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Shameless plug – Powerful Peace. #USN #TCOT #DOD #America #USA #clivecussler fans.

There is a very strong reasoning for pluralism in how all people live their lives with others. It is not more than just an expectation, it may be a calling…

All may learn. Go on and pre-order This book. It’s already an Amazon #1.

“Mr. DuBois is inviting you to the geopolitical and physical battlefield, into the homes of enemies and friends, through the military and political processes of War, and into the minds of the many men and women that serve in the Armed Forces.” 

It spans far more than battle and opens the field up in many diverse ways:

“…there are huge swaths of the Globe that remain only superficially “connected” both economically and technically. And while “we” are all busy laying battle lines we’re neglecting the ICT, education, and economics that will make the world a safer and more free place….”

There are full range of options presented to keep US out of war. It’s worth a read.

Don’t forget to wear red today.

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