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This stupid “Shining path” in Peru. Again.

Russia’s movement of troops into Abkhazia.

Turkey acting as fulcrum – requests NATO help on the border with Syria. Russia stands down.

No Budget four years in a ROW from the Democrat Senate.

The lack of Professionalism in all sectors: Secret Service, Executive Office, Senate, DOJ, GSA, State Department, SEC, FDIC, and Treasury Department. WAFGR

China power squabbles, PRC making calls, BO locked up, Internet blocking, saber rattling with ocean muscle, and their gracious re-valuation of the YAN.

Iraqi PM Resurrecting stupid.

The stirring up of racial (and tribal) issues in Kazakhstan

The French again voting for another populist crypto-fascist socialist.. again.

Bashir vowing to invade The Republic of South Sudan. No CPA here. That man is a menace.

Russian shipments of arms to Syria via German shipping firms.

The CIA wants to drone people in Yemen with absolutely no HUMNIT

The FBI again kicking ass – saving Rajiv Ghandi



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