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Lack of funding is never, ever a reason to not educate your Children

Lack of #Education is the reason the world is in such a sorry state in these days. It is a crime to keep your people un-educated. Since the Department of Education was founded, test scores of the students and the value of proficiency has dropped precipitously. The kids are often more stupid having finished a four year degree than if they had not gone in the first place.

The K-12 is the most important part of our educational system and it has failed miserably. Why do we filter tax money to the federal government only to have it stolen by paper pushers, and then sent back to the states? That the biggest problem with the “Government”. It’s an extortion racket. I can think of many departments that need to DIE but I digress. I will list that simple exercise on a later date.

The “Higher” education default rate is nearing record. The K-12 is very expensive and delivers less than mediocre results. If there is ever a budget shortfall, the answer for the colleges are to raise tuition.

Government schools suck – plain and simple. It’s all about the unions, the asses that work for the unions, and the tenure. And if you need proof that the schools suck, just look at our elected representatives.

They abuse their power, and it shows. Give all the kids vouchers and let the parents choose the schools. Enough of this forced dumb-factory already.

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