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Succinct articles that help us understand the time in which we find ourselves. This is an Adult site and this is a good read. Like a giant scroll across the sky.

So what we got at the beginning of April is this insane clown show trash place.

There is still a small black hole in Europe called Belarus. Election and stuff (Soviet puppets and the likes)

NKOR’s rocket. blah.

The Coup non-coup coup non-coup in Mali – still losing it to islamists

Rhodesia may get a new leader.

Bombings in Thailand

Russians building military presence on Iran’s western border

This Joke of thinking Bashir is gonna stop (Suckers)

All of these leaks about Israel’s Prowess.

Rockets taking off from Egypt? The same pipeline bombed 14 times since 2011.

SOPA won’t die. It’s nasty.


And for memories sake –

Daily WTF

Daily WTF


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