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Ok @Twitter – If you want to be my primary, you need to treat me serious @tweetdeck

API limits and junk, I get it. Security – I get it, and I know web platform is difficult.
But what I need is to be able to have many more coulmns than three on my screen. I like to filter columns. It is all about being able to track information and that means columns. It is all about the columns.

Your GUI web replacement is well done in many areas:

GUI replacement

GUI replacement

It gives me the columns but no filter and once the tweet is scrolled, it dissapears. No way to filter or mark tweets but love the drop down.

The Web version allows me to scroll down but again, not mark, highlight, or filter columns:

Web version

Web version

See what I had? I could mark as seen, Filter, highlight, almost 5 across – That kicked ass.

GUI Version

GUI Version

Again, Men – It is all about the columns. Need to be able to track here.

That aside, thanks for everything!

11/18/12 – The answer is Hootsuite. That’s some pro work there. I love it.

04/24/13 –  The answer: 10 Reasons I’m Switching from TweetDeck to HootSuite

Well Done!

Caveat – Would like a home feed slow streaming constant (Similar to original tweetdeck)  and/or Keyboard shortcut to manually refresh home feed.

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