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Over-regulation, whats the use?

There was a time when LAW was debated as interfering too much.

There will be no where to run soon. The law will eat all of us courtesy the stupid assholes in Washington DC. That’s right, Your representatives in that pool of turds. They represent you, America. To other citizens and upstairs so to speak. These people who have never done anything worth mention in their whole lives are the creating laws from their asses.

The useless media that lie to you bear false witness and you believe it. The most unprofessional journalists in all of time.

When things go wrong, people tend to over-react. When government is involved, it tends to react in the wrong way. One way is a man made industry that stifles job growth. At a certain point, it puts a darkness over all people. There is a distinct difference between 618 LAWs and 55,000 laws a year. It is Over-regulation

As with Religious (True) LAW, it is for reproof and correction. Where as this “government’s” laws never are re-looked. They always stay on the books. It means no matter what you do, you could be a criminal.

It’s a Ponzi scheme and this country was warned long ago by someone quite astute in our history.

There is a point where the banks are bankrupt, the monied use the system to put their competition out of business, and your cars will just plain suck too.

It will get worse. You cannot even farm anymore. It’s not about food safety. It never is about safety, it is about power and tax.

You cannot even sell lemon aid anymore. <was petty but does prove a point. What do we do when we cannot afford permits for business anymore?

The unbelievable mindless stupidity of this needless waste of manpower and waste of lives is staggering. It is an abhorrent way to conduct business.

Why do you insist on voting for these idiots that do nothing but build industry on stifling job growth?

The answers I get from the un-educated is there is not enough regulation. Not true. There is way too much regulation and when there is too much regulation, there is less ENFORCEMENT.

See Heritage and their 2011 mid year red tape report on our government from HELL.

Even today, more plans to make our world more dangerous by foolish regulation.

08/25/11 – Again More. Goat herding? Roping? Really? And broke back goat regulation.

It will be a shame to have to update this every day because this shit happens every day. Shame on all of you people that vote for this crap. I abhor you as you abhor the existence of people that you need to survive. I will post updates every day I see them so you can see how damnit stupid this government is.

Check out this instavision.

08/26/11 – Check out the Federal Register (The Fecal Register) for pond scum.

I apologize for my vulgarity, but there is not enough words to express my dismay at this piece of shit government that was elected to shove so much bullshit down my throat. I want them out of my face immediately.

I will tell you what this government needs :


You could not even spell it correctly? Really? You idiots.

08/27/11 – Some help from Congress?

08/29/11 – Hey idiot President, you are the problem.


08/30/11 – The relationship between over-criminalization and plea bargaining. Too many laws cannot be enforced Justly.

08/31/11 – Stupid labor rules thwart stupid “green jobs” Even the bullshit is preventing the bullshit.

It seems that whenever I ask for something, this idiot President does the exact opposite.

09/01/11 – Notes on the APA.

09/05/11 – Want to log? too bad. And let’s laugh at our loss of freedom. Again, tell me a reason why we need government, and I will tell you 50,000 reasons we do not need it. There are only 18 things it is supposed to do, and they do all of them crappy. That’s because they want to do everything, all the time. It is EVIL.

09/09/11 – The EPA is going to force us to live in the dark. It is one agency that should be neutered. And Congress should not be in a hurry to pass dumb regulations. Keynes sucks and should not be the model.

09/14/11 – President Millstone unleashed a regulatory tsunami. Nice work pal.

09/15/11 – What if we were back in the day?

09/24/11 – This is the biggest bullshit I have ever seen.  And a Wisconsin Judge decided to enforce the stupid law. This is just plain corrupt folks. A government we really could do without.

09/25/11 – The EPA has gone overboard.

09/27/11 – As Federal Crime List Grows, Threshold of Guilt Declines (WSJ) – 15 years for having one bullet?

The Federal Government has now become the felon, not the Peace Officer. It’s a bully, and a stupid one. And I want it’s limits discovered one way or another. This lawfare must be put to a halt and all laws must be re-proofed. This is an impossible situation brought upon US by stupid politicians that are voted for by stupid people.  Maybe it is time to stop voting for lawyers? They have bastardized their profession beyond repair. Were it up to me, I would burn most of the laws, and let the lawyers work at McDonalds for a living.

09/29/11 – How regulations are stumping the oil drilling industry.

10/06/11 – Making it worse and worse and worse.

10/11/11 – That dingbat Congress critter Ellison thinks regulation is good for business. It’s just nonsense.

10/13/11 – See how government really is a job killer.

10/24/11 – The EPA is the most corrupt piece of shit agency in America. It has absolutely nothing to do with clean air and water anymore.

10/27/11 – The EPA will now regulate dirt.

11/13/11 – CT has problems.

A gallup poll showing just how bad it is.


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