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#Watching Aug 2012

There are two kinetic wars currently on-going and are being largely ignored – these Soldiers require serious attention probably now more than ever. It’s a Meat Grinder and #CINC has been vaporwear on it.

Hezbollah’s network of procurement in Canada

Iran admits giving WMD to terrs

Saudi pull out of Lebanon over kidnappings

Another Civil War in Lebanon?

The next proxy war

Collateral fallout of WMD attack on Israel with Jordan and Lebanon – same if WMD are blown in stock.

Taliban style attack on on Pakistan Base (Assumed part of the nuclear strategics)

Egypt’s reverse Revolution

Continued strife in Mali

Kurds in autonomy, Turks on the trigger

Salifist are gaining momentum in Tunisia


Employers agonizing over having to lay off people and some just to close shop outright.

Water resources in the Middle east are being abused and drying up – it’s the nest thing.

Wondering if it is time to close the Philadelphi Corridor

The Yemen split governance and military

Egypt turning back on accords with Israel. Un-wise. (Think Congress of Vienna)

Pussy Riot – it really made Putin look weak.


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