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Let’s focus on Justice (for real) This Opine is most suited for what we need to trust in #LAW – It’s a must read.

Paul Craig Roberts:

“A consensus against wrongful conviction is hampered by ideology that portrays wrongful conviction as a racially motivated phenomenon or as the operational result of “the white male hegemonic order.” Wrongful conviction is too widespread and serious a problem to be politicized. In fact, inner-city black juries are more suspicious of cases brought by police and prosecutors than are white suburban juries. If it were not for coercive plea bargains, inner-city blacks would face a lower risk of wrongful conviction than whites. The focus on racial bias cloaks the real problem of prosecutorial misconduct.”

This is very correct. It is a study into why things are the way they are. You are using a fulcrum where a pencil will do.  Furthermore, you are overlapping problems. Division in the LAW is lawlessness. Lynch mobs are lawless. Trial by media are lawless, and there are few reputable Journalists (at least with me). Could we use the tools we already have… please?

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