evacuation shelters that allow pets. They are Our Family too. Check shot records too.

HAM Radio

CB Radio


Mesh networks

Morse code

White flags on roof-tops of houses

Local nuclear plant data sites

Local water treatment plants

local chemical company plants

Local food market corporate sites (Distro – disribution info if they post it)

Uhaul, storage, UPS, FEDEX, Pipelines, Railroad, Greyhound, Hubs. Airports, Ports and Port Authority, CoastGuard, National Guatd, Attourney generals office, Governors Office,

6. As a moderator. seeking clarity of information is the key. You can be the straw that stirs the drink, or the one that breaks the chain. Some operators having stress have time and need to blow off steam with their fellows. So, when OPTEMPO slows down, let them know each-other and chat. But if emergency comes about it is “BREAK – Clear Channel”.

Give them ten seconds to speak and block them. Yet be cautious, few may be real, but they can go to one of the main popular rooms to ask.

7. Access: HUBS. You are looking for a way to somewhere, and always looking for a direct path at expense.

But what if you were traveling somewhere and got stuck at the airport? You ask where the nearest HUB is to get you closer to destination. Sometimes, flying (Or driving, or via Train or rickshaw or whatever) is better than waiting in airports. Buses and trains, private planes, Mariner charter, Cruise Ships! Support them too! Any logistic line is safe haven.

Buses, Trains, Uber, Lyft, Airbnb could find a place a block away. Do not discount Local Militias.

If you are Legit, someone needs to perk an ear up. But if you clog LOGISTIC Trains or get in the way of even the Local Sheriff, you are in the wrong unless you can stress test your case.

7. Record what you do. You can take screen shots and pictures. If you called 911, you are going to want to remember when. Sometimes calls go UN-answered so you will want to be able to show something.

8. Sheltering. They will not be checking immigration status at shelter but they may check for warrants, naturally. They will also want to know if your pets have been vaccinated.

9. Be creative. Does someone attached to machines need to be evacuated when the power goes out? Or could you just bring them a generator.

The Elderly could require a range of specialized equipment. Sometimes contacting the manufacturer helps to get equipment where it needs to go.

Baby formula, diapers, and dog food always run low in these events and as always – Fuel.

Also, listen to Frefal!

Would like to work for Trello someday.


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Message To Millennials – How To Change The World Properly / Leading Millennials in the Military

Message To Millennials – How To Change The World Properly

Hear him out.

And related, more friendly advice”

Leading Millennials in the Military | Small Wars Journal

There is a place for everyone.

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Something I do not pay the Intel community for is Sedition.

Something I do not pay the Intel community for is Sedition.

And here is Sedition:

Former U.S. Intelligence Official: National Security Officials Ready To ‘Go Nuclear’ On President Trump

“Now we go nuclear. IC war going to new levels. Just got an EM fm senior IC friend, it began: “He will die in jail.”


“I would put this right at the feet of John Brennan and Jim Clapper and I would go so far as to say the Obama White House was directly involved before they left,” Shaffer said. “Ben Rhodes and those folks… The Democrats are behind this and some of the Republicans are involved with the leaks. So I say ‘Bring it on!’

Scumbag Communist asshole displaying his nothingburger of a resume except for throwing molotov cocktails.

“Obama has an army of agitators — numbering more than 30,000 — who will fight his Republican successor at every turn of his historic presidency. And Obama will command them from a bunker less than two miles from the White House.”

It is an idiot fake bolshevik revolution after they held power already.
You scum of the earth.

“If President Obama is serious about his often-expressed desire to rein in big money in politics, he should shut down Organizing for Action and disavow any plan to schedule regular meetings with its major donors,”

What is the issue? They (The Intel Community) have acted with immoral reason in the past. Ergo, they cannot be exposed for their actions in the future – which only leads to… You can never keep a secret.

Look see here:

“Why Is The Deep State Worried?”

“I would suggest that many members of the establishment have, in addition, something very personal to fear from the Trump administration: For it would appear that some of America’s most powerful people have been involved in activities which if brought into the public forum would utterly destroy them, not only professionally, but also personally.”

Let US be clear.
If you exert power like the Soviet KGB, then I have no compunction whatsoever in treating ALL OF YOU as enemy spies.
I graduate Sedition to Treason as you are, in defacto, weakining our entire structure of authority.

I would post you in Quantico for de-brief and a very long stay in the US Federal PEN.

I would not let this happen to ANY US President, not even Obama who is the most destructive and useless Leader in my lifetime.

If he is not careful, he may join you there.

I will be having none of this.


121417 –

A TIMELINE OF TREASON: How the DNC and FBI Leadership Tried to Fix a Presidential Election 

I saw it back then, plain as day. It took a year for the rest to catch on I guess.

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Two wrongs do not make a right – Immigration EO

I hate Executive orders, unless they repeal other executive orders normally.

This POTUS EO is deeply flawed, poorly implemented, not coordinated, and systems do not well with sudden stops.

Unreasonable timelines don’t even give Congress time to react, or force them to.

And frankly, we have much to lose if some of these foreigners using Legal means to gain access to this Nation , may not in a heart beat.

Yet, he is doing what he said he would. And also, I do not like the unfettered access that has been granted in the last 8 years.

In fact, the last 8 years were the worst in my life, but this is not about me.

The only reason this is a big deal is because you made it one in the past with your lawless views and policy. And people are hurting.
Two wrongs do not make a right. One Judge was lazy and politically motivated and tried to mis-represent facts in the case and did not even cover the Statute involved.

Then 50 well paid liberal lackeys in the 9th Circuit decided to add bad paperwork to it with a stay to the entire Order.

The more I AM reading this, the more I feel like these Judges are out of any Constitutional control. They are arrogant and sloppy and are not even trying to address this in a closing manner.

So, rescind, and make new orders.

The point is if you want to drive congress with these orders, you gave no time.

Why not try to influence the Congress with other persuasion? Make the law real.

And don’t leave people stranded if they already won the golden ticket. Most are not bad people.

And for you activist Judges, Shame on you. You need to find work as lobbyists or something because you do not bode the LAW well at all.  You are disgraceful.

Just do your damn jobs. Your REAL jobs.



021017 – Here is the finest explanation I have read.

Screenshot from 2017-02-10 20:42:15.png


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When you go to work, you are a producer.
When you come home, you are a consumer.
If you penalize the producer, it becomes more expensive for the consumer.
If you penalize the consumer, it becomes more expensive for the producer.



A Hiku

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Don’t get all huffy House of Saud.

“”illogical and demagogic” incitement in the United States against Saudi Arabia which has “suffered most from extremism and terrorism.””

Don’t get all huffy House of Saud. That was my fault. These Families deserve compensation Truthfully.  Maybe I AM the reason you face a penal obligation. I know you offered settlement or “Charity” for the 9-11 MASSACRE.

I do not want things to go this way, but you need to understand that I want a stop sign for every Salifist and Wahabbist Mosque or institutions you fund fueling this aggressive Shariah Law.
You still missed the true verdict in this protracted war YOU created and WE funded. So… Here we are.

This fake handed Mosaic Law is not even close to it’s purpose. You are funding


Shariah Law has been corrected before Islam was ever formed, and you went forth with it anyway. My advice is keep the Mecca Mohammed, and throw away all of the Medina  Mohammed. Clearly two different doctrines and features. I will not have it
forced upon the World.

To be Honest, to the Lord, the obliteration of House of Saud after all of this would be darker, harder, and deadlier than what stands now. I have told you Pagans about living by the sword before you made up your text.

This goes for ALL of you.

World conquest in the name of “Allah” is over, or YOU are over. Cease and Desist
We will work over Legals after this.

In the realm of Heaven, nothing has to be permanent except for the True Heaven.

Don’t act in haste.

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Case Study: Estonian DOS attack

As the focus on Asymmetric Warfare widens, we have a case study right in front of us with Estonia:

“On April 26, 2007, the small Baltic state of Estonia experienced the first wave of denial-of-service (DoS) attacks. Accompanied by riots in the streets, these cyberattacks were launched as a protest against the Estonian government’s removal of the Bronze Soldier monument in Tallinn, a Soviet war monument erected in 1947. These attacks targeted prominent government websites along with the websites of banks, universities, and Estonian newspapers. After three weeks, the attacks ceased as suddenly as they had begun, but not before the Estonian government undertook measures to block all international web traffic, …”

Via International Affairs Review


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Casual Conversations from Paradise

In this week alone, I have had the privilege to sit and have long conversations with two major defense contractors, a medical care professional in anesthesiology, a royal Marine who knew his shit and ours, a Quiet Soldier who has seen much pain,a high ranking sports official, a major developer, an awesome guy that worked area aviation, a high level banker, and some other people most never get to talk to in an average week. I will not mention their professions.

This happens almost every week with different professionals from across the board.

I have the luxury of watching professionals on twitter defuse major issues in half a day, even if half of you block or hate me. I still learn from you.

Sharing of expert power is a powerful thing and we need it now more than ever in this dumbed down world.

Where I AM is a place where the table teaches me almost every night and that is invaluable.
I want to thank all of you for opening up to teach me things I could never learn without you. I Am humbled and thankful for the time you took with me to explain things.

I could have no greater gift than understanding how these things are run by your generous experience and time you took to learn me.

These are things all Adults need to have an idea about, but the intimate knowledge I have obtained here is something some could only wish to pay for.

I could only hope Elders will always share such knowledge with Young Men like myself, especially those that are curious.

I would never trade what I have learned here from My Elders here for anything. I only Pray I may help someone else along the way with what you have paid for or been patient for me  to learn.
I AM working very hard to pass what I may and to give back what I have been given here to preserve OUR shared Civilization and maybe encourage others to seek more.

I also want to give more given the correct circumstance shall such opportunity present itself.

GOD Bless you all for this. It helps. It really does. I Pray you will forgive me for the chance and chances I have passed up by not doing so yet. The Teacher appears late sometimes.

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Radicalism, Islam, Homegrown extremists, and general reference.


All of this has appeared on my timeline so I have extracted these articles for research purpose.

DHS Domestic Terrorism and Homegrown Violent Extremism Lexicon

Options and Strategies for Countering Online Radicalization in the United States

Radicalization in the West: The Homegrown Threat- NYPD

Stealing Al-Qa’ida’s Playbook

Extremism on the Internet: The Fight Against Online Radicalisation Starts Offline

Radicalization and extremism in schools

How 100 Years of Gang Research Can Inform the Study of Terrorism, Radicalization
and Extremism

Statement Before the House Judiciary Committee, Subcommittee

Radicalization in the digital era: The Internet in 15 cases of terrorism

Understanding terror – free courses:

New Strategies for Countering Homegrown Violent Extremism

Motivation, Ideology, and the Social Process in Radicalization

American professor’s online tutorials helped change mind of radical Islamist

Gen Y jihadists: recommendations to prevent radicalisation in Australia

The Dos and Don’ts of Deradicalizing Violent Extremists

Moderate imam reveals how radicals won battle for soul of Boston mosques

In nations with significant Muslim populations, much disdain for ISIS

Millions of Muslims are leaving Islam as they watch the extremism of Iranian & ISIS leaders, says a top Iranian Christian leader.

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Syria Match

Israel has no problem with Assad as long as he keeps his goons away from Israel. An eroding security opens Her borders to not only Da’esh but Hezbollah and direct links to Iran.
These rockets are real, all the time.

Russia wants to keep Assad
Syria has been eaten, Da’esh is eating on Damascus Suburbs.

Russia sent advisers.

Saudi Arabia wants to oust him, The Sunni whole do not want him. Although he was easier on some Minorities. It is Baathist, with Nazi salute and everything. An addition to the
“Shiah Crescent” Running over Lebanon, Like the Golan in Syria. The Israel northern border also has direct Iranian treat.

The Druze are being challenged for their loyalty.

Turkey snub’s the Arabs citing they have their own problems.
Bottom line, no one will ever agree to what the Caliphate is because it is man made.
And all of those wonderful and Beautiful people will forever be trapped between two raging tides of oceans crashing them asunder, laying dead and broken in it’s wake.

It is a tsunami of hate and eternal vengeance, and it is man made.

I do not blame people for wanting to leave this hate club. But do not bring it with you.

I rather you fix your problems at home with your Families safe.
People are more comfortable in their native land.

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Where are we? Really? Here are the Shoals

Donations from weponeers from Sunni states while cashing out on Iranian assets at the same time, prolonging proxy wars by both entities ensuring the conflict is prolonged in Syria.

Destroying MY Security Dividend Iraq keeping this from happening in the first place:
Creating vacuum in every security concern everywhere,
Piling on Our Allies, bankrupting Nations, Trafficking weapons, sponsoring state sponsors of Terror, Fucking

the Kurds over for a Fourth time after they helped bail US out again, distant views of foreign policy, Mis-handling classified information, Seceding OPM data to the Chinese by contract?

Kicking the border doors wide open and making everyone take the flood with no checks: Importing Moslems with no checks from the bottom depths of you do not know, Trying to Dis-arm US in your process,

Gerrymandering districts by doing so, not requiring ID to vote, dis-allowing Christians to enter, releasing repeated Felons that kill American Citizens, using environmental rules to bankrupt the economy, constantly monetizing the Dollar, Paying $28 BIL a day into the stock market and selling your money? interest free? debt? $210 Trillion unfunded liabilities, $22 Trillion debt clock which happens to be stopped right now, Substandard MEDICAID will bankrupt the states, 10 Million got coverage but 66 Million lost coverage, a Doctor shortage,
Turning GTMO detainie murders loose back into the Moslem Middle east, Bigotry of low expectations on the

Islamic World, Never backing our LEO, sicking the Unions on our cities disguised as victims, creating a

“moral order” of abortion, …..

This is what We have.

Who makes a bunch of programs,and then bankrupts them?

Plunder and Decieit (PDF)

Click to access Plunder-Deceit-Chapter7.pdf

This is NOW.

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Gambling is easy when you think you have no skin in the game.

This guy is bent on getting Iran a get out of jail free card and hand them a few other nations. during the poker game he will lose for US and Our lives and money.

Sponsoring Iran, The Worlds leading terror sponsoring government, You drive the Sunni Mad.

Some may be so inclined to believe that they have better survival options under daesh seeing as how Baghdad totally sold them out. The US was not helpful either.
Creating a vacuum and letting Iran dominate it is not “counter-balance”

It is suicide.

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More on “climate change”

Seeing as we always have to re-hash out  falsehoods:


cc6_2014-06-23_094657cc7_2014-06-23_094759 cc5_2014-06-23_094626 cc4_2014-06-23_094537 cc3_2014-06-23_094346 cc2_2014-06-23_094251 cc1_2014-06-23_094147

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Watching 06/17/2014 – Watchlist no links.


The rise of Boko Haram
ISIS takeover of central Iraq
Kidnapped Turks in Iraq (ISIS)
Downing of Ukraine aircraft  
ISIL – Lebanon
Sistani calling Shia to arms
Iran moving Hezbollah into Iraq to meet ISIS
Pakistan Airport assaults
Pakistan military operation against the Taliban
Argentina refusing to pay Hedge funds back
Israel Hostages
Boko Haram Hostages
Marine in Mexico
Taliban headed for Kashmir again
Taliban and Al Qeada releases
The collar of Khatallah
China building Rigs and buildings on disputed Islands in the South Asia Seas – sinking fishing trollers
Al-Shabaab targeting Djibouti
Kurdistan solidifies – refuses to help Maliki anymore
Inflation increase
Russia antagonizing Ukraine
Hamas and Fatah embraced by US Administration
Al Qaeda – “foreign investors”, “airlines”, and multi-nat’l companies and orgs as targets
Chlorine strikes by Assad in Syria
Drug trade – Peru to Bolivia and Brazil
Jordans plight with ISIS
12 Planes disappear from Radar twice over Switzerland and other countries.
Iraq Evac
Libya fighting militancy and Al Qaeda (General Haftar is cleaning it up)
Central African Republic
Al Shabaab at Ethiopian border
Americans held in Iran (Including a Marine)
Russia Missile treaty breach
IDP from Iraq, continued IDP from Syria
African Refugees heading for Europe
Indonesia deploy fighter aircraft near disputed waters with Malaysia
Rwanda, Congo border Fence line incidents

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Loose loads may easily make a craft unrecoverable. Reference the Sewol

Ask a Korean has put together well telling of the sinking of the Sewol and alluded to the fact that the ship was unstable by nature and travelled with loose loads, most likely the main reason the ship sank.

We do know, however, that the Sewol turned sharply. The ship, modified to have a higher center of gravity and weight imbalance on each side, carrying more than three times the recommended weight in cargo which was not properly secured, with much of the stabilizing water drained out of its ballast tanks, started to list beyond the crew’s control.”



The contains simply rested on the deck, nominally held down by ropes that were tied to the hooks in the ship. Further, Cheonghaejin outsourced the harnessing of the cargo to a subcontractor. The subcontractor, afraid of losing Cheonghaejin’s account, never could ask the ferry company to invest money in proper harnessing mechanism.”

In a more graphic example of travelling with your shit not strapped down, may I suggest you watch this video of what happens to planes. (Graphic)

Crash investigators in Afghanistan said Monday that quickly shifting cargo of heavy military vehicles contributed to the crash of a civilian cargo plane on April 29 in which all seven people aboard were killed.”

Captains, Aviators, Engineers, Truckers, please be aware of the status of your cargo in pre checks.

Prayers for all lost.

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#Syria, Russian Chess, Red Lines and Red Lights.

I do not write in any official state capacity

There are few good options in regards to Syria.

The Arab Spring had a way of drawing fighters into unstable Countries. Once the US left Iraq, all the nasties started to fan back out and fight anywhere they could. Remember this is separate from the original Syrian uprising which was by Syrians for reform.

As for the CW use, you would have to have considerable equipment for the area covered plus the amount of casualties make it unlikely that rebels have the capability of such a strike. If in fact Syrian Generals went Rogue, this would still be the responsibility of Assad. His CW stock = his neck. There was an assassination attack aimed at Assad a week prior which makes this look as retribution.

It is sad to say that after Libya and Benghazi, I Am skeptical that CINC has his head in the game or that he could run a conflict. Going to War with a distracted CINC during sequestration with a Military Pay cut and low morale may not be wise. An attack by a CINC that was going to with hold Soldier pay while they were in Combat while still allowing welfare checks to go out does not inspire my confidence in his taking the Military seriously. Rot his Soul. It may slow removal of our equipment from Afghanistan and that is not even the tip of the iceberg.

If CINC wanted to send a shot over the bow, he could just send a fighter jet to buzz Damascus and blow out all their windows. That would be plenty of warning enough. However, as things currently stand, it is too late to make any action that would have considerable meaning (Such as taking out the launchers and military units involved in the CW attack). Hence, we lost our violence of action and most of that stuff has been moved by now.

CINC should have pulled a Regan on them and taken those units out right after CW was used but that is not here nor there. Russia gets awful huffy about it.

The US is not the only Country that has options here. Naturally, were action to take place, Hezbollah would strike Israel and in Lebanon (Not that they don’t plan that anyways). They would also strike at our Embassies and here at home as well. Russia could drop the hammer on Saudi Arabia. The Suez could be blocked which with Obamas Soviet Economy, could finish collapsing the US and wipe out the dollar. Note I said finish as POTUS has collapsed the economy considerably.

Jordan and Iraq stated they would refuse allowing a strike from their Countries.

China is also sending ships. No telling how that arranges events.

An out as proposed by the Russians and approved by the Syrian Regime was to place CW under International control. For now, this is the best plan and I would highly suggest that this action be taken. It would not be easy as this would require much coordination and Forcible inspection.

I would not give a green light at all for an attack on Syria at this point if the above plan truly is instituted. I probably would not give a green light anyway. All and all, in the end, it’s all about Assads lack of a chin.


Some references as I don’t have time to link up this post.

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#FRAGO. Distribution: ALL, #Water is PRI-1 Do not let this get desperate.

There are people who could benifit greatly if they knew these things.
Water day –,7340,L-4247665,00.html   This is problem, NO?     Water everywhere    World over-using underground water reserves for agriculture     app to chart water quality


Also, do not feel bad if you feel like getting Danger Swag, it does not make you prepper”” which sounds ghey, just prudent to have assets if someone else fails you. It is an economy.


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Painted targets / missing aircraft: Way too many un-answered questions with #Benghazi.

Often, you may garner more information from the comments sections than the actual articles. Some come from those “In the know” as well.

I troll some closed boards so don’t get frustrated. I wanted to include where this information came from.

One thing certain, SEAL does not waste time painting a target unless he thinks it will be hit as it will expose his position and those batteries do not last too long.

The timelines conflict and the accounts are not working for me either. It leaves more questions than answers.

“Rather than get stuck in the traffic, the agents careen their car over the median — there is a median, a grassy median — and into the opposing traffic, and they go counter-flow until they emerge into a more lightly trafficked area and ultimately make their way to the annex.”


Obama Did Not Deny Requests For Help In Benghazi: Aide – 

Was Benghazi Attack on U.S. Consulate an Inside Job?
“Who’s in charge? No one really knows. “That’s a million-dollar question,” admits an adviser to Deputy Prime Minister Mustafa Abushugar. Accompanied by aides, he turns and asks them who’s now formally heading the probe. Debate ensues and it is hazarded that the attorney general might be in charge.”


CIA Rapid Response Team told to STAND DOWN 


“An LTD (Laser Target Designator) is somewhat similar to a non-directional ground beacon (NDB) which aviators use for guidance. The NDB transmits a radio frequency signal whether aircraft are present or not. The LTD “paints” or lases a target directionally, for weapons and targeting systems (which have on-board laser acquisition devices) to identify and vector toward. As long as your LTD batteries are up, you can’t paint all day long. I hope this is helpful.”


“Jeff is correct (about lasing without air asset) but the only reason you would do that is to determine a specific grid for indirect fire which the SEAL did not have available. You are in an active firefight against mortars and MGs; there is only one reason to cease returning fire and paint a target and it ain’t because you thought it was a good time to pull a PMCS on your f******g GLD.””

“…the QRF will go if ordered, no matter the threat. It is incumbent on the forces on the ground to realize the position they are in and understand the cost to others for their rescue and the leadership to protect those that will fly blindly into battle on honor alone. As someone who has sat in both seats, it is discussed and both sides, the commanders and those being extracted do get a vote. “


“The security officer had a laser on the target that was firing and repeatedly requested back-up support from a Specter gunship,”


“From the retired Delta operator:

Having spent a good bit of time nursing a GLD (ground Laser Designator) in several garden spots around the world, something from the report jumped out at me.

One of the former SEALs was actively painting the target. That means that Specter WAS ON STATION! Probably an AC130U. A ground laser designator is not a briefing pointer laser. You do not “paint” a target until the weapons system/designator is synched; which means that the AC130 was on station.

Only two places could have called off the attack at that point; the WH situation command (based on POTUS direction) or AFRICOM commander based on information directly from the target area.

If the AC130 never left Sigonella (as Penetta says) that means that the Predator that was filming the whole thing was armed.

If that SEAL was actively “painting” a target; something was on station to engage! And the decision to stand down goes directly to POTUS!”


“My son violated his orders in order to protect the lives of at least 30 people. He risked his life to be a hero. I wish that the leadership in the White House had the same moral courage that my son displayed with his life.”


“In the end, it’s going to take declassified traffic or satcom transcipts to end the debate. Next thing you know, someone will post, “We had a package sitting on strip alert, waiting to go. They could havè inserted, achieved fire superiority, and wasted everyone of those jihadist bastards.” It’s easy to call for folks’ heads when a military response/rescue neither failed or succeeded. The same critics would have likely turned right around to criticize a headlong rush to action if the CEF had a calamity occured on insert, or an AC-130 was shot down (has Blackfive updated its reporting of a lack of AC-130 platform in the AO?)”


a command “in paper only”…repower/print/

“A military source familiar with the eight-hour Benghazi firefight provided this timeline to The Washington Times to answer the most central question surrounding the death of Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three other Americans: Why did the U.S. military take no direct action to stop the two terrorists assaults? […] But on Sept. 11, AfriCom was still a command “in paper only,” as one former Bush administration official put it.

The military source told The Times, “AfriCom has very few assigned forces.”

Gen. Ham lacked what is called a commander in-extremis force, which other combatant forces have set up to respond to crises such as Benghazi. He also lacked the assets to assemble a generic quick-reaction force.

As a result, the four-star general turned to a national response force in the United States on call 24 hours a day. He worked through the European Command to tab its commander in-extremis force. This unit was conducting training in Central Europe. It had to be briefed on the mission and taken to an airfield, a process that took hours. The national and European strike forces finally arrived in Sigonella air base in Sicily on Sept. 12.

“They both had something in common,” the military source said. “When they both arrived on the 12th, the evacuation of the CIA base had already been completed.”

As the two units flew to Sicily, Gen. Ham, a combat veteran of the Iraq War, looked at other options and saw few. He had no AC-130 gunships, which can be effective in urban combat by isolating and firing on enemy targets. He also had no armed drones such as the missile-carrying Predator that can strike a gunman precisely.”

“If it’s true that GEN Ham had no In-Extremis Force, or any other response capability… then why was he even in the chain of command?”


“…Gen. Ham, monitoring the Sept. 11-12 attacks in Benghazi, had only one real option to intervene directly: F-16s stationed at Aviano Air Base, across the Mediterranean in Italy.”

I also failed to mention this earlier:

“Four hours later, the attack is renewed, and while the mortars aren’t “painted” with lasers, some of the attackers are — as “warnings not to fire.” Three mortar shells then hit the roof, killing Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods.”

It is still in the Discovery process.

11-09-12 – “Defense Secretary Leon Panetta is telling Congress that the military did not have armed aircraft near Libya that could have helped defend against the Sept. 11 attack on the U.S. Consulate that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans.” 

It sounds to me that ALLCON did all they had with what they had, minus an F-16.

My take, POTUS and Staff watched their friends die and there was nothing they could do about it. I remember Hillary looking devastated.

Now, more has been presented but I am under the gun with time so will post later. Still in Discovery.

04/30/13 – Special Operator who Debriefed Benghazi Responders Claims Troops Were Available

05/01/13 – Two retorts: Benghazi (II): A military analysis of the Fox mystery man’s fantasy rescue plan | The Best Defense and Opinion: Special ops bravado hurts national security –


Bottom line, they were dead before they even got there.

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#Islam, you say? Or you say I do not say? I say my peace.



Another incomplete list, but you get the picture. It’s serious and it is something to be addressed. 
Pajamas Media » » Print Gaza Children Sacrificed to a Malevolent God
Iran: Arabian Nightmares
Bombings and islam
Sudan: Arguing With God
Counter-Terrorism: The Islamic Pope
Jihad Watch: Father Zakaria Botros on “The perverse sexual habits of the Prophet,” Part II
Jihad Watch: Father Zakaria Botros on “The perverse sexual habits of the Prophet” Part III
Jihad Watch: Father Zakaria Botros on “The perverse sexual habits of the Prophet,” Part II
Counter-Terrorism: Don’t Let The Goyim Know
Darfur vs Gaza: African muslims are worth less than Arab muslims – City of Brass
Family Security Matters » Publications » Wilders Prosecution is a Welcome Opportunity to Expose Islam
The threat of ‘sharia’ to America – Page 2 – Professional Soldiers ®
Winning: The End Of Empire
Ennahar Online
Al-Qaeda in gay rape horror | The Sun |News
Beheading in the Empire State – Kathryn Jean Lopez – The Corner on National Review Online
HASSAN CHOP | Daily Telegraph Tim Blair Blog
Pajamas Media » War and Peace — and Deceit — in Islam (Part 1)
Pajamas Media » War and Peace — and Deceit — in Islam (Part 2)
Headless Body in Legless Story – Mark Steyn – The Corner on National Review Online
Lazy man yawns – Mark Steyn – The Corner on National Review Online
The Islamic world’s malevolent zeitgeist
Counter-Terrorism: Islamic Radicals Get Blinded By The Light
Saudi judge sentences pregnant gang-rape victim to 100 lashes for committing adultery | Mail Online
saudi vs sorcery
Dhimmi Watch: UK libraries put Qur’an, Bible on top shelf to avoid offending Muslims
Jihad Watch: Wilders: “Our elites…are so blinded by their own ideology that they turn a blind eye to the truth”
Al Qaeda Says It Executed Briton –
BBC NEWS | Middle East | ‘Why I created Islamic super heroes’
Hizb Ut-Tahrir: Shariah Takes Precedence over U.S. Constitution: Imam Promises to Fight “Until Islam Becomes Victorious or We Die in the Attempt” :: The Investigative Project on Terrorism – World Press Wire
Islam, the West and Our
Counter-Terrorism: The Menace Of Murderous Militant Morons
Islam, Apostacy and implications for USA… – Professional Soldiers ®
Demoting Islam’s Religion Status – Professional Soldiers ®
Counter-Terrorism: Madrassa Madness
DAWN.COM | World | Iraqi Christian leader denounces latest attacks
Muslim Killed After Being Found With 6 Qurans – Professional Soldiers ®
Inside the Gunman’s Mosque – The Daily Beast
Reforming Islam From Within: Is It Happening Even Now, And Is It Under Attack By Counter-Jihadists?
Terrorism that’s personal (12 images) | Reporting with a camera
“At War with Islam” an Essay by Martel Sobieskey « Lighthouse Patriot Journal
Indonesia: Mob of 1000 Muslims storms a church under construction – Jihad Watch
MEMRI – Middle East Media Research Institute
Muslim child and friends behead man while praising Allah (Video) « Creeping Sharia
Chesler Chronicles » Could Jesus Live Safely In Bethlehem Today? » Print
It’s always the jihad
We Keep Lying to Ourselves About Islam
Unmask evil force that uses Islam to serve political interests
Obama’s New Year Gift To The Saudi King – Professional Soldiers ®
Counter-Terrorism: Islamic Intolerance
Counter-Terrorism: Why Holy Warriors Can’t Find Love
John Quincy Adams on Islam – Professional Soldiers ®
What Connection between Religion and Terrorism? « On War and Words
Gallup Center for Muslim Studies
The Jawa Report: Images: Islamists Behead Pakistani Soldiers on Video
Support: Foreign Mercenaries In Arabia
Terrorist Attacks —
Winning: A Bloody Last Stand
AFP: Anti-Qaeda Sunni imams slaughtered in Iraq: military
Afghan Parliamentarian Calls for Execution of Christians
65 killed in twin suicide attacks in Mohmand Agency,2506,L-3891326,00.html
Nigeria: Muslims destroy Christian churches | EnerPub – Energy Publisher
Can al-Qaeda Use Islam to Justify Jihad in the United States? A Debate in Progress – The Jamestown Foundation
Our Friends, the Saudis? – Clifford D. May on National Review Online
FrontPage Magazine » An Invented Tale? » Print
What You Can’t Say About Islamism
Iraqi Interpreter’s Killing Pits Faith Against Law – IWPR Institute for War & Peace Reporting
Daily Times – Leading News Resource of Pakistan – Eight killed as Christian village attacked in Nigeria
McCarthy: Intolerant Islam – Professional Soldiers ®
Ayaan Hirsi Ali: How to Win the Clash of Civilizations –
It’s Not All Islam – Professional Soldiers ®
BBC News – Preventing violent extremism: A failed policy?
Your rape culture is not my religion
Dar al-Hadith دار الحديث: ISA
Video of brutal Taliban execution of Pakistani policemen emerges – The Long War Journal
Is Reforming Islam a Possibility? – International Analyst Network
Counter-Terrorism: Why Islam Isn’t Innocent
GoodShit › <B>Why Islam Isn’t Innocent</b>
The Jihad is Against the Bible – Diana West – Townhall Conservative
Professional Soldiers ® – The Political Violence of the Bible and the Koran
Can-You-Hear-Us-Now!: Understanding Muslims. The Good, The Bad, The Ugly!
The New Concise History of the Crusades – Professional Soldiers ®
Counter-Terrorism: The Cost Of Moslem Intolerance
What Is Islam? – International Analyst Network
Political Islam // Articles // Self-Taught
Hajj for Heathens – Boing Boing
Counter-Terrorism: Beware The New Guy
Don’t Forget Sudan’s Slaves – By Nina Shea – The Corner – National Review Online
Russia’s New Age terrorist, and what he tells us about the global jihadist movement – Telegraph Blogs
American Thinker: Why We Should Fear the Moslem Brother
The OIC and the Caliphate – National Review Online
YouTube – Broadcast Yourself beheading others
Pentagon lists mosques where Al Qaeda recruited: WikiLeaks
The Koran and the Ethics of Faith and Questioning – By Michael Potemra – The Corner – National Review Online
VDH’s Private Papers:: Islam’s Uninterrupted History of Forced Conversions
Pakistan: 12 year-old Christian gang raped for eight months, forcibly converted to Islam, “married” to her Muslim attacker – Jihad Watch
Islam prices people like livestock « Money Jihad
Footage Surfaces Of Saudi Arabian “Sorcerer” Being Publicly Beheaded – With Graphic Video at Pat Dollard
Robert Spencer: Islam for Leftists – Jihad Watch
Forty-five students found held in basement in chains by police raiding Islamic seminary thought to be ‘Taliban training centre’ | Mail Online
Asia Times Online :: The fifth horseman of the apocalypse
Nigerian Christians Dismayed by President’s Security Response | News | English
Al Arabiya Arabic Channel Chooses Weirdest Fatwas of 2011 |
Islam is fear 0
Gates of Vienna: Islam is Fear, Part I
Gates of Vienna: Islam is Fear, Part II
Gates of Vienna: Islam is Fear, Part III
closed minds and islamist movement
FrontPage Magazine » What’s Really Wrong with the Middle East » Print
Afghanistan’s Bloody Tuesday – An FP Slideshow | Foreign Policy
PJ Media » The End of Religious Freedom
Islamic cleric bans women from touching bananas, cucumbers for sexual resemblance – Bikya Masr
Muslim Persecution of Christians: November 2011: “Everyone is Born a Muslim” :: Hudson New York
“Bosnia moving toward Sharia law” – Atlas Shrugs
Over 1,000 Christians Targeted & Murdered Worldwide by Islamists in 2011 | The Gateway Pundit
Islamic honor killing in Texas: “Santa” who murdered family on Christmas morning was Muslim who didn’t like his daughter dating a non-Muslim – Jihad Watch
Christian canaries in an Arab coal mine – The Globe and Mail
‘Islam Is Islam, And That’s It’ » Publications » Family Security Matters
Sandmonkey and the Salafis Go to Court: One Egyptian Activist Challenges Ultraconservative Islamists with the Law | Atlantic Council » Blog Archive » Of railroad tracks and polyphonic thinking
Top Saudi Cleric Issues Fatwa: Destroy Churches | Via Meadia
Gates of Vienna: Two Articles About Necla Kelek’s New Book
Western Sharia – Andrew C. McCarthy – National Review Online
Another Muslim Gang Busted in “Second Child Sex Ring” of young non-Muslim girls – Atlas Shrugs
The Mumbai Model and the threat of urban terrorism | The AfPak Channel
Uncovering Early Islam :: Daniel Pipes
Ordered Liberty » Moderation Happens To Islam, Not In Islam
Spengler » Why Invent Mohammed?
Islam as a Global Cult – Analysis – Current Intelligence
Guest Post: The Real Causes of Violence in Iraq and Afghanistan – On Violence
‫توفيق عكاشة يعرض جريمة الإخوان بقتل مواطن بتونس‬‎ – YouTube
false prophettering
Graphic Video: Muslims Slaughter “Apostate” in Tunisia :: Gatestone Institute
Bin Laden’s Commitment to the Covenant – by Steven Brooke | The AfPak Channel
Narco-Terror: US bans business with four Muslims in Hezbollah laundering – Atlas Shrugs
Kenyan officials: At least 15 killed, scores injured in church attacks near Somali border – The Washington Post
Demystifying the immortality of cancer cells
China’s Identity Crisis | Hoover Institution
In the footsteps of… | Facebook
From pilot’s g-suit to three-piece suit | ArabNews
A simplistic sectarian lens magnifies extremist agenda – The National

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Ok @Twitter – If you want to be my primary, you need to treat me serious @tweetdeck

API limits and junk, I get it. Security – I get it, and I know web platform is difficult.
But what I need is to be able to have many more coulmns than three on my screen. I like to filter columns. It is all about being able to track information and that means columns. It is all about the columns.

Your GUI web replacement is well done in many areas:

GUI replacement

GUI replacement

It gives me the columns but no filter and once the tweet is scrolled, it dissapears. No way to filter or mark tweets but love the drop down.

The Web version allows me to scroll down but again, not mark, highlight, or filter columns:

Web version

Web version

See what I had? I could mark as seen, Filter, highlight, almost 5 across – That kicked ass.

GUI Version

GUI Version

Again, Men – It is all about the columns. Need to be able to track here.

That aside, thanks for everything!

11/18/12 – The answer is Hootsuite. That’s some pro work there. I love it.

04/24/13 –  The answer: 10 Reasons I’m Switching from TweetDeck to HootSuite

Well Done!

Caveat – Would like a home feed slow streaming constant (Similar to original tweetdeck)  and/or Keyboard shortcut to manually refresh home feed.

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#Watching Aug 2012

There are two kinetic wars currently on-going and are being largely ignored – these Soldiers require serious attention probably now more than ever. It’s a Meat Grinder and #CINC has been vaporwear on it.

Hezbollah’s network of procurement in Canada

Iran admits giving WMD to terrs

Saudi pull out of Lebanon over kidnappings

Another Civil War in Lebanon?

The next proxy war

Collateral fallout of WMD attack on Israel with Jordan and Lebanon – same if WMD are blown in stock.

Taliban style attack on on Pakistan Base (Assumed part of the nuclear strategics)

Egypt’s reverse Revolution

Continued strife in Mali

Kurds in autonomy, Turks on the trigger

Salifist are gaining momentum in Tunisia


Employers agonizing over having to lay off people and some just to close shop outright.

Water resources in the Middle east are being abused and drying up – it’s the nest thing.

Wondering if it is time to close the Philadelphi Corridor

The Yemen split governance and military

Egypt turning back on accords with Israel. Un-wise. (Think Congress of Vienna)

Pussy Riot – it really made Putin look weak.


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#BlackSwan – Things you may want to learn prior to the #Collapse (And life improvement too!)

This took some time to compile. There are definitely decent, hardworking, and helpful people out there.

I was still working on it but you probably need it now.


Desmond Lachman — Welcome to America, the World’s Scariest Emerging Market
Waterfall Retreat (N. Carolina) –
The Geomagnetic Apocalypse — And How to Stop It | Wired Science from
Top 50 Important Tools – DIY Tips and Advice – Tools Everyone Should Own – Popular Mechanics
Survival School | The Big Money
EQUIPPED TO SURVIVE – Outdoors Gear, Survival Equipment Review & Survival Information
Post Peak Living | Your Guide to Post Peak Life
EMP Prep
“Boomers – Winter is Coming” by James Quinn. FSO Editorial 07/13/2009
Home Page – Welcome to Water Bob
Gusher Galley MK 3 Foot Pump
Survivalists 2.0: Regular people get ready for the worst | National | – Houston Chronicle
Super Tanker
Point Zero Two Purifier – Sawyer Point One Filters
SHTF Victory Garden
AA battery solar charger, AA battery solar charger Manufacturers & Suppliers
…Solar Powered Battery Charger, SOLIO Universal Portable Solar Charger – Prepare. Plan. Stay Informed.
The Solar Stik – The New Generator
TriSquare – 2-way Radio – Beyond FRS Beyond GMRS eXRS (TM) eXtreme Radio Service
AutoHome Roof Top Tents – Maggiolina, Columbus Variant, and OverLand
SylvanSport | IT
Littlbug Stove Junior
Solar Solutions | Products
Solar Water Pasteurizer|Solar Water Purifier|Solar Desalinator – Home – Safe Water Systems
Emergency Prep Suggested Checklist.pdf
The Vittles Vault
FCC: Wireless Services: Multi-Use Radio Service (MURS): MURS Home
Home Storage Centers
Wholesale Ingredients to the Food Service Industry, Honeyville Food Products. Premium Corn, Flour, Whole Grains, Sugar and more.
Emergency Essentials – Be Prepared Emergency Preparedness Food Storage
Y2K Preparedness for Celiacs
Food Storage @ Survival Unlimited. com – Mylar bags, Oxygen Absorbers, Dessicant, Diatomaceous earth, Heat Sealers, Buckets, Bucket lid opener.
<p><br>- Meat Entrees-Long Life Food Depot
Ch. 9: Food – Nuclear War Survival Skills
Rechargeable Batteries Battery Chargers Rechargeable Lithium Digital Camera Batteries Maha Ansmann Energizer Sanyo ZTS
Commercial and Industrial Supply Equipment and Products at Coleman’s Military Surplus, military cargo tie down assembly, military furnace, logging chain, plate steel and military heavy equipment
Water Treatment FAQ, Version 2.2 by Patton Turner
Test Plugs > Repair > Plumbing – Dickson Supply’s AccentShopping.Com 1-800-456-5267
New Jersey Office of Emergency Management – County Emergency Management – Coordinator’s Association – Family and Community Emergency Preparedness Heritage Round 42” Deep Complete Pool Package: Outdoor Play
Red Kidney Bean Poisoning – Food Reference
How I Installed a Quiet muffler
Building your own generator.
Soundproofing a Generator
A and C Propane Natural Gas Conversion Kits
Pandemic Influenza Preparedness and Response Plan : Bureau of Communicable Diseases : NYC DOHMH
You Will Survive Doomsday
Nuclear Survival by States
A Soldier’s Viewpoint on Surviving Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Attacks
Common Dental Emergencies – February 1, 2003 – American Family Physician
Global Oral Health – CAPP
GC Asia Dental- Atraumatic Restorative Treatment instruments
3M Health Care : 3M™ Organic Vapour Cartridge 6001 60/Case
Handwashing, more complicated than you thought
Disinfectant solutions, expedient
Emergency disinfection of drinking water
Downspout Diverter | Buy from Gardener’s Supply
American Thinker: Cloward-Piven Crisis Care
with nanotechnology.
Ashes Ashes All Fall Down: What Does Systemic Collapse REALLY Mean?
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YouTube – Survive and Thrive the systemic collapse, part 1
MREs, Prepackaged Rations Survival Meal Taste Test – Apocalypse Chow – Popular Mechanics
Civilian camp fires, covert-style – Professional Soldiers ®
MSR® Stoves, Cookware, Tents, Camp Towels, Water Filtration, Hydration and Snowshoes.
The demise of the dollar – Professional Soldiers ®
Costco – $799.99 after $200 OFF Shelf Reliance THRIVE™ 1-year Supply Dehydrated & Freeze-Dried Food
Special Operations Combat Assault Rifle
Our Products Assaulter Kit | MayFlower – Military Equipment and Tactical Gear
Société Générale tells clients how to prepare for ‘global collapse’ – Telegraph
Don’t Cry For Me, America
Be Prepared – Page 43 – Professional Soldiers ®
Discount Marine and Boat Supplies – Inflatable Sales – Defender
Welcome to
PreparedPlanet Big Berkey Water Filters and Water Purifiers
Hyperinflationary Depression – No Way of Avoiding Financial Armageddon
Ready Nutrition
Bedazzler – DIY non-lethal weaponry Gold Box: New Deals. Every Day.
North Carolina Information Sharing and Analysis Center February Bulletin | Public Intelligence
Tactical Vest Antenna System™ | Wearable Antenna Technologies Inc.
Water Filter & Water Conservation Products by AquaPro Solutions
Water Systems,Filters,Conditioners,Greensboro,NC,Winston-Salem,Hight Point,Triad
AquaPro Solutions: Niagara Conservation Information
Water Softener Alternative | Easy Water Systems
No spending = no tax revenue – Professional Soldiers ®
Divas For Geeks: Dear Public Pensioners…
CultureLab: Off-grid campaigner: Inspiring today’s US pioneers » Blog Archive » An Interesting “Collapse” Hypothetical – Dmitry Orlov: Social Collapse Best Practices
Complexity and Collapse : Information Clearing House – ICH
Be Prepared – Page 49 – Professional Soldiers ®
Solar Panels & Other Solar Kits – Harbor Freight Tools
Advance Auto Parts: 12 Volt Oscillating Fan by Schumacher – Part SAC-401
Shop Generac 3250 Running Watts Portable Generator at
What we have learned (off grid) PT1 – Frugal’s Forums
Laptop Faraday Bag by Disklabs – Laptop Shield
ClubOrlov: Sailing craft for a post-collapse world
Adventure Medical Suture Syringe Kit at
Edible & Medicinal Plant Guides Free Download – Frugal’s Forums
Michael Moore – SW School of Botanical Medicine Home Page
Plants For A Future : 7000 Edible, Medicinal & Useful Plants
Leaf for Life Homepage
What should I learn to “can” first? – Frugal’s Forums
Alcohol for bug killing – Frugal’s Forums
Anyone plant any Kale? – Frugal’s Forums
Local Future – News & Calendar
Harbor Freight Electric Splitter – Frugal’s Forums
Septic System Design
Preparing for civil unrest By Claire Wolfe 118
Possibly found the ideal SHTF 12v batteries! – Frugal’s Forums
Govt. Decides Against Mystery Shopper Program to Test Doctors – ABC News
Thoughts from being in Africa – Frugal’s Forums
The 4 Most Likely Ways You Can Die If the SHTF
Trapping Supplies – Frugal’s Forums
Equipment, machinery, fillers and filters for bottling mineral water, sale of industrial machinery and equipment
Long term propane lighting – Frugal’s Forums
Survival RULEBOOK for small-medium groups – Frugal’s Forums
Index of How to Survive Hard Times – by Robert Wayne Atkins, P.E. – Grandpappy
Top 10 Products for the Beginning Prepper | The Survival Mom
Top Post-Collapse Barter Items and Trade Skills by Brandon Smith
What to Do Right Now if the Hard Times Have Begun and You are Not Prepared by Robert Wayne Atkins, P.E. – Grandpappy
Region-wide networks when there is no Internet – Frugal’s Forums
My home built incubator – Frugal’s Forums
Popular Science – Google Books
Desalinating seawater with minimal energy use
How “Super Sand” Could Provide Drinking Water To Millions Of People | Fast Company
Hurricane Wind Power Wind Turbine Technologies LLC | Facebook
Frequency Allocations
Short Wave and Ham Radio Frequencies and BandPlans
Raising Backyard Chickens, by Kevin T. –
10 Signs That The American People Are Starting To Freak Out About The Condition Of The Economy
Which off grid refrigerator type?? – Frugal’s Forums
Successful bug reduction – Frugal’s Forums
Perónism Lite – By John Derbyshire – The Corner – National Review Online
Gallery: The Rebirth of the Internal Combustion Engine | Popular Science
Blacksmithing for Beginners | The Art of Manliness
iForge (Interactive Forge) Step-by-step Blacksmith Projects
The Wind Generator Authority |
North Carolina Preppers Network
Alternative Energy How-Tos – Wind power, micro hydro, biomass…
End Times Report – Home Page
Hesperian Foundation
Advanced Survival Downloads |
SHTF Electricity Basics, by M.N. –
Basement Watchdog Battery Operated Backup Sump Pumps Home Page
Shy and retiring America
Vinnell Arabia …the possibilities are endless. Vinnell Arabia offers exceptional employment opportunities for prior and retired military
Wow, this board amazes me – Frugal’s Forums
A Thousand Pictures Is Worth One Word
freeze dry guy – Index
8 Things the 2011 Tornadoes Taught Us About Surviving a Long-Term Power Outage – Popular Mechanics Pre- Post Apocalyptic Survival
My Old Well – How long do they last? – Frugal’s Forums
steel barrel cooker – Frugal’s Forums
Guest Post: SHTF Survival: First Response Packs for Medical Emergencies |
Naturally Occurring Preservative Could Give Fresh Meats a Three-Year Shelf Life | Popular Science
Profood – Food Ingredient supplier and distributor
Nisin,Nisin supplier,Nisin manufacturer
An Ordinary American: Cut shells. Tripling your shotgun’s effectiveness at zero cost.
Meds to kill common cold, more…coming soon! – Frugal’s Forums
PLoS ONE: Broad-Spectrum Antiviral Therapeutics
Some Observations on Non-Electric Lighting, by Ron B. –
Do-It-Yourself Water Filtration, by Robert B. –
A Wireless Communications System That Works When Cell Phones, Internet Are Down | Fast Company
LifeNet: Zero infrastructure WiFi connectivity
LifeNet: About LifeNet Scouting Camera Reviews | Performance Reviews | Trail Camera Models compared | Sample Pictures and Movies
Freeze water in prep for power outage – Frugal’s Forums
Hurricane Irene, After Action & Lessons Learned – Frugal’s Forums
My Home Energy Backup System, by David L. –
Letter Re: Indeed, Inflation is With Us –
Giardia Infection and Treatment, by Dr. Bob –
Experiences of a Novice Gardener, by J.B. –
Prepping for complete collapse – is it really possible? – Frugal’s Forums
TP exercise – Frugal’s Forums
What did the pioneers use? – Frugal’s Forums
No Yeast Bread Recipes
Salt Rising Bread Recipe #11713 @CDKitchen
Catching wild yeast and making sourdough
Cash crops… – Frugal’s Forums
Local Harvest / Farmers Markets / Family Farms / CSA / Organic Food
Autoclave Tape – Sterilization Indicator Tape
My foray into solar
Group One Equipment Home Page
Six Letters Re: Experiences of a Novice Gardener –
Five Letters Re: My Home Energy Backup System –
ParaHootch & ParaTarp
Letter Re: Inverters for Disaster Preparedness –
Start Small, Plan Ahead, and Set a Realistic Timetable, by Christian Rebel –
Drive your own freshwater well by Len McDougall Issue #128
Build your own solar-powered water pumping station by Jeffrey Yago, P.E., CEM Issue #91
The Survival Food Pyramid
Sewer, water problems highlight utility weak spots |
Any good ideas for a winter crop? – Frugal’s Forums
Power Generator Safety: Home Survival How-To Video Clip – Popular Mechanics carbon monoxide detector – Tools & Home Improvement Yamaha EF2000iS 2,000 Watt 79cc OHV 4-Stroke Gas Powered Portable Inverter Generator (CARB Compliant): Home Improvement Generac Guardian Series 5875 20,000 Watt Air-Cooled Liquid Propane/Natural Gas Powered Standby Generator With Transfer Switch (CARB Compliant): Home Improvement
ClubOrlov: Social Collapse Best Practices
SURVIVING IN ARGENTINA: Thoughts on Urban Survival (2005)
Thoughts on Urban Survival (Argentinian’s first hand experience-When the SHTF)
for any disaster.
Instant portable shelters developed by Y-12 researchers » Knoxville News Sentinel
RAT Grips > Home
Airsoft Megastore -Green Gas & Propane Adaptors
pellet guns
ANDY’S PLACE…: Survival books. Free downloads.
Blogs –
Armed and Dangerous » Blog Archive » Escalating Complexity and the Collapse of Elite Authority
Blacksmithing Information – Professional Soldiers ®
How to bring someone to the ground from a handshake | Video « Wonder How To – Powered by Google Docs
Portable DC power generator with constant voltage – Patent 6608393
Tankless Water Heaters Solar Panels Wind Home Power Systems Energy Efficiency Equipment Appliances
Omnivoracious: Book Nostalgia Trip: How a Book Used to Be Made
X-Flex Bomb-proof Wallpaper Could Save Your Life : Homeland Security News
Bug Out Bags – Professional Soldiers ®
Organic pond offers| pond dye| pond aeration systems| – Incentives for Insiders!
LT Technologies – A Clear Leader in Purification Technologies – Pump & Transfer
Industrial Pumps by BPH – Jabsco Pumps | Cat Pumps | Iwaki Pumps | Yamada | Ampco
Fuel Transfer Pumps, Fuel Transfer Equipment – GEMPLER’S
Fuel Transfer Pumps, Fuel Transfer Equipment – GEMPLER’S
Fuel Pumps – Product Comparison Chart | Gempler’s
portable power – solar small
Padded Shoulder Pieces
Technology Review: A Personal Cell-Phone Tower
USC scientists figure out how to turn t-shirts into body armor – Boing Boing PREPARE FOR URBAN AND BUSH CRAFT SURVIVAL!
Public pensions broke us
Washington Times – RAHN: Could the U.S. become Argentina?
Technology Review: Build Your Own Cellular Network
YouTube – emp protection under ground fairaday box
Transtector – EMP Shielding | EMP Protection – Transtector Systems
EMP Protection
AusSurvivalist – EMP Protection
Electromagnetic Pulse Protection – EMP –
OpenBTS Hardware – Kestrel Signal Processing Store
Wireless Security | Security Management
Surveillance Lenses | Security Management
A Portable Battery That Runs on Saltwater – or Urine | Popular Science
grey group
How to Disaster-Proof Your Life – How to Survive Natural Disasters at Home – Popular Mechanics Necessary Supplies for your Emergency Disaster Kit
Assault / Patrol
The Oil Drum: Campfire | Rescuing Suburbia
Purify Water – Wired How-To Wiki
SUICIDE IS PAINLESS (Featured Article) « The Burning Platform
Soldier Systems
SAP: Small Assault Pack (Modular) – Patriot Outfitters
Game Over: No commercial SILVER left
Instapundit » Blog Archive » SO YESTERDAY’S POST ON LOW-BUDGET DISASTER PREP has produced still more email. Mostly it’s suggesti…
Communicate if Your Government Shuts Off Your Internet – Wired How-To Wiki
Safety Maps: A Do Project
IMF bombshell: Age of America nears end Brett Arends’ ROI – MarketWatch
The Age of Obama #fail | The Blaze
FabFi – FabLab Global
I have basically nothing and $10k to spend what should i prioritize it on? – Frugal’s Forums
Fireaway Inc. / Stat-X First Responder
Grid Down Survival
Book Review: Lights Out
Tents that turn into concrete in less than 24 hours. [VIDEO]
Concrete Canvas – Rapidly Deployable Infrastructure
Collapse: The Practical Paradigms
From Bad to Worse – By David J. Rothkopf | Foreign Policy Goal0 19006 Guide 10 Adventure Kit with 4 Goal Zero AA Batteries: Sports & Outdoors power inverters: Automotive Emergency Dental Kit: Health & Personal Care
Those living with alternative energy: what are your appliances? – Frugal’s Forums
DIY lights from 2-liter soda bottles with NO electricity •
Generator Buying Guide
Off-Grid SHTF Survival: Ancient Technology for Refrigeration Schumacher PP-2200 Portable Outdoor Power Unit: Automotive
Environmental Emergencies, by K.G. EMT-P –
Three Letters Re: Beans, Bullets, Band-Aids and Hygiene –
Keeping Honey Bees for Survival by The Bee Whisperer –
Letter Re: Is There Utility in Melting Silver for Ingots? –
Small Scale Alternative Energy in Suburbia, by David J. –
Review of Self-Reliance Expo, Denver, Colorado by L.K.O. –
Making Your Water Filter Last, by F.J.B. – alternative energy by John Drake Services, Inc.
affordable wind turbines made in the USA
Guest Article: To Build a Fire, by Bob A. –
Letter Re: Some Low Power DC Lighting Solutions –
LED Light Strings Imaginary Colours Inirgee Novelty Energy Saving environmental conservation sustainable 12-volt bulbs:
eBay – New & used electronics, cars, apparel, collectibles, sporting goods & more at low prices
eBay – New & used electronics, cars, apparel, collectibles, sporting goods & more at low prices
eBay – New & used electronics, cars, apparel, collectibles, sporting goods & more at low prices
Three Letters Re: Small Scale Alternative Energy in Suburbia –
DailyDirt: Living Out Of A Box (Literally) | Techdirt
Pole Shift Survival Information
Pole Shift Survival Information
emergency fire starting – Frugal’s Forums
Time to buy silver – Frugal’s Forums
What is the best and most affordable way to store electricity? – Frugal’s Forums
Letter Re: Tinder and Fire Ignition Options –
Family Planning WTSHTF, by N.S. –
First Aid for gunshot wounds… – Frugal’s Forums
making water – Frugal’s Forums
Emergency item: Coleman cooler… for cooking! – Frugal’s Forums
Fear Versus Preparation, by Theresa P. –
Low Maintenance Animals That Work For You: Chickens, Rabbits, and Goats –
Some Seed Saving Advice, by Lydia S. –
Extreme Composting – Frugal’s Forums
Low-tech Magazine: Medieval smokestacks: fossil fuels in pre-industrial times
Low-tech Magazine: Insulation: first the body, then the home
Low-tech Magazine: Aerial ropeways: automatic cargo transport for a bargain
How to Build an Earthbag Dome
How To Build a Reciprocal Roof Frame | The Year of Mud: Cob and natural building
No Tech Magazine: Peer to Peer Waste Processing
No Tech Magazine: Compendium of Useful Information
Compendium of Useful Information
Low-tech Magazine: Sunbathing in the living room: oven stoves and heat walls
Browse and download | Practical Action
The Silver Bear Cafe
Free Downloads
Survival Database Downloads |
Emergency Home Preparation • Index page
The Humanure Handbook – Center of the Humanure Universe
About – Emily Cummins
Guidance for Prospective Goat Ranchers, by Pamela B. –
Letter Re: Homemade Powder Solvent For Gun Cleaning –
No Tech Magazine: The Panorama of Professions and Trades (1837)
Low-tech Magazine: Lost knowledge: ropes and knots
The Oil Drum | Real-world tests of small wind turbines in Netherlands and the UK
No Tech Magazine: Tree Windmill (1901)
The Archdruid Report: The Tarpaper Shack Principle
Box cooker plans – Solar Cooking
Full text of “Bicycles & tricycles; an elementary treatise on their design and construction, with examples and tables”
Developing a ‘Water Battery’ for Trees –
Root Simple: It’s Official: Erik is Insane
I was wrong about veganism. Let them eat meat (but farm it right) | George Monbiot | Comment is free | The Guardian
Homelite :: UT49102
Homelite electric splitter review – Frugal’s Forums
Faith and Sustainable Technology – Welcome to Faith And Sustainable Technologies!!
Trapping Options for the Non-Trapper, by Pat in Oregon –
Another Perspective on Dairy Goats, by Milkmaid –
Jiske-h Syo-ny (Ghost Prepper)
Letter Re: A Predator-Resistant Chicken Coop Design –
Got some sheep, need advice – Frugal’s Forums
Simple Electronic Devices and Hacks for Every Day Preparations, by Pat in Oregon –
Jiske-h Syo-ny (Ghost Prepper)
Generator Care – Frugal’s Forums
Warbonnet Outdoors – Blackbird Backpacking Hammock
Hammock camping – Grizzleman Adventure Forums
Clark Jungle Hammock – Hammock Camping products for backpackers
Water thread ie how to get clean water in your AO – Professional Soldiers ®
How a biosand filter works – Animation Style! – YouTube
Some Thoughts on How to Live in Times of Hunger, by ShepherdFarmerGeek in Spokane –
Homestead Food Production by Mary A. –
Letter Re: The Importance of Rural Retreat Light Discipline –
Two Letters Re: Choosing the Right Footwear –
Letter Re: A Low-Cost Method of Storing Tinder in Your Field Kit –
Choosing the Right Footwear, by Desert Rat –
Two Letters Re: How to Defend a Retreat Against Wheeled Vehicle Threats –
Two Letters Re: How to Defend a Retreat Against Wheeled Vehicle Threats –
How to Defend a Retreat Against Wheeled Vehicle Threats, by B.W. in Pennsylvania –
Letter Re: Uses For Discarded Satellite Dishes at a Retreat –
Most Boring Way To Smoke Meat – Frugal’s Forums
Letter Re: Dealing With Livestock and Neighbors in The Crunch –
The Mexican Mafia — Marginal Revolution
Self-Defense Tip: Keep Shooting Until the Threat Ceases | The Truth About Guns
pepper spray first aid – Frugal’s Forums
corroded Ammo – Frugal’s Forums
Rain Barrels – Frugal’s Forums
Search | MNN – Mother Nature Network
storing flour in buckets? – Frugal’s Forums
The Milkweeds (Asclepias species)
Jiske-h Syo-ny (Ghost Prepper)
Top Post-Collapse Barter Items And Trade Skills
List of hardware for food prep atshtf – Frugal’s Forums
Gornje Obrinje: Massacre in the Forest
Federal judge orders TN to stop arresting Occupy Nashville protesters | The Tennessean |
Prepping For Death, by J.D.A. –
Letter Re: Radio Communication and Antennas –
Whole Truth For Hole In Tooth? Meet The ‘Dentist In A Box’ For Soldiers | Fox News
Two Letters Re: Buying Spare Deep Cycle Batteries –
Letter Re: Motor Vehicles and the EMP Threat –
Ultimate OSPEC in Your Underground Shelter–Or Just Do Your Best, by Charles D. –
Getting Home in a Crisis Will Require Gear and Fitness, by Vin F. –
After The Collapse – Who Will Your Neighbors Be?
How to Properly Use Weapon-Mounted Lights | Shooting Illustrated
Interior Shutters: Securing Your Home | Security World News
Relocating to Tennessee the Redoubt of the East
Is Suburbia Doomed? Not So Fast. |
The Gray Market Role of Defunct Coinage in a Cashless Society –
Two Letters Re: How to Drain an Abscess –
Letter Re: Gentian Blue — An Old School Antibiotic –
Maintaining Good Morale in a Survival Situation, by Lisa F. –
Future Money Trends: Paper Price Suppression Has Made Silver the Biggest Buy Ever
Questions on what you’d tell the neighbors post SHFT – Frugal’s Forums
Low-tech Magazine: How to downsize a transport network: the Chinese wheelbarrow
SHTF Human-Powered Bugout Vehicle: The Chinese Wheelbarrow – Frugal’s Forums
This is incredible…The Rocket Stove Mass Heater – Frugal’s Forums
rocket stove mass heater
Complexity and Collapse : Information Clearing House – ICH
Browse and download | Practical Action
Cure Ham
Jiske-h Syo-ny (Ghost Prepper)
SHTF School – Real Life Survival Experiences
How To Find a Bug Out Location Without First Going There, by Jen L. – – – cd3wd – High Quality Technical Development Info for the Third World – and the SEEV fraud-proof voting system for the Third World – last updated 2011/03
Staple Foods Storage By The Numbers, by Paul B. –
Surviving TEOTWAWKI With Style, By Susan H. –
Seed Starters from Newspaper – Frugal’s Forums
Bivy Systems? – Frugal’s Forums
Perimeter protection, high tech or low tech – Frugal’s Forums
Items that should be in our food storage! – Frugal’s Forums
NEW! Crovel EXTREME Folding Shovel- E tool. Introductory price $85 ends July 15th. Regular price $98.99.
Letter Re: Guns and Combatting Home Invasion Robbers –
Letter Re: Air Wells, Fog Fences, and Dew Ponds–Harvesting Atmospheric Water –
Air Wells, Dew Ponds and Fog Fences: Methods to Condense Atmospheric Humidity
Ballistic Clipboard holds papers, stops bullets
First Aid: From Sprained Ankles to Gunshot Wounds, by Big Country –
Letter Re: Internet Privacy Practices For Preppers –
Letter Re: A Surgeon’s Observations on Survivalism –
Low-tech Magazine: Gas Bag Vehicles
Low-tech Magazine: Medieval smokestacks: fossil fuels in pre-industrial times
Low-tech Magazine: The bright future of solar powered factories
Man Knowledge: 15 Cool Spy Concealments | The Art of Manliness
Jiske-h Syo-ny (Ghost Prepper)
make your own solar cells – Frugal’s Forums
The Information Snowball, by Scott T. –
5 Essential Pieces of Gear to Get You Comfortably through a Winter Power Outage
Fireplace Grill – Frugal’s Forums
List of hardware for food prep atshtf – Frugal’s Forums
Make Your Own Olive Oil Lamp – Do It Yourself – MOTHER EARTH NEWS
Make Your Own Olive Oil Lamp – Do It Yourself – MOTHER EARTH NEWS
Rawhide and Brain Tanning, by J.M. –
Experience Building a Missouri Masonry Stove –
Desmond Lachman — Welcome to America, the World’s Scariest Emerging Market
Waterfall Retreat (N. Carolina) –
The Geomagnetic Apocalypse — And How to Stop It | Wired Science from
Top 50 Important Tools – DIY Tips and Advice – Tools Everyone Should Own – Popular Mechanics
Survival School | The Big Money
EQUIPPED TO SURVIVE – Outdoors Gear, Survival Equipment Review & Survival Information
Post Peak Living | Your Guide to Post Peak Life
EMP Prep
“Boomers – Winter is Coming” by James Quinn. FSO Editorial 07/13/2009
Home Page – Welcome to Water Bob
Gusher Galley MK 3 Foot Pump
Survivalists 2.0: Regular people get ready for the worst | National | – Houston Chronicle
Super Tanker
Point Zero Two Purifier – Sawyer Point One Filters
SHTF Victory Garden
AA battery solar charger, AA battery solar charger Manufacturers & Suppliers
…Solar Powered Battery Charger, SOLIO Universal Portable Solar Charger – Prepare. Plan. Stay Informed.
The Solar Stik – The New Generator
TriSquare – 2-way Radio – Beyond FRS Beyond GMRS eXRS (TM) eXtreme Radio Service
AutoHome Roof Top Tents – Maggiolina, Columbus Variant, and OverLand
SylvanSport | IT
Littlbug Stove Junior
Solar Solutions | Products
Solar Water Pasteurizer|Solar Water Purifier|Solar Desalinator – Home – Safe Water Systems
Emergency Prep Suggested Checklist.pdf
The Vittles Vault
FCC: Wireless Services: Multi-Use Radio Service (MURS): MURS Home
Home Storage Centers
Wholesale Ingredients to the Food Service Industry, Honeyville Food Products. Premium Corn, Flour, Whole Grains, Sugar and more.
Emergency Essentials – Be Prepared Emergency Preparedness Food Storage
Y2K Preparedness for Celiacs
Food Storage @ Survival Unlimited. com – Mylar bags, Oxygen Absorbers, Dessicant, Diatomaceous earth, Heat Sealers, Buckets, Bucket lid opener.
<p><br>- Meat Entrees-Long Life Food Depot
Ch. 9: Food – Nuclear War Survival Skills
Rechargeable Batteries Battery Chargers Rechargeable Lithium Digital Camera Batteries Maha Ansmann Energizer Sanyo ZTS
Commercial and Industrial Supply Equipment and Products at Coleman’s Military Surplus, military cargo tie down assembly, military furnace, logging chain, plate steel and military heavy equipment
Water Treatment FAQ, Version 2.2 by Patton Turner
Test Plugs > Repair > Plumbing – Dickson Supply’s AccentShopping.Com 1-800-456-5267
New Jersey Office of Emergency Management – County Emergency Management – Coordinator’s Association – Family and Community Emergency Preparedness Heritage Round 42” Deep Complete Pool Package: Outdoor Play
Red Kidney Bean Poisoning – Food Reference
How I Installed a Quiet muffler
Building your own generator.
Soundproofing a Generator
A and C Propane Natural Gas Conversion Kits
Pandemic Influenza Preparedness and Response Plan : Bureau of Communicable Diseases : NYC DOHMH
You Will Survive Doomsday
Nuclear Survival by States
A Soldier’s Viewpoint on Surviving Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Attacks
Common Dental Emergencies – February 1, 2003 – American Family Physician
Global Oral Health – CAPP
GC Asia Dental- Atraumatic Restorative Treatment instruments
3M Health Care : 3M™ Organic Vapour Cartridge 6001 60/Case
Handwashing, more complicated than you thought
Disinfectant solutions, expedient
Emergency disinfection of drinking water
Downspout Diverter | Buy from Gardener’s Supply
American Thinker: Cloward-Piven Crisis Care
with nanotechnology.
Ashes Ashes All Fall Down: What Does Systemic Collapse REALLY Mean?
Printer-Friendly Page
YouTube – Survive and Thrive the systemic collapse, part 1
MREs, Prepackaged Rations Survival Meal Taste Test – Apocalypse Chow – Popular Mechanics
Civilian camp fires, covert-style – Professional Soldiers ®
MSR® Stoves, Cookware, Tents, Camp Towels, Water Filtration, Hydration and Snowshoes.
The demise of the dollar – Professional Soldiers ®
Costco – $799.99 after $200 OFF Shelf Reliance THRIVE™ 1-year Supply Dehydrated & Freeze-Dried Food
Special Operations Combat Assault Rifle
Our Products Assaulter Kit | MayFlower – Military Equipment and Tactical Gear
Société Générale tells clients how to prepare for ‘global collapse’ – Telegraph
Don’t Cry For Me, America
Be Prepared – Page 43 – Professional Soldiers ®
Discount Marine and Boat Supplies – Inflatable Sales – Defender
Welcome to
PreparedPlanet Big Berkey Water Filters and Water Purifiers
Hyperinflationary Depression – No Way of Avoiding Financial Armageddon
Ready Nutrition
Bedazzler – DIY non-lethal weaponry Gold Box: New Deals. Every Day.
North Carolina Information Sharing and Analysis Center February Bulletin | Public Intelligence
Tactical Vest Antenna System™ | Wearable Antenna Technologies Inc.
Water Filter & Water Conservation Products by AquaPro Solutions
Water Systems,Filters,Conditioners,Greensboro,NC,Winston-Salem,Hight Point,Triad
AquaPro Solutions: Niagara Conservation Information
Water Softener Alternative | Easy Water Systems
No spending = no tax revenue – Professional Soldiers ®
Divas For Geeks: Dear Public Pensioners… – Index
Shop Items | Spike Your Juice
If there is a collapse, civil unrest, or anything that stops commerce, how will you fare?
Electroless water pump – very cool – Frugal’s Forums
Rife Water Rams
When The Lights Went Out in The Southwest, by R.H. –
Jiske-h Syo-ny: A Prepping Must: Vinegar
Jiske-h Syo-ny: DIY – A Cheap Solar Generator
Jiske-h Syo-ny: Preppers’ Fire Extinguisher
Barter, Post-TEOTWAWKI: The Micro Store –
An improvised rainwater harvesting system – Frugal’s Forums
What To Expect From The Government After The Collapse
Greenhouse Heating, by Inda Woods –
Letter Re: How I Survived an Attempted Murder –
Boiling water without a pot – Frugal’s Forums
How to Make Homemade Dog Food, by D.M.D. –
Three Letters Re: Barter, Post-TEOTWAWKI: The Micro Store –
Childbirth at Home, by Kelli S. –
Doom Survival Guide – Download
Never Surrender–A Resolution for 2012 And Beyond, by C.R.W. –
Letter Re: Keeping Honey Bees for Survival –
Jiske-h Syo-ny: Preppers Hand to Hand: Krav Maga
Jiske-h Syo-ny: Thick Skinned Preppers
Jiske-h Syo-ny: 15 Prepping Uses for Coffee Filters Survival Kits
Shipping Container As An Underground Shelter – YouTube
Knowledge of Survival, by Heather F. –
Subsistence Fishing after TEOTWAWKI by, CentOre –
Jiske-h Syo-ny: Dakota Fire Hole
Steam Energy – Frugal’s Forums
12 Volt Low Watt Bulbs – Frugal’s Forums
Concealed-Carry Myths | Shooting Illustrated
Getting Home When TSHTF, by Flasher –
Raising Guinea Pigs as a Survival Food, by Lisa F. –
Consequences of Collapse: Access to Critical Medicines Is Disappearing in Greece
10′ axial flux home made windmill
how to Build a wind generator – Frugal’s Forums
Yakhchal: Ancient Refrigerators – Earth Architecture
Post Collapse Barter: The Rest of the Story, by D.T.R. –
Clothing for the Apocalypse: Wardrobe Considerations for Families with Young Children, by Jeff B. –
Candle Making For Preppers, by Jennifer L. –
The Year I Accidentally Grew Wheat, by Gonzo In Virginia –
Self-Sufficient Farming in East Prussia in the 1930s and 1940s, by Mrs. Icebear –
Comprehensive Crisis Communications Planning for the Prepper, by Hammer –
Keeping Chickens in a Backyard Flock, by Nightshade –
SHTF First Aid: When small cuts kill | SHTF School
Alternative Foods in Famines, by ShepherdFarmerGeek –
Two Letters Re: Lessons From an Ice Storm –
Letter Re: The Overnighters: Coming to a Neighborhood Near You –
The Drug Seeker Threat in Disasters, by Dr. Bob –
Preparing for Inclement Weather, by Russ X. –
Profitable Homesteading: How to Thrive in a TEOTWAWKI World, by Dusty –
How the Average American Can Prepare for the Coming Collapse, by R.M. –
Trauma School, by John M. –
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The 10 Rules For Your Emergency Food Pantry
To Shoot or Not to Shoot?, by Mr. White –
Learning From Extreme Missionaries, by Chuck Holton –
Survival Insights of an American Genius, by Wayne M. Thomas –
Jiske-h Syo-ny: Notes To New Preppers
Your Multipurpose Garden Tractor, by K.C. in Delaware –
Canning Food in a Grid-Down World, by Christine C. –
(OpSec): Protecting Your Survival Preparations
Desert garden – Frugal’s Forums
The Expat Option, by Sandy X. –
Letter Re: Your Lawn and OPSEC –
Book Release! Armageddon Medicine Now Available –
The Role of Physical Exercise and the Consequences of Addiction in a Disaster, by C.A.I. –
Letter Re: Barter, Post-TEOTWAWKI: The Micro Store –
Picking The Perfect Hidden Retreat Location, by L.M. –
Letter Re: A Simple IP Address Conversion Methodology –
Signs of the Times: What are the SHTF Tipping Points?, by CentOre –
Letter Re: Barter, Post-TEOTWAWKI: The Micro Store –
Solar Generators – Frugal’s Forums
Jiske-h Syo-ny: “Door Kicking” 101
Gluten Free Organic Food Storage | Emergency Organic Food Storage Pail
Meals in a jar — website – Frugal’s Forums
Chef Tess Bakeresse: Emergency Preparedness and Everyday Convenience COMPLETE Meal- in-A-Jar Mixes (7 day Menu)
Static Cling Window Film
Shatter Safe
How Police Training Can Help The Survivalist: An Officer’s Perspective, by N.D. –
Some Transportation Alternatives, by Douglas H. –
Welcome to Back to Eden Film!
Two Letters Re: Powering Vehicles and Machinery Without Gasoline –
Powering Vehicles and Machinery Without Gasoline, by Caspar d’Gonzo –
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Jiske-h Syo-ny: Making An Emergency Water Filter
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Could America’s Farmers and Ranchers Face a Rhodesian Future? –
Dr. Bob on Snakebites in TEOTWAWKI –
Door Security, door protection, mysafedoor
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Patriot SAP: Assault Pack (Modular) – Patriot Outfitters
Notes from the Field – Frugal’s Forums
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Al Fin: Adventures in Zombie-Proofed Homes: The Converted Oil Silo
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Jiske-h Syo-ny: Beans, Beans, the Magical Fruit….Cooked in a Thermos
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SOURCE Tactical Gear
Works and Days » California: The Road Warrior Is Here
The Castaway’s Guide To Making A Home | The Awl 

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New post on #Education. Collected for many years but plenty of answers lay here:

Education Links.

I have an elevated interest in Education, predominately K-12 which is failing our Children miserably. Sub-Standard government school systems with their unions are criminally neglectful of the most important task in our civilization.

Give them all vouchers. Money goes to the students, not to the schools. There is absolutely no excuse for this anymore. It’s a disgrace.

Waiting for ‘Superman’ (2010) – IMDb

Gapology – John Derbyshire – The Corner on National Review Online
same education twice
Attorney General Eric Holder Tries to Kill a TV ad for School Vouchers. | Chicago Daily Observer
“New” Online SOF Bachelor Degree Program – Norwich University – Professional Soldiers ®
Althouse: Obama’s “Race to the Top” competition over money for schools hasn’t worked out so well.
If We Taught English the Way We Teach Mathematics… … Reference, Facts, News … Free and Family-friendly Resources
JSTOR Duke Law Journal Vol. 1979, No. 6, Symposium on Law and Ethics (Dec., 1979), pp. 1229-1249
JSTOR – The Scholarly Journal Archive
AGI GIS Dictionary – Free Edition
JSTOR Individual Participation
National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) Home Page, a part of the U.S. Department of Education
The NEA Foundation
SAGE Journals Online — Business and Management Free Trial
News Inside Higher Ed Jobs, News and Views for All of Higher Education
FIRE – Foundation for Individual Rights in Education
OSU Library Catalog Home
Validation for :: Inside Higher Ed :: Higher Education’s Source for News, and Views and Jobs
A Shrewdness of Apes
Academic Earth – Video lectures from the world’s top scholars
Mike Rowe on Work, Plain and Simple – Professional Soldiers ®
Universities ‘Irrelevant’ By 2020
End the University as We Know It – Professional Soldiers ®
Faith and Theology
History Is Elementary
Education Policy Blog
Education and Inequality – Stephen Spruiell – The Corner on National Review Online
no child left behind
theblogprof: Local MSM calls out higher ed to reduce budget by millions, ignores MEA pension obligations in the tens of Billions!
Online Training, Online Courses, Web-based Learning Management System – Learning Management Express(LMX) – Portico Learning Solutions
Social networking site for researchers aims to make academic papers a thing of the past
Roger’s Rules » “In the final analysis, I believe that the university is lost.”
Admission: Strategic Studies and Defense Analysis: Academics: Norwich University
Follow the rules, comrades … or else | |
News: Unwelcome ‘Help’ from the Feds – Inside Higher Ed
Obama Administration Report Shows Head Start Ineffective | The Foundry: Conservative Policy News.
The President’s Education Speech: Is This Change? – Lindsey Burke – The Corner on National Review Online
The Five Most F***ed Up Things About Public Education | The Rugged
Literature :: Mises Institute
Book review: The Five-Year Party –
YouTube – We Were Soldiers – Lt. General Hal Moore on Leadership
News: Showdown in the Offing – Inside Higher Ed
Congress Should Take Its Time on Education Reform in 2011 – By Douglas Holtz-Eakin – The Corner – National Review Online
gigapan: The GigaPan(SM) process allows users to upload, share, and explore brilliant gigapixel+ panoramas from around the globe.
Ohio Mom Kelley Williams-Bolar Jailed for Sending Kids to Better School District – ABC News
Donald J. Boudreaux: If Supermarkets Were Like Public Schools –
U.S.A. “The Uninformed States of America”? « Ted Landphair’s America
50 Watts
The Failure of American Schools – Magazine – The Atlantic
American Thinker: Government Schools: Antiques Preserved in Political Amber
News: In for Nasty Weather – Inside Higher Ed
Pat Buchanan: The Dumbing-Down of America |
The Disadvantages of an Elite Education: an article by William Deresiewicz about how universities should exist to make minds, not careers | The American Scholar
Virtual Private Library™
Pro-Growth Regulation and For-Profit Colleges – By Douglas Holtz-Eakin – The Corner – National Review Online
How Khan Academy Is Changing the Rules of Education | Magazine
Obama Administration Exempting Schools From Federal Law’s Testing Mandate |
Connexions – Sharing Knowledge and Building Communities
Dr. Helen: How Rich People Think
For-profit higher education: Schools of hard knocks | The Economist
Educational Freedom for Me but Not Thee, Says Obama on Today | Cato @ Liberty
The Ingredients of Education – By Jay Nordlinger – The Corner – National Review Online
American Thinker: We Don’t Need No (Leftist) Education
Capitalism on Campus? | The John William Pope Center for Higher Education Policy
Francis W. Porretto – Eternity Road
Narrow the Achievement Gap by Narrowing Washington’s Role – By Lindsey Burke – The Corner – National Review Online
Gay Service Men and Women – Problems and Solutions – Small Wars Council
Boycott MACYS: Just When I Thought I’d Seen It All in [Market-Ticker]
NEA’s Independent Teaching Commission Not So Independent « Hot Air
In Defense of Scrooge – Michael Levin – Mises Daily
Does School Choice “Work”? > Publications > National Affairs
The Agonizing Last Words of Programmer Bill Zeller
Will Charter Schools Cure America’s Blues? | Via Meadia
Intelligence without wisdom – Pachacuti Forum
American Thinker: The Left’s Dirty Little Secret
The PJ Tatler » Liberal Democrat calls for investigation of Obama’s Dept. of Education (Update: Video added)
A Teachable Moment – By Thomas A. Shakely – Phi Beta Cons – National Review Online
Instapundit » Blog Archive » I’VE PRAISED THE SNAP CIRCUITS KITS BEFORE, and here’s another email from reader Susan Harms: I r…
A Bad Case of National Amnesia – Rich Lowry – National Review Online
Homeschool Reference Section – Frugal’s Forums
NEA Convention Reminds Us: It’s About Union Power, Not ChildrenThe Foundry: Conservative Policy News Blog from The Heritage Foundation
No Child Left Behind: Testing times | The Economist
Career Ruin: Homeschooling | Penelope Trunk Blog
Teacher’s Sense Of Humor Comes Through In Multiple-Choice Tests | The Onion – America’s Finest News Source
Next – The Chronicle of Higher Education
Teacher Breaks Up Fight, Schools Some Kids! at Pat Dollard
Elite Campus Investors Can’t Beat S&P Index: The Ticker – Bloomberg
Website of James Williams
The Higher Education Bubble
Don’t Occupy Education? – By Charles C. W. Cooke – The Corner – National Review Online
Obama’s Education Policies Don’t Help the Poor – By Annie Hsiao – The Corner – National Review Online
Could you pass a US citizenship test? – Who signs bills? –
Schools Failing Despite Lots More Spending, Smaller Class Sizes – Hit & Run : Reason Magazine » Blog Archive » In the Future Everything Will Be A Coffee Shop
28 Signs That U.S. Public Schools Are Rapidly Being Turned Into Indoctrination Centers And Prison Camps
rules.jpg (500×354)
After ‘The Wire’ ended, actress Sonja Sohn couldn’t leave Baltimore’s troubled streets behind – The Washington Post
FuturePundit: Funding Comes Too Late In Biomedical Research Careers
A Culture in Regression by Fred Reed
The New Work of Public Schools – Frugal’s Forums
What’s The Question? |
AWESOME! Shale Boom Leads to New YSU Program – WKBN – 27 First News – Local News – Youngstown, Warren, Columbiana, Ohio – Sharon, Pennsylvania
iPads and the Embarrassment Factor – ProfHacker – The Chronicle of Higher Education
A fix for Russian science isn’t taking hold – The Washington Post
School Police Have Uncertain Impact On Student Arrests, Crime Prevention
The Continued Assault on For Profit Education | Points and Figures
Race to Nowhere | Changing Lives One Film at a Time
Not all Cumberland County teachers like minimum grade policy for failing students – Professional Soldiers ®
Texas district cancels sports to improve grades – Frugal’s Forums
Universities Abandon Western Civilization | FrontPage Magazine
Who Should Have Access to Student Records? – US News and World Report
The Essential MBA Library | OnlineMBA
What Americans Keep Ignoring About Finland’s School Success – Anu Partanen – National – The Atlantic
Al Fin: “Free Online Higher Education as a Force for Human Progress”
Syracuse starts new court to divert teenagers from criminal justice system |
Print Article for the National Catholic Register
Alternative Certification and ‘Colorblind Racism’ –
Leveling the field: What I learned from for-profit education—By Christopher R. Beha (Harper’s Magazine)
Al Fin: Open Courseware and Online Learning: A Dynamic Flux
Book Review: –
Should students profit off my classes? And, if so, how I could strike back. –
Ditch the Textbooks – By Jason Fertig – Phi Beta Cons – National Review Online
Alex Lindsay – Google+ – The Future of Education Through an anomaly in the…
The Dumbest Generation: Gen Y’s Political Stupidity In a Single Chart – Hit & Run : Reason Magazine
Afraid of Your Child’s Math Textbook? You Should Be. – Annie Keeghan – Open Salon
Right versus pragmatic –
Argghhh! The Home Of Two Of Jonah’s Military Guys.. – Are you smarter than a college professor?
Civic Literacy Report – Additional Finding
How Young Is Too Young to Learn to Code? – Technology Review
11 Reasons To Get Your Kids Out Of The Government Schools – Frugal’s Forums
Udacity – Educating the 21st Century
What You’re Paying for Your Child to Learn at College | FrontPage Magazine
Twitter / @borzou: Hackers break into officia …
Teacher Evaluation Fail in New York | Via Meadia
Thomas Sowell Wonders Why the Obama Administration Is Trying to Undermine Educational Opportunities for Black Children « International Liberty
California Sounds Retreat in War on Arithmetic | Via Meadia
Education – Topic
TaxProf Blog: Census Data: Inequality Is Linked to Education, Not Taxes
How should faculty deal with classroom disruptors | Inside Higher Ed
Letters of Note: I am very real
Philosophical Fragments » Want to End Rapid Partisanship? Reform American Academia
To Fix America’s Education Bureaucracy, We Need to Destroy It – National – The Atlantic
Corrupting Higher Education | FrontPage Magazine
With Cap Lifted, State Sees Surge in Charter School Applications
America the Fixable – The Atlantic
Classic maths books reset with LaTeX on Project Gutenberg | The Aperiodical
Al Fin: First MITx Course Has 120,000 Students Worldwide
Alone in the Classroom: Why Teachers Are Too Isolated – Jeffrey Mirel & Simona Goldin – National – The Atlantic
Prior learning assessment catches on, quietly — — Readability
Universities Hold Transcripts Hostage Over Loans – Slashdot » Blog Archive » Navy SEAL hands Obama his arse
Khan Academy (Fantastic)
The Duck of Minerva: Doctoral Pedagogy on the Theory / Policy Divide
The 237th United States Army Birthday
3 Ways to Embrace Weakness for Newfound Results « Mike Arone Fitness
Government Creates the Next Bubble in Higher Education | Mercatus
PJ Media » The Unteachables: A Generation that Cannot Learn
To Bring Out The Best In Millennials, Put On Your Coaching Hat | Fast Company
The Colossus of Rhodey: The times — they are a changin’
Peterson, Howell and West: Teachers Unions Have a Popularity Problem –
Using the Internet as an Investigative Research Tool – Distance Learning E-learning Courses – SRMTi
Learn to code | Codecademy
busuu – Learn languages for free online
Swedish Home-School Family ‘Broken to Pieces’ – World – CBN News – Christian News 24-7 –
The openness revolution will not be trivial – opinion – 21 June 2012 – New Scientist
The complete list of problems with high-stakes standardized tests – The Answer Sheet – The Washington Post
Is Meritocracy A Sham? | Via Meadia
Post-Credentialism | Transparency Revolution
Center for American Progress: Kids say school is too easy
The Roots of State Education Part 1: The Spartan Model | George H. Smith |
The End of Teachers Unions | Hoover Institution
Expiring Bush-Era Tax Cuts for the Rich Doesn’t Get Rid of a Spending Problem | Mercatus
This and That…: Top 40 Useful Sites To Learn New Skills
O’Keefe Rises: Union Bosses Okay Digging Up–Then Filling Back In–Ditches on Taxpayers’ Dime
100 Must Read Books: The Man’s Essential Library | The Art of Manliness

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You would like to talk about “mountain pride” #POTUS?

Here is yours – Still rolling……………

Apologies abroad for everything from slavery to Hiroshima
Bows to other foreign leaders
Appointment of Hillary Clinton as secretary of state – against Constitution (Sitting Senator)
Air Force 1 buzzing New York
Odinga – Kenya election
Got rid of e-verify
“We’re not going to use signing statements as a way of doing an end-run around Congress”
The Census given to executive branch to conduct and run by ACORN
The on-again/off-again Guantanamo shut-down mess
The fight with the former CIA directors
The public show trial of Khalid Sheik Mohammed
The reach out to Ahmadinejad Castro, Chavez, and assorted scum
Opposing the Honduras Supreme Court led Constitutionally legitimate Coup
Czars everywhere
The Queen of England/I-pod fiasco
Unceremoniously shipping back the Churchill bust
The end of the special relationship with the UK
The New York on-the-town presidential trip to Broadway
Anita Dunn and her Mao worship
Gov. Richardson?
“No lobbyists” = nothing but lobbyists
The Podestas’ insider influence-peddling
Sotomayor’s “wise Latina” crap
Trashing Nancy Reagan
The Skip Gates/police acting “stupidly” mess( and then telling America “not to jump to conclusions about the murders at Fort Hood by a moslem)
The get-Chicago-the-Olympics jaunt to Copenhagen
Cap-and-trade boondoggle
Millions of “green jobs” – that ended up going out of business
Jobs “saved” or “created” rather than references to the actual unemployment rates
Van Jones
Desiree Rogers won’t testify
Rangel/Dodd corruption – silence
The union payoff stimulus
The demonization of the Town-Hall citizens
The Acorn Mess
Kevin Jennings/Safe School Czar
Closure of the successful DC school program for no reason
The SEIU direct access to the White House
The useless Asian Tour comedown
The politicization of the take-over of GM and Chrysler
The Obama readjustment in the order of paying back car creditors
GM Car dealerships closed on political, race, and sex considerations
Obama as “Caesar”
The Emanuel “never let a serious crisis go to waste” boast
The Black Caucus/Rangel/Waters bid to bail out the inner-city radio stations
Yosi Sergant and the NEA
$4.7 trillion deficit – His spending alone
The planned $9 trillion added to the national debt
New income tax rates; health care surcharge talk; and payroll tax caps to be lifted
Rahm Emanuel’s promised payback to those states that trash the stimulus
The supposed C-span aired health care debate
The promised website posts of pending legislation
Czechs and Poles sold out on missile defense
Sermons to and finger pointing at the Israelis
Getting stiffed and blown off by just about every govt. on Earth as a patsy/
The failed ‘Putin helps to stop a nuclear Iran’ gambit where Putin signs the START treaty on an etch-a-sketch – Nuclear weapons deal with the Russians as they are sending nuclear fuel to Iran.
Voting present on the Iranian reformers in the street
Serial but empty deadlines to Ahmadinejad
The good war/bad war twisting and turning on Iraq/Afghanistan
The months-long dithering over Afghanistan and sticking it to the American military
Renditions, tribunals, Patriot Act, etc. once trashed, now OK
Health-care take-over- passed without reading, signed without voting and excluded themselves from it.
The 2,000 page proposed new health code
The embarrassing Nobel Peace Prize nomination
The attacks on surgeons, Chamber of Commerce, Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, etc.
The Islam mythologies in the Cairo Speech
The al Arabiya “Bush did it” interview
Obama’s TV “my Muslim faith” gaffe
Office of Personel Management “Conservative Lockout” (do not hire conservatives)
SEAL prosecution
ethanol subsidies
Financial “reform” bill – small bank killer
DADT in the middle of 3 wars
Tried to slip in a $1Trillion spending spree right after the election in omnibus
Standing in the way of states in oil cleanup
Using the epa to shut down 30% of oil refining capability in Texas
TSA places restrictions on web use
The 2000 page insipid financial “reform” bill that exempts SEC from public disclosure
The horrible selection of Elena Kagan for supreme court justice
Mirandizing the enemy on the battlefield
Weak ROE putting Soldiers more at risk.
“At some point, you have made enough money”
Dalai Lama Out the Back Door by the trash
Slaughter rule
felons get to vote
“Food Safety Modernization Act”
FBI may subpoena electronic communication from private companies without judicial oversight.
Refusal to allow the Justice department to peruse the voter intimidation with the black panthers after they were already convicted
Bypassing congress and destroying NASA’s next space mission
Congress coming in on recess to vote to bail state unions out with $26 billion.
Michelle in Spain in middle of hard recession.
Oil drill moratorium for no reason
class warfare speech then vacation to the richest places in the nation
justice department tosses military votes in state roundup – Soldiers get no vote
“third-country nationals,” including Chinese, Syrian, and Iranian citizens, granted much greater access to U.S.-controlled military technology.
support for a super mosque at the 9/11 site
Signing statement limiting our use of nuclear weapons
Disparaging of Israeli prime minister
9 days to respond to gulf coast oil spill.
Support of union thuggery by “card-check”
Bashing the Arizona law that reinforces federal law
Apologetic to chinese over Arizona law
Holders control over intel agencies
Allowing the EPA to become an aristocrat controlling force over our economy with carbon counting
Ensuring the EPA has no congressional oversight by funding it through the federal reserve.
Forcing oil companies to cap 5 year old wells for good while funding oil drilling projects by the billions in Brazil and Mexico.
the Paycheck Fairness Act
“Our country can absorb another terror attack”
The un needed “Comprehensive Alcohol Regulatory Effectiveness” act
Violated a Federal District Judge in implementation of health care
Violated a Federal District Judge in refusal to lift moratorium on drilling
Sided with the unions against the citizens of Wisconsin
Was weak with allies like Mubarak causing the whole middle east to engulf in a fire storm
Forced international inflation with QE2
Leaving the country while starting Libya war, missing the Honors of a past President at the same time
Consulting the Arab League and the UN before Congress in Libyan action.
Appointing tax evaders to run the financial and legal services as head executives.(Timothy Geithner/Tom Daschle/Hilda Solis and their taxes)
Backing the government unions for little else than asking them to take a hit like all of the rest of US.
Project fast and furious, Gunrunner, gun-walker, cocaine and guns to Mexico
Threatened to veto bill to pay troops during government shutdown during 3 wars.
Refusal to cut the budget furthering the country into debt crises.
The military is a “distraction”
Tax the rich as a solution to our debt crises which does not even cover .03% of the issue
S&P and Moodys threatens downgrade due to his non-serious nature on the National Debt Crises
Spent less time in the Oval Office than any other President
Allowed the congress to not pass a budget for 2 years when democrats held the house and senate – mentioned nothing about budget back then.
Refused to appoint any Inspector Generals – guarantees lack of accountability
Investigates “oil speculators”,
National Labor Relations Board snuff out of SC Boeing plant.
All of a sudden, the war powers act means nothing.
Feckless military action in Libya
DOMA is ignored by decree
Refuses to cut government spending – insisted on raising taxes in recession
Lost the AAA credit rating for America then hid at Camp David
American tax payers pay for his campaign inside the Whitehouse
His childish war on ATM’s, big oil, corporate jets, millionaires and billionaires.
Was never on time for any of his own press conferences – keeps the nation waiting like a Monarch.
$6 million bus tour – flying buses across the country -campaigning on taxpayer expense
By decree, illegally removed law SB-1070 preventing deportation of Illegal immigrants.
SEC investigates S&P?
Justice department investigates S&P?
all appointments are recess appointments
spends $10 million dollars on Martha’s Vinyard vacation
Creates Office of Diversity Via Executive Order
Jobs speech delivery during GOP debate
Illegal alien employee rights
Dual flights 4 hours apart for his vacation
Dream act initiated by signing statement
DOJ re-institutes “Community Re-investment Act”
The National Popular Vote bill

SOLYNDRA, LIGHTSQUARED, Evergreen, SpectraWatt, BrightSource, Tonopah Solar, Abound Solar, Nevada Geothermal Power, sun power, Granite Reliable, ProLogis, Monroe Regional Airport, Beacon power, Siga Technologies Inc, Fisker,Willard & Kelsey, Ener1, Amonix

pass this bill when there is not yet even a bill to pass. (Phoney jobs bill)
“You Can’t Have a Modern Industrial Economy’ With Lower Taxes”
Curtailing patents – paralyzing the R&D for Pharma
Van Jones – “occupy wall street” fake drummed up protests
Obama Calls for Restraint by Egypt’s Christians when they are under assault
Honors South Korean President With Japanese Food.
“My “drawdown from Iraq allowed us” to get bin ladin”
Ortega gains power in Nicaragua
Vail, Martha’s Vineyard, and Costa del Sol
Bypassing Congress for his “jobs bill”
Supporting Argentinan claims for the Falkland Islands.
Americans are “getting soft”
Signing statement on “price gouging” for drugs.
Embarasing gaff with President Sarkozy “congrats on your baby”
Ignored subpena from Congress on Solyndra
Christmass tree tax?
Trade war with china over solar pannels during their threat to release HFC-23 unless paid by western nations
Punted Keystone pipeline for after the election
HR 822, Reciprocity AcT
“We have gotten a little bit lazy”
delayed shale gas drilling in Ohio
Hawker Beechcraft
Super committie fail
Obama Set Record for Unqualified Judge Nominations
The Chevy “Volt” (More like the chevy fire that the government will not report)
classifiesd Fort Hood massacre as ‘workplace violence’
88 golf games
17 day Hawaii vacation?
Dismantled the airborne laser project
Cut enforcement on the border
Did not erect border fence although the materials were all ready bought
National Defense Authorization Act allows the arrest of U.S. citizens by the armed forces
Used Executive Authority To Make Recess Appointment Even Though Congress Is In Session
The consumer bureau
Fines Countrywide for not Giving out Enough Risky Loans
NDAA 1867, SB 1031 and 1032
Lost Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Turkey, Tunisia and Most of the Middle East
banned uranium mining claims near Grand Canyon
Shut down “the happiest place on earth” for a campaign speech about main street. From a make believe place.
Forcing Free Birth control for all
Ignored Atlanta court order to appear
Alternative energy navy plan
$64 gallon alge fuel
Calls Georgia Russia in sitting with the Georgia President.
No combat pay?
Military Chaplians and birth control.
Terrorist classification – Constitutionalists and firearm owners
Used Executive Order To Impose New Sanctions On Iran
Always late in submitting a budget request
Contraception rule
100 Billion payroll “tax” holiday sham
African Americans for Obama
FBI removes documents which accurately describe Islam
Apologizes to Karzai while Afghans kill our Soldiers in Afghanistan over Koran burning.
“I’ll veto bill that will provide water to California’s Central Valley.”
free cell phones
Blocked Texas law requiring ID to vote.
Spends $770 Million to Renovate Egyptian Mosques
National Defense Resources Preparedness
Blocked Florida from cleaning up voter rolls
Building HALF of a pipeline
“If I had a Son, he would look like Trayvon Martin”
Republicans ‘politicizing’ Trayvon Martin death…
“This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.” to Russian President
$800,000 GSA vacation by Anna Chapman – the lady that was supposed to bring fiscal responsibility
a budget plan is “Social Darwinism”
SCOTUS is “just a bunch of people”
Hid travel expenses
Hid employment data
wants child labor laws to apply to family farm kids
USS Harvy Milk USS Cesar Chevaz
Solyndra toxic waste
$200 M to the Palestinians – against Federal Law
“Polish death camps”
LOST Treaty
International childrens treaty
ICC treaty
Awards Medal of Freedom to Democratic Socialists of America Chair
Sicks the IRS onto Churches while sending his DOJ out to coach liberal pastors.
“The Private sector is doing just fine”


With Whom do you have a truck with, Barry?



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What is this you celebrate? Well take a look sea. July 4 is what it is but what year?

Who was this?

He has refused his Assent to Laws, the most wholesome and necessary for the public good.
He has forbidden his Governors to pass Laws of immediate and pressing importance, unless suspended in their operation till his Assent should be obtained; and when so suspended, he has utterly neglected to attend to them.
He has refused to pass other Laws for the accommodation of large districts of people, unless those people would relinquish the right of Representation in the Legislature, a right inestimable to them and formidable to tyrants only.
He has called together legislative bodies at places unusual, uncomfortable, and distant from the depository of their public Records, for the sole purpose of fatiguing them into compliance with his measures.
He has dissolved Representative Houses repeatedly, for opposing with manly firmness his invasions on the rights of the people.
He has refused for a long time, after such dissolutions, to cause others to be elected; whereby the Legislative powers, incapable of Annihilation, have returned to the People at large for their exercise; the State remaining in the mean time exposed to all the dangers of invasion from without, and convulsions within.
He has endeavoured to prevent the population of these States; for that purpose obstructing the Laws for Naturalization of Foreigners; refusing to pass others to encourage their migrations hither, and raising the conditions of new Appropriations of Lands.
He has obstructed the Administration of Justice, by refusing his Assent to Laws for establishing Judiciary powers.
He has made Judges dependent on his Will alone, for the tenure of their offices, and the amount and payment of their salaries.
He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harrass our people, and eat out their substance.
He has kept among us, in times of peace, Standing Armies without the Consent of our legislatures.
He has affected to render the Military independent of and superior to the Civil power.
He has combined with others to subject us to a jurisdiction foreign to our constitution, and unacknowledged by our laws; giving his Assent to their Acts of pretended Legislation:
For Quartering large bodies of armed troops among us:
For protecting them, by a mock Trial, from punishment for any Murders which they should commit on the Inhabitants of these States:
For cutting off our Trade with all parts of the world:
For imposing Taxes on us without our Consent:
For depriving us in many cases, of the benefits of Trial by Jury:
For transporting us beyond Seas to be tried for pretended offences
For abolishing the free System of English Laws in a neighbouring Province, establishing therein an Arbitrary government, and enlarging its Boundaries so as to render it at once an example and fit instrument for introducing the same absolute rule into these Colonies:
For taking away our Charters, abolishing our most valuable Laws, and altering fundamentally the Forms of our Governments:
For suspending our own Legislatures, and declaring themselves invested with power to legislate for us in all cases whatsoever.
He has abdicated Government here, by declaring us out of his Protection and waging War against us.
He has plundered our seas, ravaged our Coasts, burnt our towns, and destroyed the lives of our people.
He is at this time transporting large Armies of foreign Mercenaries to compleat the works of death, desolation and tyranny, already begun with circumstances of Cruelty & perfidy scarcely paralleled in the most barbarous ages, and totally unworthy the Head of a civilized nation.
He has constrained our fellow Citizens taken Captive on the high Seas to bear Arms against their Country, to become the executioners of their friends and Brethren, or to fall themselves by their Hands.
He has excited domestic insurrections amongst us, and has endeavoured to bring on the inhabitants of our frontiers, the merciless Indian Savages, whose known rule of warfare, is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions.

Remember the originating simple thing outlined for governance upon stepping foot in this land America.

Back to Declaring – We, therefore, the Representatives of the united States of America, in General Congress, Assembled, appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude of our intentions, do, in the Name, and by Authority of the good People of these Colonies, solemnly publish and declare, That these United Colonies are, and of Right ought to be Free and Independent States; that they are Absolved from all Allegiance to the British Crown, and that all political connection between them and the State of Great Britain, is and ought to be totally dissolved; and that as Free and Independent States, they have full Power to levy War, conclude Peace, contract Alliances, establish Commerce, and to do all other Acts and Things which Independent States may of right do. And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.”

Stay tuned for who is this round two.

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