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There is alot of chatter about the U.S. Army’s FM 3-39.40. There is speculation that this is something new and I thought I would do some research into it as I myself have been part of such operations.

In the past, back when GTMO was just a Naval station in the early nineties; Fidel Crusto decided to turn lose prisoners, mental wards, and some of the population en-masse, to the United States via raft.

Needless to say, Miami could not handle the 30,000 plus people that wanted Librita. Ergo, we had to buldoze part of the Island to accomidate them until their identities could be verified and Immigration could also run it’s course.

Back in that day, it was called an EPW operation FM 3-19.40 (Previously POW FM 19-40) And now aptly called INTERNMENT AND RESETTLEMENT OPERATIONS FM 3-39.40 in new-speak. It is a legitimate Field Manual issued for legitimate purpose of generic mass personnel internment. I do not know why it is not listed in the Library of Congress yet but I assume they are backed up a little. Heh!

These regulations are often updated because of New-Speak, lessons learned, additional information, and capabilities and I will say it’s quite encompassing.

Just because they are released does not mean it’s a current policy, plan, or operation.

I have reservations about the current Administrations use of power but I find the release of this manual in no way related.

What is funny is there are many more manuals more cringeworthy but I would be loathe to bring those up seeing as there is plenty of conspiricy writ out there already.

One note, the new manual is impressive and covers many of the things we learned the hard way in the GTMO operation and many operations not found in the older manuals but the language is quite similar.

05/09/12 – U.S Army Official Responds to Re-Education Camp Manual.

“It is clear from Wood’s response that she has either not read the documents properly or has been directed to downplay their significance by asserting they do not apply within the United States, a claim clearly disproved by the numerous references within the manual to how its instructions can be applied as part of “domestic civil support operations.””

It is proper to point out that this is not meant to be a public document and to even post it on the internet is probably against the law. Be that as it may, tightening screws on it is not going to help matters much at this point. It will be very difficult in this time to keep such things under lock and key. The administration itself leaks like a siiv.

I just wanted to point out that the meaning of contingency applies and if something like this is to actually come to fruition, the fact that this document was leaked alone tells you that you shall know if the balloon actually goes up.

There is no way vendors will not alert US that purchasing is happening of certain goods, and Soldiers will also be waving red flags as well.

I disappoint in the fact that an official response was made without pointing out the generic purpose of the need for contingency documents. Bringing up the need for a FIOA request will not alleviate the public’s need for full disclosure and probably makes it look even more devious. Defusing a “bomb” after it has gone off is not the way to deal with the public.

I am happy that the public is concerned with such things. I wish the media would also do their damn job on the issue.

By the way, if it is an official response, where is it on the internet on an official site?

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