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For those of you whom may have thought you lost with your support #GOP – Embrace the Suck #TCOT

Few official campaigns remain in the Republican Presidential nomination race. But some are Suspended. Those campaigns are not over yet. That support structure, donars, Money, all of it is a toolbox for you to still influence things. If you liked the Candidate, it’s OK to still donate to them.

I think A bastion of sanity from the Senate would be a breath of fresh air. I feel like This Country has been in a Las Vegas casino for a decade. And they are unionized. Better yet, Keep a Congress. That would be swell. Those two are a must right now. President? I know of Senators who can bang up a President pretty bad.

The point is, We need a legal system in This Country that will be respected by it’s own members because 88,000 federal pound me in the ass prison laws a year is just plain FUGLY. And if the people no longer have the ability to control the behavior of their government, they are not governed, they are SLAVES. 30% will worship that golden calf right off the bat. And they must be stoned because no one would worship a golden calf unless they had too many drugs in their system.

You may see why Israel fasts soon enough. And with WWIII around the bend here, you need to choose very wisely whom you support as A Nation. Let’s face it, no matter what happens it’s just going to be a suck fest no matter whom you are. So can we all admit something is so damnit deeply wrong to just think that the holes we are drilling in this boat may not help US much when we hit the main deck. And damnit, ya left the brie cheese below deck. Should you go back damn down there to get it or will you be comfortable during the storm just taking a hand?

Back to the suspended campaigns:

Their Interest most closely align with yours and if that support was there before, they all still influence this election. All of that money, infrastructure, body politic does not disappear just because your candidate walks off the stage. They will still be there.

So you shall hear them again, and I know this has been a very difficult mess to sort. These Candidates, these all nine in the race are all fine enough in their restraint of power. Responsibility for budgets maybe not. They all have excellent attributes and all shall have flaws. But those that stood up for This Nation, I am proud of that. At least they try, and most all with good intentions.

Please don’t ignore this grand learning experience we did have in a true Republic Democracy before some guy wearing leotards decided to land Air Force One on all of our Foot Ball Fields, and tear them up so bad we did not know our own range of play. Well, that was before he was ensuring States had no way to enforce voting laws and he stopped deporting felons. (And someone said he outsourced our election to some company in Spain to manage but who knows). Mittens? Romney will work just fine. As I say, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

Santorum punched way above his weight – The GOP way below theirs. Needed him in 08 but okay. Santorum must tend to his Child. He is one of the most Honest candidates since the 1800’s. But face it, conservatives do not sell in PENN. But good ball coaches do. I would not for one minute have issue with a Man of his Character behind levers of power. But Rick, you do feed into the social issues too deep. Veins matter not when there is an artery open. That’s GAME.

Time: This is Pesach, Comes After Purim. Sometime near when the Titanic sunk in the Atlantic (And yes, it is an actual ship and the Atlantic is an ocean – with fishes and sharks and shit) It should be around midnight EST too. (Eastern.. nevermind)

Location: Greater Israel (the great satan or whatever you call it) I guess it is Leviathan now, POTUS? Are you a King now? Nevermind.

Mission: To prevent the promises made from being broken for our Elders. To take care of ourselves first, and others when we can – or may. To respect others property, privacy, and to maintain plural relationships. And push Idle talk and crap that gets US nowhere – AWAY.

Task: Get people to stop meddling so much and tell them JEWBACCA is not going to stop the walls from closing in forever. The entire Wookie Defence Ploy is in play. Things look different when it feels like you friends are having a lovers quarrel right before everyone gets squished.

Conditions: Given a very volitile, financially strapped world, a bankrupt social welfare system, false economies, plunging housing investments, a bust banking system, inflation, rising energy prices, jumping jihadis and haji, losing Africa to … we dunno,  ensure the US elections are fair, with inflation, and many bankrupt states, with a greater population than the population of all of Germany that is un-employed,  to prevent the currency from being debased to the deferment to black market, to de-regulate wherever possible, to burn this godless tax code in the burn barrel behind the latrine, To burn this obamacare law back out in the desert where the ashes may never- ever be found, to focus on water before THAT becomes a world issue, to drill for everything, refine everything, and use everything you get from this earth wisely., Bury the blood after you kill it tho, all while in HOC to the Chinese. and blah blah blah – Keep This Country in tact and it’s allies. I do not give a damn your tribe nor your race whatever that means, I just don’t give a damn so STFU. Get that installed in you Romney, and by the way – I would really like to have a Mormon in charge when SHTF. Got that part right. Be prepared that during the campaign they will attack the Religion more than you. And that will plum piss me off. Anyway… as you were.

Thank GOD Moses was not a President. I feel for you man, I really do. I suggest whomever you may be to focus on the above.

God Bless and keep the government, the Hell away from me.

” I told you, that WE could FLY

Because we all have wings

but some of us don’t know why”

– Track 18 on my Itunes – bought that disk 30 years ago and burned it but whatever. Maybe I was using Rhapsody then. (DRM monsters)

My defense posture is Israel. A Greater Israel is a better Defense posture. If it may not be done with the US, GOD hires other guns. I do not think that would be wise. Have I become everything you hate yet? Why yes, yes I AM 🙂

Paging Michael

Paging Uriel (for more music please)

P.S. Always expect a Post script.

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