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I have been to many  countries that have been through economic collapse. I have learned about them studiously. I have spent years trying to find a model that fits the United States and eventually settled on Argentina.  It is the closest model for collapse I have found and I have decided that more people should prepare themselves mentally for the collapse of the United States. Our nation will collapse. It is not an if but a when and I believe it is coming faster than most think. There is no way we may maintain what we have any longer.

Some tend to believe this kind of talk depressing. Not myself. It is interesting to me and planning is something that men do. Plan for the worst, pray for the best, but by all means educate yourself for both.

Ferfal does a fantastic job explaining our future Here….

Eastern Europes collapse in short Here… And Russia

Also, as goes California, so goes the rest of the country.

Where to look for Inflation. 

05/19 – Niall Ferguson chimes in on a World without America. 

06/08 – Frugals writes about your future here…

09/03/11 – The Fabian Lie.

09/25/11 – Etiquette for a post collapse America.

10/19/11 – Argentina never recovered from their collapse. America will not either.

10/30/11 – ClubOrlov revises stages of collapse. It will all come down at once.

10/31/11 – Bosnia as a SHTF scenario. Survival prep.

11/06/11 – SHTF – see the brass knuckles of this situation and read up on this guy.

11/08/11 – Argentina reverts back to stupid hell by stupid people. How many Peron’s must they have to find reality? Will America vote for Peron again?

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