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Watching 06/17/2014 – Watchlist no links.


The rise of Boko Haram
ISIS takeover of central Iraq
Kidnapped Turks in Iraq (ISIS)
Downing of Ukraine aircraft  
ISIL – Lebanon
Sistani calling Shia to arms
Iran moving Hezbollah into Iraq to meet ISIS
Pakistan Airport assaults
Pakistan military operation against the Taliban
Argentina refusing to pay Hedge funds back
Israel Hostages
Boko Haram Hostages
Marine in Mexico
Taliban headed for Kashmir again
Taliban and Al Qeada releases
The collar of Khatallah
China building Rigs and buildings on disputed Islands in the South Asia Seas – sinking fishing trollers
Al-Shabaab targeting Djibouti
Kurdistan solidifies – refuses to help Maliki anymore
Inflation increase
Russia antagonizing Ukraine
Hamas and Fatah embraced by US Administration
Al Qaeda – “foreign investors”, “airlines”, and multi-nat’l companies and orgs as targets
Chlorine strikes by Assad in Syria
Drug trade – Peru to Bolivia and Brazil
Jordans plight with ISIS
12 Planes disappear from Radar twice over Switzerland and other countries.
Iraq Evac
Libya fighting militancy and Al Qaeda (General Haftar is cleaning it up)
Central African Republic
Al Shabaab at Ethiopian border
Americans held in Iran (Including a Marine)
Russia Missile treaty breach
IDP from Iraq, continued IDP from Syria
African Refugees heading for Europe
Indonesia deploy fighter aircraft near disputed waters with Malaysia
Rwanda, Congo border Fence line incidents

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