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The idea is to allow people to earn their own money instead of living off of nanny state.

People who think they are (sic) compassionate tend to think that government is the end all, be all of all solutions when it is the very exact opposite.  The thing is, they make so many programs and then raid the funds for said programs. Who does things like that?

No government program is “funded”. It all pours into a general fund that should be illegal so they may start another program. It’s true.

It is like a roommate borrowing money from you every day and he bought you a beer today so it’s cool. But he also borrowed money from everyone else in the barracks. Soon to find, no one has the money he loaned, just the beer and nice guy talk that circulated prior.

By the way, the nice guy talk is underrated.

All 350 million people are trying to decide what they want to eat on the pizza, in the meanwhile, they charged it to their China credit card and the parents did not even read the bill. It will be “Interesting times” indeed when the mortgage comes due.  Now everyone is at everyones throat because they don’t even grow anchovies or they did not want to pay for the other extra topping. (H/T Dennis Miller)

Yet divide and conquer has long been the advantage placed against our country. I doubt we are really that stupid. We know our locals. Bake a basic cheese pizza and let all the others buy and put their own toppings on. It works every time.

Some points in this ditty here, As GDP rises, the need for welfare should drop. The price we pay for government should not exceed %17 of GDP – EVER, and some laffer curve principles should even stand now.

Read about an exchange here and make your own educational value of it. It is merely a conversation.

“In peace, prepare for war, in war prepare for peace

The art of war is a matter of life or death

a road to either safety or ruin

Hence, under no circumstances can it be neglected…”

Oh to be hated on principle instead of personal preference. Oh such largess I bequeath myself, I feel symphonic with those currently writing the laws I must face every day. Such a bond we feel together.  We really know eachother, right?

The hollow indescrepancies I have made in no way compare to this.

Ye meddelers  have made it almost impossible to save the state to which I have sworn my allegiance. Men of higher character than anyone in Wash-ington DC walk this world this morning and defend your stead. How horrible to be such little people passing laws all day instead of being useful people for this country. It must be a misery you never expected.  For upon thine throne is thrown a thorn in thyne ever “loved” garden.  Roses with thorn may never be tolerated. Only sweet roses from your bedrock of “green” houses may it be acceptable. What a nasty joke. We, the poor peasants find you detestable as do the burguise.  I will Mark your Twain and raise you 50 civilizations that have lived beyond your fruitless labour in teaching those poor souls to covet and steal. I assure you, our outcomes in the very end are very different. For one, you will not be in the sky, and two, you have betrayed the LAW.

Changing of the guard will not change your status. You are but lowly public servants with a degree from a fancy school. When this collapses, I will be the fancy buck Sergeant with a fast vehicle full of gas.

Your government is in my way and I do not appreciate it at all. Would you kindly remove that piece of crap out of my roadway. I AM trying to make something worth life here.

You are deaf.


I shall not ask 4 times.

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