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New post on #Education. Collected for many years but plenty of answers lay here:

Education Links.

I have an elevated interest in Education, predominately K-12 which is failing our Children miserably. Sub-Standard government school systems with their unions are criminally neglectful of the most important task in our civilization.

Give them all vouchers. Money goes to the students, not to the schools. There is absolutely no excuse for this anymore. It’s a disgrace.

Waiting for ‘Superman’ (2010) – IMDb

Gapology – John Derbyshire – The Corner on National Review Online
same education twice
Attorney General Eric Holder Tries to Kill a TV ad for School Vouchers. | Chicago Daily Observer
“New” Online SOF Bachelor Degree Program – Norwich University – Professional Soldiers ®
Althouse: Obama’s “Race to the Top” competition over money for schools hasn’t worked out so well.
If We Taught English the Way We Teach Mathematics… … Reference, Facts, News … Free and Family-friendly Resources
JSTOR Duke Law Journal Vol. 1979, No. 6, Symposium on Law and Ethics (Dec., 1979), pp. 1229-1249
JSTOR – The Scholarly Journal Archive
AGI GIS Dictionary – Free Edition
JSTOR Individual Participation
National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) Home Page, a part of the U.S. Department of Education
The NEA Foundation
SAGE Journals Online — Business and Management Free Trial
News Inside Higher Ed Jobs, News and Views for All of Higher Education
FIRE – Foundation for Individual Rights in Education
OSU Library Catalog Home
Validation for :: Inside Higher Ed :: Higher Education’s Source for News, and Views and Jobs
A Shrewdness of Apes
Academic Earth – Video lectures from the world’s top scholars
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Universities ‘Irrelevant’ By 2020
End the University as We Know It – Professional Soldiers ®
Faith and Theology
History Is Elementary
Education Policy Blog
Education and Inequality – Stephen Spruiell – The Corner on National Review Online
no child left behind
theblogprof: Local MSM calls out higher ed to reduce budget by millions, ignores MEA pension obligations in the tens of Billions!
Online Training, Online Courses, Web-based Learning Management System – Learning Management Express(LMX) – Portico Learning Solutions
Social networking site for researchers aims to make academic papers a thing of the past
Roger’s Rules » “In the final analysis, I believe that the university is lost.”
Admission: Strategic Studies and Defense Analysis: Academics: Norwich University
Follow the rules, comrades … or else | |
News: Unwelcome ‘Help’ from the Feds – Inside Higher Ed
Obama Administration Report Shows Head Start Ineffective | The Foundry: Conservative Policy News.
The President’s Education Speech: Is This Change? – Lindsey Burke – The Corner on National Review Online
The Five Most F***ed Up Things About Public Education | The Rugged
Literature :: Mises Institute
Book review: The Five-Year Party –
YouTube – We Were Soldiers – Lt. General Hal Moore on Leadership
News: Showdown in the Offing – Inside Higher Ed
Congress Should Take Its Time on Education Reform in 2011 – By Douglas Holtz-Eakin – The Corner – National Review Online
gigapan: The GigaPan(SM) process allows users to upload, share, and explore brilliant gigapixel+ panoramas from around the globe.
Ohio Mom Kelley Williams-Bolar Jailed for Sending Kids to Better School District – ABC News
Donald J. Boudreaux: If Supermarkets Were Like Public Schools –
U.S.A. “The Uninformed States of America”? « Ted Landphair’s America
50 Watts
The Failure of American Schools – Magazine – The Atlantic
American Thinker: Government Schools: Antiques Preserved in Political Amber
News: In for Nasty Weather – Inside Higher Ed
Pat Buchanan: The Dumbing-Down of America |
The Disadvantages of an Elite Education: an article by William Deresiewicz about how universities should exist to make minds, not careers | The American Scholar
Virtual Private Library™
Pro-Growth Regulation and For-Profit Colleges – By Douglas Holtz-Eakin – The Corner – National Review Online
How Khan Academy Is Changing the Rules of Education | Magazine
Obama Administration Exempting Schools From Federal Law’s Testing Mandate |
Connexions – Sharing Knowledge and Building Communities
Dr. Helen: How Rich People Think
For-profit higher education: Schools of hard knocks | The Economist
Educational Freedom for Me but Not Thee, Says Obama on Today | Cato @ Liberty
The Ingredients of Education – By Jay Nordlinger – The Corner – National Review Online
American Thinker: We Don’t Need No (Leftist) Education
Capitalism on Campus? | The John William Pope Center for Higher Education Policy
Francis W. Porretto – Eternity Road
Narrow the Achievement Gap by Narrowing Washington’s Role – By Lindsey Burke – The Corner – National Review Online
Gay Service Men and Women – Problems and Solutions – Small Wars Council
Boycott MACYS: Just When I Thought I’d Seen It All in [Market-Ticker]
NEA’s Independent Teaching Commission Not So Independent « Hot Air
In Defense of Scrooge – Michael Levin – Mises Daily
Does School Choice “Work”? > Publications > National Affairs
The Agonizing Last Words of Programmer Bill Zeller
Will Charter Schools Cure America’s Blues? | Via Meadia
Intelligence without wisdom – Pachacuti Forum
American Thinker: The Left’s Dirty Little Secret
The PJ Tatler » Liberal Democrat calls for investigation of Obama’s Dept. of Education (Update: Video added)
A Teachable Moment – By Thomas A. Shakely – Phi Beta Cons – National Review Online
Instapundit » Blog Archive » I’VE PRAISED THE SNAP CIRCUITS KITS BEFORE, and here’s another email from reader Susan Harms: I r…
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NEA Convention Reminds Us: It’s About Union Power, Not ChildrenThe Foundry: Conservative Policy News Blog from The Heritage Foundation
No Child Left Behind: Testing times | The Economist
Career Ruin: Homeschooling | Penelope Trunk Blog
Teacher’s Sense Of Humor Comes Through In Multiple-Choice Tests | The Onion – America’s Finest News Source
Next – The Chronicle of Higher Education
Teacher Breaks Up Fight, Schools Some Kids! at Pat Dollard
Elite Campus Investors Can’t Beat S&P Index: The Ticker – Bloomberg
Website of James Williams
The Higher Education Bubble
Don’t Occupy Education? – By Charles C. W. Cooke – The Corner – National Review Online
Obama’s Education Policies Don’t Help the Poor – By Annie Hsiao – The Corner – National Review Online
Could you pass a US citizenship test? – Who signs bills? –
Schools Failing Despite Lots More Spending, Smaller Class Sizes – Hit & Run : Reason Magazine » Blog Archive » In the Future Everything Will Be A Coffee Shop
28 Signs That U.S. Public Schools Are Rapidly Being Turned Into Indoctrination Centers And Prison Camps
rules.jpg (500×354)
After ‘The Wire’ ended, actress Sonja Sohn couldn’t leave Baltimore’s troubled streets behind – The Washington Post
FuturePundit: Funding Comes Too Late In Biomedical Research Careers
A Culture in Regression by Fred Reed
The New Work of Public Schools – Frugal’s Forums
What’s The Question? |
AWESOME! Shale Boom Leads to New YSU Program – WKBN – 27 First News – Local News – Youngstown, Warren, Columbiana, Ohio – Sharon, Pennsylvania
iPads and the Embarrassment Factor – ProfHacker – The Chronicle of Higher Education
A fix for Russian science isn’t taking hold – The Washington Post
School Police Have Uncertain Impact On Student Arrests, Crime Prevention
The Continued Assault on For Profit Education | Points and Figures
Race to Nowhere | Changing Lives One Film at a Time
Not all Cumberland County teachers like minimum grade policy for failing students – Professional Soldiers ®
Texas district cancels sports to improve grades – Frugal’s Forums
Universities Abandon Western Civilization | FrontPage Magazine
Who Should Have Access to Student Records? – US News and World Report
The Essential MBA Library | OnlineMBA
What Americans Keep Ignoring About Finland’s School Success – Anu Partanen – National – The Atlantic
Al Fin: “Free Online Higher Education as a Force for Human Progress”
Syracuse starts new court to divert teenagers from criminal justice system |
Print Article for the National Catholic Register
Alternative Certification and ‘Colorblind Racism’ –
Leveling the field: What I learned from for-profit education—By Christopher R. Beha (Harper’s Magazine)
Al Fin: Open Courseware and Online Learning: A Dynamic Flux
Book Review: –
Should students profit off my classes? And, if so, how I could strike back. –
Ditch the Textbooks – By Jason Fertig – Phi Beta Cons – National Review Online
Alex Lindsay – Google+ – The Future of Education Through an anomaly in the…
The Dumbest Generation: Gen Y’s Political Stupidity In a Single Chart – Hit & Run : Reason Magazine
Afraid of Your Child’s Math Textbook? You Should Be. – Annie Keeghan – Open Salon
Right versus pragmatic –
Argghhh! The Home Of Two Of Jonah’s Military Guys.. – Are you smarter than a college professor?
Civic Literacy Report – Additional Finding
How Young Is Too Young to Learn to Code? – Technology Review
11 Reasons To Get Your Kids Out Of The Government Schools – Frugal’s Forums
Udacity – Educating the 21st Century
What You’re Paying for Your Child to Learn at College | FrontPage Magazine
Twitter / @borzou: Hackers break into officia …
Teacher Evaluation Fail in New York | Via Meadia
Thomas Sowell Wonders Why the Obama Administration Is Trying to Undermine Educational Opportunities for Black Children « International Liberty
California Sounds Retreat in War on Arithmetic | Via Meadia
Education – Topic
TaxProf Blog: Census Data: Inequality Is Linked to Education, Not Taxes
How should faculty deal with classroom disruptors | Inside Higher Ed
Letters of Note: I am very real
Philosophical Fragments » Want to End Rapid Partisanship? Reform American Academia
To Fix America’s Education Bureaucracy, We Need to Destroy It – National – The Atlantic
Corrupting Higher Education | FrontPage Magazine
With Cap Lifted, State Sees Surge in Charter School Applications
America the Fixable – The Atlantic
Classic maths books reset with LaTeX on Project Gutenberg | The Aperiodical
Al Fin: First MITx Course Has 120,000 Students Worldwide
Alone in the Classroom: Why Teachers Are Too Isolated – Jeffrey Mirel & Simona Goldin – National – The Atlantic
Prior learning assessment catches on, quietly — — Readability
Universities Hold Transcripts Hostage Over Loans – Slashdot » Blog Archive » Navy SEAL hands Obama his arse
Khan Academy (Fantastic)
The Duck of Minerva: Doctoral Pedagogy on the Theory / Policy Divide
The 237th United States Army Birthday
3 Ways to Embrace Weakness for Newfound Results « Mike Arone Fitness
Government Creates the Next Bubble in Higher Education | Mercatus
PJ Media » The Unteachables: A Generation that Cannot Learn
To Bring Out The Best In Millennials, Put On Your Coaching Hat | Fast Company
The Colossus of Rhodey: The times — they are a changin’
Peterson, Howell and West: Teachers Unions Have a Popularity Problem –
Using the Internet as an Investigative Research Tool – Distance Learning E-learning Courses – SRMTi
Learn to code | Codecademy
busuu – Learn languages for free online
Swedish Home-School Family ‘Broken to Pieces’ – World – CBN News – Christian News 24-7 –
The openness revolution will not be trivial – opinion – 21 June 2012 – New Scientist
The complete list of problems with high-stakes standardized tests – The Answer Sheet – The Washington Post
Is Meritocracy A Sham? | Via Meadia
Post-Credentialism | Transparency Revolution
Center for American Progress: Kids say school is too easy
The Roots of State Education Part 1: The Spartan Model | George H. Smith |
The End of Teachers Unions | Hoover Institution
Expiring Bush-Era Tax Cuts for the Rich Doesn’t Get Rid of a Spending Problem | Mercatus
This and That…: Top 40 Useful Sites To Learn New Skills
O’Keefe Rises: Union Bosses Okay Digging Up–Then Filling Back In–Ditches on Taxpayers’ Dime
100 Must Read Books: The Man’s Essential Library | The Art of Manliness

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