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Advice for NFL Players and America. #ideas

Advice for NFL Players and America. #ideas

I want to offer some possible outlets to make US Family again.

Crystallize your message. Violating an American ritual will turn US off. Be succinct, put your personal messages up, and find a positive way to use your own money to construct a message to address your specific grievance. Study it, check statistics, and become an expert on your off time. The League should help you.

You could always hook up with Kapernicks organization which teaches Minority Children how to handle Law Enforcement if you like. Being afraid of the Police is just as dangerous as their power so learn your Rights, and spread that knowledge far and wide.
And don’t use violent people for that message.

Work with your State Legislators to ensure there is a spotlight on cases where Civil Rights have been violated instead of supporting the protests of dangerous criminals.
Please do not take it out on Our Police.

We need to focus on actual cases that never get press.
I assure you Bigotry is alive and well in America. For I AM witness and it has no place here no matter where you think you may get away with it.

The NFL has become quite corrupt on the upper levels so Please do not blame Americans for maybe thinking some of you were put up to this. For I feel the same way anymore so a convincing argument will go a long way to put this behind… one day.

Talk to Each-Other and collaborate in how you want to message what you have to say.
I believe this distraction going on in the locker-room is a dis-advantage to your Team-Work and I see there are not happy campers. As so, it must be addressed.

Please don’t put yourself in a situation where you are ignorant of facts while following the rest of the lobotomized parrots in their narrative. These people are sent to exploit you, not correct a problem.
Do not become a patsy in a political war.

Channel this somewhere Americans may be sympathetic to your plight.
America will stand behind you if a real discussion occurs and we may all stand again.

I will work with you too.

But I AM still going after the Owners, management, and franchise as it is corrupt and anti-competitive. And Anti-American.

Candor, Courage, and Love.


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