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The erosion of Institutional structure and it’s only getting worse from here.

There are probably few souls out there who dis-agree that military spending must be cut. Few also know that it is the only spending that is getting cut, and it is getting cut hard. A cut is not a thousand paper cuts, that’s just cruel:

“Why should I keep on bleeding myself and my family dry on MQT, CMR, FMC, UTE, RAP, FLUG, DTS, TDYs, OPRs, ATSO, SARC, CBTs, AT/FP, IA/IP, UCIs, SORTS,OREs, ORIs, AEFs, IPUG, BMC, when in the end nothing that I do seems to matter? To put it another way, why should I put service before self when my Chief is systematically dismantling my service? To use a perhaps appropriately joint analogy, I’m a strong swimmer – so why stay aboard a ship whose captain is running it aground?”

“O’Captain, My Captain, there are four icebergs and one in each direction”
“Full speed ahead!”
“Which heading my Captain?”


POTUS, do you have any idea how difficult it is to build a Professional Military and keep it? What happens when you try to rebuild it during a war? Do you know the half assed nature of your witless Flag Officers and how pathetic they have become?

Do you understand the ramifications of this – the biggest purge of all of our Federal services since Roosevelt? Do ANY of you understand what this leads too?

You are going to get very many people killed around here (And Elsewhere). It will take years to rectify this that you have done. Naval Officers talking bio-fuel pipedreams for Naval engagements of the future where no bio-fuel is.

Flag Officers speaking of war-gaming as “Anti-this or that”. War gaming is what Officers do. What do I need a Flag Officer for if he refuses to do it because it is “Abhorrent”? Talk to Lee in your inner Soul if you have one. Talk to Patton. Talk to George Washington or Lincoln for fucks sakes. Talk to GOD. What is correct is the Oath you took and if you look hard enough, you will it’s purpose.

A Military is only an evil tool if you have idiots running it, and it is evil more to it’s own Soldiers by the lack of virtue you show in the respect for their positions on the battlefield.

This is not a leak the WhiteHouse made that will get people killed. This is an Airforce Tradition that gets people saved. You had better not go after them.

I Am losing a perfectly good Nation right here, and I do not know if the Gideon is worth following.

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