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Don’t get all huffy House of Saud.

“”illogical and demagogic” incitement in the United States against Saudi Arabia which has “suffered most from extremism and terrorism.””

Don’t get all huffy House of Saud. That was my fault. These Families deserve compensation Truthfully.  Maybe I AM the reason you face a penal obligation. I know you offered settlement or “Charity” for the 9-11 MASSACRE.

I do not want things to go this way, but you need to understand that I want a stop sign for every Salifist and Wahabbist Mosque or institutions you fund fueling this aggressive Shariah Law.
You still missed the true verdict in this protracted war YOU created and WE funded. So… Here we are.

This fake handed Mosaic Law is not even close to it’s purpose. You are funding


Shariah Law has been corrected before Islam was ever formed, and you went forth with it anyway. My advice is keep the Mecca Mohammed, and throw away all of the Medina  Mohammed. Clearly two different doctrines and features. I will not have it
forced upon the World.

To be Honest, to the Lord, the obliteration of House of Saud after all of this would be darker, harder, and deadlier than what stands now. I have told you Pagans about living by the sword before you made up your text.

This goes for ALL of you.

World conquest in the name of “Allah” is over, or YOU are over. Cease and Desist
We will work over Legals after this.

In the realm of Heaven, nothing has to be permanent except for the True Heaven.

Don’t act in haste.

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