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Pay THEM back for all they have done to you and more – Babylon.

Iraq, I had a truck with you. But instead of grasping message, all of the idiots took the “wronged” path. Wrong path to take.

There is an enterprise of in-equitious nature I address constantly. In so doing, it may sound as an insult. It is not meant to be, I use slang for that.

“Only about 700 A.D., when the rulers of a now-vast Arabian empire felt the need for a unifying political theology, did they cobble together the Islamic religion. The key figure in this enterprise appears to have been the brutal governor of Iraq, Hajjaj ibn Yusuf. No wonder, writes Spencer, that Islam is “such a profoundly political religion” with uniquely prominent martial and imperial qualities. No wonder it conflicts with modern mores.”

There are two different characters in the book that has been cobbled together.

Doctrine is a bitch.

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