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America is an anomaly.

These advanced societies are never, ever, the same after collapse. No Nation ever recovers from Collapse. Needless to say, no Nation every really recovered from Islam or Socialism either.

The United States of America is both the most “New” and Old. In fact, America has held it’s government as a Nation State in tact longer than any other nation planetary.

This Nation, Our Neighborhoods are blessed with people and friends from every country on earth. All walks of life. Tolerance yet plurality. We are the United Nations; In so being, we also have family all over the world so we are aware, gravely aware of the plights of others. We do so almost at a point of absurdity lavish more credit than due, and forgive the unforgivable. So is the nature of kind hearted people who really do want to save the world – but dedicate so little time researching how.

Lawfare by regulation leads to Institutional insanity; Be it by shutting a country down to pray five times a day, or forcing your people to face federal penalty for installing the wrong type of flush toilet. No difference yet this tiny simple thing – in Islam, the law is pretty damn simple. In America, no one knows what it is anymore. And Islam sucks so much more than this. When systems break down, something fills their place. Where do you think our nation is going after order breaks down?

What some would force upon us are dire straits.
I will tell you what I know, I swore an Oath. This is not servitude, it is personal protection. I also expect my leaders to comform to their proper duties as protectorate of the law, not spreaders of new tarrif and criminilization. The waves of Judicial punishment are uneven and tides change with appointments.
Many compounding legal issues for anyone whom has the gall to start a business in this time.

As leaders, how may you be so dismissive of people and their families that you think you can answer all of their needs? They are Individual Human Beings with GOD given rights. Just because you think you “lead” does not mean you are competent in their lives for their needs. Most people are more intelligent than to run for national office and decide to make money and take care of their families. Nothing wrong with that. People should have less animus with the real people that pay for their benefits and employ them than a federal government that will deprive them of both.
Never is government the Creator of anything. The Nation of America was Founded by Puritans and Protestants. They loved their God more than their King in a way that allowed them to do more in less than 200 years, what no other nation has ever been able to do, and in many cases, saved many, many, many lives.

We are at war, America is at the mall.

Romans lounged around starbucks smoking their hash and drinking wine until they were red. They were talking about the shows and paid no mind to the collapse they faced. It almost allowed the “Calaphate” enough breathing room to almost destroy any legacy of LAW From Alexandria to Vienna.

The populace was not engaged with the world they lived in. They were isolated and did not give thought to the threats that faced them. If there could be one thing un-educated people hate the most, it would be education.

Advocate for a tree. A tree that may grow and bear fruit with strong roots in the soil. A tree that has Liberty to grow withought surrounding trees confining it’s growth or compartmentalizing it’s strengths. A tree that others can build off of, with strength and flexibility. Providing a free way of trade whereas everyone may enjoy the shade or fruit of the tree; no matter whom you may be.  A difference of Cedars and pines. Or even poplars. You may have anything that you want, BUT you must pay for it.

Capitalism knows no race, religion, or sex. It is the engine that provides for people and it is supposed to be amoral. The wealthy have no power over you but an all powerful federal government does. For every rich man you kill, 100 poor shall go hungry. The wealthy are the friend of the poor – and one day, they do not have to be poor; Liberty, self determination, intestional fortitude, honesty, candor, commitment. This is test of mettle of a Good Nation. Shouting on the rooftops.

The wealthy support far more than their own tribe. The wealthy allow others to climb ladders. With-ought whom, there would be no jobs. No one to fund this leviathan government. No way to lend money to people that need to make their family’s work. No way to fund these inefficient programs.

This has been a good nation. And as such has been treated well, on the ground as well as in the air. Were ten simple Laws and a collar on the government too much to handle? If you cannot handle your animal then you have two options. Train it or put it down.

Liberty shaken

Paging Herman Cain at the front desk courtesy phone.

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