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Meth as the new drug of cartel and Iran as a benifactor
Indonesia crackdown
Lebanon is getting spillover from every faction. Israel holds the line
Iran starves her people
Mexico wants to allow US to intervene more in drug interdiction – (Poor request under current DOJ but the spirit is there so may we help our next door neighbor for real, please)
Ingusheitia wants Russia to depose their new leader and
Russia fired up a rocket with people in it including a US Citizen.
The SEC does not know what to watch and JPM is there but prez has money in THAT bank.
Holder is still more of a worthless piece of shit than last week
You may vacuum cats now
NATO exclude Israel? HOW?
Pakistan alligience (Spy Train)
Iran spills into syria spills into lebanon to wreak whatever. Assholes.
Iran mullahs still suck ass #7Dwarfs
Greece is nothing as a bank run starts and the EU acts like it’s just normal everyday business.
Americans talk about shitgermanssay more than Germans would say now -a – day.
Chick – – A – Filet is more than an hour away
Azeries are testy with Iran as Russia tries to re-instate Cacus interest by handing out passports to Kremlin Heaven and Ukraine port snickers bars (But no one will have a baby in that shit still) Truth and consequence New Russia
Putin and MED doe se doe.
“Ollande cries death to austerity, God dis-agrees. Sends his bi-focal back to Paris before he talks to the only adult in Europe, Merkel.
Belarus remains a black splot in the middle of all of europe. Shame on you Russia.
China credit stops (As do ships and other major expensive shit when trade is under treat from fucking government)
Syria is waxing around the same amount of people daily. Police states are hard to over-throw, but if you screw with Israel, Russia, Itsa all ON.
Rapture of LCS and F-35 and F-22 programs.
Flag Officer folly
and so much more.
do your own homework


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